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The Azure Dragon Spear was given to him by A' Da when he was still in the Star Boundary. It had accompanied Yang Kai for thousands of years and had accompanied him through countless battles.

This artifact was refined from a Divine Dragon body as the main material, and its grade was so high that nothing in this world could compare to it.

However, such a long spear actually had a crack in the battle with Black Ink, so one could only imagine how fierce this battle was.

In other words, under Black Ink’s attack, the body of the Divine Dragon was unable to withstand it.

When the first crack appeared, the second, and the third soon followed. Soon, the spear was covered in cracks and was about to collapse.

Seeing this, a look of ridicule appeared in Black Ink’s eyes as his attacks became fiercer.

Yang Kai suppressed the reluctance in his heart and pushed the power of his Great Dao to its limit as he shot out his spear.

When the violent energy collided, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly froze, and the spear in his hand that had accompanied him for thousands of years shattered into countless fragments.

Black Ink was waiting for this opportunity. The moment the Azure Dragon Spear shattered, he rushed forward and threw a punch towards Yang Kai.

This was an attack that would determine life and death. In his expectations, Yang Kai had lost the advantage of his weapon, so he would have to temporarily avoid it. If that was the case, he would be able to press forward step by step and completely control the rhythm of the battle. At that time, Yang Kai would no longer have the power to reverse the situation.

However, to his surprise, facing this attack, after the Azure Dragon Spear shattered, Yang Kai did not retreat but instead advanced.

The Space-Time River that had been revolving around the spear seemed to have a mind of its own as it attached itself to his arm and punched out towards Black Ink’s attack.

The power of the Great Dao surged.

When the two forces collided, a visible halo spread out from the center of the battle.

Wherever this light passed, space would shatter and massive Void Cracks would appear…

The Ninth Order Human Race masters who had already rushed to the edge of the battlefield were all shocked as they tried to resist the shockwaves of the battle.

The Ninth Order masters who were not in their peak state were immediately thrown into disarray. Fortunately, the two Giant Spiritual Gods were in front of them and with A' Da and A' Er’s protection, there were no casualties.

When the shockwave dissipated, the Ninth Order masters all wore bitter expressions.

Originally, they had come here to help Yang Kai, but halfway through, the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces had stopped due to the pressure and were unable to continue forward.

At this moment, they discovered that even if they were Ninth Order, it was impossible for them to approach the battlefield. Under the aftershocks of such an attack, even Ninth Order Ninth Order powerhouse would be torn to pieces.

The only ones they could count on were the Giant Spiritual God A' Da and A' Er…

Mi Jinglun raised his eyes to look at the two giants and immediately discovered that they couldn’t be counted on.

In this arduous battle, all the survivors had consumed a great deal of energy, including A’ Da and A’ Er. Although they had managed to resist the aftershocks of the attacks just now, they had been constantly retreating.

Under such circumstances, how could they interfere in the battle? If they rushed over rashly, they would only be a burden to Yang Kai.

As such, Mi Jinglun sadly discovered that the only thing these powerhouse could do after coming here was to personally witness this unprecedented battle.

As the aftershocks dissipated, everyone looked over at the battlefield over A’ Da and A’ Er’s figures, and their hearts couldn’t help but tighten as they saw Yang Kai’s figure retreat, falling into a disadvantageous position.

In front of an ancient Supreme Master like Black Ink, Yang Kai’s foundation was still too shallow. Any slight flaw or negligence could be fatal.

“What are you thinking about? You piece of trash!” In the middle of the battle, Black Ink suddenly shouted, and after a fierce blow, Yang Kai was sent flying like an arrow.

The Space-Time River wrapped around his arm suddenly manifested and Yang Kai directly fell into it, neutralizing the impact.

Soon, he rushed out from the river, his face pale and blood dripping from his mouth.

Black Ink didn’t pursue him, simply staring at him coldly as he said, “My previous proposal is still valid. Give up resisting and hand over Mu’s things. In the future, there will still be a place for the Human Race in this world!”

Yang Kai tilted his head and spat out a mouthful of blood before grinning maliciously, “Kill me and you can do whatever you want to the Human Race!”

Black Ink gently closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his killing intent was revealed. Without saying anything, he suddenly disappeared from his original spot, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Yang Kai.

This wasn’t because of the profoundness of the Space Principle, but because his speed had reached the extreme.

Yang Kai didn’t seem surprised by this. With a simple grab, the Space-Time River behind him transformed into a whip.

The long river whip swept towards Black Ink. Black Ink frowned slightly, but instead of dodging, he punched out.

This punch hit Yang Kai in the head, causing his head to swing back. His skull seemed to have been smashed open and blood instantly filled his face.

However, the long river whip had already wrapped around Black Ink…

Standing so close to each other, Yang Kai, whose face was covered in blood, smiled towards Black Ink, “I finally caught you!”

It was as if he had been waiting for this moment all this time. As soon as he finished speaking, the long river whip in his hand shook and the Space-Time River appeared once more, swallowing up the two figures.

Before his figure disappeared, the many masters watching from afar heard Black Ink’s ridicule, “Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant you your wish!”

The Space-Time River in the void suddenly began to boil as the power of Great Dao surged. This was the result of Yang Kai and Black Ink’s battle in the Space-Time River.

Everyone was on edge.

The Space-Time River was the crystallization of Yang Kai’s Three Thousand Great Daos. Although Yang Kai had a great advantage in this battlefield, Black Ink’s cultivation was still a level higher than Yang Kai’s, and everyone had witnessed his previous battle. Under Black Ink’s powerful attacks, Yang Kai could only defend and barely fight back. This was the difference in strength.

Bringing such a powerful enemy into the Space-Time River was both an opportunity and a crisis. If Yang Kai couldn’t deal with Black Ink in the Space-Time River, he might not even be able to protect it.

The churning of the river became more violent as waves splashed up and shattered, the power of many Great Daos evolving.

Although everyone couldn’t see the battle at this moment, they could tell from the changes in the Space-Time River that Yang Kai’s situation was not good.

This situation continued for several days, and just as everyone was about to rush over to help, the raging river suddenly calmed down.

Everyone’s hearts rose to their throats as they stared at the Space-Time River.

They knew that the outcome of this battle had been decided.

Mi Jinglun immediately sent out a voice transmission, preparing to provide support.

Under everyone’s gaze, a figure suddenly rushed out from the river…

Not one, but two.

Black Ink grabbed Yang Kai’s head with one hand and lifted him up in front of him, while all the bones in Yang Kai’s body seemed to have shattered and were hanging limply.


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Well Dang! one last surprise?

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23 jun 2023

Hmmm, I wonder if YK's vision of the future will still end up coming true. He'll be inked and chase his friends/family. Or at least pretend to.

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