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However, when a large number of Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse appeared, Mo Na Ye’s heart wavered. He didn’t know if the Supreme's Clone could still protect itself against such a method.

However, there was no time for him to think about this now. His battle with Mi Jinglun had already fallen into a disadvantageous position, and if he were to be distracted again, he would likely die, so he could only put away his distracting thoughts.

On the other side, more than two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse, under Yang Kai’s command, rushed towards the Ink Giant Spiritual God. These Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse were all burly, but in front of this Ink Giant Spiritual God, they were as small as ants.

This scene was like a swarm of ants besieging an elephant. The Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse clung to the various parts of the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body, tightly gripping it with their hands and feet.

Yang Kai stretched out his hands, the Sun and Moon Marks on the back of his hand releasing a dazzling light that had never been seen before. Clenching his fists, he shouted, “Explode!”

Under the guidance of the Sun and Moon Marks, all of the Eighth Order Small Stone Race released a yellow and blue light. This light seemed to flow from the bodies of these Small Stone Race powerhouse and was extremely pure and rich in Yin and Yang forces.

As if a drop of dazzling light had fallen into a pool of clear water, the light quickly transformed into a halo of light that connected with each other and covered the entire sky.

In just three breaths of time, the yellow and blue colors had disappeared, replaced by a pure white light.

The pure white light wasn’t too dazzling at first, but after a moment of collapse and contraction, it suddenly spread outwards.

The entire vast battlefield was instantly enveloped in a brilliant light. Regardless of the cultivation level of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan, even those at the level of the Royal Lord and Ninth Order, all of them were blinded by this light.

The chaotic battlefield suddenly became silent for a moment, as if time had stopped.

The extremely pure white light burst out, piercing through the void and illuminating the depths of the Ink Battlefield.

When the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was destroyed, the explosion of the purifying light was like the light of a firefly compared to the bright moon.

Since the Human Race had mastered the power to use the Light of Purification to suppress the Ink Force, there had never been such a massive eruption of Light of Purification.

This was the result of Yang Kai sacrificing a total of two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race powerhouse. Even Yang Kai himself couldn’t predict how terrifying it would be.

On a battlefield near the source of the purifying light, there was a large number of Black Ink Clan soldiers guarding this defensive line, but after the light burst out, in just a few breaths of time, a large number of Black Ink Clan auras on this defensive line withered, and those who were lucky enough to survive had their auras greatly decreased.

The eruption of two thousand Eighth Order Small Stone Race’s Light of Purification caused this defensive line to collapse.

The other war zones were more or less affected by the purifying light, and almost all of the Black Ink Clan members who had been infected by the purifying light had suffered a certain degree of loss in strength.

After a dozen breaths of time, the dazzling light gradually faded away, and the strange silence was broken by the sounds of slaughter and chaos. The Black Ink Clan members who were unable to escape were all howling in pain as the Ink Force on their bodies leaked out uncontrollably, as if they had accidentally fallen into a pot of oil…

Seeing this, how could the Human Race army, which had been attacking with all their might, miss such a good opportunity? The Purifying Light was a great threat to the Black Ink Clan, but it had no effect on the Human Race. Originally, the Black Ink Clan army had been desperately trying to resist, but now that the Human Race’s armies had obtained such an opportunity, they easily broke through one defensive line after another and defeated the Black Ink Clan army.

Yang Kai himself hadn’t expected that after using this trump card against the Ink Giant Spiritual God, it had somehow changed the course of the war, reducing the casualties of countless Human Race soldiers.

At this moment, Yang Kai wasn’t paying attention to the battlefield between the two armies. Instead, he turned his head towards a certain spot in the sky where a massive creature was standing. It was none other than the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

This Ink Giant Spiritual God had originally come from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and had been suppressed by Smiles and Wu Qing for thousands of years. Yang Kai had dealt with it several times.

It had never looked directly at Yang Kai because from its perspective, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, he was just an ant. Whether it was a stronger ant or a weaker ant, it made no difference to it.

But now, it finally had to face this ant that it had ignored, because this ant actually has the ability to injure it, even though it had borrowed an external force.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the arm and thigh of this Ink Giant Spiritual God, and what he saw was that the arm had been torn apart and one of its legs had disappeared. Ink blood as thick as lava spurted out from the giant wound, as if two ink blood fountains had appeared in the void.

As for its lost arm, it was now held tightly in A' Da’s arms, and its lost thigh was also twisted between its legs.

The moment the Light of Purification burst out, this guy chose to escape with his broken tail!

