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As he passed through the Great Domains, the dead Universe Worlds all seemed to radiate a new vitality, and it was only after the three thousand Great Domains were completely restored that a thousand years had passed.

Yang Kai then spent another thousand years doing the same to the Universe World in the Ink Battlefield.

After two thousand years, the entire 3000 Worlds and even the Ink Battlefield was no longer as desolate and dilapidated as it had been in the past. Instead, it was once again filled with endless vitality. In time, these Universe Worlds would definitely be able to produce new cultivation resources, and the increasing number of Human Race would slowly become the masters of these Universe Worlds.

Void Great World, which is originally Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the crystallization of his life’s cultivation, his foundation.

However, after breaking through the shackles of the Open Heaven Stage and breaking through to the World Creation Realm, he had stripped his Small Universe from his body and turned it into a real Universe World, placing it in the High Heaven Territory, next to the Star Boundary.

This matter was simply too incredible. When the Ninth Order Human Race masters learned of this matter, all of them were shocked, but considering that this was Yang Kai’s handiwork, they were relieved.

After all, this was the only World Creation Realm cultivator in the history of the Human Race, so any kind of miraculous method was acceptable.

At this moment, somewhere in the Void Great World, Yang Kai looked at a child in front of him and said seriously, “I’ll leave that Little Eleven in your care, but if there are any abnormalities, seal him immediately, I will deal with it when i return.”

Although the child was not very old, he still responded in an old and experienced manner, “Understood, Boss.”

This child’s appearance vaguely resembled Fang Tianci’s.

In fact, he was Fang Tianci. After Yang Kai used the Three Parts Normalizing Art to advance to the Ninth Order, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow lost their physical bodies, leaving only their Souls in Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea to accompany him for many years.

Because of the uniqueness of the Three Parts Normalizing Art, they were both a wisp of Yang Kai’s soul and an independent entity.

Over the years, while Yang Kai was repairing the Universe Worlds, he had also been thinking about how to restore Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow to the world. They couldn’t remain in his Consciousness Sea forever without a flesh body.

Reincarnation was indeed a good choice, but in that case, it was highly likely that they would lose their original memories and become an unfamiliar Divine Soul. After all, this was not the same as when he had used his Secret Technique to leave many seals when dividing his Divine Soul, ensuring that his divided Divine Soul would awaken at the right time.

In the end, when he decided to strip his Small Universe, he thought of a brilliant method.

That was to integrate the Source of the Void World into Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow, and allow them to reincarnate. In this way, not only would they be able to retain their original memories, but they would also become the masters of the Void World. From now on, they would share the same fate as the Void World. As long as the Void World was not destroyed, they would be immortal existences.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe's foundation was extremely powerful, and now that they had become this Universe World's masters, it would be easier for them to grow in the future. It was easy to imagine that in just a few years, the Heavens would have two more top masters.

Little Eleven was also left here by Yang Kai to be watched over by Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow. It would be inconvenient for him to bring Little Eleven along for the rest of his journey.

After the child Fang Tianci responded, the little cat sitting on his shoulder also nodded and spoke in the human tongue, “Meow~ Boss, don’t worry, if there’s anything wrong with this little brat, Second Brother and I will beat him to death!”

With a bitter look on his face, Little Eleven said, “Don’t make me sound like a wicked bastard, at least show some basic respect to a Senior.”

The little cat immediately snorted.

“Then I’ll leave,” Yang Kai nodded and soared into the sky.

Three pairs of eyes watched him disappear.

A moment later, the child, Fang Tianci, and the little cat, Thunder Shadow, stared at Little Eleven, causing him to frown, “What are you doing!”

The little cat called out, “Beat him up, meow!”

As he spoke, his figure transformed into an afterimage and flew towards Little Eleven’s face, his pair of cat claws slashing towards his face.

Little Eleven let out a strange cry and was just about to dodge when the child, Fang Tianci, threw him onto the ground.

A moment later, the two men and cat were lying on the ground with swollen faces.

Thunder Shadow gasped for breath, “I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time, how satisfying!”

The child Fang Tianci’s condition wasn’t any better, his nose was bleeding, but he was still smiling happily.

Little Eleven’s face was covered in claw marks. In terms of strength, he was undoubtedly much stronger than the other two, but this was the Void World, and the child Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow were the masters of this world. If Little Eleven were to oppose them in this world, he would undoubtedly be asking for trouble, so he had to fight to the bitter end.

