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MSN: I'll change Mu's shadows/technique shadow clone from now.

Inside the deep pit, a terrifying power surged, and the howling of the wind was like its roar as it constantly struck the Profound Gate.

The strand of Source that had been sealed here for many years seemed to sense that something was wrong and was struggling to resist.

However, it was ultimately futile. If it was the complete Black Ink Source, it might be able to ignore this door, but what was sealed here was only a trace of its Source.

The sealing power of the Profound Gate slowly spread out while a powerful suction force came from inside.

The Source was drawn out and gradually lost its ability to resist before disappearing into the gap in the door.

The door closed again and Yang Kai put it into his Knowledge Sea.

This time, sealing Black Ink's Source was extremely smooth, but Yang Kai knew in his heart that this was all thanks to Mu.

Just by looking at the countless skeletons in this mountain valley, one could tell that she had guarded this place for countless years and had killed countless Ancient Beasts who coveted the Ink Force.

If it weren’t for Mu, after Yang Kai came to this world, there was a high chance he would be besieged by these ancient beasts. At that time, the situation would be difficult to predict.

Seeing Black Ink’s Source sealed, Mu showed a look of relief.

She slowly got up and under Yang Kai’s puzzled gaze, stretched out her hand and gently pressed it against his chest.

As their eyes met, Mu opened her mouth and said, “My mission has been completed, now it’s all up to you. Junior, the hope of the Human Race lies with you, so try not to fail.”

As she spoke, her figure rapidly faded, as if she was about to melt into this world. As her figure faded, Yang Kai could clearly feel a hot stream flowing into his body through her palm.

“Senior…” Yang Kai’s expression became complicated, not knowing what to say.

“I’ll send you away, this is a price I must pay!” Mu smiled lightly.

Mu’s figure completely disappeared before Yang Kai’s eyes as her power wrapped around him and soared into the sky, transforming into a stream of light.

A crack appeared in the sky and a stream of light poured into it before disappearing.

A familiar pulling force appeared once again, pulling Yang Kai into the next world.

Yang Kai pressed his hand against his chest, his heart filled with complex emotions.

Unlike the Primordial World, this time he had come to this world filled with Ancient Beasts, but he had actually not done anything. He had simply summoned the Profound Gate and sealed the Source in the black stone.

All the dangers and obstacles had been swept away by Mu.

This was the result of hundreds of thousands of years of persistence and waiting.

From beginning to end, Yang Kai and Mu only exchanged a few words.

Mu was truly a gentle person! She had plotted for hundreds of thousands of years, allowing her shadow clones to stand guard in each world, enduring endless loneliness, waiting for a future where there was no hope.

At this critical juncture, she still didn’t demand anything from him, only saying that he should try his best not to fail…

However, he did not give her a clear answer!

Yang Kai couldn’t help but blame himself. The efforts of his ancestors were selfless, they didn’t need the gratitude of their juniors, but he could still give her hope!

As his thoughts churned, he arrived at the third world.

Just like before, Yang Kai followed the guidance and smoothly found Mu in this extremely remote and cold place.

Before Mu could say anything, Yang Kai shouted, “Senior, all darkness will eventually be dispelled by light, and the future of the Human Race will be smooth. Senior’s many years of effort and waiting will not be wasted!”

Mu stared at him, her mouth slightly open.

Yang Kai smiled brightly at her, his eyes filled with confidence.

Mu also smiled. After a short moment, she understood everything and nodded slightly, “I understand.”

She turned around and pointed in a certain direction, “Black Ink’s Source is sealed over there, you can go.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and strode over.

A moment later, he returned again, and Black Ink's Source has been sealed.

Mu stepped forward again and placed her hand on Yang Kai’s chest, her figure rapidly fading.

Yang Kai withdrew all the sadness in his heart and maintained his bright smile, “Then Senior, I’ll see you later.”

At the last moment, Mu also smiled at him, “See you later!”

Yang Kai soared into the sky!

In different worlds, with the help of the Profound Gate’s power, the Black Ink's Source was sealed.

In every world, Yang Kai would say these words the moment he saw Mu. Similarly, every Mu would give the same response.

Each time the two of them met and separated, it was like a cycle of reincarnation in space and time.

On the whole, things were going quite smoothly. In most worlds, Mu had cleared all obstacles for Yang Kai. When Yang Kai arrived, all he needed to do was find Mu and activate the Profound Gate to seal Black Ink's Source.

In fact, in the Primordial World, if it's not because Mu cant bring Little Eleven along, she could also control the Profound Gate.

However, because of Little Eleven, the Primordial World’s Mu couldn’t get too close to the Profound Gate. After all, there was a trace of Black Ink’s Source sealed inside the gate, so if they got too close, something might happen.

