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In that kind of situation, he knew that there was no way he could escape from Yang Kai’s hands. Perhaps if he fought to the death, Yang Kai would have to pay a price, but it definitely wouldn’t be too high.

Unexpectedly, this Killing Star only teased him for a moment before hurriedly fleeing!

Why? Why…

The next moment, he knew why.

As soon as he stood up, an extremely fierce aura rushed towards him from behind. This aura was even stronger than the Ninth Order Yang Kai.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly turned his head and immediately saw the figure rushing towards him. He had felt this aura from afar before and had also seen this figure from a distance. Now that they had met again, it was still quite terrifying.

“Chaos Spirit King!” he shouted in panic.

In the blink of an eye, the Chaos Spirit King had closed in on him. The other party’s anger was as fierce as an erupting volcano, but he didn’t pay any attention to this Pseudo-Royal Lord who was blocking his path. It was as if he had just casually pushed aside a roadblock and casually punched him before brushing past him and chasing after the Human Race’s Killing Star.

“Huff…” His figure suddenly bent as he spat out a mouthful of Black Ink Blood, his aura greatly diminished as his Ink Force dissipated uncontrollably.

Even though it was just a casual strike, the might of the Chaos Spirit King’s attack was not to be underestimated. In addition, this Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord had just been struck by Yang Kai’s whip and was completely caught off guard.

Looking up, he saw the Chaos Spirit King’s figure gradually disappear from his field of vision, and as his mood fluctuated greatly, he couldn’t help laughing at Yang Kai misfortune.

Yang Kai was being pursued by the Chaos Spirit King!

No wonder he didn’t have time to pay attention to him just now. At this moment, he couldn’t help thinking about the old saying of the Human Race.

The wicked will be punished by the wicked!

'Isn’t Yang Kai very powerful? Hasn’t he already broken through to the Ninth Order? So what if he’s powerful? Facing an enraged Chaos Spirit King, all he can do is flee.'

In his heart, he prayed that the Chaos Spirit King would work hard and kill Yang Kai!

His smile had just bloomed when it suddenly froze on his face.

A series of ripples suddenly appeared in the air in front of him, as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake. As these ripples spread out, a figure appeared.

He seemed to have stepped out from another space and he is already close.

“You…” The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s expression suddenly changed. At this moment, he realized he had made a mistake.

“You seem to be very happy?” Yang Kai, who had just returned, asked curiously.

The other party didn’t answer and turned around to flee.

If he had wanted to fight to the death with Yang Kai just now, even if he had to die, he would have bitten off a piece of Yang Kai’s flesh. But now that he had been seriously injured by the Chaos Spirit King, this thought had disappeared.

Even when he was at his peak, it was impossible for him to be this Killing Star's opponent, let alone now when he was seriously injured.

He did it on purpose!

This Killing Star was definitely doing this on purpose!

His actions just now had only been to use the hands of the Chaos Spirit King to weaken his strength and then use his Space Ability to launch a counterattack. He had no intention of letting him go.

From the beginning, he had wanted to kill him!

“What are you running for!?” Yang Kai shouted impatiently. The Chaos Spirit King had noticed his aura and had already changed directions to chase after him. If he didn’t want to fight with the Chaos Spirit King, he had to end this battle quickly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he activated his Space Principle, causing the surrounding space to suddenly become viscous, like a swamp, making it difficult for the Pseudo-Royal Lord to move.

With his spear out, Yang Kai charged forward.

A fierce aura rushed towards him from behind, forcing the Pseudo-Royal Lord to turn around and face it head-on. The last thing he saw was the spear tip expanding in his eyes!

Black Ink blood sprayed out as his head exploded. The two figures brushed past each other, but Yang Kai didn’t stop to rest as he quickly rushed forward. Behind him, the corpse of the Pseudo-Royal Lord remained in a defensive posture, silently complaining about his deceit.

A few breaths later, the pursuing Chaos Spirit King once again passed by this place and casually waved its fist. This time, the corpse blocking its path also exploded into dust.

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Thunder Shadow whispered to Fang Tianci, “Boss is too sinister.”

Fang Tianci said seriously, “In a battle against an enemy, there’s no such thing as being too sinister.”

With the main body's current strength, killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord wasn’t a difficult task, but he would still need to fight for a while. A Pseudo-Royal Lord could barely be considered an expert on the level of a Royal Lord, but because it was forged from the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Technique, it was difficult to display its full strength.

With an expert like the Chaos Spirit King chasing after him, it was naturally not wise to fight with a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

By borrowing the hands of the Chaos Spirit King to weaken the strength of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, he could easily turn the table and kill his opponent.

This time, Yang Kai was able to use this opportunity to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord easily.

Of course, it was only because the Chaos Spirit King’s intelligence was not high enough that it could do this. If it was a master with a normal mind, Yang Kai’s actions might not have been effective.

The pursuit continued.

