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High Heaven Territory’s Star Boundary, Myriad Monster Territory's many universe worlds, as long as there were places where Human Race lived, they would all praise Yang Kai’s name and spread the might of the Void Great Emperor.

In the first few days, nothing unusual happened, but as time passed, everyone heard a strange sound.

The sound was like waves crashing against the shore.

As the Human Race continued to act, their voices became louder.

Until a certain moment, a natural phenomenon occurred.

In the place where the Human Race gathered, a great river suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The furious movement of the waves came from the river and everyone saw this magical scene.

The waters of the river surged and flowed into the distance, passing through the endless void, passing through one great domain after another, passing through all the ancient battlefields and finally converging on the final battlefield between Yang Kai and Black Ink.

Inside the palace, Yang Kai’s dozen or so close relatives watched this scene with excited expressions, their chanting becoming more hurried, their expressions becoming more sincere.

The originally somewhat illusory river that seemed to only exist in another space-time quickly became solid, and as the waves surged, a figure stepped out from the river.

Looking at the figures atop the Palace, he smiled and said, “I’m back!”

On top of the palace, many people were crying tears of joy as one figure after another flew towards that person.

In the Taboo Land, many masters had heard the news and gathered here. In just a short time, more than a hundred people had gathered and even more people had come from afar.

These people were all masters of their respective worlds, each of them having reached their own limits, each of them a legend of their own world.

But now, their world had long forgotten about them, causing them to be trapped in this Taboo Land.

More than a hundred peak master stood around quietly, staring at a floating corpse not far away.

This was Jian Ba’s corpse, and in his hand was a broken sword. The other half of the broken sword had been inserted into his chest, extinguishing his vitality.


In the Taboo Land, there was no shortage of people who fought bravely and ruthlessly. Sometimes, great battles would break out, and all of them were rare battles in the outside world.

But in reality, very few people died.

This was because although the cultivation systems of the most powerful cultivators were different, when they cultivated to the extreme, they would pursue the Dao. It could be said that all the laws of the world converged together, causing everyone’s strength to be basically the same, so no matter how intense the battle was, very few people would die in battle.

The last time someone had died was hundreds of thousands of years ago. There was a man with a vile personality who had provoked public anger and was besieged by many supreme masters.

But now, it was clear that Jian Ba's death was not due to being besieged. No matter what kind of strength they cultivated, their eyes were still sharp.

The one who had killed Jian Ba was a single person! Moreover, he had killed him so easily that he had even destroyed his sword!

Even if these supreme masters present weren’t familiar with Jian Ba, they had at least interacted with him before.

Jian Ba’s sword was his Dao, so killing someone might not be a big deal, but killing someone while destroying their Dao at the same time was somewhat inconceivable.

What caught the attention of the many suprerme masters was that just now, they had clearly felt some strange movements here. Even though they were very far away, the movements were as obvious as the flames in the darkness.

This was the sound of someone breaking through their current realm! But when they arrived here, they didn’t see anything.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Chong Jiu and the expert Jian Ba had brought had a bitter expression.

The scene of Yang Kai killing Jian Ba had been witnessed by all of them, causing them to feel a great shock in their hearts. By the time they came back to their senses, some supreme masters had already noticed the commotion and rushed over to investigate.

This caused them to be unable to leave even if they wanted to.

If they left now, they would definitely be forced to stay.

The supreme masters had been trapped here for far too long, so any unusual movement would attract their attention, not to mention a disturbance that exceeded the limits of their current strength.

“Who was there?” Someone suddenly asked.

Although it was a random question, the meaning behind it was obvious. It was obviously asking who had seen Jian Ba die.

No one spoke.

“Who came here first?” Someone asked.

Still no one spoke, but the eyes of the supreme masters began to shift, each one of them looking towards someone who had arrived earlier than them.

In the end, everyone’s eyes focused on Chong Jiu.

Chong Jiu’s nose was crooked from anger as he stared at the helper that Jian Ba had invited, “Why are you looking at me too! You’re with me!”

Although the two of them were originally on different sides, at this moment, it was clear that they have to band together. If they didn’t handle this situation well, they might become the public enemy of all the supreme masters, so they couldn’t afford to be careless.

In this Taboo Land with no way out, if he became the public enemy of everyone, his future days would definitely not be easy.

“Who killed Jian Ba?” A short old man asked. This old man had been trapped in the Taboo Land for who knows how many years, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was one of the oldest masters in the Taboo Land. At the very least, the hundred or so masters present had come to the Taboo Land later than him.

“It’s not me,” Chong Jiu quickly clarified, “I’m not that capable.”

The supreme master standing beside him also quickly denied, “I didn’t kill him.”

“You came here first, didn’t you see?” The short old man asked. Although he was the only one who spoke, he represented everyone.

