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The eight Holy Spirits broke through the various blockades of the Royal Lords and directly rushed towards Ruoxi. Ruoxi did not remain idle either, erupting with a powerful strength at this moment, tearing through the encirclement of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords and rushing to meet up with the Holy Spirits.

With the power of the Nine Directions Array, the crisis was instantly resolved.

When Ruoxi and the eight Holy Spirits gathered together, the situation had already changed.

The Human Race army escorting the Holy Spirits didn’t stop and instead continued forward like a torrent, drawing a large arc through the air before returning to their original battlefield. With the Small Stone Race’s army desperately supporting them, the two armies once again joined forces to fight the Black Ink Clan’s army.

The Pure Yang Pass had been completely destroyed, the Withdrawing Black Ink platform had also been destroyed, and even the Human Race’s battleships were few and far between. At the last moment of this war, the Human Race could no longer rely on external forces.

The only thing they had left was the wall forged from flesh and blood!

In the void, Zhang Ruoxi had already met up with the eight Holy Spirits. Holding the Heaven's Order Sword tightly in her hands, the various Royal Lords gathered around her.

She muttered softly, “Time is running out…”

The strength of the eight Holy Spirits was not comparable to her original personal guards, so forcefully setting up this battle array not only caused great damage to the bodies of the Holy Spirits, but also caused a great deal of damage to their consciousness.

If they couldn’t resolve this battle as soon as possible, the Holy Spirits would definitely explode and die. Even if they managed to survive, their Souls would also be destroyed.

She saw Yang Xiao and Su Yan among the eight Holy Spirits…

She knew that these two were Sir’s closest relatives, so she could not lose this battle!

Not to mention the Holy Spirits, even she herself couldn’t hold on for too long. Her Heaven's Order Bloodline was burning, and with the assistance of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, she was able to forcefully maintain the balance of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force in her body. However, once her bloodline was completely burned, that balance would be completely broken.

She raised her sword and rushed forward, the eight Holy Spirits behind her following her!

The sudden burst of power caught the Royal Lords by surprise, and one by one, the Royal Lords were killed by the sword. Ruoxi broke out of the encirclement, but instead of escaping, she turned around and led the Holy Spirits back.

With Ruoxi as the eye of the formation and the eight Holy Spirits as the foundation, the Nine Directionss Array was like an unstoppable sword, shuttling back and forth across the battlefield. Every time it passed, a large number of Royal Lords would die.

Ten, twenty, thirty, fifty…

Ruoxi’s eyes were blurry and she could no longer clearly see what was happening in front of her. The Great Yang and Great Yin Force in her body were showing signs of being unbalanced, but she could not stop and could only continue attacking and swinging her sword.

The eight Holy Spirits following closely behind her were all covered in blood. The Nine Directions Array was constantly putting them under great pressure.

However, because all of the Holy Spirits had given up their control over their own bodies and regarded themselves as a part of the battle formation, no matter how serious their injuries were, they were unable to detect them.

The bones in Yang Xiao’s arms were broken, Su Yan’s organs were in tatters, her seven orifices were bleeding, and she looked miserable…

After fighting for an unknown amount of time, Zhang Ruoxi suddenly felt that the battle formation was loose and was showing signs of collapsing.

She quickly adjusted the formation!

The Nine Directions Array transformed into the Eight Directions Array, and one of the Holy Spirits who was following behind her to kill the enemy couldn’t bear the pressure of this battle formation and exploded, leaving nothing behind.

Ruoxi’s heart ached and she didn’t even dare to check who the fallen Holy Spirit was.

She could only continue her unfinished business and kill the enemy with her sword.

Until a certain moment, Ruoxi could no longer feel the aura of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord beside her. Her blurry eyes scanned her surroundings and saw that the many Black Ink Clan masters who had surrounded her had disappeared.

Nearly two hundred Royal Lords had been wiped out!

At this moment, Ruoxi almost burst into tears. Her entire body was covered in wounds and her blood had dyed her blood red.

When she was fighting with the personal guards of the Small Stone Race, she didn’t have much to worry about. The Small Stone Race itself had the strength of a Ninth Order, and their powerful physiques were enough to withstand the pressure of the battle formation.

