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“The Laws of every Universe Worlds are different, and the difficulties you encounter are also different. In those battles, you must defeat your enemies under the premise of the World Wills, sealing the Source of Black Ink! Mu has left her shadow in all of the Universe World sealing Black Ink's Source, so you are not fighting alone!”

“This is really good news,” Yang Kai said happily, “No matter what, I must first deal with the Source of the Primordial World, but Senior, with my current True Element stage cultivation, I’m afraid it’s not enough.”

Mu nodded lightly, “That’s why your strength needs to improve. Also, you need some help. En, she’s here.”

Saying so, Mu turned to look outside.

Yang Kai also noticed someone approaching under the moonlight.

A moment later, a graceful figure walked into the room and their eyes met. The person showed a look of surprise, obviously not expecting there to be an outsider here, and a man at that.

Yang Kai was also a bit surprised because the person who had come was actually the Spirit Religion's Li Flag Master, the woman named Li Feiyu.

He looked towards Mu with a questioning look, already having some guesses.

“Come in and talk,” Mu beckoned gently.

Li Feiyu entered and bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Senior.” He then turned to Yang Kai, “This is…”

Mu smiled and said, “Alright, there’s no need to pretend any longer. Let’s see each other’s true faces.”

Yang Kai and Li Feiyu were both stunned, neither of them having expected that the other party had also disguised themselves.

However, since Mu had spoken, the two of them naturally obeyed.

Yang Kai raised his hand and wiped his face, revealing his original face. Li Feiyu also removed a thin veil from her face.

Looking at each other again, Yang Kai revealed a puzzled look. He had never seen this woman before, nor did he know her, but she seemed somewhat familiar.

“It’s you!” The woman, on the other hand, looked quite excited, “It turned out to be you!”

Seemingly understanding something, she turned to Mu and asked in surprise, “Senior, is he the real Holy Child?” This time, her voice had returned to its normal tone.

Mu nodded, “Yes, he is the Holy Child!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. He had never seen this woman’s face before, but he had heard her voice before, so he naturally recognized her.

He couldn’t help cupping his fists, “So it's the Saintess!”

He had never imagined that the one who had disguised herself as Li Feiyu was actually the Saintess of the Spirit Religion he had seen in the main hall today!

She had actually come here, disguised as Li Feiyu, and quietly snuck over. This was quite intriguing.

The Saintess said, “Originally, when I heard that he had obtained the favor of the people and the World's Will, I had some guesses. I came here tonight to ask Senior for confirmation, but now it seems there’s no need to verify anything.”

If others said that Yang Kai was a Holy Child, she would still have to test him, but if this person in front of her said so, there was no need to doubt him.

Because the Spirit Religion was founded by this lady, the prophecy was left behind by her, and she was also the first Saintess of the Spirit Religion.

“So, Saintess is Senior’s subordinate?” Yang Kai asked Mu.

Mu nodded lightly, “For so many years, I have been secretly raising and supporting every generation’s Saintess. After all, this position is quite important and it is not convenient for outsiders to take over.”

If it weren’t for the fact that this world’s Martial Dao standards weren’t high and cultivators didn’t have long lifespans, and Mu had to fake her death and abdicate, she really might have been able to sit in the position of Saintess.

“What about the masters of the Eight Banners?” Yang Kai asked.

The Saintess replied, “Big Sister Li is one of us. She and I were both candidates for the Saintess position, but after Senior made the decision to allow me to become the Saintess, she took control of the Li Banner and no one interfered with the handover of the other Flag Masters.”

Yang Kai expressed his understanding and quickly asked, “So you know that the Holy Child is fake?”

With Mu’s guidance, there was no doubt about whether or not the Holy Child would appear, but before Yang Kai, the Spirit Religion had already had a Holy Child who had secretly appeared. Even if that Holy Child had passed some kind of test, his identity was still uncertain.

Sure enough, the Saintess nodded and said, “Of course I know, but this matter is a bit complicated, and that person may not know he’s a fake Holy Child. He was probably used by someone.”

“What do you mean?”

The Saintess said, “The prophecy left behind by Senior back then was a test. When that person was discovered, it was exactly in accordance with Senior’s prophecy, and he also passed the test, so whether it was in the eyes of others or himself, the identity of the Holy Child is unquestionable. Although I know this, it is not convenient to reveal it.”

“Did someone secretly plot all of this?” Yang Kai keenly noticed the key to this matter.

The Saintess nodded.

“Do you know who planned this?” Yang Kai asked.

The Saintess shook her head, “Sister Li and I have been secretly investigating this place for many years. Although we have some clues, it’s still difficult to determine.”

Yang Kai said, “It seems this person has hidden himself quite deeply. No wonder Zuo Wuyou and I were surrounded and attacked by the people of the Spirit Religion on our way back. In that manor, there was even a Flag Master level master.”

“The one who did this was the mastermind,” The Saintess concluded.

