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The Sacred Objects of the various races were being used one after another to assist the Human Race’s army in killing their enemies. There were also two Giant Spiritual Gods and eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters rampaging through the battlefield, as well as hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race soldiers. The number of Black Ink Clan masters who had fallen on the battlefield was many times more than the combined forces of the Small Stone Race and the Human Race.

At a certain moment, many Human Race masters even saw hope of victory.

But this hope was quickly dashed.

The eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters who were in the midst of setting up a battle formation to kill their enemies seemed to have received some kind of summons. Their auras linked together as they fought their way through the Black Ink Clan’s army and soon disappeared into the endless darkness.

No one knew where they had gone.

However, Zhang Ruoxi had gone in that direction before, and at this moment, there were still some terrifying aftershocks coming from that direction.

In the tattered Pure Yang Pass, Mi Jinglun’s heart sank as he realized that Zhang Ruoxi had encountered some kind of trouble.

And from the strength Zhang Ruoxi had displayed before, the only person in this world who could cause her trouble was probably Black Ink’s main body!

The destruction of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and the awakening of Black Ink’s true body had brought this battle to a critical juncture.

The departure of the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters greatly reduced the pressure the Black Ink Clan masters had to face.

Previously, these Small Stone Race personal guards had charged into the Black Ink Clan’s army and killed many of the Black Ink Clan masters above the Territory Lord-level, causing many of their Royal Lords to suffer.

At this moment, the Ninth Order Small Stone Race had left the battlefield. Although there were still two Giant Spiritual Gods, in comparison, the efficiency of A’ Da and A’ Er killing the Black Ink Clan’s masters was far inferior to the Eighth Order Small Stone Race.

In the end, it was because of their physique.

In terms of individual strength, a Ninth Order Small Stone Race was naturally inferior to a Giant Spiritual God, but a Ninth Order Small Stone Race’s physique was no different from an ordinary person’s, and their movements were flexible. Once they were targeted, even a Royal Lord would find it difficult to escape.

However, the Giant Spiritual God was different. The two of them were simply too large, and although their attacks were incomparable, they were not nimble enough.

Every time the Giant Spiritual God attacked, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters would die, but if some of them were quick enough, they could still escape.

As a result, after the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race had left, the Royal Lords on the battlefield had become less constrained and were able to do more things, such as besieging the Human Race army!

The Black Ink Clan had finally discovered that although this war was mainly led by the Small Stone Race, the root of it was still the Human Race. Compared to the hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race, it was naturally easier to kill millions of Human Race.

As long as they could kill off the entire Human Race, no matter how many losses they suffered, it would be a complete victory.

Being targeted by so many masters from the Black Ink Clan, the pressure on the Human Race army was like a mountain.

In the depths of the void, the battle between Zhang Ruoxi and Black Ink was raging like a raging fire. After the world had just opened, after countless years, light and darkness had collided, causing a large portion of the void to collapse.

Black Ink seemed to have completely lost his rationality, and the anger he had accumulated over the course of countless years was now pouring out, suppressing Zhang Ruoxi to the point where she could barely fight back.

Looking from afar, in the midst of the battle between light and darkness, the boundless darkness had completely enveloped the light, leaving only a faint light flickering in the center.

In the darkness, there were countless shadows baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, and the weak light seemingly about to be extinguished at any moment.

Even though more than thirty percent of his Source had been sealed, the strength that Black Ink had displayed at this moment was beyond Zhang Ruoxi’s imagination.

She had previously estimated that she would be able to last for an incense stick’s worth of time, but after exchanging blows, she realized that she had underestimated this opponent.

The power of the World’s First Light had long since dispersed, and many of them had been destroyed along with the Holy Spirit’s destruction. Now, only the power of the Great Yang and Great Yin, which had been harmonized by the Heaven's Order Bloodline, was left. In terms of damage, it was far worse than Black Ink.

On the other hand, Black Ink became fiercer as he fought, the rich Ink Force rolling about like a living creature, seemingly wanting to swallow Zhang Ruoxi whole.

Such a disadvantage could only be alleviated when the Eight Small Stone Race arrived.

The eight Small Stone Race personal guards left the battlefield and rushed towards Zhang Ruoxi’s side. From afar, their auras merged with Zhang Ruoxi’s, and in the blink of an eye, their battle formation was complete!

The Eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race’s Eight Directions Array had already shocked many Human Race masters.

If they were to see this scene again, they probably wouldn’t know how to express their shock.

It was because Zhang Ruoxi and the eight Small Stone Race had formed the strongest Nine Directions Array!

Using Ruoxi as the eye of the formation, eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters formed the foundation.

In the blink of an eye, Ruoxi’s extremely powerful aura soared and the situation where she was suppressed to the point where she could not fight back suddenly changed.

Enveloped in the endless darkness, the specks of light suddenly expanded, dispersing the blockade of darkness and beginning to have the ability to compete with the darkness, constantly expanding the territory enveloped by light.

When Black Ink noticed this, he became even more furious and a stronger Ink Force surged out.

