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Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, hidden in the depths of the mysterious unknown place, there was actually a long Space-Time River!

Yang Kai couldn’t believe his eyes, almost wondering if he was seeing things.

But upon closer inspection, this was indeed the Space-Time River.

Amidst his shock, a question immediately appeared in his mind.

Whose Space-Time River was this?

But in the next moment, he had an answer.

Since this place was left behind by Mu, the Space-Time River was undoubtedly Mu’s.

Mu was actually able to condense the Space-Time River? Didn’t this mean that she had some achievements in the Three Thousand Great Dao?

Moreover, from the scale and size of this Space-Time River, Mu’s attainments in the Three Thousand Great Dao were undoubtedly much higher than his own.

After a brief moment of shock, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling endless admiration.

As expected of the strongest Martial Ancestor!

Compared to Cang and Wu Kuang’s admiration for Mu, Yang Kai couldn’t feel much admiration, but facing such a long Space-Time River, Yang Kai knew just how powerful the ancient sages were.

Originally, he had thought that his Space-Time River was unique, but now it seemed that he was just trying to pick up some scraps.

Soon, Yang Kai was puzzled.

The reason he was able to condense the Space-Time River was mainly because he had been inspired by the Endless River in the Universe Furnace, condensing the power of his Three Thousand Great Daos.

If Mu could do this, did it mean that she had also entered the Universe Furnace and seen the Endless River?

Regardless of whether it was true or not, this kind of rapport with the ancient sages who had walked the same path of martial arts for a million years still made Yang Kai feel happy.

Ever learning about the mysteries of the Creation Realm from Cang, he had been pondering about his future.

Open Heaven Stage was divided into nine grades, but so what if he could advance to the Ninth Order? Black Ink was born from the Heaven and Earth and was extremely powerful. To kill Black Ink and completely resolve this hidden danger, a Ninth Order cultivation is not enough.

But where is the way out? How could one break through the Ninth Order barrier? No one could explain.

It could be said that the road of martial arts had reached its end by following the footsteps of their ancestors.

If he wanted to make a breakthrough, he had to overcome all obstacles and open up a new path at the end of his predecessor’s path.

Yang Kai didn’t know much about this until he condensed his own Space-Time River in the Universe Furnace.

He had a feeling that this mysterious river that contained the power of Three Thousand Great Daos was the key to this new path.

However, in the current Human Race, no one could discuss it with him.

At this moment, in this mysterious unknown land, he saw another Space-Time River!

This was the Space-Time River that Mu had left behind. As the strongest of the ten Martial Ancestors, even after hundreds of thousands of years of death, the trump card she had left behind could still cause Black Ink to fall into a deep sleep.

A million years ago, Mu must have been exploring the mysteries above the Ninth Order.

If Yang Kai only had ten percent confidence that the Space-Time River was the key to breaking through to the Ninth Order, he now had thirty percent!

Because he had inadvertently embarked on the same path as Mu.

However, before the results were out, he didn’t know if this path would lead to a higher peak in the Martial Dao, or if it would lead to a dead end.

Many thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he suddenly realized that this Space-Time River wasn’t just a disparity in physique, it was even more different.

As the waves surged, countless strange images flashed past. The speed at which these images passed was so fast that even Yang Kai found it difficult to see them clearly.

Just as he stretched out his Divine Sense to see what was happening, a massive wave suddenly surged out from the Space-Time River and swept towards Yang Kai like a tsunami.

Yang Kai instinctively wanted to dodge, but after a moment of hesitation, he still stood in place.

The wave crashed down and drowned Yang Kai’s figure, and after everything calmed down, Yang Kai disappeared.

The world spun around him, and soon after, he felt like he was falling from the sky.

Yang Kai quickly urged his strength to stabilize himself.

The next moment, his expression changed drastically.

Because his own strength had suddenly become incredibly weak, even though the Small Universe was still there, he had lost contact with it and was unable to use his World Force.

Only his meridians and flesh still contained some Spiritual Energy.

Yang Kai was flustered for a while and could only slow down his falling speed, unable to stabilize himself.

Looking down, he saw a lush jungle below him, rapidly expanding in his vision.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with sorrow. Was he going to be the first Ninth Order to fall to his death?

He had been too careless. He had thought that Mu had left behind the Space-Time River as a last resort because she was hiding some kind of mysterious technique, so he had not tried to dodge or resist when the wave crashed down. He had wanted to explore it, but he had never imagined that after being swallowed by the wave, such a strange place would appear.

In the blink of an eye, he had landed in a jungle. The branches of the trees he had knocked off had slightly slowed his fall, but they were unable to completely stop him.

