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On the battlefield, as the Small Stone Race army continued to attack, the situation became more unfavorable for the Black Ink Clan. Many of the defensive lines had been torn apart, and the Human Race army took advantage of this opportunity to attack the Black Ink Clan, forcing them to retreat.

On the battlefield of high-level combatants, the Pseudo-Royal Lords could still hold on, but when Yang Kai used Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability to suddenly appear behind one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords and used the Space-Time River to drag the Pseudo-Royal Lord into the long river, after the other two Pseudo-Royal Lords were swept over, they lost their will to fight.

Mo Na Ye adjusted his strategy at the right time, and as he issued one order after another, the various Pseudo-Royal Lords and the Black Ink Clan’s army began to shrink their defensive lines once more, using this opportunity to resist the combined forces of the Small Stone Race and the Human Race.

Setting aside the effects of this attack, at the very least, once the space they could use became smaller, the movements of the Human Race army would become even more restricted.

This was because they had no way of coordinating effectively with the Small Stone Race’s army. Before this, the Human Race had been able to follow behind the Small Stone Race’s army and play dirty tricks, but once the defensive line shrank, if the Human Race’s army were to advance recklessly, it was highly likely they would be disrupted by the Small Stone Race.

The disadvantages of the Small Stone Race acting on instinct were completely exposed, but this was to be expected. Compared to the benefits brought by the Small Stone Race’s army, these disadvantages could only be endured.

At the same time, the losses suffered by the Small Stone Race army were shocking.

They had no intelligence and acted purely on instinct, and because all of the Small Stone Race were born from absorbing the Yang and Yin Force, their perception of the Ink Force was extremely sharp. When Yang Kai first obtained the first batch of Small Stone Race, he had already discovered this characteristic.

On the battlefield, as long as the Small Stone Race noticed the existence of the Ink Force, they would be like cats smelling a fishy scent and would immediately swarm forward to fight to the death.

Under such circumstances, the advancement of the Small Stone Race’s army would inevitably result in a large number of casualties.

Yang Kai broke out of the No-Return Pass and rushed to Pure Yang Pass. By the time he arrived, the Small Stone Race army had lost about ten percent of their forces, but after only a moment, when he charged into the battlefield from Pure Yang Pass, ten percent had already become thirty percent.

If this situation continued, these hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race members wouldn’t last more than half a day.

If the Small Stone Race were to be refined and controlled by the Human Race’s soldiers, it would be impossible for such a situation to occur. However, this time, Yang Kai had brought out too many Small Stone Race from the Chaotic Dead Terrtory, so many that even if each Human Race soldier was given a few, they wouldn’t be able to use all of them. Rather than allowing the Small Stone Race to remain idle, it would be better to send a group into the battlefield to catch the Black Ink Clan off guard.

From the looks of it, although the losses suffered by the Small Stone Race’s army were heavy, the results were extremely good. The Black Ink Clan had never imagined that such a variable would appear in the second round of the Human Race’s invasion on the No-Return Pass. Without any preparation, all of their previous arrangements and responses had failed to achieve the desired effect.

Without any strategy, the Small Stone Race army that only knew how to charge forward and kill their enemies couldn’t last long. Mi Jinglun had naturally noticed this long ago, so when he felt that the time was right, he ordered his troops to retreat.

The Human Race army slowly retreated in an orderly fashion, and during this entire process, the Black Ink Clan could only watch helplessly as the enemy swaggered off, unable to chase after them like last time, because there were still many small Stone Race soldiers that had yet to be killed. If they didn’t kill all of them, there was no way they could leave to No-Return Pass.

As such, when the Human Race army retreated this time, they didn’t even need to cover their retreat.

While the Human Race army was retreating from the battlefield, Yang Kai had already charged into the No-Return Pass. Under the watchful eyes of a group of Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lords, he swaggered into the Domain Gate and returned to the Spatial Territory.

This scene was imprinted into Mo Na Ye’s eyes, causing his already unpleasant mood to worsen.

Previously, Yang Kai had summoned two million Small Stone Race masters, instantly killed several Pseudo-Royal Lords, injured Di Ya Luo, and then released a hundred million Small Stone Race soldiers. Under such circumstances, no one could guarantee that he would have more Small Stone Race soldiers on his side, or rather, he definitely had many more. Combined with his own strength, who would dare stop him?

Even Mo Na Ye didn’t dare to face him head-on. Yang Kai hadn’t done much on his way back to the Spatial Territory, so Mo Na Ye was already thanking the heavens.

It wasn’t until the Human Race army had disappeared from their sight and Yang Kai had returned to the Spatial Territory that the Black Ink Clan’s forces finally retaliated in anger, completely wiping out the Small Stone Race army that had tried to break through the encirclement. Of course, they also paid a price.

At this point, the Human Race’s second battle against the No-Return Pass had come to an end. For the Black Ink Clan, the result of this battle was even worse than the last.

Last time, the Human Race had used the Universe World's offensive tactics to catch the Black Ink Clan off guard, causing them to suffer heavy losses.

