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In an instant, the two figures were locked in a fierce battle.

Yang Kai took action, each strike bursting with the power of the Great Dao. He had to release all the power he had accumulated, otherwise he would risk exploding.

This fierce attack caused Black Ink to focus his attention on dealing with it. The rich Ink Force churned as it continuously destroyed the Great Dao.

In the midst of the battle, Yang Kai still didn’t stop devouring the Space-Time River. Behind him, a huge vortex appeared and the river water poured into it before disappearing into his body.

As the Great Dao entered his body, the strength he could display became stronger, causing his attacks to become more violent.

After a dozen or so exchanges, Yang Kai had taken a hit from Black Ink and was sent flying into the river behind him.

But soon, he rushed out from the river and pounced towards Black Ink again.

Although he had suffered a setback, not only was he not discouraged, he was even filled with fighting spirit.

In the previous two confrontations, Yang Kai had been struck into the river by Black Ink in a single exchange. In front of Black Ink, Yang Kai, a peak Ninth Order master, had almost no strength to resist.

However, at this moment, he was able to confront Black Ink.

This was the result of the Great Dao entering his body, and also the reason why he could control more of the power of the river.

Yang Kai firmly believed that as long as he could control the power of the river, he would be able to compete with Black Ink!

Again and again, he was beaten back.

The size of the Space-Time River was shrinking, but Yang Kai’s aura was becoming stronger.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s ability to fight against Black Ink also increased, from the initial ten or so exchanges to twenty, thirty, and finally a hundred.

Black Ink seemed to be truly enraged, his attacks incredibly fierce and filled with murderous intent.

Although Yang Kai had used the Profound Gate to seal more than thirty percent of his Source, causing his strength to greatly decrease, and after his battle with Zhang Ruoxi, his strength had once again been weakened, he had used a great deal of the river’s power to compensate for his losses during the battle with Zhang Ruoxi.

It could be said that the current Black Ink was even stronger than when he had just awoken.

In such a short period of time, Yang Kai was no longer a match for his opponent and was barely able to hold his own against him. Wanting to completely eliminate Black Ink was impossible.

Not enough! Far from enough!

Even if he could control all of the remaining river force, he shouldn’t be able to kill Black Ink.

If Black Ink didn’t die, then the calamity of this world would never end.

Using the Profound Gate to seal him was undoubtedly a good idea. The long journey had proven that the Profound Gate had the ability to seal him, but if such a powerful existence couldn’t defeat him, how could they seal him?

In order to resolve all of this, it seemed that the only way was to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Stage and advance to a higher level of the Martial Dao.

However, this was also impossible for Yang Kai.

How many years had it been since he had broken through to the Ninth Order? Although he had been able to rapidly grow with the help of the two Open Heaven Stage Cradles and the power of his own Space-Time River, this growth was only limited to the Ninth Order, so it was far from enough to see the realm above Open Heaven Stage.

From ancient times until now, countless heroes had been shackled by the Open Heaven Method, making it difficult for them to break through. Only Mu had managed to grasp the mysteries of a higher realm.

However, her Space-Time River was ultimately incomplete, making it impossible for her to cross that threshold and enter that magical realm.

What Mu and the Human Race’s countless ancestors had failed to accomplish, even if Yang Kai had obtained Mu’s gift, it would be difficult to accomplish in such a short time.

He didn’t even have the slightest understanding of the next realm.

If he wanted to break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method, at the very least, he needed to familiarize himself with his current strength, and it would take a long time before he could do so.

Since he couldn’t break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Method, he could only think of other methods.

In this battle, Yang Kai didn’t dare to be distracted, especially when facing an opponent like Black Ink, who was constantly throwing out fatal attacks.

Again and again, Yang Kai was sent flying back into the river. Although he looked like he was in a sorry state, his condition was slowly improving.

The size of the Space-Time River behind him had been reduced to about thirty percent. Once Yang Kai could transform all of the river’s power into his Great Dao, the strength he could display would definitely be far greater than before.

As the battle raged on, so did the distant Void Battlefield.

There were simply too many Black Ink Clan armies, and the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces had already been defeated. If there were no external forces to intervene, it wouldn’t be long before the allied forces were annihilated. At that time, even Ninth Order masters might not be able to escape, and only the two Giant Spiritual Gods would be able to escape safely.

This was an unacceptable outcome for the Human Race.

While the battle was still raging, a dazzling light flashed from the depths of the void.

This familiar scene greatly boosted the morale of the Human Race army because they realized who had arrived.

After receiving Yang Kai’s instructions, Zhang Ruoxi rushed over to the battlefield. The moment she arrived, she transformed into a streak of light and flew back and forth several times.

The stream of light was like a sharp blade as it cut down a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators, tearing apart their originally tight formation.

With this, the pressure the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces had to bear was greatly reduced.

Immediately after, Ruoxi flew towards A' Da and A' Er.

