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Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding, “Good point!”

Yan Peng looked at Yang Kai with a scrutinizing gaze, “Are you the legendary Holy Child?”

Yang Kai nimbly flew through the rubble while casually replying, “I don’t know if it is or not.” Soon, he arrived in front of Zuo Wuyou and looked down at him.

Zuo Wuyou’s lips moved slightly as he saw the shape of the word ‘run’.

Yang Kai smiled at him and reached out to grab the sword in his hand, “Lend it to me.”

Yan Peng didn’t stop him and asked curiously, “What do you want to do?”

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and examined the sword in his hand. On their escape, Zheng Hai had said that this sword was a Divine Weapon bestowed by the Saintess.

However, in Yang Kai’s eyes, this sword was nothing special, not even reaching the level of a Secret Treasure.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. This was a world where the Martial Dao is not too high, so how could there be such a powerful Divine Weapon here?

“This old master is asking you what you’re doing!” Seeing Yang Kai act so arrogantly, Yan Peng couldn’t help feeling somewhat angry.

Yang Kai flicked his finger and listened to the crisp sound of the sword. Tilting his head to look at Yan Peng, he smiled and said, “Prepare to fight. With so many of you here, of course I need to find a suitable weapon.”

Enemies had surrounded them from all directions, so it was obvious that Yan Peng had taken this matter seriously and had brought more than thirty people with him.

Yan Peng narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “We may not necessarily have to fight.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “Are you willing to let us leave?”

Yan Peng said, “You can’t leave, they can.”

“Because I am the Holy Child?”

“That’s right, the prophecy of the Spirit Religion has been passed down for many years, and everyone thinks it’s just an unrealistic fantasy. Whether you’re the real Holy Child or not, you must come with me. Don’t worry, Master may not want to take your life, and you may even benefit from this disaster.”

Yang Kai looked at him, “If I’m not mistaken, you should be an Immortal Ascension, right? An expert like you actually has a Master?”

Yan Peng’s eyes immediately showed a look of fanaticism, “Naturally, Master’s divine might is not something ordinary people like you can imagine, this old master is inferior!”

Seeing his fanatical expression, Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of familiarity…

Yang Kai wanted to say more, but Yan Peng had already lost his patience. The fanaticism in his eyes had disappeared and was replaced by a calm and cruel look, “Junior, you’d better come with me obediently to avoid physical pain!”

“That won’t do,” Yang Kai shook his head like a rattle-drum, “I’m very curious about that prophecy and am preparing to meet their Saintess.”

Yan Peng coldly snorted, “Stubborn fool!”

Waving his hand, he shouted, “Capture him!”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and stroked his sword, “It’s a pity it’s not a spear. Forget it, it’s all the same!” As soon as he finished speaking, his sword trembled and a bloody light burst out. A cultivator who had rushed to Yang Kai’s side was struck by this sword and staggered backwards, clutching his throat.

The sword stabbed again and another person died.

From all directions, cultivators swarmed towards him. Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he danced like a butterfly amidst the dense barrage of attacks.

In just a short period of time, the ground was littered with corpses and half of the men Yan Peng had brought with him had been killed.

The remaining people’s eyes were filled with horror, none of them daring to step forward.

Zuo Wuyou, who had fallen into the rubble pile, was even more stunned, forgetting to breathe for a moment. On the other side, Liu Ji’s eyes were also wide open, almost wondering if he was dreaming.

Yan Peng was also extremely surprised, “What kind of sword technique is this?”

From what he could see, this Holy Child of the Spirit Religion didn’t use any powerful force at all, and the long sword in his hand seemed to have a life of its own. Every time he stabbed out with it, someone would definitely be hit.

After a dozen or so stabs, half of the men he had brought with him had died.

However, his long sword was not stained with blood!

“Sword Technique?” Yang Kai shook his sword and shook his head, “No, no, no, this is not a Sword Technique.”

“Not Sword Technique? What is that?”

“This is the Dao!”

The Dao of the Sword!

Although Yang Kai mainly cultivated Space, Time and Spear Dao, he had also dabbled in the Sword Dao. When his strength was not strong enough, he had once used a sword to conquer the world, but after the Star Boundary, after receiving the Azure Dragon Spear from A' Da, he had switched to using Spear Dao.

After obtaining benefits from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and Endless River, although his current attainments in the Sword Dao were not comparable to the three Great Daos he cultivated, he was still much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

Many of the living beings in the Small Universe benefited from this and embarked on the path of the Sword Dao. This was also the Great Dao with the most cultivators in the entire Void World.

His strength had indeed been greatly suppressed in this world, and it was difficult for him to use the power of his Great Dao, but with his Great Dao foundation, just a casual wave of his hand was able to display an extremely exquisite Sword Dao.

In the eyes of Yan Peng, Zuo Wuyou, and the others, this was somewhat difficult to understand.

“So now, who wants to die?” Yang Kai looked around at the cultivators who were stuck in a difficult situation.

No one dared to step forward!