“That person joined the Black Ink Religion?”

“I don’t think so,” The Saintess denied, “Every time the higher-ups of the Spirit Religion return, I will use the Cleansing Incantation to cleanse them and ensure that they won’t be contaminated by the Ink Force, so there’s a high chance they haven'y join the Black Ink Religion.”

“Then why?” Yang Kai was puzzled.

“Power moves people’s hearts,” The Saintess smiled bitterly, “Being in a high position for a long time and only being below one person, it’s probably because he wants to gain more power. After all, in the teachings of the Spirit Religion, the Holy Child is the true savior. Controlling the Holy Child is equivalent to controlling the Spirit Religion.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and recalled Mu’s words, muttering, 'Scheming, conspiracy, greed, the darkness of human nature.'

This darkness could strengthen Black Ink’s strength and become his capital to become stronger.

However, where there were people, it was impossible for everything to be perfect. Under the cover of the light, the undercurrents of countless flies and dogs surged.

The Saintess continued, “Previously, it wasn’t convenient for me to expose this matter in order to avoid stirring up the Spirit Religion, but since the true Holy Child has appeared, there is no need for the fake to exist anymore.”

“What do you want to do?”

The Saintess replied, “That person is still in the midst of his cultivation. Cultivation is one of the most dangerous things to do. If one’s temperament is unstable, they will experience cultivation deviation, and death is a common occurrence.”

When she spoke in such a soft tone, Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing over at her. As expected, being able to sit in the position of Saintess wasn’t easy.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai shook his head and said, “As you said before, that person may not know that he is not a true Holy Child, but he was deceived by someone. Since he is an innocent person, why must we be so ruthless? The real problem is the one secretly plotting all of this.”

Saintess nodded and said, “Then how do we find out who the mastermind is? All these years, Sister Li and I have been suspecting someone. That person was brought back by the Xun Banner, Sikong Nan, but the Chu Anhe who set up the Spirit Array to kill you was a subordinate of the Kun Banner, Luo Yun Gong. In addition, the Dui Banner’s Master, Guan Miao Zhu, is also somewhat suspicious, but all of this is just speculation, there is no clear evidence.”

Yang Kai raised his hand to stop er, “In fact, to me, it doesn’t matter who the mastermind is. This is just the dark side of human nature, a common occurrence. As long as that person hasn’t been contaminated by the Ink Force and defected to the Black Ink Religion, all of his actions are for the sake of controlling more power, not for the sake of the Black Ink Religion. Even if he is allowed to control the Holy Child and the Spirit Religion, he will still stand against the Black Ink Religion.”

“That’s right,” The Saintess nodded in agreement, “When one’s cultivation reaches the level of a Flag Master, I’m afraid no one will willingly submit to the Black Ink Religion and become its dog.”

“That’s right, there’s no need to investigate the mastermind, just let him do as he pleases. There’s no need to expose the fake Holy Child’s identity…”

The Saintess looked surprised, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Previously, I spread the news to enter the city was just to verify some of my thoughts. Now that I’ve seen the people I should be meeting and know what I should know, the identity of Holy Child isn’t important to me, it’s something I don’t need. In fact… if I hide myself, it will be easier for me to act.”

The Saintess suddenly understood, “The Spirit Religion is in the open while you are in the dark?”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s exactly what I mean.” His expression became solemn, “There isn’t much time left for Her Highness the Saintess. The struggle with Black Ink not only about the survival of this world, but also the continued existence of a wider world. We must quickly deal with the Black Ink Religion!”

Hearing this, the Saintess smiled bitterly and said, “The Spirit Religion and the Black Ink Religion have coexisted for so many years, fighting openly and secretly. Both sides want to kill each other, but in the end, they can only fight evenly. Even if I am the Saintess, I cannot easily start a full-scale war against the Black Ink Religion. I need to discuss this with the Eight Banners' Flag Masters, and I need a reason to convince them.”

“Reason…” Yang Kai muttered, his thoughts flashing like lightning as he quickly clapped his hands, “Perhaps I can use this matter…”

The Saintess immediately became interested, “What is it?”

Yang Kai asked, “Didn’t you tell me to pass that test in the main hall?”

“Yes,” The Saintess nodded. At that time, she had some suspicions and speculations, so she had allowed Yang Kai to take the test. To others, it was said that Yang Kai had already obtained the favor of the people and the World Will, so it was not easy to deal with him. However, if he couldn’t pass the test, he naturally wouldn’t be a true Holy Child, so when the time came, he could be easily dealt with.

From the perspective of those who didn’t know, the Holy Child of the Spirit Religion had long since appeared in secret, so Yang Kai was undoubtedly an impostor and was destined to fail the test.

However, in reality, she wanted to see if Yang Kai could pass this test. After all, she knew that the current Holy Child of the Spirit Religion was a fake.

However, she didn’t know why Yang Kai suddenly mentioned this test.


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