These two Giant Spiritual Gods were invaluable assistance to the Human Race. Whether it was in terms of conquering the No-Return Pass, the Expedition's battle, or the battlefield here, these two Giant Spiritual Gods played an indispensable role.

At this moment, A’ Da and A’ Er had once again fallen into a difficult situation. They had been besieged by many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords and were unable to provide any effective support to the Human Race.

As such, after Zhang Ruoxi relieved the pressure on the Small Stone Race and the Human Race, she immediately chose to rescue them.

As long as these two Giant Spiritual Gods weren’t hindered, they would be able to attract the attention of a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, and the Black Ink Clan would need to invest even more Royal Lords to restrict their movements.

When Ruoxi had been alone before, she have killed all of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, not to mention that she had already formed a Nine Directions Array with the eight personal guards now.

In the blink of an eye, the stream of light arrived beside A' Er, and the eight Small Stone Race cultivators spread out to seal the surrounding space.

Many of the Royal Lords who were attacking A’ Er paled.

They had all deeply experienced just how terrifying this winged woman was. When the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had not been broken, this woman had slaughtered her way into the Great Restriction alone and wiped out all of the Black Ink Clan’s masters who had remained inside.

That time, when she had attacked, the Black Ink Clan’s masters had not dared to act rashly.

Many Royal Lords had witnessed Zhang Ruoxi’s strength from the depths of the darkness, and it was precisely because they were wary of this woman’s strength that the Black Ink Clan army did not rush out immediately after the Great Restriction was broken.

It wasn’t until this woman rushed into the depths of the void that the Black Ink Clan army had the courage to emerge from the darkness.

No one had expected her to return at such a critical moment.

Mi Jinglun could see the outcome of the battle, and so could the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. At this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s army had the upper hand. As long as they continued to maintain this situation, sooner or later they would be able to completely wipe out the alliance between the Human Race and Small Stone Race. At that time, this world would become the world of the Black Ink Clan, and there would no longer be any Human Race left.

Now that they were only one step away from completing the Supreme Master's wish, how could the Royal Lords back down?

As such, even though Zhang Ruoxi had formed a Nine Directions Array with the Small Stone Race personal guards, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters still rushed towards them without fear of death, trying to restrain them.

This time, the pressure the Human Race and Small Stone Race allied forces had to face was greatly reduced.

When the Heaven's Order Sword’s sword light began to dance, Ruoxi’s battlefield became a forbidden zone for life. Whether it was the Territory Lord or the Royal Lord, none of them could withstand a single blow from her. Every flash of sword light signified the death of one or even several of the Black Ink Clan masters.

The dignity and glory of a powerhouse had been thoroughly trampled here. When the disparity in strength was large enough, killing became a simple matter.

In a short period of time, more than twenty Royal Lords had fallen, and A' Er, who had been struggling to free himself from the Royal Lords’ entanglement, finally had the ability to break free. With a loud roar, he attacked the nearby Royal Lords.

However, before he could truly display his might, even more Black Ink Clan masters rushed forward.

The Black Ink Clan also saw that the Human Race and Small Stone Race’s allied forces were no longer a threat. As long as they used their advantage in numbers to restrain the allied forces, it would be fine.

Right now, the only ones who could pose a threat to the Black Ink Clan were Zhang Ruoxi and the two Giant Spiritual Gods.

So no matter what, they had to stop them.

Even if they had to use the lives of the Royal Lords!

One after another, the Royal Lords, Territory Lords, and powerful Black Ink Clan masters fell like straws in this battlefield.

The ink blood and the dissipating Ink Force dyed the void even darker, as if it wanted to swallow everything.

The Heaven's Order Sword’s sword light constantly flashed.

Zhang Ruoxi’s original plan had been disrupted.

She had originally wanted to rescue A' Er first, then join forces with him to rescue A' Da, and then join forcec to charge into the main battlefield. Although the Black Ink Clan’s forces were massive, it was impossible for them to stop the three of them from killing.

As long as they were given enough time and space, with their strength, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill all of the Black Ink Clan.

However, the Black Ink Clan’s response was extremely fast, causing Zhang Ruoxi to be firmly restrained here. Even A' Er, who had just been rescued by her, was once again surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, unable to do anything.

In such a situation, Zhang Ruoxi didn’t even have the ability to do things as she wish.

If the Black Ink Clan’s masters wanted to stop her, they would have to pay a huge price.

Compared to the original plan, the current situation was more advantageous to the Human Race’s army because the more Black Ink Clan masters she could restrain, the less pressure the Human Race army would have to endure.

It could even be said that if she could kill enough of the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords here, she would be able to help the allied forces obtain the final victory.

As such, not only did the Black Ink Clan’s response not anger Zhang Ruoxi, it actually hit the mark.

One Royal Lord after another rushed forward, transforming into dead souls under the Heaven's Order Sword, but none of the Black Ink Clan masters showed the slightest intention of retreating.

Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, this was the final battle, and there was no room for retreat.

In this battle, the victor was king while the loser was vilified!


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