“A mere True Element Junior dares to act so presumptuously in front of this old master, so what if your sword technique is exquisite? Watch this old master’s methods!” Yan Peng shouted angrily, and as his Divine Sense surged, his Soul Avatar rushed towards Yang Kai.

Zuo Wuyou’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Holy Child, be careful!”

The Holy Child’s sword technique was indeed superb, but its strength was a direct wound! There was an indelible gap between the True Element and the Immortal Ascension, and that was Divine Sense. The latter had already given birth to Divine Sense and Soul Avatar, while the former did not.

Therefore, if an Immortal Ascension cultivator wanted to attack a True Element cultivator with this, the latter would basically be unable to resist, unless they wore some kind of Soul Protection artifact!

Yan Peng had witnessed Yang Kai’s methods and knew that it would be difficult for him to break his opponent’s sword technique. If he wanted to take him down, he would have to use his Soul.

In an instant, Yan Peng’s Soul Avatar rushed into Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea and appeared.

He stood proudly above the sea, the disdain on his face quickly turning into shock.

This is a Consciousness Sea!

How could a True Element cultivator have a Consciousness Sea? Moreover, the vast amount of power hidden in this Consciousness Sea was unimaginable to him. In front of such power, the Soul of the Immortal Ascension cultivator was like a firefly under the bright moon!

What was happening?

This Holy Child that had been prophesied by the prophecy really did have a great secret. Putting aside his incredible sword technique, this vast Divine Soul Sea was even more astonishing.

Soon, he discovered a small seven colored island. In the vast and boundless Consciousness Sea, this small island was extremely eye-catching.

Yan Peng felt his Divine Soul trembling!

He instinctively felt that this seven colored island was some kind of incredible treasure. Just being illuminated by this seven colored light made his Soul feel extremely comfortable.

He had to obtain this seven colored island!

Thinking so, he immediately flew towards the small island.

Without encountering any obstacles, he easily landed on the small island.

In an instant, Yan Peng felt so comfortable that he couldn’t control himself. An inexplicable power was nourishing his Soul Avatar, giving him the illusion of returning to his mother’s womb, making him wish he could live here forever.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a weak guy,” a voice suddenly said.

Yan Peng was shocked.

Someone is here?

He immediately turned his head and saw the figure of a young man. Beside the young man was a leopard that was covered in lightning.

The one who spoke just now seemed to be… the leopard?

The young man said, “Everyone has cultivated step by step from the weak.”

The Leopard sneered, “This old man’s aptitude is only so-so. Even if he were to be placed in another world, he would at most be able to advance another level.”

“Alright, let's get to work.”

“What did Boss say?”

“Boss said not to kill him, ask him for more information.”

“Oh, then you go. I’m afraid I’ll be too heavy-handed and he won’t be able to resist.”

“Fine,” The young man nodded helplessly and smiled at Yan Peng, “Old man, if you don’t want to suffer, you should obediently tell us everything you know. Heaven is kind, if you cooperate well, Boss may let you live.”

Yan Peng’s expression immediately became serious!

Zuo Wuyou shouted out these words with a worried look on his face, but in the next moment, the Divine Sword in the Holy Child's hand danced once more, slashing towards the surrounding enemies.

Blood splattered as screams rang out.

No one had expected that after Yan Peng made his move, Yang Kai would still be able to move. Logically speaking, Yang Kai’s Soul should have been destroyed by Yan Peng, either destroyed or restrained, but in reality, Yang Kai was completely unaffected.

In a moment of carelessness, the losses suffered by these people were even greater.

It wasn’t until only a few people were left that they suddenly realized.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The few of them cried out in alarm as a faint layer of mist suddenly spread out from their bodies. As this mist spread out, the strength of these people obviously increased.

Yang Kai, who was slaughtering with his sword, suddenly raised his brow in surprise.

The long sword in his hand continued to swing as if it was summoning death. After a few breaths of time, only one cultivator was left, and everyone else was dead.

By the time Yang Kai pierced the last cultivator’s shoulder with his sword and captured him, most of the dozens of people Yan Peng had brought with him had died.

“Holy Child, be careful, don’t be contaminated by that mist!” Zuo Wuyou’s worried voice sounded again.

However, Yang Kai didn’t seem to hear him as he continued to suppress the cultivator in front of him, forcing him to use the power of the mist.

After a long time, Yang Kai finally stopped, and at the same time, the aura of the captured cultivator also disappeared.

Standing in place, Yang Kai revealed a thoughtful look.

This mist… was actually the Ink Force. Although it was very faint and weak, somewhat different from the Ink Force he had seen before, it was undoubtedly the Ink Force.

Thinking back to Yan Peng’s fanatical expression just now, Yang Kai suddenly realized why he felt a sense of familiarity.

“Do these people all know how to use this kind of power?” Yang Kai turned to look at Zuo Wuyou.

Zuo Wuyou replied, “Everyone from the Black Ink Religion has the Ink Force.”

[MSN: The MT say Black Ink Sect, but since the counterpart use religion, i'll use this too.]

Yang Kai nodded. After experiencing this series of inexplicable events, he was finally able to clear some of the fog.


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