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Swinging her sword, swinging her sword again and again.

Every sword strike was a great harvest. Since Zhang Ruoxi’s return, in just two days, more than three hundred Royal Lords had died at her hands!

This was a terrifying number, after all, the Human Race only had a few dozen Ninth Order masters, so the gap between them was several times greater.

However, the million years of accumulation inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was no small matter. Even after killing so many Royal Lords, Ruoxi and the two Giant Spiritual Gods still had more Royal Lords surrounding them.

She could only continue to kill her enemies, her sword movements becoming an instinctive reaction.

The Black Ink Clan had shifted the focus of the battle to Ruoxi’s side, thus resolving the crisis the Human Race army was facing. Right now, although the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces were still under some pressure, at least they could continue to persevere, unlike before, when their losses were exposed, no one could see any hope of victory.

The black cloud condensed from the dissipating Ink Force was extremely dense, and even a Ninth Order Human Race master would feel their heart palpitate at the sight of this black cloud. Apart from Ruoxi and the two Giant Spiritual Gods, no one could easily enter this place to fight the Black Ink Clan.

The pure white wings began to glow with a faint yellow and blue light, as if this was a sign.

At a certain moment, a Royal Lord charged towards a Ninth Order Small Stone Race member, condensing all of his strength into a fist and smashing it towards the personal guard.

The Small Stone Race personal guard staggered for a moment before his violent counterattack instantly killed this Royal Lord.

Although the Small Stone Race personal guards were only at the Ninth Order, with the eight personal guards and Ruoxi forming the Nine Directions Array, they could borrow the force of the battle formation at any time, so the strength they could display could not be judged by their cultivation.

It could be said that Ruoxi and her eight personal guards had become one, and any one of them was capable of overlapping all of their strength. Although the Royal Lord was powerful, he was unable to withstand such an attack.

Over the past two days, the number of Royal Lords who had died under the hands of the Small Stone Race personal guards was not small.

The Small Stone Race personal guard who had killed the Royal Lord was about to take action again, but when he raised his fist and punched out, the fist suddenly shattered, followed by an arm that spread to his body…

In the blink of an eye, a powerful Small Stone Race personal guard was reduced to a pile of rubble.

The nearby Royal Lords and Territory Lords who were attacking it were all stunned.

When Ruoxi returned, the bodies of the Small Stone Race’s personal guards were covered in cracks, so the Black Ink Clan masters naturally noticed this.

They had thought that these Small Stone Race cultivators wouldn’t be able to last long, so while attacking Zhang Ruoxi, they were also attacking these personal guards.

However, after paying a heavy price, they realized that the Small Stone Race, which seemed to be on the verge of collapsing at any moment, could still display a power that could make them despair.

Until now!

One of the Small Stone Race personal guards finally couldn’t bear the pressure of a long battle and was crushed.

When the Small Stone Race personal guard shattered, the yellow and blue light on Ruoxi’s wings grew noticeably stronger.

However, she seemed to have already anticipated this moment, so in an instant, she transformed the battle formation into the Eight Directions Array!

An even fiercer attack came, and after a Small Stone Race personal guard was destroyed, the Black Ink Clan saw hope of defeating Zhang Ruoxi, so their attacks became even more ruthless.

Half a day later, the second Small Stone Race personal guard shattered and the Eight Directions Array was converted into the Seven Directions Array.

Half a day later, the third Small Stone Race personal guard was crushed…

When Ruoxi had led her personal guards to fight against Black Ink, the Small Stone Race personal guards had suffered irreparable damage. If there was time, Ruoxi would naturally be able to allow her personal guards to repair the damage, but in this battle, they didn’t even have time to breathe, so how could she allow them to repair the damage?

The reason why she was able to persist until now was mainly because the intensity of the battle Ruoxi was currently facing was far inferior to facing Black Ink alone.

Even so, the personal guards had reached their limit.

One by one, the personal guards were destroyed, which meant that their battle formation was gradually weakening. With each layer weakened, the power they could display would be greatly reduced.

At the same time, the yellow and blue light on Ruoxi’s wings became extremely obvious.

When the sixth Small Stone Race personal guard was destroyed and Ruoxi forcefully turned the battle formation into the most basic Three Directions Array, the Black Ink Clan finally saw the light of victory over this woman.

A voice suddenly rang out in Ruoxi’s mind, “Little girl, you can’t continue, otherwise your bloodline will find it difficult to maintain the balance of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force. At that time, you will definitely die!”

In the Chaotic Dead Territory, Ruoxi had spent two thousand years using her own bloodline to harmonize with the power of Great Yang and Great Yin Force, allowing her to grow from an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to a powerful existence capable of fighting against Black Ink.

But in the end, without the support of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force, she was only a peak Ninth Order master.

Previously, the Great Yang and Great Yin Force was able to maintain a balance with the help of her bloodline, so Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were both asleep inside her body. However, as Ruoxi continued to fight and the personal guards were destroyed, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan also began to awaken.

This was not a good thing for Ruoxi as it meant that her bloodline was unable to maintain the balance of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force. Just as Big Brother Huang had said, once this happened, the imbalanced power of the Great Yang and Great Yin Force was not something a peak Ninth Order master like Zhang Ruoxi could withstand.

The only result was death!

Ruoxi didn’t say anything and continued to fight the enemy with the two personal guards.

At this moment, the number of Black Ink Clan masters gathered around her had greatly decreased, far less than before. This was the result of Ruoxi desperately killing her enemies.

No matter how many masters there were, there would always be a time when they were wiped out.

At this juncture, the Black Ink Clan’s masters were no longer as desperate as before. They continued to wander around Ruoxi’s side, trying to preserve their own lives while also draining her energy.

The Black Ink Clan’s masters were waiting for the remaining two personal guards to be destroyed. Once Zhang Ruoxi lost her support, the threat to the Black Ink Clan would be greatly reduced.

Realizing this, Big Brother Huang let out a long sigh and didn’t say anything more. He also knew that Ruoxi wouldn’t give up at this time. This was related to the survival of the Human Race, any retreat would lead to eternal damnation.

At this moment, all he could do was try his best to coordinate with Big Sister Lan to stabilize the Great Yang and Great Yin Force in Ruoxi's body as much as possible so that they wouldn’t lose balance.

What they could do was limited…

The situation was developing in the direction the Black Ink Clan’s masters hoped. When the seventh Small Stone Race personal guard was destroyed, Ruoxi and the last personal guard would no longer be able to form a battle formation!

The prepared Black Ink Clan masters swarmed forward and tore apart the last personal guard.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Ruoxi had fallen into a dire situation where she had to fight alone while A’ Da and A’ Er were entangled by numerous Black Ink Clan masters and were unable to escape. Death was slowly approaching her.

Just as Zhang Ruoxi was at her weakest, a powerful current suddenly tore through the heavy blockade of the Black Ink Clan army and rapidly approached her battlefield.

It was the Human Race army that had been fighting for a long time!


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