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When they set out on expedition from the No-Return Pass, the Human Race’s army was now three or four million strong!

However, at this moment, this number had shrunk by more than half, and this was only after the Small Stone Race army had withstood most of the pressure.

If it weren’t for the Small Stone Race army, the Human Race would have already been defeated.

Countless figures disappeared into the vast battlefield, and the corpses and flesh of the Black Ink Clan that filled the sky was a manifestation of their achievements.

Zhang Ruoxi had gone deep into the void and fought with Black Ink. During that time, the Human Race’s army had been in the most difficult situation. Countless Black Ink Clan masters had surrounded and intercepted the Human Race’s army, causing a large number of soldiers to die. Even Ninth Order masters had fallen.

This made the situation for the Human Race even worse.

However, when Zhang Ruoxi returned and joined forces with the Small Stone Race’s personal guards, the pressure the Human Race army faced became less.

Because she had killed too many Black Ink Clan masters!

In such a chaotic battlefield, any carelessness would be fatal. Most of the Human Race on Ruoxi’s side hadn’t noticed, but how could Mi Jinglun, who had been observing the entire situation, not notice?

The Black Ink Clan masters shifted the focus of the battle to Zhang Ruoxi. He could only watch helplessly as the Small Stone Race personal guards around Zhang Ruoxi were destroyed one by one, her situation becoming more dangerous, his heart burning with anxiety.

Judging from the current situation, Zhang Ruoxi was undoubtedly one of the key points of this war. If she lost and died, the Human Race would have no hope of victory.

So no matter what, he had to protect Zhang Ruoxi!

But what kind of ability did the Human Race have to help her? Mi Jinglun racked his brains but couldn’t come up with a good plan. Without a suitable strategy, rashly leading the Human Race army into battle would not only not help her, but would also put the Human Race army in danger.

At this moment, the Human Race’s great army and the Small Stone Race’s great army had joined forces, allowing them to borrow the strength of the Small Stone Race’s great army to share some of the pressure, but once they broke free from the Small Stone Race’s front line, the pressure the Human Race’s great army would face would be difficult to estimate.

At this critical moment, Yang Xiao, covered in blood, rushed over to Mi Jinglun and said a few words that made him make up his mind.

Under his command, the Human Race’s army instantly condensed into a sharp force and rushed out of the Black Ink Clan’s encirclement like a torrent towards Zhang Ruoxi.

At this time, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters had been killed by Ruoxi, and the remaining masters had more than a hundred Royal Lords working together to restrain A’ Da and A’ Er, while nearly two hundred had gathered around Ruoxi, so the pressure on the Human Race’s side wasn’t too great.

It could even be said that the Black Ink Clan no longer regarded the Human Race army as an opponent. As long as their Royal Lords could deal with Zhang Ruoxi and then turn back to deal with the Human Race, the Human Race would have no way to resist.

This allowed the army to successfully break out of the encirclement.

The strange movements of the Human Race army attracted the attention of many Black Ink Clan masters. Although they didn’t know what the Human Race was up to, after sacrificing so many of their masters and finally forcing Zhang Ruoxi into a desperate situation, how could they allow external forces to interfere?

As such, dozens of Royal Lords immediately changed directions and rushed towards the Human Race army.

Not only that, but the Human Race army also had a large number of Black Ink Clan masters chasing after them. In this situation, if the Human Race couldn’t break through the blockade of the Royal Lords as soon as possible, they would definitely be caught in a pincer attack. With the Human Race’s current state, they were doomed.

When the Royal Lords took action, Ruoxi also moved. She wanted to kill her way out of the encirclement and join up with the Human Race’s army, but one by one, the Black Ink Clan masters rushed towards her without any fear of death, blocking her path. Even if they were to be killed, they would not hesitate to pin her down.

Ruoxi was simply too exhausted. After exiting the Chaotic Dead Territory, she had rushed all the way to this battlefield. First, she had fought a great battle with the Black Ink Clan’s masters, then she had exhausted her strength to open up the Void Corridor that connected to the Chaotic Dead Territory. After that, she had gone deep into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction’s gap to kill for a while, and then she had fought with Black Ink…

It could be said that from the moment she stepped onto this battlefield, she had not had any time to rest. One battle after another continued.

At this moment, the strength she could display was less than seventy percent of her peak strength.

The most obvious change was that she had previously been able to kill a Royal Lord with a single sword strike, but now it was difficult to accomplish this.

Now that she was surrounded by so many Black Ink Clan masters, how could it be easy to join up with the Human Race’s army?

At this moment, a figure suddenly soared into the sky, raised both hands, clenched the fists, and roared, “Seal up!”

The two marks on this tightly clenched fists flashed brilliantly!

Following this figure, seven more figures shot up into the sky, each of them carrying a mysterious mark on their hands.

These were the marks left behind by the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer. Many years ago, Yang Kai had brought them out from the Chaotic Dead Territory and given them to ten Holy Spirits.

These Holy Spirits had been scattered throughout the various battlefields in the past, and with the Sun and Moon Marks they controlled, they were able to use the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals to transform them into a purifying light, providing the Human Race’s army with support.

It was because of this method that the threat of Ink Force to the Human Race had been greatly reduced, otherwise, the Expelling Black Ink Pill alone would not have been enough.

