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In the void, a great river stretched across the horizon, its waters surging and splashing.

Above the great river, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in the air, reaching out his hand and stirring the air in front of him. As he did so, the river water would sometimes become agitated and sometimes calm.

The power of the Myriad Great Daos fluctuated along with the river.

It had been several years since Yang Kai returned from that Taboo Land.

Thinking back to his absurd experiences over the past few years, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

On that day, when he returned from the Taboo Land, all of his relatives came to greet him tearfully, complaining about the pain of their separation. Soon after, everyone returned to the Star Boundary, and after learning of this news, all of the Human Race cheered.

In the eight thousand years that Yang Kai had disappeared, all of their memories about him had been erased, but the moment he returned, all of the erased memories had been restored. No one knew what kind of power this was.

Only Yang Kai seemed to notice something.

After that, Yang Kai was placed under house arrest!

That’s right, he, a mighty powerhouse who had surpassed the Open Heaven Stage and reached an unprecedented realm, had been placed under house arrest!

The ones who put him under house arrest were Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu!

His wives were also under house arrest.

According to his parents, they were already old. It was already a miracle that they had been able to give birth to Yang Xue in the past, so there was no way for them to have more children, so the responsibility of continuing the Yang Family’s bloodline was handed over to Yang Kai.

The old couple didn’t have many requests. The number of wives he has should be the number of heir he have. On average, each of them would have one. When this request was fulfilled, they would release them.

In terms of strength, his parents were naturally not Yang Kai’s opponent. If Yang Kai really wanted to, he could easily escape.

However, his parents had also said that if this unfilial son dared to disobey them this time, they would kill themselves on High Heaven Peak!

There was no other way.

According to his parents, Yang Kai had been cultivating for many years and had experienced many great and small worlds. He had been constantly on the move. Now that the Heavens had been pacified and his cultivation had reached the limit, there was nothing he needed to worry about in this world, so he naturally had to consider the continuation of the Yang Family’s bloodline.

Helpless, Yang Kai, Su Yan, and the others were placed under house arrest on a lone peak in High Heaven Palace.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Yang Kai walked out of the mountain peak with a tired look on his face, his eyes deep and his face pale. Behind him was a large group of women with big bellies.

Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were overjoyed. Yang Ying Feng bluntly said that people really need to be pushed. In the past, he had tried to find a way for Yang Kai to continue their bloodline, but he had always used all kinds of excuses. If they had known this would happen, they would have put him under house arrest long ago.

After completing this task, Yang Kai finally had time to catch up with his old friends.

Mi Jinglun and the others naturally knew what had happened to him over the past few years, so they couldn’t help teasing him when they met.

However, Yang Kai soon learned about the current situation of the Human Race from the other Ninth Order masters.

With the end of the great war more than eight thousand years ago, the Black Ink Clan had been destroyed, the Heavens had been pacified, and now the Human Race had become the master of this world.

However, the aftermath of countless years of war was difficult to erase.

In the past, the Heavens had been extremely prosperous, but now, in addition to the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, there were also some habitable place in the Outer Universe. The Universe World of all the other Great Domain had either been completely eroded by the Ink Force or had long since been destroyed.

It could be said that the living environment of the Human Race was greatly suppressed.

Originally, every Great Domain in the Heavens could see traces of Human Race activity, but now, all of the surviving Human Race were gathered in High Heaven Territory and Myriad Monster Territory, with more than ninety percent of them living in Myriad Monster Territory.

In fact, because of the scarcity of cultivation resources, the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, two Open Heaven Stage Cradles had long since ceased to exist, because the Human Race didn’t dare let too many of their clansmen live in these two Open Heaven Stage Cradles, lest too many good seedlings were born and there were no resources to nurture them.

Once the number of people suitable for cultivation increased but there was no corresponding supply, people would definitely start fighting over cultivation resources and cause chaos.

Currently, the number of Human Race living in the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World was extremely small. If one wanted to enter these two Open Heaven Stage Cradles to survive, they would need to undergo a series of tests and selections.

This was the current state of the Human Race, winning the war and losing their home.

However, this couldn’t be helped. The Black Ink Clan’s destruction of the Universe Worlds was too severe.

However, the Human Race didn’t have the means to repair the Universe World, so if this continued, the Human Race’s future would be bleak.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had returned from the Taboo Land.

At this moment, he was repairing a Universe World.

This was an uninhabited Great Domain. Perhaps this Great Domain had once been bustling with noise and prosperity, but after being occupied by the Black Ink Clan for so many years, all that remained was a deathly silence.

The massive Space-Time River stretched across the void, and in the middle of this river, one by one, a myriad of Great Dao forces emerged.

The Ink Force that had invaded these Universe Worlds was quickly stripped away and then sent into the Profound Gate by Yang Kai. After that, Yang Kai evolved the Yin and Yang, harmonized the five elements, and gave birth to the Myriad Great Daos.

The flow of time in the Space-Time River was different from the outside world, and with Yang Kai’s current cultivation, this flow rate had reached an extremely exaggerated degree.

Perhaps in the blink of an eye, a thousand years had passed in the river…

The lifeless Universe World slowly regained its vitality in the Space-Time River.

A small figure stepped out from the void and walked over to Yang Kai’s side, pursing his lips as he said, “It’s empty outside, there’s nothing here, it’s boring.”

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and glared fiercely at him, “It’s all your fault!”