However, there were too many things she needed to worry about in order to form a battle formation with the Holy Spirits. Sometimes, the attacks of the Royal Lords couldn’t be avoided, so she had to forcefully endure them, otherwise, the Holy Spirits would suffer damage.

After this battle, the number of times she had been attacked far exceeded before.

Only now did she have time to investigate the situation of the Holy Spirits.

Of the eight Holy Spirits who had broken through the encirclement to assist her, only three remained behind her!

Even the auras of these three were fluctuating wildly, as if they could fall at any moment.

Although her heart ached, Zhang Ruoxi felt relieved that Yang Xiao and Su Yan were still alive…

The Dragon and Phoenix Clan were truly worthy of being the leaders of the Holy Spirits, and whether it was Yang Xiao or Su Yan, both of them had been immersed in their own limits for far too long.

“Two Seniors, quickly disperse the battle formation!” Zhang Ruoxi urged.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan simultaneously released their control over their Source strength, and in the next instant, the three Holy Spirits with hollow eyes regained consciousness.

Three muffled groans sounded at the same time. When their consciousness was still, they couldn’t feel their injuries, but now that they had regained their consciousness, a boundless pain enveloped them.

The bones in Yang Xiao’s body crackled as he unhesitatingly revealed his true form.

Transforming into a Dragon Body would allow him to have greater endurance. The same kind of injury might be fatal to a Human’s body, but to a Dragon Body, it might only be a serious injury.

The nine thousand zhang long dragon body was covered in blood and was in tatters, and its aura was also unstable.

The other Holy Spirit also revealed its true form, a Pi Xiu that had lived since ancient times.

Neither of them had any major problems. Although they had suffered heavy injuries, their lives were not in danger.

Zhang Ruoxi turned to look at Su Yan, and in the next moment, her eyes filled with terror.

Su Yan’s physical body was on the verge of collapse. Like Yang Kai, she was also a Human Race, and only after obtaining the Holy Spirit Source could she transform into a Holy Spirit.

Over the years, although she had entered the Phoenix Nest several times to cultivate and completely refined the Phoenix Empress’ Source, making her a pure Phoenix Clan, her foundation was always a bit worse than the orthodox Phoenix Clan.

Yang Xiao and the Pi Xiu managed to survive, but Su Yan was unable to.

Yang Xiao also noticed this and couldn’t help letting out a sorrowful groan.

Su Yan, who was covered in wounds, looked down at her hands which were beginning to fall apart, a trace of nostalgia flashing across her eyes as she raised her head to look at Zhang Ruoxi, who had tears streaming down her face, and smiled, “There’s no need to blame yourself, the Phoenix Clan has the Phoenix Fire, so they may have a chance to revive from the dead… But if I fail, tell him that the happiest thing in my life is meeting him!”

Zhang Ruoxi nodded vigorously, tears streaming down her face.

The Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Fire were known as Nirvana Flames. Zhang Ruoxi naturally knew about this, but the Nirvana Flames were not always successful. It was only a chance.

If they could succeed every time, then the Phoenix Clan would be immortal.

If the Nirvana failed, the Phoenix Clan’s Source would return to the Phoenix Nest and give birth to a new Phoenix Clan.


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Movies TechQ
Movies TechQ
Dec 01, 2023

If all other Holy Spirits died, does it mean Huang Si and Ji Old Three also died... Sad


Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 23, 2023

Wait up, before ZRX and GSGs got surrounded by 200 and 100 RLs respectively they killed many RL before as well. And before that, ZRX was inside the main battle field for more than a month waiting and fighting. So how the hell did the humans able to survive against these 200 RL's (not to mention ZRX killed like 50+ again when she came from YK side)? Even though there were more stone guys but they are mindless and these RLs could easily avoid em and make a 5:1 RL:9th order match.


Well... Logically is Zhang Ruo Xi who is a Match for YK and his 1st wife isn't then I think the Nirvana flame will work, she need to at lease be 9th order to stand shoulder to shoulder with YK but Damn! My heart Jumped before he mentioned Nirvana Flames.


Jun 23, 2023

I hope Su Yan has enough plot armor to come back!

Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 23, 2023
Replying to

Of course she got plot armor as well. She's YK's best girl. If nirvana fails when YK reaches WC realm (not water closet), he will surely resurrect her. And I just wonder as well how many of the wives survived?


Apr 18, 2023


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