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Yang Kai chased after the Earth Faction Commander, determined to keep him in place, but halfway through, he was intercepted by a group of Black Ink Religion disciples. By the time he finished dealing with these Black Ink Religion disciples, the Earth Faction Commander had long since disappeared.

Helpless, he could only return the way he came.

Zuo Wuyou was still here. When Yang Kai was fighting with the Earth Faction Commander just now, Zuo Wuyou had not been idle. He had killed some of the Earth Faction Commander’s subordinates, but now he seemed to have lost some of his strength and was leaning against a broken stone, panting and covered in blood.

“Where’s Xue Ji?” Yang Kai glanced around but didn’t see the enchanting woman.

“When Holy Child chased after the Earth Faction Commander, she fled,” Zuo Wuyou replied.

Yang Kai thought for a moment before saying, “Forget it, I’m afraid she won’t be able to live much longer.”

Even an ant dared to covet the Divine Dragon’s blood. This Yu Faction Commander who was proficient in the Blood Dao Art would eventually die under her own Blood Dao Art, so Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to search for her.

“Can you still walk?” Yang Kai asked Zuo Wuyou.

Zuo Wuyou said, “I ask Holy Child to go first.” Raising his hand, he pointed, “If Holy Child sees a large city with no end in sight, it will be Dawn City.”

Although Yang Kai had displayed profound swordsmanship and great strength before, his cultivation was still only at the True Element stage. Zuo Wuyou had not expected that this Holy Child would be able to turn defeat into victory against the joint attack of the two Commanders of the Black Ink Religion.

This was a victory on battle across realms, a miracle that had never been achieved.

With such a powerful Holy Child, going to the Dawn City alone was naturally the best choice. Zuo Wuyou didn’t want to become Yang Kai’s burden.

Yang Kai only pondered for a moment before understanding what he meant. Stepping forward, he helped him up and said, “I’m not good at direction, so I need you to guide me along the way.”

Zuo Wuyou was just about to say something when Yang Kai said, “The Earth Faction and Yu Faction has failed one after another, so for the time being, the Black Ink Religion won’t be able to draw out any more forces to pursue us, so the road ahead shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

Zuo Wuyou thought so too. Although the Black Ink Religion was a powerful force and the Eight Factions had a strong foundation, no one had received any news about the sudden appearance of the Holy Child. The Black Ink Religion couldn’t be fully prepared, so the fact that they were able to mobilize so many masters from the Yu and Earth Faction in such a short period of time, even two Commanders, was the limit of what the Black Ink Religion could do.

Now that the two Commanders had been forced back and many of their subordinates had died, it was likely they wouldn’t have any more strength left to disturb them.

Feeling much more at ease, Zuo Wuyou said, “Then I will accompany the Holy Child.”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded and used his strength to wrap around him before flying forward.

In the depths of the dark and damp underground, in a natural cave, a blood-red mist was emitting a miserable howl, as if it was suffering unbearable torture.

The blood mist twisted and expanded as it tried to transform into a human form, but every time it did so, the blood mist would explode uncontrollably, and each time, the screams became louder.

After repeating this process over and over again, the blood mist became much thinner and the screams gradually became more muffled.

At one point, the thin blood mist finally condensed into a graceful figure, curled up on the damp ground like a wounded rabbit, her snow white body covered in dirt, motionless, seemingly devoid of life.

After a while, the owner of the body took a deep breath and opened her eyes, a look of fear filling her face.

“This kind of power…” She muttered softly, almost inaudibly.

Muttering like a madman, her voice gradually became louder, “How delightful!”

Under the cover of her fear, her eyes were filled with anticipation and joy.

She forced her weak body to stand up, took out a blood-red robe from her Space Ring, and put it on. After recovering for a moment, her body turned into a bloody mist and disappeared into the dark underground.

A moment later, she reappeared on the battlefield, carefully searching for something among the broken limbs and pieces of flesh. Finally, she found something, and with an excited look on her face, she activated her Blood Dao Art, sending a mass of red blood mist into the ground. When she retracted it, the red blood mist had a trace of golden light!

As soon as she fused it into her body, she immediately felt a terrifying power swell up within her body, causing her expression to distort as she let out a miserable howl. Countless beasts and birds in the wilderness began to cry out in fear.

“Zuo Wuyou, is this the Holy Child you spoke of?” Outside a small town, a group of people blocked Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou’s path.

The leading Immortal Ascension cultivator sized up Yang Kai and asked.

Zuo Wuyou cupped his fists and said, “Sir Chu, when the Holy Child descended, he embodied the prophecy passed down by the Spirit Religion, so there is no mistake!”

The Immortal Ascension stage cultivator surnamed Chu nodded and said, “The Spirit Religion's prophecy has been circulating for countless years. In the past, there were several existences suspected to be Holy Child, but later on, all of these things proved that these so-called Holy Child were either misunderstandings or some kind of conspiracy.”

Zuo Wuyou was suddenly at a loss, “Sir, how many such Holy Child have appeared in the past?” After all, he was only at the True Element stage. Although he had some status in the Spirit Religion, he had not yet come into contact with many secrets, so he had never heard of this before.

