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“There’s something else worth paying attention to,” Li Feiyu said.


“Zuo Wuyou sent a message a few days ago asking the Spirit Religion to send an expert to assist him, but he was intercepted by someone on the way, causing us to be completely unaware of this matter. Soon after, they were attacked by Chu Anhe and a group of people led by him in a small town about a day away from the Holy City.”

“Chu Anhe?” The Saintess narrowed her eyes slightly, “If I remember correctly, he is a subordinate of Kun Banner.”


“Being able to intercept Zuo Wuyou’s request for help halfway is not something an ordinary person can accomplish.”

“I can, and so can all the Flag Masters!”

“Has he finally revealed his fox tail?” The Saintess coldly snorted, “It seems that it was for this reason that Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou were forced to release the news of the Holy Child before entering the city, using this glorious opportunity to ensure their own safety.”

“Of course.”

“From the results, it seems they did a good job. Zuo Wuyou didn’t have such schemes, so it should be because of that Yang Kai,” The Saintess deduced.

“I heard he obtained the favor of the people and the World's Will on his way to the Divine Palace?” Li Feiyu suddenly asked. As the Flag Master of the Li Banner, she had a unique advantage in terms of information gathering, so even if she hadn’t seen the situation on the thirty kilometer long street, she was still able to obtain information from her subordinates.

“Yes,” The Saintess nodded, “This is what I find most incredible.”

“Your Highness, could it be that…”

The Saintess didn’t answer, instead standing up and saying, “Sister Li, I need to make a trip outside the palace.”

Hearing this, Li Feiyu wore a helpless expression.

The Saintess held her hand and said, “I'm not going to play this time, I'm going to do something important.”

“Which time didn’t you say that?” Li Feiyu glared at her but still agreed, “You must return before dawn.”

“Rest assured,” The Saintess nodded and took out an item from her Space Ring. It was a thin mask.

Li Feiyu took the mask and carefully placed it on the Saintess’ face, seemingly quite familiar with it. Obviously, this was not the first time the two of them had done this.

A moment later, the two identical faces stared at each other, even the beauty mole on the corner of their lips no different from images in the mirror.

Immediately after, the two of them changed their clothes.

Li Feiyu took the Saintess’ white jade scepter and sighed lightly before sitting down.

Opposite her, the real Saintess smiled playfully at her.

Li Feiyu activated the jade's power and dispelled the spirit array.

The Saintess immediately said, “Your Highness, this subordinate will take her leave first.” The voice sounded like Li Feiyu herself speaking.

Then, using her voice, she said, “It’s been hard on you, Flag Master Li. It’s late now, you should rest well.”

The Saintess turned around and walked out of the hall, pushing open the door and walking straight out.

Dawn City at night was even more lively than during the day. In the taverns and teahouses, people were talking about the Holy Child entering the city today and the prophecy left behind by the first generation Saintess. Everyone’s faces were filled with joy, as if the entire city was celebrating a festival.

Following Wu Kuang’s lead, Yang Kai walked around the city.

Passing through the bustling streets, they soon arrived at a relatively peaceful place.

Even in a Holy City like the Dawn City, there was a difference between the rich and the poor. The rich gathered in the most prosperous central area, where wine, meat, mansions, beautiful maids, is abundant, and the poor could only live at the edge of the city.

However, the Dawn City was the Holy City of the Spirit Religion after all. Even if there was a gap between the rich and the poor, there was no need for the poor to suffer such a miserable fate. With the Spirit Religion’s support and assistance, no matter how poor they were, they could still eat to their heart’s content.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s face had changed.

There were many artifacts in his Space Ring that could change one’s appearance, all of which he had collected when he was still weak. Many people had seen his face when he entered the city during the day, so if he showed his true appearance, it was likely that the entire city would know.

At this moment, he had the face of a young man who knew nothing about the world, a very common face.

Looking around, he saw a number of short houses scattered around the edge of the Holy City, where many families lived.

There were children playing around.

There were also some people who were sincerely praying to the statue placed in front of their house. The statue was made of wood and was only ten inches tall. It seemed to be a person, but the face was somewhat blurry.

Yang Kai listened carefully, only hearing this person mutter something like “Holy Child’s blessing”.

Many families had Holy Child statues placed in front of their doors. From the traces of smoke and fire, these people must have prayed frequently.

“Are you sure it’s here?” Yang Kai frowned and secretly sent Wu Kuang a voice transmission.

“It should be,” Wu Kuang replied.

“Should be?” Yang Kai frowned.

Wu Kuang said, “The main body’s senses are blocked by the Space-Time River, so it’s not very clear. Let’s look around.”

Yang Kai had no choice but to wander around.

He didn’t know what Wu Kuang had sensed, but since it was from the main body, it was obviously something important.

However, his actions quickly aroused the vigilance of others.

