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The Human Race’s million strong army is on their way back, and the Ninth Order masters were gathered on the only Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

At their peak, the number of Ninth Order Human Race masters had undoubtedly decreased significantly, many of them having recently broken through to the Ninth Order.

Currently, only about twenty Ninth Order cultivators remained.

In addition to the Human Race’s Ninth Order, the Dragon Clan’s Fu Guang was also invited.

Everyone sat down, many of them with weak auras and injuries. It hadn’t been long since the battle ended, and even with the recovery abilities of Ninth Order masters, it was impossible for them to fully recover in a short time, especially since the Human Race had run out of supplies and almost no pills for healing.

One by one, the Ninth Order masters who had rushed over quickly noticed the heavy atmosphere. Although they didn’t know what had happened to make Chief Mi gather all of the Ninth Order masters, they could tell from Chief Mi's expression that there was some bad news.

After the last Ninth Order master sat down, Mi Jinglun said, “Today, I called everyone here to confirm something.”

Looking around, he paused for a moment before recounting his conversation with Xiang Shan.

When the Ninth Order masters heard this, some of them were confused, some were lost in thought, and a few of them frowned.

Ouyang Lie shouted, “Is there a problem with your conversation with Big Head Xiang?”

He didn’t hear anything wrong, just a casual chat.

“There’s a big problem!” Mi Jinglun stared at him with a solemn expression, causing Ouyang Lie to realize that this was indeed a big problem, even though he had yet to understand what was going on.

Xiang Shan said, “The agreement we signed with the Black Ink Clan back then was of paramount importance and could be said to be the turning point of the rise of the Human Race. It is impossible for Brother Mi and I to forget such an important matter. If one of us was unable to recall the details of the agreement, it would be normal, but the key is that both of us were the same. When we discussed the agreement before, the two of us were unable to immediately recall the details of the agreement. This was something impossible.”

Ouyang Lie frowned, “Perhaps you were too tired from the previous battle?”

Xiang Shan turned to look at him, “Do you remember the first time you met Yang Kai?”

“Of course I remember,” Ouyang Lie replied casually, “How could I forget such a thing? At that time, he…”

He slowly stopped talking, obviously realizing something as his expression changed and his brow furrowed.

Xiang Shan then turned to the other Ninth Order masters and said, “Everyone, why don’t you think about some of the things you’ve encountered with Yang Kai or shared experiences with him!”

The Ninth Order masters complied.

Soon, everyone’s expressions became somewhat strange.

Observing everyone’s expressions, Ouyang Lie immediately understood that they had encountered the same situation as him and couldn’t help asking, “How did this happen?”

According to Xiang Shan, when he recalled the first time he met Yang Kai, he couldn’t immediately recall it. It was as if his memory was blocked by an invisible barrier. The scene in his memory was clearly right in front of him, but he couldn’t see it clearly.

After a few breaths of hard work, he remembered that the first time he had met Yang Kai was outside Great Evolution Pass. At that time, Yang Kai had brought his disciples to spy on the enemy outside Great Evolution Pass, and Yang Kai had come to meet him under the orders of Xiang Shan.

At that time, Yang Kai was only a Seventh Order!

Mi Jinglun’s voice rang out, “It’s not just you all. After Brother Xiang and I discovered the problem, we ordered many of our soldiers to ask questions. The situation they encountered was the same as yours. Regardless of whether they had personally come into contact with Yang Kai or not, even if they had heard about him, they were unable to immediately recall the details.”

“What caused this phenomenon?” Wu Qing asked in a low voice. He recalled that the situation was indeed as Mi Jinglun had said.

“I don’t know the exact reason, but I’m certain it has something to do with the Shadow Cutting Technique,” Mi Jinglun said, “Everyone should remember that Yang Kai said that the eight Shadow Cutting Technique were summoned from the next eight thousand years of space-time section. The fact that the eight Shadow Cutting Technique were destroyed means that he will not exist for the next eight thousand years.”

Everyone nodded. When Mi Jinglun and Yang Kai were talking, everyone was present, and these were Yang Kai’s exact words.

“Yang Kai said that this was the price he had to pay for the Shadow Cutting Technique, but now it seems that Yang Kai himself had underestimated the severity of this price. He thought that the price he had to pay would not exist for the next eight thousand years, but in reality, there was some kind of invisible force that was slowly erasing all traces of his existence in this world! So anything related to him would suddenly become vague in the memories of others.”

“Really?” Ouyang Lie couldn’t believe it.

Removing the traces of a person’s existence in this world, the most direct way to understand it was naturally to kill that person, but the elimination that everyone encounters now was no longer as simple as just killing one person, it include the memories of others.

Mi Jinglun said, “Before Yang Kai used the Shadow Cutting Technique, I didn’t expect such a bizarre Secret Technique to exist.”

Ouyang Lie immediately fell silent.

The mysteries of the Shadow Cutting Technique were unimaginable, so the price to use this Secret Technique would definitely be unimaginable, so no matter how difficult Mi Jinglun’s speculations were, it was the truth.

