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One after another, Shadow Clone emerged from the Space-Time River, but without exception, all of them were killed by Black Ink.

The first Shadow lasted for about two hours.

The second time had been less than two hours.

When it came to the third Shadow, the time was even shorter.

“The situation isn’t good!” In the distant crowd, Mi Jinglun’s expression became solemn as he saw the problem.

The problem was very serious. Although Yang Kai’s Shadows continued to appear, his strength seemed to be growing weaker, as if time was flowing back on his body, causing his condition to regress to an increasingly early stage.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura was only at the new Ninth Order, and he had just emerged from the Space-Time River when he was killed by Black Ink.

If this continued, Yang Kai might not even be able to keep his Ninth Order cultivation. If this continued, no matter how many shadow clones appeared, Black Ink would be able to deal with them effortlessly.

Another shadow of new Ninth Order Yang Kai walked out from the Space-Time River. Black Ink raised his hand and grabbed the Shadow, staring at him indifferently, “You’ve disappointed Mu!”

Being captured by Black Ink, Yang Kai didn’t panic. The death of the Shadows had already made him familiar with death. Hearing this, he raised his brow and said, “Not necessarily!”

Black Ink was surprised, “What other methods do you have?”

Yang Kai grinned at him, “A method you’ve never seen before.”

“Very good!” Black Ink smiled and said as he exerted force with his hand, crushing the Shadow in his hand.

In the next moment, Yang Kai emerged from the Space-Time River again.

However, this time, Yang Kai’s aura was clearly different. It was the aura at his peak.

If the foundation of the Shadow Cutting Technique lay in the Space-Time River, then the core was the current time and space section of the caster. If it was placed on Yang Kai’s body, he would use the current time and space as the core, using the Space-Time River as the foundation to stimulate the power of the Three Thousand Great Daos, allowing him to summon the Shadow Cutting Technique from the past.

The ones who had been killed by Black Ink were all Yang Kai’s shadow clones, but now, the one who had walked out was Yang Kai’s true form, the Yang Kai of this time and space section!

The foundation and core were both extremely important and could not be lost. If he wanted to break the Shadow Cutting Technique, he could only do so from these two aspects. Black Ink had wanted to seize the power of the Space-Time River, but he had been hindered by Yang Kai’s Shadow Cutting Technique and was unable to continue.

But now that Yang Kai’s true body had come out, it had given him hope. As long as he could kill this Yang Kai in front of him, the Shadow Cutting Technique would collapse!

But was it really that simple? Yang Kai’s true body had emerged from the Space-Time River at this moment, seemingly out of helplessness. After all, the shadows he had summoned had all been killed, and even if he summoned the shadows from the earlier stages of time and space, they would only be at the Eighth Order, unable to do anything to Black Ink.

Combined with what Yang Kai had just said, Black Ink had a vague feeling that Yang Kai was going to use his last resort.

He couldn’t help feeling somewhat expectant.

Sure enough, Yang Kai didn’t disappoint him. The moment his true body emerged from the river, he muttered, “Sacrifice me in exchange for a thousand years future achievements, come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Space-Time River behind him began to tremble, and the massive river suddenly shrank as Yang Kai’s shadow emerged.

Seeing this scene, Black Ink’s eyes narrowed, because this shadow’s aura was even stronger than Yang Kai’s true body.

This was almost impossible. It had to be known that the Shadow Cutting Technique was used with the current Space-Time’s self as the core, and the Shadow Cutting Technique was used to summon one’s past self. In other words, the Shadow Cutting Technique summoned would never be stronger than the original because the original self was always the strongest.

However, this Yang Kai was an exception.

In an instant, Black Ink saw through the truth of the matter and asked in surprise, “You can summon future shadow clones?”

Only the future Yang Kai would be stronger than the current Yang Kai!

While he was asking this question, his hands were not idle. After realizing that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Shadow Cutting Technique had surpassed Mu’s, he knew that he could not allow Yang Kai to continue.

As such, as he asked this question, he flashed towards Yang Kai’s main body.