“En…” Chong Jiu hesitated for a moment, knowing that no matter what he did, he couldn’t avoid this matter. Rather than trying to stir up hostility from others, he might as well speak the truth. After understanding this point, he said, “Yang Kai killed him.”

“Who is Yang Kai?” The short old man frowned, he had never heard of this name before.

“A newcomer who manifested his Great Dao into a river has been here for almost eight thousand years,” someone explained.

The short old man understood, “I seem to have some impression of him, but how could a newcomer kill Jian Ba? Where is he?”

“He left,” Zhong Jiu said.

“Where did he go?”

“He left, from this place.”

The supreme masters were stunned for a moment before turning to look at Chong Jiu in shock.

Being stared at by so many pairs of eyes, Chong Jiu also felt a great pressure. The supreme master standing next to him subtly shifted to the side, drawing a clear line between them.

“You said… he left this place?” The short old man asked. Although his tone was calm, his heart was already in turmoil.

“Everyone, there’s no need to stare at me like that, he really did leave. This friend and I saw it with our own eyes,” Chong Jiu said as he pointed towards the supreme master who had pulled away from him.

The man’s face darkened, but he knew he couldn’t avoid it, so he could only brace himself and say, “Yes, he did leave.”

Chong Jiu smiled and said, “Weren’t you all attracted by that strange fluctuation? I’ll be frank with you, there are two ways to leave the Taboo Land. The second method is true, and Yang Kai used that method to leave this place. When he broke through the Taboo Forces here, he seemed to have found a higher Dao Realm, so Jian Ba died!”

Since ancient times, there had been two ways to escape the Taboo Land. One was to constantly fight and kill other supreme masters. As long as you killed enough, you would have a chance to leave this place. The second was to have enough people in your world remember you and be willing to accept your return.

Whether the first method would work or not, no one knew, because few people would die in the Taboo Land.

But now, this second method had been proven. If Chong Jiu wasn’t lying, Yang Kai had used this method to escape from the Taboo Land.

Under such circumstances, there was no need for Chong Jiu to lie, everyone was well aware of this.

“How is that possible? After entering this place, the creatures of their world will quickly forget about them. Without memories, how can they remember? This is simply impossible,” Someone questioned.

Chong Jiu spread out his hands and said, “I don’t know. In any case, Yang Kai told me a long time ago that his world will remember him. Perhaps because he saved that world, the people of that world still remember him?”

The supreme masters still found it difficult to accept this, because from ancient times until now, there had never been a precedent of anyone trapped here leaving.

But now, a newcomer who had only entered for eight thousand years had done so.

This made them envious, but at the same time, they also saw a glimmer of hope.

If someone could leave, it meant that this Taboo Land wasn’t a prison they couldn’t escape from, but they just couldn’t find the right way.

Relying on Yang Kai’s methods was definitely not an option, not to mention why his world remembered him, the main reason was that he had only been here for eight thousand years.

The others simply didn’t have such conditions. The last one to enter this place had also been trapped here for tens of thousands of years. After tens of thousands of years, the world he was in previously had long since lost all traces of his existence.

“Breaking the Taboo Forces here allows one to see a higher realm? What kind of realm is that?” The short old man asked.

Chong Jiu shook his head, “I don’t know what realm he is at, but Jian Ba’s sword was broken by two of his fingers.”

All the masters present gasped.

What the two fingers destroyed was not the sword, but a Dao!

One could only imagine how shocking Yang Kai’s Dao Realm was in that instant.

“Everyone, before Yang Kai left, he told me that he will find a way to rescue me. Although I don’t know if this will work, if it does, everyone here will have a way out,” Chong Jiu threw out another piece of news that excited everyone.

In an instant, the expressions of all the supreme masters present changed.

Half a day later, the supreme masters dispersed.

Chong Jiu let out a long sigh and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Although he was also a supreme master and didn’t fear anyone, being stared at by so many people was still like being stabbed in the back.

If he hadn’t said those words at the last moment, Chong Jiu would have suspected that these guys would have attacked him together and then interrogated him for more information.

Although all the information he knew had been leaked…

However, with his last words, things were different. As long as they still wished to leave this Taboo Land, they would not make things difficult for him in the future. In fact, if anyone dared to make things difficult for him, they would become public enemies of this Taboo Land!


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This sound like a set up for season 2 or a spin off for Chong Jiu

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Yea my thoughts exactly


Koko Branford
Koko Branford
May 16, 2023



Apr 19, 2023

so he lied? YK isn't gonna help him?😂😂

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At World Creation Realm, Yang Kai could easily break Taboo realm and save them but even if he save them, they would still be forgotten by their homeland and it's hard to find their Worlds in this large void.

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