However, he still refused to give up, “Wait for me to recover for a while before I deal with you.”

Outside the Void World, Yang Kai’s figure appeared, and what he saw made him slightly startled, because there were many familiar faces waiting here.

Putting aside the group of women led by Su Yan, Yu Rumeng, and the others, many of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters had also arrived.

Where had this information leaked?

Yang Kai secretly reflected for a moment, not realizing how he had exposed himself. He could only say that his wives understood him too well.

“You want to travel far?” Smiles looked at him and asked.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “I have an agreement with someone to save him.”

Inside the Taboo Land, Chong Jiu had said to many supreme master that Yang Kai will come to save him, it wasn’t just nonsense. Yang Kai had indeed sent him a voice transmission before he left.

After all, in the past eight thousand years, Chong Jiu had helped him quite a bit, and the two of them shared the same ideals. If possible, Yang Kai wanted to rescue him from the Taboo Land, although he didn’t know where Chong Jiu’s world was located.

This would probably take a lot of time and effort to find, and there was no guarantee there would be any results.

Having fallen into the Taboo Land, Chong Jiu’s world had long since forgotten about him. Even if Yang Kai had found his world, he might not have been able to discover any traces of his existence.

As the saying goes, even if you do your best, you must obey the will of the Heavens!

“I also want to find a way to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method.”

The Open Heaven Method that the Human Race was currently cultivating was passed down by the ten Martial Ancestors from the World Tree. The Open Heaven Method allowed the Human Race to gain a foothold in this world, allowing the Human Race to eventually become the overlord of this world, but this cultivation technique had its own natural shackles.

All Open Heaven Stage cultivators had their own limits.

Such a cultivation system was obviously somewhat abnormal and was also an incomplete one.

In the Taboo Land, Yang Kai had come into contact with many supreme masters from different worlds. Each of them had a different cultivation system, but very few of them were as obvious as the Open Heaven Stage.

Stone from a mountain could be used to attack jade, so Yang Kai’s purpose in exploring the new world was firstly to find traces of Chong Jiu, and secondly, to study the cultivation systems of other worlds and see if he could make use of them to improve the Open Heaven Method.

Now that the Human Race was thriving and countless Universe Worlds had been resurrected, even the originally silent Ink Battlefield had regained its vitality and no longer had to worry about cultivation resources, Yang Kai felt that it was time to plan for the future.

In the endless void, there was more than just the world he was in. Although he had now reached the World Creation Realm, no one knew if there were any existences stronger than him in this unknown world.

If one day an expert from another world came to invade, their side would have enough strength to protect themselves.

This was also a form of preparation.

“If you can find it, can we break through to the World Creation Realm?” Xiang Shan asked.

“Probably not,” Yang Kai shook his head. He had the experience of breaking through to the World Creation Realm, so he knew the method to break through. This was not something that could be achieved by solving the shackles of the Open Heaven Method, but rather by obtaining some opportunities and resources. “The ideal situation is to allow the current Human Race to break through to the Open Heaven Stage without being affected by the innate shackles.”

Originally, a cultivator who reached the Open Heaven Stage through the Open Heaven Method, if they reached the Third Order at the beginning, their Innate Shackles would be at the Fifth Order, but if Yang Kai found a solution, this Third Order cultivator would be able to reach more than the Fifth Order in the future, allowing him to cultivate to the limit their ability could reach.

In this way, with two Open Heaven Stage Cradles, the Human Race would be able to produce even more Eighth Order, and Ninth Order…

If a Ninth Order master want to break through to the World Creation Realm, they would need to study Three Thousand Great Daos. When their mastery of many Great Daos reached a certain level, they would be able to touch upon the Taboo of this world and break through to the World Creation Realm.

Yang Kai had already taken this path, so if the Ninth Order master took this path again in the future, it would be easier than when he had first started.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Mi Jinglun nodded slightly, “Then I wish you all the best, but we won’t be of much help in this matter, so you can only rely on yourself.”

With a World Creation Realm cultivator like Yang Kai, the Ninth Order masters were all diligently cultivating and studying the mysteries of various Great Daos. Moreover, with Yang Kai’s current cultivation, there was no need for them to accompany him.

Yang Kai nodded before turning to look at his wives.

Yu Rumeng snorted, “You can forget about leaving us behind this time.”