Black Ink's Source had given birth to the Black Ink Religion, so Mu could only create the Spirit Religion to resist it.

In that world, Mu could not provide much help, and the Black Ink Religion’s development was rapid, so Yang Kai had to travel around the Primordial World for a few days before he could stabilize the situation.

However, things in this world could not always be smooth sailing.

When Yang Kai entered the 60th World, he noticed that something was wrong. This entire world was filled with the Ink Force, and all the living beings on this Universe World were dyed by the Ink Force, turning into Black Ink Disciples.

When he found Mu, she was covered in blood and fleeing for her life.

Without a doubt, all of the living beings in the Universe World were after her.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long this situation had lasted, but when Yang Kai found her, Mu’s condition was extremely bad.

After rescuing Mu from a group of Black Ink Disciples, they found a secluded spot to settle down.

Yang Kai asked, “Senior, what is the situation here?”

Mu said, “There was a problem with the sealed land. Black Ink's Source had dissipated too much and affected too many cultivators. They broke the sealed land and freed Black Ink' Source.”

Yang Kai immediately understood why this world was filled with the Ink Force. Black Ink's Source had escaped.

In the face of the Ink Force, the darkness of human nature had nowhere to hide, and all the living beings in this world were affected and transformed into Black Ink Disciples.

“Does Senior know where the Source is?” Yang Kai asked.

Mu obviously understood his intentions and slowly shook her head, “There’s no need to look for it. Since the Sealing has already begun, you must quickly abandon this world and move on to the next one!”

Saying so, she struggled to get up, but her injuries seemed to be too severe and she was unable to stand up.

Yang Kai quickly squatted down in front of her.

Mu stretched out her hand and pressed down on his chest. The sound of footsteps could be heard outside the hiding place as the auras of numerous living creatures rapidly approached.

“Remember, if a similar situation occurs in any other world, just give up decisively, there’s no need to force it, because it’s impossible for you to completely seal all of Black Ink's Source.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding.

Back in the Primordial World, Mu’s Shadow Clone had also said that Black Ink's Source had been divided into three thousand portions by her. Sealing each portion of the Source would cause Black Ink to become vigilant, and once it was sealed to a certain extent, Black Ink would definitely awaken from his slumber and recover his remaining Source.

Therefore, no matter what, Yang Kai couldn’t seal all three thousand Sources. Since that was the case, giving up on this Source that was difficult to seal and going to the next place that was easy to seal was naturally a wise choice.

“Junior will remember,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Also, my Shadow Clones may not be able to survive in every world. Perhaps you will enter a world without me, but you don’t need to worry, the Shadow Clones from before have left enough power in your body. As long as you are willing, you can leave at any time and go to the next world.”

Yang Kai nodded again.

The sound of footsteps grew closer, and the fluctuations of energy fluctuations could be heard. Black Ink Disciple, who was gathered around, clearly couldn’t hold back and was preparing to attack.

Mu’s figure disappeared without a trace as Yang Kai soared into the sky, leaving behind a group of Black Ink Disciple’s helpless roars.

Once again, Yang Kai set out through the Space-Time River, entering one world after another to seal away one Source after another.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred… He silently calculated in his heart. As the number of Source he sealed increased, he gradually felt the urgency of the situation.

The sealing of every Source would cause Black Ink to grow vigilant, and when his vigilance had accumulated enough, he would awaken from his slumber.

Yang Kai didn’t know where this limit was, but he knew that he was getting closer to it.

However, what made him feel helpless was that more worlds with critical situations were appearing.

The first time he encountered such situation was after sealing almost sixty Source. The second time was after sealing almost a hundred Source, and the third time was about a hundred and thirty. This gap was getting shorter.

The Universe Worlds in Mu's Space-Time River, there were different World Laws, and the strength of the living beings living in it was also different, but the guidance she left behind seemed to follow a gradual sequence, from weak to strong.

In the beginning, the limit of the Unvierse World's Martial Dao was the Immortal Ascension, but gradually, this limit became Transcendent, Saint, Saint King, Dao Source, Emperor Realm…

The stronger the lifeforms in the Universe World, the higher the chances of a variable appearing. After all, Mu’s Shadow Clones were mostly alone. These powerful lifeforms were attracted by Black Ink's Source, and once they gathered enough strength, even Mu’s Shadow Clones would find it difficult to resist.

Yang Kai carefully listened to Mu’s advice, and when he encountered such a situation, he decisively gave up.

However, he would always find Mu and allow her to integrate her final strength into his body.

Yang Kai didn’t want Mu’s power, he just wanted to take her away.


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