Yang Kai frowned slightly. From the wounds on this Ink Giant Spiritual God's arms and thighs, he could tell that this injury was caused by its own initiative. Because it was unable to escape from A' Da’s grasp, it had no choice but to use this decisive method to regain its freedom.

Yang Kai secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, when he summoned the Eighth Order Small Stone Race, he had allowed them to attach themselves to the Ink Giant Spiritual God's body. Otherwise, it really might have been able to avoid the most direct impact of the purifying light.

Although the full power of the Light of Purification is reduced, it had lost an arm and a leg, and Yang Kai could clearly feel that its aura had weakened greatly.

Although it had broken its own arm and leg to escape from A' Da’s grasp, the Light of Purification still played a big role. This could be seen from the rich Ink Force that was constantly being emitted from its body.

Such Ink Giant Spiritual God was no longer the terrifying and despairing Supreme Master from before.

Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear. The power of the Great Dao surged as he summoned the Space-Time River. The long river coiled around the spear, giving it a strange spirituality.

“A’ Da, let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted lightly as he raised his spear, his aura rising steadily. After holding back for so many years, he could finally display his strength without any scruples. Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy, feeling as if he had broken free from a shackle and regained his freedom.

“Good!” A' Da nodded.

Immediately after, it grabbed the arm and leg that its opponent had thrown away and used them as its own weapons, smashing them towards the void, shattering it and causing the surrounding space to tremble!

Yang Kai turned his head with great difficulty and stared at A' Da, who was gradually disappearing into the distance, his rising momentum nearly deflating.

“Where is it? I can’t see!” A’ Da’s thunderous voice shook the void as his eyes turned white.

Being enveloped by the Light of Purification at such a close distance, although it did not cause much damage to A' Da, it was unable to see him for a moment, so how could it know where his opponent was?

Before Yang Kai could guide him, a great crisis had already enveloped him. Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and saw the Ink Giant Spiritual God lift its remaining hand and send it towards him.

The giant hand covered the sky, seemingly slow but actually incredibly fast, and the moment it came down, Yang Kai felt as if the space around him had frozen.

The power of this strike was absolutely terrifying, and Yang Kai could clearly see the space around the giant hand collapse.

Unable to avoid this attack, Yang Kai shouted and thrust his spear forward, causing the Space-Time River to tremble and the power of the Great Dao to spread out, breaking through the seal of space. Yang Kai’s spear became one with his body and transformed into a stream of light that shot towards the giant hand.

Before he could even make contact with it, Yang Kai felt a burst of overwhelming power rush towards him. Yang Kai felt as if he had crashed into an invisible barrier, and his body shook violently as his lightning-fast momentum was blocked. His body went from extreme motion to extreme stillness as he spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

At this moment, the giant hand which had obscured his vision suddenly closed in, seemingly ready to crush him to death.

The big hand clenched tightly, and a stream of light shot out from the gap between its fingers, at this critical moment, Yang Kai hurriedly escaped.

The World Force surged as the power of the Great Dao surged. Yang Kai’s figure transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot upwards like a lightning dragon following the other party’s outstretched arm.

Since he had borrowed the Universe World's power to cultivate in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had never used his full strength, because he had always been concealing his true strength in order to avoid Mo Na Ye discovering any clues, so he didn’t know what would happen if he used his full strength.

Until now!

Facing the Ink Giant Spiritual God alone, he no longer held back.

In the Small Universe, a vast amount of energy was constantly pouring out. The increase in his cultivation seemed to have allowed him to display the power of his Great Dao in a more relaxed manner. He had never felt such a powerful force before, and it even gave him the illusion that even if he stood in front of Black Ink's true body, he would be able to pierce a hole through his body…

Fast, his speed was indescribable.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had already followed the arm of the Ink Giant Spiritual God to its neck. After hesitating for a moment between transforming into a dragon and maintaining his original form, Yang Kai chose the latter. The long spear in his hand stabbed towards the neck of the Ink Giant Spiritual God.

A roar rang out, the pain in the Ink Giant Spiritual God's eyes became even more intense.

Originally, it had been injured by the Light of Purification and had even lost an arm and a leg, but now that it was being attacked by Yang Kai again, it felt even more unbearable.

When the spear image dissipated, countless wounds appeared on the neck of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, each one of which was filled with ink blood. The power of three thousand Great Daos lingered around the wound, making it a gruesome sight.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, couldn’t help letting out a snort. His attacks were quite powerful, and any Royal Lord who suffered such a direct blow would likely die on the spot, but facing such a massive creature like the Ink Giant Spiritual God, it was still quite a sight to behold.


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