Although the other women didn’t say anything, their determined expressions were enough to explain everything.

Yang Kai smiled, “Then let’s go together.”

The group of women immediately cheered, none of them having expected Yang Kai to agree so easily. Obviously, they were overjoyed as a large group of people gathered around.

“Old Tree!” Yang Kai suddenly called out to the void, “Begin.”

In response to his call, the World Tree’s phantom suddenly appeared in everyone’s field of vision. The towering giant tree was no longer as lifeless as it used to be, but instead, it was covered in vitality. Not only that, but the World Tree was also filled with countless World Fruits.

Back then, Yang Kai had borrowed the World Tree’s power from the end of the world to return to the Great Ruins Boundary, causing the Old Tree to consume too much energy and fall into a deep sleep.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai returned after reaching the World Creation Realm and began using his Space-Time River to repair the Universe Worlds in the various Great Domains that the Old Tree slowly woke up.

The World Tree was closely related to the Universe Worlds of this world. When the Black Ink Clan occupied the Heavens, the World Tree was shrouded in a black energy for many years, causing it to appear extremely dilapidated. As the Universe World died one by one, the fruits hanging from the tree also began to wither and fall, and the Old Tree grew older.

It had to be known that these World Fruits were the true embodiments of the various great Universe Worlds on the World Tree. If the Universe Worlds lived, the fruits lived, if the Universe World died, its fruits fell.

Yang Kai had repaired countless Universe World over the past two thousand years, and even the three thousand Universe World that Mu had left behind in her Space-Time River had been placed in the various Great Domains by Yang Kai. This was not the end of it. The Universe World from the Ink Battlefield had also been restored by Yang Kai’s methods.

With all these factors, the Old Tree’s vitality had greatly increased, and the number of fruits hanging from his body had more than doubled.

In the past, it was impossible for Old Tree to manifest his figure outside the Great Ruins Boundary, but now, he could do so easily.

On this thick tree, the appearance of the old tree no longer seemed ancient, but instead seemed much younger.

It could be said that since Yang Kai began repairing the Universe Worlds, the Old Tree’s days had become more comfortable.

Old Tree smiled happily at Yang Kai and stretched out a branch which wrapped around Yang Kai and the womens, gradually emitting a green light.

When the light dissipated, Yang Kai and the others had disappeared.

In the Great Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai’s figure appeared as Old Tree gently withdrew the branches he had wrapped around them and sent over ten seedlings of Subtree.

“Be careful on the road,” Old Tree warned before pushing his strength to send Yang Kai and the others out of the Great Ruins Boundary.

When they reappeared, they were already on the edge of the Ink Battlefield.

Yang Kai put away the ten seedlings. These things were related to his return journey, exploring a new world was a long and arduous journey. Without the guidance of Old Tree’s power, even if he was a World Creation Realm master, it was very likely he would be lost in the endless void.

Relying on his previous experience, Yang Kai had Old Tree prepare some seedlings in advance. This way, when he entered the endless void, he would be able to find a chance to plant some seedlings on some Universe Worlds to contact the Old Tree.

Moreover, doing so could help the Old Tree increase his foundation, because the Universe Worlds planted with the Subtree's seedling would be absorbed into the range of Old Tree’s power. Within this range, all of the Universe Worlds would be reflected onto Old Tree’s body, forming World Fruits.

It was easy to imagine that as Yang Kai continued to explore, the World Tree’s radius would increase. Perhaps after he found a new world, he would be able to connect it to the 3000 Worlds.

A Battleship was summoned and everyone gathered in the cabin.

“Husband, which way should we go?”

“Let’s go this way.”

“Good, then please sit tight.”

“Right, if we're all travelling outside, what about the childrens?”

“The Grandfather and Grandmother are looking after them, there’s no need to worry.”

“En, Father and Mother must be very happy right now. With so many grandsons and granddaughters on their knees, it really makes others envious, but the elderly are getting older, will they be able to looke after them?”

“There’s also their Aunt and Uncle taking care of them.”

“That scoundrel Yang Xiao, I’ve only seen him a few times over the years!”


“Hey, if you want to talk, just talk. Why are you closing the door?”

“I don’t care, Big Sister already gave birth to two child, I don’t have any, I want to give birth to one too. Husband, your bowl of water is going to be leveled!”

“This isn’t something I can decide, eh… ahh, don’t tear my clothes, let’s talk!”


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