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When the news of the great victory at the frontline and the defeat of the Black Ink Clan spread, the entire Human Race was overjoyed.

After the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race had no choice but to carry out a great migration plan. The Human Race from the various Great Domains left their homes and abandoned their homeland and ancestral heritage, forced to relocate to the High Heaven Territory.

This was the pain of the entire race, as well as the shame of the entire Human Race.

However, before they could recover from this pain and humiliation, what awaited them was a war that concerned the survival of their race. The Human Race had been trapped in more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields, constantly fighting against the Black Ink Clan, and thousands of years had passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, the entire race endured the humiliation and focused on accumulating their strength.

A few hundred years ago, the Universe Furnace suddenly appeared, triggering a stalemate between the two races and declaring that the war between the two races had erupted. Relying on their knowledge of the Universe Furnace, the Human Race managed to turn the situation around and recover many lost lands.

However, when the Black Ink Clan truly began to exert their strength, the war once again fell into a stalemate. No one knew how long the war would last, and no one knew if they would be able to witness the final victory in their lifetime.

No one had expected victory to come so suddenly!

War reports were sent out from the Head Office Division, announcing to all the clansmen who had been left behind to guard the rear. In these reports, everyone saw the number of soldiers who had killed the enemy, saw the progress of recovering the lost territory, everyone could see the dawn finally came.

In just a few short months, the twelve great armies had completely routed the enemy forces on their respective battlefields, and the Chi Huo Army had almost completely wiped their enemy.

The entire race celebrated!

Another half a year later, the large-scale battle was over. The Human Race’s twelve main armies spread out and spread out in all directions to search for the Black Ink Clan remnants.

Until now, the 3000 worlds that had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan for thousands of years had been completely recovered by the Human Race!

In this war that concerned the future of the Human Race, everyone remembered a name.

Yang Kai!

The Star Boundary Great Emperor, the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, a new generation of Ninth Order Open Heaven.

It wasn’t until this moment that the people who had gathered all kinds of information finally understood why this war had ended so quickly.

Shockingly, it was Yang Kai himself who posed such a great threat to the Pseudo-Royal Lords, and his mastery of his Space Ability had even caused the Black Ink Clan to have no choice but to recall all the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been fighting outside the No-Return Pass.

Without the support of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, the Black Ink Clan army was like a toothless tiger that was easily defeated by the Human Race army.

Therefore, during this period of time, every place where Human Race lived was filled with the name of one person…

At this time, in the void outside the Head Office's Floating Continent, Yang Kai and Mi Jinglun stood side by side. The latter wore a puzzled expression, not knowing why Yang Kai had mysteriously dragged him out.

Since he had separated from Wu Qing that day, Yang Kai had been moving quickly while also searching for the Black Ink Clan’s routed army, so he had gained quite a bit. However, the Black Ink Clan’s routed army was currently scattered throughout the various Great Domains, and with the current situation, it was difficult to find all of them. Yang Kai’s strength alone was no longer of much use, so he had to leave this matter to the Human Race’s twelve main armies. Now that these twelve main armies were moving about in various Great Domains, they could occasionally find some hidden Black Ink Clan remnants.

It was likely that in just a few years, the remnants of the Black Ink Clan army in the 3000 Worlds would be completely cleaned up. At that time, the 3000 Worlds would be completely recovered.

Of course, to the Human Race, subduing the 3000 worlds has more symbolic meaning than being practical. Right now, the 3000 worlds were completely barren, with only floating continents floating in the void.

So even if they managed to recover all the 3000 worlds, those who had left their homeland would not be able to return. It had to be said that this was an extremely sad matter, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time searching for the remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s army and instead returned to the Head Office to find Mi Jinglun.

He had accumulated a lot of good stuff in his hands.

“Junior Brother, what do you want to do?” Mi Jinglun couldn’t help asking.

Yang Kai raised his brow at him, “Senior Brother, please calm down, I’ll show you something good.”

Saying so, Yang Kai reached into his robes, took out the ball compressed by the Space-Time River, and threw it out.

Mi Jinglun raised his eyes and looked over curiously, seeing the rich Great Dao power in the small Space-Time River. Even though he was currently a Ninth Order, he couldn’t help feeling amazed.

He could naturally sense the uniqueness of this Space-Time River and knew that although they were both Ninth Order, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Great Dao were far beyond his own.

The Space-Time River slowly rotated, like a loose ball of thread, expanding with each rotation, and the further it went, the larger it became.

A moment later, a massive figure appeared in Mi Jinglun’s field of vision.

Mi Jinglun was shocked.

In fact, when the object in front of him took shape, he had already recognized it, but he was not certain. It was only now that he was certain that what appeared in front of him was a complete mountain pass!

Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned back his Space-Time River, absorbing the power of the Great Dao into his body before turning to Mi Jinglun and asking, “Senior Brother, how about this item be used as the Head Office Division in the future?”