This place was not a bustling and lively place, and very few unfamiliar faces would appear here. The neighbors here were all familiar with one another, so if a stranger barged in, it would naturally attract attention, especially since this stranger was constantly looking around.

Yang Kai could only try his best to avoid crowded places.

At the corner of the street, under a great banyan tree, many people were gathered here, taking advantage of the moonlight.

Yang Kai walked past and seemed to sense something. Turning his head, he saw a figure standing up from the crowd and waving towards him, “You’re here?”

Yang Kai looked up and saw the face of the person who had just spoken and was stunned.

Wu Kuang’s voice also rang out beside his ear, filled with disbelief, “It’s actually like this!”

“Sixth Young Lady, do you know this young man?” An old man asked with interest.

The woman called Sixth Young Lady smiled and nodded, “An old acquaintance of mine.”

Saying so, she walked out of the crowd and walked straight to Yang Kai, nodding slightly, “Follow me, you’ve worked hard.”

There was obviously no trace of cultivation on her body, but her clear eyes seemed to be able to see through any disguise in this world and directly look at Yang Kai’s true face.

Yang Kai quickly replied, “Good.”

The Sixth Young Lady led him in a certain direction.

After they left, the people under the banyan tree began to speak.

Someone sighed, “Sixth Young Lady life is also quite difficult. She’s not young anymore, but she still hasn’t gotten married.”

Someone replied, “There’s nothing we can do about it. Which big girl is still taking care of a child? I’m afraid we won’t be able to find her a husband.”

“She just can’t let go of Little Eleven,” An insider said, “Didn’t someone arrange a marriage for her two years ago? That family’s background is quite good and the young man is quite handsome. He’s also a member of the Spirit Religion and said that as long as she gives Little Eleven away, he will marry her, but the Sixth Young Lady doesn’t agree.”

“Little Eleven is also quite pitiful. He has no parents and was picked up by the Sixth Young Lady. Although they call each other brother and sister, they are no different from mother and son. Which mother would be willing to abandon her own child?”

After a moment of idle chatter, everyone sighed, feeling sorry for the Sixth Young Lady.

“It’s all because of the Black Ink Religion. In this world, countless people have lost their wives and children, and their families have been destroyed. If it weren’t for this, Little Eleven wouldn’t have become an orphan, and Sixth Young Lady wouldn’t have to waste her life until now.”

“The Holy Child has already appeared, sooner or later this suffering will end!”

Everyone’s expressions immediately became sincere as they silently prayed.

Yang Kai followed behind the woman called Sixth Young Lady and walked towards a remote location, his heart filled with great waves.

He had never imagined that the guidance Wu Kuang’s main body felt would be like this.

“Sixth Young Lady…” Wu Kuang’s voice rang out in Yang Kai’s mind, “Yes, she is ranked sixth among the ten, no wonder she calls herself that.”

“What about you?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Wu Kuang said, “I’m me. Shi is Shi, if I really have to say it, it will be old eight.”

“Then what about Little Eleven?”

“How would I know?” Wu Kuang replied, “Shi's soul is incomplete, I didn’t inherit anything too complete.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and said no more.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of a simple house. Although it was simple and crude, there was a small courtyard surrounded by a fence in front of it. There were some clothes hanging in the courtyard, some for women and some for children.

The Sixth Young Lady pushed open the door and entered, Yang Kai following closely behind, looking around.

The interior of the house was extremely simple, just like a normal poor family.

The Sixth Young Lady took out an oil lamp and lit it, inviting Yang Kai to sit down. The dim light flickered, and she poured a cup of tea for Yang Kai, “This humble house has nothing to offer.”

Yang Kai stood up and accepted the cup of tea before bowing solemnly, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior Mu!”

Yes, the Sixth Young Lady standing in front of him was Mu!

Yang Kai had met Mu before, when the Human Race’s army had first set out on an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. The battle had collapsed, and Black Ink had almost escaped. In the end, Mu’s trump card had been activated, and all of her energy had transformed into a giant, inviolable figure that embraced Black Ink, finally causing Black Ink to fall into a deep sleep.

At that time, everyone on the battlefield had seen the appearance of the legendary woman.

Although it was just a glimpse, who could forget it?

So when Yang Kai arrived here and was called by her, he immediately recognized her.

She was Mu, one of the ten Martial Ancestors and the strongest one.

For the Human Race to have such a situation, Mu’s contributions were undeniable.

The technique she had used all those years ago was still there, hidden in the deepest depths of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restircition. It was a giant river of space and time that stretched across the void, causing everyone who saw it to gasp in amazement.

The guidance Wu Kuang’s main body felt should be Mu’s, but because of the isolation of the Space-Time River, the information sent by his main body wasn’t very clear, so the soul clone that was following Yang Kai didn’t know what was going on and only directed Yang Kai to search for it. It wasn’t until he saw Mu that Wu Kuang came to a realization.


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eleven is black ink

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