Although the effects of the Universe World's attack had been reduced, Yang Kai’s Small Stone Race army had become a powerful force, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer even greater losses than before.

At the last moment of the last great battle, the Black Ink Clan had chased after them, barely managing to save some face, but this time they had not even been able to kill them.

The No-Return Pass is surrounded by a thick Ink Force, a gray atmosphere filled every inch of space, filled with despair and anxiety.

What made the Black Ink Clan feel even more desperate and anxious was that the Human Race would launch a third and fourth great war. From the results of the previous two great wars, sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan would lose control of the No-Return Pass. At that time, the fate of the entire Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass would be bleak.

Thousands of years ago, when the Black Ink Clan’s army broke out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and invaded the Spatial Territory and the 3000 Worlds, all of them were in high spirits. All of them felt that the 3000 Worlds were now in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, and the great task of unifying the Heavens would soon be completed.

However, thousands of years later, the Black Ink Clan was trapped in the No-Return Pass, and the Human Race’s momentum soared…

After the great battle, many Pseudo-Royal Lords sought out Mo Na Ye and told him their thoughts, asking him what they should do in the future. Some of the Pseudo-Royal Lords also tried to persuade Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu to lead the existing Black Ink Clan into the depths of the Void. After all, it was not a good idea to just passively take a beating. If they were to retreat from the No-Return Pass and escape into the Void, they might have a chance to survive.

Without exception, all of the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had proposed this idea were scolded by Mo Na Ye, and after several attempts, the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had doubts in their hearts didn’t dare raise any objections.

In truth, they also knew that if they leave the No-Return Pass, the situation of the Black Ink Clan would become even worse.

In the Spatial Territory, the Space-Time River had evolved into a pure River of Time. With a thirty-fold difference in the flow of time, Yang Kai was able to refine the various materials he had obtained from Mi Jinglun at a terrifying speed, slowly and steadily increasing his strength.

The battle was pressing and he didn’t have much time to cultivate, so naturally he was eager to improve his strength.

On the other side, in the temporary camp of the Human Race, after a great battle, the soldiers were all recuperating and refining the Small Stone Race that had been distributed to them. The few Holy Spirits who controlled the Sun and Moon Marks have the most number of them, each of them having tens of thousands of them. Because of the power of the Sun and Moon Marks, they were able to control the Small Stone Race to a certain extent and didn’t need to spend any effort to refine them in advance.

With these Small Stone Race, it could be said that each of these Holy Spirits would be able to form an army on their own, and in the following battles, they would be able to display extraordinary effects in certain battlefields.

At the same time, outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the huge Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion stood in the void, facing the tear in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

During the Human Race’s first expedition, this gap had been opened by Cang, who had been stationed here all those years ago, mainly to alleviate the increasing pressure from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. However, at that time, Black Ink had also been prepared to use this opportunity to escape, causing the situation to nearly spiral out of control. In the end, he had used the trump card left behind by Mu to force Black Ink into a deep sleep, allowing Cang to seal the opening again.

However, in that great battle, due to the lack of intelligence on the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race suffered a great loss. Under the pincer attack of two Ink Giant Spiritual God, they suffered heavy casualties and had no choice but to retreat.

It was also after that battle that Cang, who had been guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction alone for hundreds of thousands of years, had fallen.

It was difficult to imagine how this Human Race ancestor had lived through hundreds of thousands of years of loneliness. To him, dying was perhaps a form of release.

However, in the end, the future generations had to take on the burdens and expectations of their ancestors. Later, Yang Kai brought Wu Kuang to this place and had him guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, then arranged for the Withdrawing Black Ink Army and Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion to be stationed here. After making all the necessary preparations, Wu Kuang tore open the gap again. This method was also to relieve the pressure of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, because inside the Heavenly Beginning Greaat Restriction, Black Ink’s strength was constantly increasing. Wu Kuang’s strength was ultimately inferior to Cang’s, so he was unable to forcefully suppress it and could only use this method to relieve the pressure.

However, after tearing it this time, there was no way to close it again. The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been set up for too long, and after tearing it several times, it had still caused some irreparable damage.

Fortunately, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was stationed outside the gap. After the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was stationed here, they had fought countless battles with the Black Ink Clan master who had rushed out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Although the situation had nearly spiraled out of control several times, Wu Kuang and the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had worked together to resolve the crisis.

As Wu Kuang’s cultivation increased, his mastery of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction became more proficient.

In terms of cultivation speed, no one in this world could compare to Wu Kuang.

When Yang Kai had sent him to this place, he had only been an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, but now, his cultivation may be higher than Yang Kai’s.

[MSN: He was a Seventh Order actually.]

With the Heaven Devouring Battle Law complemented by the Stainless Golden Lotus and the inexhaustible pure power of Black Ink, Wu Kuang’s cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds ever since he had arrived here. His cultivation had quickly risen from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order and continued to rise.

His control over the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction continued to increase, and the biggest advantage brought from this is that the Withdrawing Black Ink Army have to face fewer battle.


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