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Dozens of world destroying attacks transformed into a massive wave of energy that tore through the void.

In the middle of this raging tide, Zhang Ruoxi’s expression didn’t show the slightest hint of panic.

She raised the sword in her hand and gently tapped the air in front of her.

In an instant, a Void Corridor was formed. No one knew where this Void Corridor led to, but a powerful aura was rapidly approaching from the dark tunnel. This aura was not inferior to any Royal Lord or Ninth Order.

The expressions of the Royal Lords all changed as their attacks became even fiercer.

However, before their attacks could land, a figure emerged from the Void Corridor, followed by a second, then a third…

In the blink of an eye, eight figures emerged from the tunnel and guarded the surrounding space around Zhang Ruoxi.

It wasn’t until this moment that the nearby Royal Lords finally saw the true faces of these uninvited guests.

Small Stone Race!

Previously, many Small Stone Race figures had appeared on the battlefield. These small Small Stone Race figures seemed to be some kind of strange life form controlled by the Human Race and could fight side by side with the Human Race’s soldiers.

However, the strength of these Small Stone Race members was generally not too strong. After several months of fierce battles, almost all of them had been killed.

The Royal Lords hadn’t expected that this woman who had suddenly appeared would be able to control the Small Stone Race, and the Small Stone Race she summoned… was far too powerful.

Each of these Small Stone Race exuded an aura comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race, or perhaps even stronger, and there were eight of them!

This was Zhang Ruoxi’s personal guard, a power that had never appeared in the eyes of the world.

Yang Kai was the only one who knew about the existence of these Ninth Order Small Stone Race. The last time he went to the Chaotic Dead Territory, he had experienced the power of these Small Stone Race and knew that these Ninth Order Small Stone Race were born from Zhang Ruoxi’s Heaven's Order Bloodline.

However, even Yang Kai didn’t understand how many Ninth Order Small Stone Race had been born in the Chaotic Dead Territory.

At that time, he had tried to use the Sun and Moon Marks to subdue them, but unfortunately he had failed. At that time, he had guessed that only Zhang Ruoxi could control them, so although he felt it was a pity, he had eventually given up.

Reality proved this is the case.

There were a total of eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race masters, and as soon as they appeared, their auras connected with one another, instantly forming a magnificent battle formation.

At the very center of this formation was Zhang Ruoxi, who was being protected by them.

On the Pure Yang Pass, the Ninth Order who were rushing over saw this scene and their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Ouyang Lie even cried out, “Eight Directions Array!”

With the Three Directions as the lowest, the Four Directions, Five Directions, Six Directions, Seven Directions, Eight Directions, and even Nine Directions, each time one layer was added to the battle formation, there would be one more person.

The stronger the battle formation, the harder it was to form.

The higher the cultivation of the person who formed the battle formation, the harder it was to form it.

Under the High Rank Open Heaven, there might be some close team members that could form the Eight Directions and Nine Directions Array, but once one’s cultivation reached the High Rank Open Heaven, it would be very difficult to form a high-level battle formation.

According to the current records, the battle formation formed by the Seventh Order Open Heaven is the Eight Directions Array, a miracle created by Yang Kai leading the Dawn Squad. Amongst the Seventh Order, no one but Yang Kai could do it, even the Eight Directions Array was difficult to maintain because the pressure the person in charge of the eye formation had to bear was too great.

The strongest battle formation formed by the Eight Order Masters was the Eight Directions Array. Using this battle formation, the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords was killed, but the Eighth Order masters suffer a backlash from the battle formation, causing more than half of them to die!

From this, it could be seen just how difficult it was for High Rank master to form the battle formation.

As for the Ninth Order… generally, no one will form a battle formation, but it wasn’t difficult to form a battle formation. At the very least, a simple Three Directions Array could be maintained. However, there were only so many Ninth Order Human Race cultivators, so even though forming a battle formation would be more powerful, it would also consume a lot of manpower. Ninth Order Human Race cultivators were the strongest force in the Human Race, so instead of letting them form a battle formation, it would be better for them to fight alone and display their full strength.

However, to be honest, Ninth Order master should be able to form the Four Directions Array, and above that, they might not be able to do so unless someone like Yang Kai acted as the eye formation. With his Divine Dragon body, he should be able to withstand the burden of the Five Directions Array.

As for the higher Six Directions Array… that was probably a theoretical existence.

But at this moment, what did the Ninth Order Human Race see?

The eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race members instantly formed an Eight Directions Array. Although they were separate individuals, the moment they formed the battleformation, they were able to perfectly integrated into a whole existence.

If they hadn’t witnessed this incredible scene with their own eyes, no one would have believed it.

The eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race joined forces and in an instant, the space around Zhang Ruoxi transformed into a barrier.

The attacks of the several dozen Royal Lords arrived as planned, but none of them were able to shake the Small Stone Race!