“And this is just the beginning. What I’m worried about is that as time passes, will we forget about Yang Kai?”

All of the Ninth Order masters were shocked.

As the greatest contributor to the rise of the Human Race and defeating Black Ink, he should have been remembered for all generations, but if the Human Race were to completely forget about him, how sad would that be?

“If we completely forget about Yang Kai, what will happen?” Mi Jinglun asked.

No one could answer.

He didn’t ask, instead continuing, “Now that I think about it, before Yang Kai disappeared, he said that he would return eight thousand years later, but from the tone of his voice at that time, even he couldn’t be certain, so he might be able to return or completely disappear. Right now, the traces of his existence are slowly being erased, which is the process of his disappearance. If one day no one remembers him, he may never appear again!”

Fu Guang, who had been silent all this time, slowly opened his mouth and said, “According to what Chief Mi said, if there are many people in this world who still remember him and spread his name, perhaps they can help him return?”

Mi Jinglun shook his head, “I’m not sure, but I do think so.”

“It’s worth a try!” Fu Guang nodded.

“However, the most important thing right now is to investigate the speed at which these traces are being erased. Only by confirming this matter can we make our move.”



“We’ll do as Chief Mi says.”

After many days of investigation by Ninth Order masters and questioning the thousands of randomly selected soldiers, a month later, everyone received some bad news.

The speed at which it was being erased was increasing, and more things related to Yang Kai were being erased. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before all the memories related to Yang Kai were completely erased. At that time, no one in this world would be able to remember the existence of such a hero who had saved the Human Race.

Mi Jinglun couldn’t help feeling a sense of urgency. He immediately sent people back to the original location of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and informed Su Yan and the others who had been guarding it. Although Su Yan and the others would most likely discover this, it was always better to be on guard.

At this moment, the expedition army had already returned to the Star Boundary through a series of Space Arrays. News of their victory had long since been sent back to the human race forces who had been guarding the rear.

When the expeditionary army returned, they naturally received a warm welcome.

In this battle, the Human Race’s Expedition Army suffered heavy casualties and more than sixty percent of them died, but all of this was worth it. In the future, the Heavens would no longer be affected by the Ink Force.

However, contrary to the expectations of the Human Race, after the expedition army returned, they didn’t show any intention of celebrating, instead quickly dispersing as if there was a new mission waiting for them.

Soon, in the Star Boundary, in the Myriad Monster World, in the place where all the Human Race lived, whether it was a village, a small town, or a city, a tall statue was erected.

The statue depicted a handsome man wielding a long spear. On the spear, there seemed to be a spirit snake coiling around it as it fought against an invisible enemy.

At the base of the statue was Yang Kai’s name.

At the same time, Mi Jinglun entered High Heaven Palace, and with the cooperation of Hua Qing Si and Xia Ningchang, he gathered all the people related to Yang Kai and, with Mi Jinglun leading the way, wrote a series of characters.

This character was naturally written about Yang Kai, including all the big and small matters he had experienced in his life.

There was no excessive emotional embellishment, only a simple description, but anyone who read this character’s book would be able to understand Yang Kai’s magnificent life.

Everyone knew that in the darkest era of the Human Race, he was the one who had torn apart the seal of darkness and cast a ray of light upon the Human Race.

It was also obvious that he had paid a huge price to finally defeat the ancient Supreme Master named Black Ink and end the war between the two races that had lasted for a million years!

They also note that the world could not forget him, otherwise he would never be able to return!

After this character was written, countless copies of it were carved by High Heaven Palace disciples and sent to all the places where the Human Race gathered, especially the places where Yang Kai’s statue was erected. The Ninth Order masters personally placed the jade slip containing Yang Kai’s character into the statue.

As such, as long as someone examined the statue, they would be able to immediately perceive the contents of the jade slip and understand Yang Kai’s life experiences.

Many of the Human Race’s upper echelons were trying their best to prevent the Human Race from forgetting Yang Kai’s greatest contribution.

On top of that, after the expedition army returned, the Ninth Order masters once again gathered for a meeting. Feeling that the world was vast and time was difficult to measure, they decided that the year the expeditionary army returned to the Star Boundary would be the Void year!

Void was a title, the title of one of the greatest contributors that had slowly been forgotten.

As time passed, new generations of Human Race were born, grew up, and aged. No one remembered anything about Yang Kai, not even the Ninth Order masters who had fought alongside him, but the statues that had been erected in the Human Race’s gathering place were still intact.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying

As expected some novel/movies that involves time /space erasure is usually like this. And I'm really curious what happened to those inside his Small universe. If they really have to wait 8000 years (* xxtimes-cant remember the ratio now, is it still 1:10 or 1:30) before his revival, they will be dead since emperor realms have limited life span just like what happened to him when he was trapped and unable to bring them out and his ratio that time was still 1:3.


Coz high rank open heaven are constantly battling with black ink for millions of years, so they die very early


Well 1 of my many theory was partially right but this makes sense... Shit's sad I hope no one makes a move on any of his wives that would be an even greater Tragedy.



Wow. To be forgotten is indeed a fate worse than death.







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