The cultivator surnamed Chu nodded, “As I said, the Spirit Religion's prophecy has been passed down for countless years, and the Black Ink Religion also knows about it. They once tried to use this method to integrate with us.”

Zuo Wuyou immediately became anxious, “Sir, the Holy Child is definitely not a member of the Black Ink Religion.” Along the way, he had witnessed how the Holy Child fought with the two Commanders of the Black Ink Religion and how he killed the Black Ink Religion disciples. How could such a person be a spy from the Black Ink Religion?

The cultivator surnamed Chu raised his hand and stopped, “This old master understands your loyalty to the Spirit Religion, but the matter of the Holy Child still needs to be decided by the various Flag Masters. You and I only need to do our part, understand?”

Zuo Wuyou pursed his lips and nodded, “Understood.”

The Immortal Ascension stage cultivator turned to Yang Kai and cupped his fists, “This old master is Chu Anhe, how may I address you?”

Yang Kai bowed warmly, “Yang Kai.”

In his heart, he was somewhat amused. This old man was quite interesting. Saying those words to Zuo Wuyou in front of him was obviously a warning to him, but he felt that it was only right and proper for him to do so in his position.

What’s more, Yang Kai didn’t care too much about this so-called Holy Child’s identity. It was Zuo Wuyou and the others who insisted on calling him that.

He just wanted to go to Dawn City and meet the Saintess of the Spirit Religion to verify some of his suspicions.

There was only one thing that puzzled him.

After his identity as the Holy Child was exposed, the Black Ink Religion had organized three ambushes, but the Spirit Religion had not made any moves.

Zuo Wuyou had already sent out a message when he was retrieving the carriage from the small town. Logically speaking, regardless of whether his identity as the Holy Child was real or not, the Spirit Religion should have given him enough attention to quickly arrange for reinforcements, but in reality, today was the fourth day Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou had fled.

In a day or two, the two of them would arrive at Dawn City.

It was only now that the Spirit Religion had sent a group of people to provide support.

In terms of efficiency, the Spirit Religion's side was far inferior to the Black Ink Religion’s, and the two of them had a completely different opinion of Yang Kai, the Holy Child.

“Then this old master will address you as such,” Chu Anhe said with a warm smile, “After Zuo Wuyou’s message came back, the Spirit Religion made the appropriate arrangements. There are enough people in front of us to provide support, so please follow me. The Saintess and the various Flag Masters are already waiting in the Holy City.”

The Black Ink Religion had eight factions, divided into the heaven and earth, and the universe.

Similarly, the Spirit Religion had eight banners, each of which was separated from the other.

The Flag Masters of the eight banners were the strongest cultivators in this world.

“As you wish,” Yang Kai nodded.

“This way,” Chu Anhe called out as he and Yang Kai walked side by side towards the small town.

“Little friend, you must have experienced a lot of hardships along the way, right? Looking at your travel-worn appearance, did you encounter an attack from the Black Ink Religion?”

Yang Kai smiled and replied, “There are a few, but they’re all insignificant cats and dogs. Brother Zuo and I will just casually send them away.”

Behind him, Zuo Wuyou couldn’t help glancing at Yang Kai, a strange light flashing across his eyes.

“So that’s how it is!” Chu Anhe also laughed, “The Black Ink Religion’s people have always been sinister and wicked, if little friend encounters them again in the future, you must not underestimate them.”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai replied casually.

As they walked and chatted, the group soon entered the town.

Yang Kai looked around and asked curiously, “Why is this town so desolate?”

Chu Anhe said, “This matter concerns the Holy Child… En, although we haven’t confirmed it yet, we still need to be careful, so before you arrived, this old master had already cleared out all the uninvolved people in this small town so as to not give the Black Ink Religion's people a chance to take advantage.”

Yang Kai praised, “Old Man Chu is very thorough.”

Saying so, he suddenly stopped, turned around and put his arm around Zuo Wuyou’s shoulder, chuckling, “Brother Zuo, you must learn from Old Man Chu.”

Zuo Wuyou was still in a daze. Along the way, he had always felt that something was strange, but as for what exactly it was, it was difficult for him to detect. After being pulled by Yang Kai, Zuo Wuyou subconsciously nodded and said, “Holy Child is right.”

Chu Anhe stroked his beard and smiled without saying anything.

They passed a corner of the town.

Zuo Wuyou suddenly froze and stood in place, looking around, “Sir Chu?”

Yang Kai stood next to him and smiled.

“Holy Child, be careful!” Zuo Wuyou suddenly became like a frightened rabbit, his expression becoming nervous as he pulled out his sword and held it in front of Yang Kai.

The moment they turned the corner, Chu Anhe and the others who had been with them suddenly disappeared, leaving only Yang Kai and himself.

There were obvious signs of a Spirit Array being activated!

In other words, the two of them had already fallen into a great formation, and no one knew when or how profound it was.

However, if one were to rashly break into such a great formation, they would inevitably encounter many dangers.


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