Such an attack could even injure the Giant Spiritual God.

The Royal Lords were also shocked, but before they could react, a bright sword light flashed and Zhang Ruoxi, who was protected by her personal guards, suddenly became blurry.

At this moment, the Royal Lords were using all their strength to launch their strongest attacks, so they had no time to activate their strength to protect themselves.

Accompanied by a flash of sword light, ink blood and a head flew into the sky…

In the blink of an eye, the auras of the several dozen Royal Lords who had been attacking her withered up to nearly ten people.

The surviving Royal Lords were all shocked and quickly retreated. Having lived in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for so long, they didn’t know much about the Human Race, but they had fought with the Giant Spiritual God for several months and thought it was the Human Race’s final trump card.

It wasn’t until this moment that they realized that there was an existence even more terrifying than the Giant Spiritual God in this world.

Such an existence could only be handled by the Supreme Master.

The surviving Royal Lords wanted to escape, but they soon discovered that they had to face not only the pursuit of the winged woman, but also the Ninth Order Small Stone Race!

The moment Zhang Ruoxi made her move, the eight Small Stone Race masters who had formed the Eight Directions Array began to move. They dispersed their battle formation and chased after the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords.

The Royal Lord's dignity have really fallen. Although they had been injured by the Light of Purification, they still had the foundation of a Royal Lord, so they weren’t afraid of a mere Ninth Order Small Stone Race.

However, as soon as they clashed, they realized that something was wrong. The strength displayed by these Small Stone Race members was somewhat abnormal, seemingly far beyond their own level.

Upon closer inspection, they were shocked to discover that although these Small Stone Race members seemed to be fighting on their own, their auras were actually closely connected. The key was that their auras were constantly fluctuating and could form different battle formations at any time, transforming a Small Stone Race into the eye formation.

The Human Race masters who had rushed over to help also discovered this point, all of them revealing looks of disbelief. What they saw in front of them was truly amazing.

When the Human Race’s masters set up their battle formations, which one of them didn’t carefully maintain their connection with the others? They were afraid that their auras would break and cause their formations to collapse. It could be said that every time they set up their formations, the Human Race’s masters would split a portion of their attention to maintain the operation of their formations.

But looking at these Ninth Order Small Stone Race massters, their auras were completely relaxed, and they could disperse as they pleased. If you thought they were all alone, the truth was that behind them stood seven other brothers who could easily crush you!

It was like they were part of a whole existence…

As the Human Race masters watched this scene, they were both stunned and ashamed.

They didn’t know how these Ninth Order Small Stone Race members had managed to accomplish this, but they knew that the Human Race would never be able to do such a thing. No matter how much they trusted each other, every single human had their own unique way of thinking.

The appearance of the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race personal guards not only resolved Zhang Ruoxi’s crisis, but under Zhang Ruoxi’s leadership, they also launched a counterattack against the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords.

However, this was not the end. The Void Corridor created by Zhang Ruoxi’s mysterious technique did not disappear, and after the eight Ninth Order Small Stone Race cultivators, even more of them emerged.

An endless stream of them…

In just a short time, more than a million Small Stone Race soldiers had gathered outside the tunnel. Although there weren’t many masters, this number was still quite impressive.

This was just the beginning.

More and more Small Stone Race emerged, covering the sky.

Previously, when faced with the steady stream of reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race’s forces were still having a headache. Some of them even fantasized about how good it would be if the Human Race had reinforcements.

At this moment, this impossible fantasy appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Moreover, these Small Stone Race members were somewhat different from the Small Stone Race that the Human Race had come into contact with before. Because the Small Stone Race’s intelligence was low, they acted almost entirely on instinct, so if no one refined them to act as a weapon, the Small Stone Race would be like a pile of loose sand, unable to display their full strength.

However, at this moment, the Small Stone Race that had just emerged from the Void Corridor had formed a neat and orderly formation!

The first Small Stone Race army to emerge didn’t chase after the Black Ink Clan blindly, instead scattering in all directions to guard the Void Corridor so that more of their comrades could come out.

It was as if someone was commanding them!

Many of the Human Race masters who had thought of the key point turned their eyes towards the figure who was slaughtering the Royal Lords and causing them to complain incessantly.

Perhaps she was the only one who could command so many Small Stone Race masters!

“Chaotic Dead Territory!” Mi Jinglun understood where the Void Corridor led to. Since so many Small Stone Race members had come out, the Void Corridor must lead to the Chaotic Dead Territory, which was the paradise of the Small Stone Race. According to Yang Kai, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had use their own strength to cultivate countless Small Stone Race members, and the ones he had brought out to gift to the Human Race had all been plundered from the Chaotic Dead Territory.

“Help guard these two tunnel!” Mi Jinglun decisively changed his previous order.


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