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The masters of the Taboo Land came from different worlds, and the cultivation system of these worlds was different. For example, the world where Chong Jiu came from did not have any Open Heaven Stage, and the people on their side had their own way of dividing realms.

However, the matters of cultivation were more or less the same. At the level of Yang Kai and the others, they had all evolved into insights and uses of the Dao.

The golden tree behind Chong Jiu was his Dao, the Space-Time River was Yang Kai’s Dao, so the sword-wielding man fighting Yang Kai naturally had his own Dao.

The sword in his hand was his Dao!

Yang Kai had never seen such a pure Dao Realm cultivator before. Over the past eight thousand years, he had seen many masters here and had fought with many others, but in terms of offensive and aggressive nature, no one could compare to this big sword-wielding man.

The other party spent most of their time in battle attacking and basically had no idea how to defend. At most, they would try to dodge.

Fighting with such a person was the most troublesome because it was difficult to determine the victor. Once the victor was decided, life and death would inevitably be determined.

“Jian Ba, there is no enmity between us, why must you insist on fighting?” After exchanging blows for a while, Yang Kai let out a shout, causing the waves below him to tumble.

Not far away, Jian Ba grinned maliciously, “What need is there to talk about enmity in this damned place? Since I’ve come here today, either you die or I die!”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, completely unable to reason with this guy.

If the Shadow Cutting Technique could be used, Yang Kai was confident he could defeat Jian Ba, but eight thousand years ago, when he was dealing with Black Ink, he had already summoned the Shadow Cutting Technique from the Future Space-Time. As a result, Yang Kai was trapped here, unable to use the Shadow Cutting Technique.

The Shadows of the same time and space could only be summoned once.

Helpless, he could only use the power of the long river to fight against Jian Ba.

However, for some unknown reason, Yang Kai felt a sense of unease today. He had thought that it was because the eight thousand year deadline was approaching and he was feeling uneasy, but later he realized that it wasn’t.

Fighting with a powerful enemy like Jian Ba was not something he could afford to be distracted by, so how could he have the spare energy to consider the eight thousand year deadline?

What caused him to feel uneasy was an external force!

As such, in the battle against Jian Ba, he was slowly losing ground.

Chong Jiu, who was watching the battle from afar, noticed this unusual situation and couldn’t help frowning, but he didn’t know what had happened to Yang Kai. At this moment, he was still confronting the helpers Jian Ba had invited, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to help, so he could only wait and see.

The power of the Great Dao fluctuated and clashed endlessly. At one point, Yang Kai heard a shout.

His expression became absent-minded, but before he could hear clearly, Jian Ba had already disappeared.

Feeling a sense of crisis enveloping his entire body, Yang Kai knew that the situation was not good, his figure quickly distorting and fading away. In the next moment, Jian Ba appeared in front of him and slashed down.

Blood splashed as Yang Kai’s figure appeared in another direction and he raised his hand to cover his abdomen, where he had been cut by Jian Ba.

The shout rang out again and Yang Kai shook his head, trying to disperse this strange sound, but he couldn’t.

When the first voice rang out, it was followed by the second and the third…

In just a few breaths of time, Yang Kai felt countless voices buzzing in his head, countless voices transforming into a chaotic noises that eventually converged into two words.

It was his name!

Jian Ba chased after him, and just as he was about to make his move, a great sense of horror suddenly struck his heart. When this feeling welled up in his heart, Jian Ba’s eyes went wide, his expression not filled with fear but instead becoming extremely excited.

Because ever since his cultivation had reached the big accomplishment, no one had been able to give him such a feeling. Even in this Taboo Land, where he had encountered countless masters, no one had been able to make him feel fear.

But at this moment, facing an enemy who had been wounded by him, this long-awaited feeling appeared again.

He couldn’t help recalling the many masters he had faced when he was weak.

The sword that had accompanied him all his life began to hum, warning him to retreat.

Jian Ba didn’t retreat, instead slashing down with his sword, causing the expressions of Chong Jiu and the other powerhouse watching from afar to become extremely solemn, because this sword could be said to be the strongest sword they had ever seen, a sword that Jian Ba had used his full strength.

When this sword appeared, it was either life or death!

Sword light filled their vision and nothing else could be seen.

When the sword light disappeared, Chong Jiu and the other master quickly looked up and saw something that made their eyes widen.

Yang Kai didn’t completely block this sword strike. This sword strike landed on his shoulder and almost cut off one of his arms. The endless river water wrapped around Jian Ba’s sword and arm, causing him to be unable to use his full strength.

Although Yang Kai was injured, his expression was extremely strange, as if he was somewhat confused and relieved.

What caught Chong Jiu’s attention even more was that the space behind Yang Kai had become extremely strange and was constantly distorting. From this distorted space, there was a faint power of space and time that seemed to be connected to it.

The Taboo Forces here had been broken!

When Chong Jiu recalled Yang Kai’s confident words, his heart began to pound violently. Could it be that the rumors circulating in the Taboo Land were true? Was there enough people in the World Yang Kai lived in still remembering him?

But how could such a thing happen?

Anyone who entered this place would be quickly forgotten. Otherwise, after so many years, how could the masters who had entered this place unable to leave.

But other than this possibility, Chong Jiu could not find a better explanation.

“Yang Kai!” He quickly shouted.

Yang Kai, who was immersed in this wonderful feeling, raised his head and smiled at him before turning to look at Jian Ba, who was standing close to him. Under Jian Ba’s stunned gaze, Yang Kai stretched out two fingers and grabbed his sword.

“It turns out that only by breaking the Taboo Forces can one pry into the higher realms of the Martial Dao!”

Saying so, he gently lifted his finger and the long sword that had cut into his shoulder was also picked up.

The corners of Jian Ba’s eyes twitched violently as he instinctively felt something was wrong.

At this moment, Yang Kai gave him a very strange feeling, as if he was about to break through.

Deep in his heart, he was greatly shocked. The masters in the Taboo Land had all reached their limits. The reason they were trapped here was because they wanted to break through to higher realms, but in the end, they had touched upon the Taboo of the Heavens.

Today, he had seen the truth and heard a secret.

Breaking the Taboo Forces would allow one to see a higher realm!

This was a huge blow to Jian Ba's mental state. Not to mention him, even Chong Jiu, who was watching from afar, and the helper that Jian Ba had invited, felt the same way.

“Let go!” Yang Kai looked at Jian Ba.

Jian Ba clenched his teeth and didn’t say a word, pouring all of his strength into his sword and pushing it down, seemingly wanting to break Yang Kai into two.

The sword in his hand was his Dao, abandoning it was equivalent to abandoning his Dao, so how could he agree?


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Monogatari Scans
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Xue Ying
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No worries Mono, Rudi is right. You will be forgotten just like YK. But with your site still active, many will know of your mighty contribution and hopefully will be revived in 8000 years?

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