A moment later, with a loud bang, Yang Kai fell to the ground, his head smashing into the solid ground.

The commotion disturbed the birds in the forest, leaving only a dead silence.

After a while, Yang Kai finally managed to straighten his posture, shook his head, and sat down on the ground.

It was nothing serious, just a little dizzy, probably because he had entered this unknown space and not because he had fallen.

He only realized now that he had the body of a Divine Dragon. Although he couldn’t use the power of the Dragon Vein right now, his skin was quite thick, so no matter how high he fell, it was impossible for him to die.

However, due to the sudden change just now, his strength was greatly suppressed and he was unable to react.

What kind of damned place was this? Yang Kai frowned and looked around, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The only thing he could confirm now was that he was in Mu’s Space-Time River, but the fact that it contained such a world surprised Yang Kai.

His Space-Time River did not have such mysteries.

From the looks of it, the images he had seen outside Mu’s Space-Time River were not some images, but the reflection of the world…

The Endless River, Universe World…

Yang Kai suddenly came to a realization and wished he could go into seclusion and meditate.

However, now was not the time to think about such things. The place he had appeared in seemed to be quite restless. Although his cultivation was currently restricted and his Divine Sense was suppressed in his Consciousness Sea, leaving him with only an insignificant amount of strength, after so many years of adventuring, he still keenly felt that he was not the only one in this jungle!

An inexplicable murderous intent was surging, and in the dark, numerous pairs of eyes were staring at him.

Yang Kai lowered his eyes slightly, quietly examining his strength.

“One day, the sky will split open and a person will descend from the sky, igniting the glory of the light, tearing apart the seal of darkness, defeating the final enemy!”

Somewhere in the jungle, a man stared in the direction of Yang Kai and muttered under his breath, his face gradually filling with an indescribable fervor.

There were two other people standing beside him, listening to his words and looking at Yang Kai who was covered in dirt, their faces filled with excitement.

“You take him with you, I’ll cover your retreat!” The person who spoke quickly made a decision. After giving his orders, he gripped his long sword tightly and rushed forward.

The remaining two followed closely behind.

When the three of them moved, the hidden murderous intent in the jungle suddenly surged, and in a hidden corner of the jungle, people began to gather.

Yang Kai raised his head and looked at the man who was rushing towards him with his sword, his brow slightly raised.

After this brief examination, Yang Kai had already determined the level of his current cultivation. Originally at the Ninth Order Open Heaven, but he could only use his True Element cultivation!

What a ridiculous suppression.

The Dao of Cultivation was from the Tempered Body, and above it was the Initial Element, Qi Transformation, Separation and Reunion, True Element, and Immortal Ascension…

When he was still in the Central Capital World, his cultivation was more than the True Element Stage, but now he was actually suppressed by this world.

No wonder he couldn’t even use his Divine Sense, he hadn’t reached the Immortal Ascension stage!

Only when a cultivator reached the Immortal Ascension stage would they be able to produce Divine Sense.

The one who was rushing towards him was a young man who looked like he was only thirty years old. His face was filled with determination and there was a long scar on his cheek, making him look like he had just walked through the gates of hell.

His cultivation level was only at the True Element stage, but his killing intent was extremely strong. Using his profound movement technique, he rushed out from his hiding place and arrived in front of Yang Kai in a few steps.

Yang Kai looked at him but didn’t move.

Because he could sense that this young man’s killing intent wasn’t directed towards him. When he rushed towards him, although his expression was fierce, his eyes were filled with worry and urgency.

They don't even know each other, why would this guy worry about him?

Behind this young man were two other young men who seemed to be in the same group.

In the blink of an eye, the scar-faced young man thrust his sword towards Yang Kai’s direction. With a loud clang, a sharp arrow from the darkness was deflected.

Immediately after, the scarred man passed by Yang Kai and stood behind him, his long sword dancing and transforming into a sword curtain.

A series of crisp sounds rang out as countless arrows were blocked, all of them aimed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was baffled!

He had suddenly appeared in this damned place and had even been caught up in a storm. One side was protecting him while the other wanted to kill him.

Who had he offended?

Then again, what was the situation with Mu’s Space-Time River?

At this moment, his heart was filled with confusion.

“Hurry up and leave, I can’t hold them off for long!” The scarred man’s shout interrupted Yang Kai’s thoughts.

At this moment, the two people who had rushed out with him picked up Yang Kai who was sitting on the ground, while the one on the left hurriedly said, “Holy Child, please follow us!”


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Jun 30, 2023

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Right on que. When Yang Kai gets overpowered, he enters a new world where he is weak. Time for another leveling up arc!


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kiznaive 28
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🤔 I wonder 🤔

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