Previously, these Holy Spirits had also been using the power of the Sun and Moon Marks because too many Small Stone Race members had died on the battlefield, so they could easily use a large area of purifying light. This way, not only could they purify the environment of the battlefield, but they could also cause great damage to the Black Ink Clan, killing two birds with one stone.

At this moment, as the Human Race army rushed towards Zhang Ruoxi, these Holy Spirits with the Sun and Moon Marks, under Yang Xiao’s leadership, summoned the marks on their hands.

From afar, Zhang Ruoxi, who had been surrounded and seiged by many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, saw this scene and immediately reacted, a smile appearing on her tired little face. She could feel the strength of her clansmen and knew that she was not fighting alone!

But she had never done such a thing before, so she didn’t know if it would work!

“Two Seniors, please lend me a hand!” Zhang Ruoxi closed her eyes and gripped her Heaven's Order Sword tightly as she whispered.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan sighed at the same time, but neither of them refused.

In the next instant, the wings on Ruoxi’s back began to glow with two different colors. The moment she opened her eyes, her pupils also became yellow and blue, a very strange sight!

At the same time, with Yang Xiao as the leader, the Holy Spirits with the two marks on their hands suddenly transformed into two different colored lights that enveloped their bodies.

There is a strong consciousness eroding them. Under normal circumstances, the Holy Spirits would naturally not allow this powerful consciousnesses to invade their bodies, but at this moment, they had all given up on resisting and allowed this consciousnesses to invade their bodies.

It was the consciousness of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

The eyes of the Holy Spirits became empty, as if they had lost themselves…

“Battle formation, activate!” Zhang Ruoxi shouted, and in an instant, with her as the source, a series of Qi threads linked together.

Her aura, which had already begun to weaken, suddenly rose and shattered the void.

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lords all paled!

“Success!” Seeing this scene, Mi Jinglun felt relieved.

This was Yang Xiao’s suggestion…

With the eight Small Stone Race personal guards destroyed, Ruoxi’s side would no longer be able to form a battle formation. In her current state, it was destined that she would not be able to escape the encirclement of so many Black Ink Clan masters. Sooner or later, she would end up in a tragic state. Once Ruoxi died, the Black Ink Clan masters would be able to free themselves to deal with the Human Race, and the Human Race would undoubtedly lose.

However, with the current strength of the Human Race, wanting to help Ruoxi was just wishful thinking, unless someone could form a Nine Directions Array with her!

The Human Race had more than enough Ninth Order masters to form a battle formation, but how could the Nine Directions Array be so easily formed? Even if they sent out eight Ninth Order masters who fully trust Zhang Ruoxi, the Nine Directions Array would not be able to form.

This was not a matter of trust at all.

Therefore, Yang Xiao suggested that these Holy Spirits who possessed the Sun and Moon Marks try it out, perhaps they would be pleasantly surprised.

The Sun and Moon Marks was a trace of Source Energy that had been separated from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. Ruoxi use her own bloodline to harmonize with the Great Yang and Great Yin Force, and their body has the Source Energy of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

To Ruoxi, the Holy Spirit led by Yang Xiao was no different from the broken Small Stone Race personal guard.

It was best to give it a try. If it could succeed, it would naturally be a happy ending, but if it couldn’t, there was nothing they could do about it. After all, they needed to give it a try to know the results.

As such, Mi Jinglun ordered the Human Race’s army to break through the encirclement and escape from the Small Stone Race army front line.

This was his final gamble. If this method was lost, not only would he not be able to save Zhang Ruoxi, but the destruction of the Human Race army would also be imminent.

Fortunately, the plan was successful. When the Nine Directions Array enveloped the entire void, Mi Jinglun smiled sincerely.

Dozens of Royal Lords were already on their way to intercept them, but before they could arrive, powerful Secret Techniques were already flying towards them.

At this moment, the Human Race's army defensive formation is basically broken, and in the face of such an attack, only the Ninth Order masters could resist.

Just as the Ninth Order masters were exchanging blows with the Royal Lords, Yang Xiao and the other Holy Spirits with hollow eyes rushed out.

Each and every Holy Spirit was wrapped in a yellow and blue light, their auras so strong that even the void trembled.

Yang Xiao rushed up to one of the Royal Lords and punched out under his dumbfounded gaze.

Half of the Royal Lord’s body was instantly pulverized, but he didn’t stop, his face expressionless as he rushed towards the second Royal Lord.

With Yang Xiao’s Holy Spirit Body, which was equivalent to a peak Eighth Order master, he was able to kill a Royal Lord with a single blow. This was obviously the result of the battle formation, not his original strength.

However, this strike had also cost him a great deal. The arm he had used to deliver this punch was now covered in blood and flesh…

Most of the other Holy Spirits’ performance was the same. The Royal Lords who stood in front of them had no chance of winning and were all killed.

The remaining Royal Lords all jumped in fright and quickly made way.

Fortunately, Yang Xiao and the others all possessed Holy Spirit Body, each of them possessing extremely powerful physiques. If it was an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator assisting Zhang Ruoxi in setting up the battle formation, it was likely they would not be able to withstand the pressure while killing their enemies.


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