Mi Jinglun nodded with a complicated expression, “Good!”

Raising his hand, he grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and said, “Come, take a look inside with me.”

The two of them walked side by side towards the towering mountain pass and arrived at the foot of the city wall. Looking up at the mottled words, they fell silent.

This had once been a weapon used by the Human Race to resist the Black Ink Clan. Countless soldiers had poured their blood and sweat in front of this pass and fought to the death with the Black Ink Clan. After generations, the Black Ink Clan had been stopped in the Ink Battlefield.

Even though the void was silent, when they arrived in front of this great pass, they could still hear the sounds of the fierce battles that had taken place here. These were the struggles of the Human Race’s soldiers, the final sounds of their lives.

This mountain pass, like the other mountain passes, had stood tall in the Ink Battlefield for hundreds of thousands of years. It had led the Human Race’s army on an expedition to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but in the end, it was defeated and abandoned outside the No-Return Pass.

Now that it had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan, the Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t cherish it too much. Although the current mountain pass was still largely intact, the inside of the mountain pass was like a wasteland, with some messy traces left behind after the Ink Nest was removed.

The two figures walked around the mountain pass and soon arrived in front of a huge tablet. This was the Heroic Spirit Tablet that was used to record the names and origins of every Human Race soldier who died in battle.

This was the only trace left behind by the ancient sages in this world. After all, many of the Human Race’s soldiers had died in battle, leaving nothing behind.

Lifting his hand to wipe away the dust accumulated on the Heroic Spirit Tablet, Mi Jinglun let out a long sigh, “Junior Brother is too kind.”

With such a mountain pass, it would be much more convenient for the Head Office to act in the future, and there would be no need for them to remain in one place. Moreover, Mi Jinglun had also broken through to the Ninth Order, so with this mountain pass, he would be able to play a greater role in the future battles.

“It’s a pity I can't bring back more,” Yang Kai shook his head. The Black Ink Clan also knew the power of such a powerful mountain pass, so agreeing to let Yang Kai take one was already the limit. There was no way Mo Na Ye would agree to let him take more.

What’s more, Yang Kai didn’t have the ability to take another one.

“The Core of the Pure Yang Pass is not missing, right?” Yang Kai asked again.

Every mountain pass had its own core. After all, it wasn’t easy to operate such a huge mountain pass. After the Great Evolution Army took back the Great Evolution Pass, because they couldn’t find its core, it nearly dragged down the Human Race’s expedition. In the end, it was Yang Kai who went deep into the void and found the lost core.

Great Evolution Pass had a core, so Pure Yang Pass naturally had one as well. According to Yang Kai’s knowledge, when the Human Race had retreated to the Spatial Territory, all of the remaining core had been taken away.

Therefore, the core of Pure Yang Pass was most likely in the hands of the Human Race, but Yang Kai didn’t know who was keeping it.

“It’s not lost, the core of the various mountain passes are all with Senior Sister Smiles. We’ll find out after asking her later,” Mi Jinglun replied, suddenly feeling a headache coming on, “But repairing this thing will probably cost a lot of resources.”

When the Human Race had withdrawn from the No-Return Pass, not only had they taken away the core, but they had also taken away all the artifacts and spirit arrays they had set up on the mountain pass, as well as the ones they had failed to take away, lest they be used by the Black Ink Clan.

So at this moment, Pure Yang Pass was just an empty box, and if they wanted to display its full power, they would need to undergo a massive transformation. The amount of resources they would need was unimaginable, especially since the Human Race didn’t have enough resources.

Simply put, they were poor!

Yang Kai smiled, took out a large number of Space Rings, and said, “I forgot to tell Senior Brother that I brought not only Pure Yang Pass from the Black Ink Clan, but also these things.”

Mi Jinglun turned around and his eyes lit up, “How much?”

Yang Kai replied, “Less than twenty million materials equivalent to a fifth grade resource.”

Mi Jinglun was shocked, his eyes twitching as he asked, “The Black Ink Clan agreed to this?”

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s outstanding achievements over the years, Mi Jinglun would have suspected that he had some kind of shady deal with the Black Ink Clan. The amount of resources he had was simply too terrifying.

“That’s not up to them,” Yang Kai said as he tossed the Space Rings towards Mi Jinglun.

Mi Jinglun hurriedly took it and examined it, discovering that every space was filled to the brim.

With so many resources, he didn’t need to worry too much. Moreover, the Human Race’s twelve main armies had also seized a lot of resources. After all, the Black Ink Clan was a large resource-spending force, and every time the Black Ink Clan’s army marched forward, there would be a great number of resources stored up, all of which had basically become the spoils of war for the Human Race.

However, the fact that Yang Kai was able to rob so many resources from the Black Ink Clan was a bit unbelievable to Mi Jinglun. The fact that the Black Ink Clan was willing to agree to such an obvious task showed just how much they feared Yang Kai.


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