Yang Kai stood calmly on the spot, summoning his Shadow to meet Black Ink’s attack. In the blink of an eye, the two were locked in a fierce battle.

Although this Shadow from the next thousand years was a bit stronger than its main body, its strength was limited and it was destined to not be Black Ink’s opponent, but it was not a problem to use it to buy time.

Yang Kai didn’t need much time!

“Come!” He shouted.

The second Shadow stepped out from the Space-Time River. It was Yang Kai from another thousand years in the time and space section.

When the Shadow appeared, the size of the Space-Time River shrank again, but the three Yang Kai’s auras were instantly linked together, forming the Three Directions Array!

The aura of this second Shadow was slightly stronger than the first…

Originally, under Black Ink’s fierce attack, the first Shadow had been forced to retreat, but when the Three Directions Array was formed, although the Shadow was still in a disadvantageous position, it was no longer as miserable as before.

“Again!” Yang Kai shouted, his Dragon Blood boiling as his face turned red.

The third figure emerged from the Space-Time River, turned to look at his main body, nodded lightly, and rushed towards the battlefield.

The Three Directions Arrays transformed into the Four Directions Array!

“Again!” Golden blood flowed from Yang Kai’s nostrils as the fourth Shadow appeared.

The Four Directions Array transformed into the Five Directions Array!

Almost without stopping, Shadows emerged from the Space-Time River one after another until eight of them appeared before Yang Kai stopped.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to continue, but every time he summoned the future Shadow, the size of the Space-Time River would decrease. With the eight Shadows, the Space-Time River would completely disappear.

This was the limit of his Shadow Cutting Technique!

At this moment, the main body was already bleeding from his seven orifices, obviously under great pressure.

The Shadows that appeared behind him were each stronger than the last, and by the time the sixth Shadow appeared, its aura had already reached the peak of the Ninth Order.

This was a realm Yang Kai’s true body had yet to reach.

The aura of the seventh and eighth Shadows was also at the peak of the Ninth Order, just a bit deeper.

Looking at the battlefield, Yang Kai saw Black Ink being besieged by the Shadows and forced to retreat. Although his face was covered in blood, he still smiled.

In fact, when the battle formation was transformed into the Six Directions Array, many of the Shadows were already evenly matched with Black Ink. After the Seven Directions, Eight Directions, and Nine directions Array, Black Ink became more flustered.

After all, it was Yang Kai who formed the battle formation, and it is the Yang Kai of the future time and space section!

This was something even Mu could not accomplish. Her Shadow Cutting Technique could only summon her past self because her Space-Time River was incomplete, but Yang Kai was different. His Space-Time River was complete, so the Shadow Cutting Technique could display even more terrifying power in his hands!


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 24, 2023

I've seen many times bleeding from his/her 7 orifices. I believe some authors doesn't know what it exactly means.

In a typical mammalian body such as the human body, the body orifices are: nostrils, eyes, mouth, ear canals, anus, urethra, vagina, orifices of nipples, orifices of sweat glands, navel.

If they said 7 facial orifices then ok count the eyes, nostrils and ear canals as 2 each=6 then 1 mouth=7.

But if counted as one each you can imagine YK, Su Yan and Rouxi when mentioned bleeding in their 7 orifices (whole body) Damn, you might think their hemorrhoids just burst and having the monthly sickness (for women and for men-probably a prostate cancer sign).


kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 19, 2023

Why do I feel something with great consequences will happen


Jun 18, 2023


Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Dec 23, 2022

I was expecting yang kai's river to be incomplete since black ink absorbed some? Guess that just didn't count for whatever reason lol

Replying to

What black Ink absorb was Mu space-time river Not YK, Remember YK was Integrating Mu Space-time river so his foundation was still there. Also Black INK in a sense was Damaging the space-time river not cutting it off, so it can be repair with time. we have seen YK space-time river been damage multiple time throughout the story once the foundation is still there it will be able to repair, Mu on the other hand wasn't a simple damage but her foundation was also cut off and lost.

You can look at it this way when someone small universe is corrupted they can cut off their small universe damaging their foundation even if they make it whole again they can't…

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