The world inside the furnace world was in chaos.

Yang Kai didn’t have a clear direction. In any case, he was just hanging on to the Chaos Spirit King and running around the Universe Furnace world.

If he encountered a Black Ink Clan master, he could easily kill him, but if he encountered a Human Race, he would take a detour and warn them in advance to avoid being caught up in this storm.

His current strength might be slightly inferior to the Chaos Spirit King, but if he were to focus on escaping, the Chaos Spirit King would not be able to do anything to him. Unfortunately, this guy’s intelligence was not high, he was certain that Yang Kai had snatched the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and was chasing him relentlessly.

As time passed, the number of Black Ink Clan survivors he encountered decreased. Of course, they might have been killed, but the bigger reason was that the survivors were all hiding.

Right now, the situation in the Universe Furnace world was extremely unfavorable for the Black Ink Clan’s side. The Human Race had four Ninth Order Open Heaven masters, and they were scattered all over the world searching for traces of the Black Ink Clan’s masters in an attempt to exterminate them. The only Royal Lord on the Black Ink Clan’s side was still heavily injured and was nowhere to be found.

In this kind of situation, how could the Black Ink Clan still have the ability to resist the Human Race? Naturally, they would use various methods to conceal themselves and wait for the Universe Furnace world to close.

Although most of these masters knew that when the Universe Furnace closed, it would be another bloody battle, they had no other choice.

As time passed, Yang Kai became slightly disappointed.

There was no trace of Mo Na Ye, nor was there any trace of the other three Spirit Pills.

After all, the Universe Furnace world was quite vast. Perhaps there were some places he had yet to explore, or perhaps the three Spirit Pills had already been refined, or perhaps they had fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan or Human Race.

As for Mo Na Ye, if he wanted to hide, it wouldn’t be easy to find him.

There was no rush. Once the Universe Furnace was closed, he could teach Mo Na Ye a lesson and let him know what despair was.

During this trip to the Universe Furnace, the Human Race had not only defeated the Black Ink Clan’s masters, but had also given birth to four Ninth Order masters. Yang Kai also had a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill which he could take back to Mi Jinglun to refine. In short, this trip was worth it.

Until a certain moment, the Great Dao power in the void suddenly trembled, and the last remnants of the Primal Chaos rapidly disappeared.

The ninth Great Dao evolution had finally arrived!

After this time, the Universe Furnace should close soon.

As for the Chaos Spirit King who had been chasing after Yang Kai, it seemed to realize something and became even more agitated, increasing its speed.

However, from the moment it had chased after Yang Kai, it had not been able to close the distance between them. No matter how hard it tried, it was useless.

“Second Brother, take the helm!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.

Take the helm…

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Fang Tianci’s mouth twitched slightly.

What did his Boss think of this powerful physical body? However, after thinking about it carefully, it was quite appropriate to call the three brothers to be on this ship called the physical body.

Thinking so, Fang Tianci did not hesitate and immediately took over his body.

However, he didn’t take over all of it, mainly because Yang Kai still occupied the majority of his physical body, so he couldn’t fully control it.

It wasn’t that Yang Kai was on guard against him, but rather that he needed to divert his attention. Fang Tianci only needed to control his body to avoid the pursuit of the Chaos Spirit King and didn’t need much control.

The exchange between them was extremely smooth. From an outsider’s point of view, it was impossible to see any changes in Yang Kai. He was still fleeing at top speed, and the Chaos Spirit King chasing after him was completely helpless.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai was completely focused on sensing the changes in his surroundings.

When the Universe Furnace world’s Ninth Great Dao evolved, the power of the Great Dao in the void shook violently, completely completing the evolution of the Primal Chaos into the Myriad Great Dao. At this moment, it was finally reaching perfection.

At this moment, Yang Kai also summoned his own Space-Time River and activated his own Great Dao, blending it together and deriving endless mysteries.

Inside the small Space-Time River, the power of Myriad Great Dao gathered, and under Yang Kai’s control, the various Great Daos constantly merged and transformed into the Five Elements.

The Five Elements Great Daos were still mutually suppressing each other, rapidly transforming into Yin and Yang.

As Yin and Yang alternated, time and space twisted and became chaotic.

All Great Daos converge into one, ultimately becoming chaos!

This was a mystery Yang Kai had comprehended from the Endless River, and at this moment, with the help of his own Great Dao, he had thoroughly confirmed this point.

At this moment, the Space-Time River hovering around him was no longer the Space-Time River, but a Chaotic River.

When this Chaotic River completely stabilized, a sudden change occurred.

As if a drop of water had been poured into a boiling hot pot, the Great Dao power of the entire Universe Furnace world began to shake violently, and the Endless River that hrun through the entire Universe Furnace world also began to surge violently.


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Vamporace F
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I know Big head Mi needs the pill for the battle strategy etc, but I really hope good girl Su Yan gets it instead ❤️

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