The newcomer immediately tried to explain, “What does Black Ink's evil deeds have to do with this Little Eleven?”

The small figure standing next to Yang Kai at this moment was none other than Little Eleven, or rather, the little fellow Yang Kai had seen in the Primordial World's Dawn City.

Eight thousand years ago, he had defeated Balck Ink and used the Profound Gate to seal him, but as the most ancient existence in this world, even Yang Kai was unable to completely destroy him.

After all, this was a power that was born from the beginning of the world. As long as there were still living creatures in this world, as long as there was a dark side to life, the Ink Force would never be extinguished.

However, Yang Kai spent some effort to extract his consciousness from this power.

This was Little Eleven, who was standing beside him.

Strictly speaking, Black Ink was Little Eleven, but the two were different.

In other words, Little Eleven's words weren’t just excuses, he was different from Black Ink. In ancient times, he had fought alongside the ten Martial Ancestors to protect the Human Race.

However, Mu was able to see the problem. Before his consciousness was completely corroded, he had set up the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to seal him.

Afterwards, in the hands of Mu, Black Ink’s Source was divided into three thousand parts and sealed in different Universe Worlds while his consciousness was kept by Mu.

Unlike Mu’s methods, the current Little Eleven was not a weak child in the Dawn City, otherwise he would not have been able to walk through the void alone.

Looking at the surging river in front of him, Little Eleven was stunned, “Speaking of which, what realm are you at now?”

During the days when Yang Kai was in the Taboo Land, he didn’t know that after his defeat, Yang Kai had sealed him, and a few days ago, he had suddenly regained his freedom. However, he was surprised to discover that Yang Kai’s strength was far greater than it had been in the last battle, seemingly surpassing the Open Heaven Stage.

With such a cultivation, Little Eleven felt that even if he was at his peak, he would still be no match for Yang Kai.

“You’re a master of the Creation Realm, can’t you see my realm?” Yang Kai asked instead of answering.

Little Eleven shook his head and said, “My Creation Realm is fake. The main reason I was able to create the Black Ink Clan was because of the unique Ink Force, not because I had reached a certain realm, but you’re different. Your current realm has indeed exceeded the Open Heaven Stage, so I’m very curious about your realm.”

Yang Kai had long since noticed that there was something wrong with Black Ink’s Creation Realm, but at the time, his strength and vision had been insufficient, so he was unable to determine anything.

Now that he had personally admitted it, he wasn’t too surprised.

“My realm…” Yang Kai muttered and shook his head, “No one has reached this realm before, I don’t know what it should be called.”

Saying so, he changed his hand seals and raised his hand to grab the Space-Time River in front of him.

Yang Kai grabbed the huge river in his hand and gently shook it, shouting, “Go!”

In the next instant, black shadows were flung out from the Space-Time River, revealing themselves to be a Universe World.

These Universe World were the remnants of the Great Domain here. Originally, they had been corroded by the Ink Force and were now lifeless, even destroyed during the Black Ink Clan’s mining process.

But now, without exception, all of these Universe World’s appearances had changed. Although there were no living creatures living here, each of these Universe World’s appearances had become completely new, without any residual Ink Force. The dilapidated Universe World had been repaired and was filled with the perfect Great Dao power. On top of each Universe World, the vegetation was lush and flourishing.

Such a Universe World had already given birth to life and would soon evolve into its original life form.

Even with Little Eleven’s experience, he was shocked by this amazing scene.

Universe World is not a Secret Treasure, nor was it a piece of furniture. It was not something that could be repaired easily, but these broken pieces of Universe World had been brought back to life by Yang Kai. This was not something a Human could do.

“Creating something out of nothing, a Divine Ability to create a new world, truly amazing,” Looking at the Universe Worlds flying into the void and slowly coming to a stop, Little Eleven couldn’t help sighing, feeling that Black Ink’s sins had been greatly reduced.

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow and smiled slightly, “Then let’s call it a World Creation Realm.”

“What?” Little Eleven was stunned, but quickly recovered and muttered, “The World Creation Realm… is quite appropriate.”

In the past, there was the Universe Furnace to create a world, but now there was the Space-Time River able to create a new world.

The Space-Time River originated from the Endless River inside the Universe Furnace, and the Endless River was the foundation of the entire Universe Furnace. All the Universe World in this world had been created by the Endless River, so Yang Kai felt that sooner or later, his own Space-Time River would reach the level of the Endless River.

“Let’s go, the next place.” Yang Kai stood up and rushed towards the next Great Domain, Little Eleven following closely behind.


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on the universe furnance that give some Mystery's peak OPH , that chaos spirit king


Somehow the 3000 world seem small lol


Eddy Medeiros
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Scarce of resources?? The black ink battlefild was a lot of it!

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I was Thinking the same thing but those resource, Unless they were drastically reduced during the war or the resources that they speak of has to do with alchemy only Ying Yang 5 element resources can be mind or resources that can bill weapons and battle ships and array.

If you think about resources above 5 had became limited in the Ink Battle field it was Kinda stated by YK and Mo Na Ye when the last exchanged resources.


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Maybe it's a time-loop and yk is the one who created the universe furnace. Cause and effect or some shit😂😂


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Ben Grem
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Comparing the strength difference between World Creation Realm Yang Kai and an Peak Ninth Order Open Heaven Realm is like comparing a Ninth Order Open Heaven Realm and a Dao Sause Realm cultivator. No comparison at all.

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