In the void, the two figures continued to collide, each clash between light and darkness. Behind Black Ink, there was a large black curtain, while behind Zhang Ruoxi, there were eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters and the light that penetrated the darkness.

Again and again, endlessly!

Every time they collided, the void would tremble and the four poles would collapse. The intensity of this battle had never been seen before, and it was likely it would never happen again. This was the first confrontation between the first power of the world.

After several hours of fierce fighting, neither side was able to defeat the other.

With the help of the Small Stone Race personal guards, Zhang Ruoxi now had the capital to confront Black Ink.

However, this battle formation was only a battle formation, not her own strength.

After a long period of confrontation, not only did Zhang Ruoxi feel more pressured, even the Ninth Order Small Stone Race found it difficult to continue.

The body of a Ninth Order Small Stone Race member was extremely sturdy, perhaps inferior to Yang Kai’s Divine Dragon Body, but not by much. Under normal circumstances, there wouldn’t be any problems.

However, after such a long period of intense confrontation, the pressure they felt had gradually exceeded their limits.

On the bodies of each of the Ninth Order Small Stone Race, more or less, cracks began to appear. As Zhang Ruoxi and Black Ink continued to collide, more cracks appeared, gradually filling their bodies like a spider web.

It was foreseeable that once the number of cracks reached a certain limit, even a Ninth Order Small Stone Race would inevitably collapse into a pile of rubble.

These Small Stone Race members were Ruoxi’s personal guards, each one of whom had come with great difficulty and were connected to her mind. She could clearly feel the state of each of these Ninth Order Small Stone Race members, so when she noticed that these Small Stone Race members were injured, she immediately had a bad feeling.

Now that she was able to confront Black Ink head-on, it was all thanks to the help of the Small Stone Race personal guards. However, if anything happened to the Small Stone Race personal guards, even if only one of them was destroyed, the battle formation would still be broken, making it impossible for her to be Black Ink’s opponent.

With this thought in mind, she immediately changed her strategy, no longer confronting Black Ink head-on, instead choosing to delay.

She didn’t know what Sir was doing at this moment, but she had always known that Sir was capable of performing miracles that ordinary people couldn’t, and she firmly believed that Sir was best at creating miracles in desperate situations.

So no matter what Sir was doing, she had to buy him enough time.

The change in strategy soon came to fruition. When the gap in strength between the two sides wasn’t too great, if one side wanted to delay, the other side wouldn’t have a good solution.

For a time, the intense battle turned into a chase. Ruoxi and the eight Small Stone Race personal guards moved about in a formation, and although Black Ink was recklessly using his strength, it was difficult for him to make any progress.

This made Black Ink, who had already lost his rationality, even more furious, as he roared madly.

When Black Ink had first emerged from the Space-Time River, apart from his Ink Force, he looked no different from an ordinary person. Ever since Zhang Ruoxi appeared, the Ink Force had begun to rampage and gradually swallow his consciousness.

At this moment, no trace of humanity could be seen on Black Ink’s face. Ruoxi’s appearance and her various actions almost drove him crazy.

Until one moment, Black Ink suddenly stopped chasing after Zhang Ruoxi.

Just as Zhang Ruoxi was puzzled, Black Ink suddenly turned around and flew towards the direction of the Space-Time River.

Ruoxi’s expression changed drastically!

Although Black Ink had been stimulated to the point where he had lost his rationality, his fighting instincts were still present. Ruoxi’s current strength was equal to his, so he had no way of dealing with her. Naturally, he turned his attention to Yang Kai, who was still in the Space-Time River.

In his muddled consciousness, there was still a desire for the Space-Time River, the last memory left behind by Mu. He could not allow others to touch it!

Seeing Black Ink return, Zhang Ruoxi hurriedly chased after him, her light flashing as she intercepted him.

After fighting for a while, Ruoxi used the same trick again and used her escape technique to lead the angry Black Ink in the opposite direction of the Space-Time River.

After chasing for a while, Black Ink found nothing and turned around.

Ruoxi came back again…

This cycle repeated again and again, finally delaying Black Ink.

However, this was not a long-term solution. Zhang Ruoxi could see that there was something wrong with Black Ink's temperament, as if he had lost his rationality, so her was unable to see through her simple trick.

However, each time they clashed, the power of light would disperse some of the darkness, and at the same time, the darkness would also devour the light. In other words, each time the light and darkness collided, it would weaken the other’s strength.

Ruoxi could clearly feel that after several hours of fighting, her strength had been greatly weakened, the same for Black Ink’s.

Once Black Ink’s strength was weakened to a certain extent, he should be able to regain his rationality, and at that time, this trick would be ineffective.

What made Ruoxi even more uneasy was that the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race were unable to hold on any longer. Each of them was covered in cracks, as if they would shatter at the slightest touch.

She had already tried her best to control the frequency of her confrontation with Black Ink, but if she wanted to stop him from entering the Space-Time River, there were some things she had to do even if she knew it was impossible!

At this moment, Ruoxi had no other choice but to try her best to stall Black Ink while secretly praying that no matter what Sir was doing, he would speed up. Otherwise, when the Small Stone Race personal guards could no longer hold on, she alone would not be able to stop Black Ink.


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