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The strongest Shadow had already been shattered, and the Nine Directions Array had also been transformed into the Eight Directions Array, greatly reducing its power.

But correspondingly, Black Ink’s aura was not as strong as before. After being sealed by Yang Kai twice, his aura had weakened greatly.

As the remaining seven shadow clones attacked Black Ink, Yang Kai’s main body summoned the Profound Gate for the third time, sealing the shattered body of Black Ink.

Black Ink’s aura weakened again! The Eight Directions Array was enough to deal with the current Black Ink.

A series of violent attacks arrived, and as Yang Kai’s second Shadow was destroyed, Black Ink once again suffered heavy injuries.

The Eight Directions Array became Directions Array.

Previously, Yang Kai’s shadows had emerged from the Space-Time River one after another, their battle formation constantly increasing, but now, the situation had reversed.

As more of these shadows disappeared, the power of the battle formation also began to weaken.

At the same time, Black Ink was also weakened.

Every time the shadows died, Black Ink’s body would shatter and Yang Kai’s main body would seize the opportunity to seize them and seal the Source.

In the end, all of the shadows disappeared. Yang Kai’s face was covered in blood as he stared at the miserable-looking Black Ink.

The current Black Ink had a large amount of its Source sealed and its strength had greatly decreased. It no longer had its previous might, and even the deep Ink Force that had been lingering around him was now extremely faint and almost invisible.

Currently, Black Ink had lost more than ninety percent of his Source. In other words, he only had ten percent of his peak strength, and his condition was not good.

Several figures flew over and surrounded the battlefield.

They were the Human Race masters who had been watching the battle from afar, as well as the Giant Spiritual God A’ Da and A’ Er.

In the previous battle, it was difficult for them to intervene, and even the two Giant Spiritual Gods were unable to approach, let alone the Ninth Order Human Race.

However, as Yang Kai’s shadows disappeared one after another and Black Ink’s strength was reduced, the spectating masters finally had a chance to use their strength.

Black Ink, defeated!

With his current strength, it was impossible for him to deal with so many masters. Just the two Giant Spiritual Gods were enough to suppress him.

However, he was still laughing, his laughter extremely cheerful.

Zhang Ruoxi stood in front of Yang Kai with her Heaven's Order Sword in hand, vigilantly staring at Black Ink. Although Black Ink was in a miserable state right now, no one knew what kind of methods this ancient Supreme Master was hiding, so they had to be on guard.

“Yang Kai!” Black Ink’s smile faded as he shouted towards Yang Kai, “Let’s settle this!”

Behind Zhang Ruoxi, Yang Kai calmed the roiling blood in his body and replied, “Okay!”

“Sir!” Zhang Ruoxi shouted, “Allow me to go!”

She still had the strength to launch one last attack and was confident she could take down Black Ink, so she naturally wouldn’t let Yang Kai take the risk.

“There’s no need!” Yang Kai stepped forward and walked past Zhang Ruoxi, staring at the nearby Black Ink. There was no trace of the pride and arrogance of a victor, instead, there was a complicated look on his face.

“Don’t interfere!” He gently ordered.

The Human Race masters gathered around frowned slightly. In the current situation, the best course of action was undoubtedly to rush forward and kill Black Ink in an instant, ending this disaster that had lasted for a million years, but Yang Kai actually told them not to interfere.

No one knew what Yang Kai was thinking or doing.

However, out of trust for Yang Kai, everyone still acquiesced to his orders, but they didn’t disperse from their encirclement, instead releasing their auras. If anything happened to Yang Kai, Black Ink would be attacked from all directions.

At this final moment, they naturally couldn’t talk about moral when dealing with Black Ink.

Despite being surrounded on all sides, Black Ink's expression remained calm as he stared at Yang Kai and shouted, “Come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and he transformed into a black light that shot towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai also charged towards him.

The moment the two figures collided, everyone’s hearts jumped to their throats.

However, the next scene they saw made them feel relieved.

Yang Kai’s fist smashed into Black Ink’s chest, while Black Ink's fist stopping in front of his head.

“Oof!” Black Ink spat out a mouthful of black blood as his raised fist fell limply.

Their eyes met and Black Ink smiled at Yang Kai.

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai nodded towards him and thought for a moment before saying, “I will let you see the world Mu wishes to see.”

The corners of Black Ink’s mouth were covered in black blood, his expression carefree, “Then that’s enough!”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything more and summoned the Profound Gate, opening it and swallowing Black Ink!

The open door slowly closed, and behind it was endless darkness.

Back then, it was Mu who had rescued him from this door, and after a million years, Yang Kai had sent him back to that door.

The ancient Supreme Master had finished his life, so he didn’t dare say he didn’t have any regrets. At the very least, it was quite exciting.

“Puff…” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and sat down cross-legged, taking out a handful of pills from his Space Ring and stuffing them into his mouth.

A number of figures flashed over and Su Yan sat behind Yang Kai, allowing him to lean on her.

After a while, Yang Kai’s chaotic aura gradually stabilized and he opened his eyes to see a pair of worried eyes.

“I won’t die!” Yang Kai comforted.

Everyone relaxed.

Mi Jinglun finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked, “Why did you thank him at the last moment?”

Although no one heard his words of thanks, just by looking at Yang Kai’s mouth, they could tell what he was saying.

Yang Kai sighed, “From beginning to end, Black Ink didn't do his best.”

“What?” Ouyang Lie was shocked, “He hasn't done his best? How is that possible?”

The others also wore incredulous looks on their faces. Without using his full strength, he had almost died together with Yang Kai. If he used their full strength, wouldn’t he be able to obtain the final victory?

Yang Kai replied, “It’s not that he didn’t use his full strength, it’s just that he didn’t use some of his methods.”

He had always been on guard against this method.

The Royal Lord-level Black Ink Clan could use a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, which could instantly Inked the Eighth Order Human Race. As the Black Ink Clan’s Creator, how could Black Ink not have similar methods? The methods he could use were even more profound than the Royal Lord-level Secret Techniques.

Of course, Yang Kai has the Soul Warming Lotus to guard his Divine Soul, and the World Tree Subtree to seal his Small Universe, so he wasn’t sure if he would be able to withstand this method.

Cang once said that Black Ink's power was not something the Subtree could resist, unless the World Tree itself came!

So when he fought with Black Ink, he had always been on guard.

But from beginning to end, Black Ink had not used that mysterious method.

He can't? Obviously not.

He just didn’t want to!

Even after Yang Kai summoned his eight shadows, Black Ink still had a way to turn the situation around. At that time, he didn’t need to fight Yang Kai head-on, he just needed to find a way to stall for time, and the eight shadows would slowly dissipate.

Not to mention whether Black Ink could break free from the Nine Directions Array’s blockade, at the very least, he had no such intention. From beginning to end, he had been fighting head-on with Yang Kai!

It seemed like he wanted to kill Yang Kai, but in reality?

Therefore, in the battle with Yang Kai, although he had been fighting with all his might, he had still hidden some of his trump cards.


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Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
Jan 31, 2023

So his shadows are made from the future selfs. Since all his shadows died, the one from 1000 years into the future as well. Wouldnt that mean he wouldnt now be alive then logically following 1000 years from now if he reaches that age. Unless he breaks to creation realm or something but his future self from there wasnt creation realm, not even the one from 8000 in the future reached it. Author can use various explanations that are plausible enough or even make up any mambo jumbo that he wants for that not to be the case but yeah, just sayin.

Replying to

That Makes sense but those are Just possible future self base on his current present self, one of his future he getting Ink which Implied that if he hadn't fought Zhang Ruo Xi or if he hadn't seal enough of his source YK would be INK and Human would be slaughtering the human, so it maybe that the space-time river have the ability to alter the future as long as he have space-time river he can perhaps manipulate pass and future events.

Another possibility is that using the future shadow cutting Technique cost is not his future life but devolution of his space time river which means mean that him reaching creation Realm will take much long and the alteration…


Dec 20, 2022

9 chapters left?

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

tbh thank god. I can't wait to just get through this😅

It's not like there isn't any other stuff I've been wanting to read.

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