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After walking out of the cave mansion, Fang Tian Ci’s mood soared. After cultivating for two thousand years, he would have to step onto the battlefield and fight with the Black Ink Clan. He secretly made up his mind to not let down the Dao Master’s favor and not disgrace the reputation of the Void Dojo.

Suddenly, he remembered that the answer he wanted when he came here was still not answered, the Dao Master did not tell him if the World Tree exist because of his Small Universe or not.

But soon, he couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head. There was no need to dwell on this matter any longer. After a long discussion with the Dao Master, he had a vague grasp of his future direction. As long as he continued to advance in this direction, he could quickly become stronger.

Not to mention, the Dao Master had given him many gifts.

Hua Qing Si was still waiting outside when Fang Tian Ci came up to her and cupped his fists, “Thank you for your trouble, Head Manager.”

Hua Qing Si smiled and shook her head, “No worries.”

“May I ask which Great Domain Battlefield this Disciple is heading to?”

Hua Qing Si said, “There’s no rush, I have something I want to ask you.”

“Please explain, Head Manager.”

“Palace Master… Your Dao Master is proficient in three Great Dao. One is the Dao of Space, second is the Dao of Time, and third is the Dao of Spear. You should know this.”

Fang Tian Ci nodded. In the entire Void World, anyone with some cultivation would know that these three Great Daos had extremely rich Dao marks.

“Do you cultivate any of these three Great Daos?” Hua Qing Si asked.

Fang Tian Ci replied, “I cultivate all three of them.”

Hua Qing Si was stunned, “You cultivated all three?”

Over the years, she had come into contact with many disciples from the Void Dojo. It could be said that at least one of ten people had reached a certain level of attainment in one of these three Great Daos, while a small number of people who had dabbled in two.

She had never seen someone like Fang Tian Ci who cultivate all three Great Daos.

No wonder the Palace Master was willing to see him even though he was recuperating. It seemed like the Palace Master valued this Fang Tian Ci greatly.

“Then do you know how high your attainments in these three Great Daos are?”

Fang Tian Ci hesitated slightly, not knowing how to respond.

Hua Qing Si pursed her lips and smiled, “It's fine, come with me.” She knew this was not an easy question to answer.

Saying so, she led the way, Fang Tian Ci following closely behind.

Not long after, the two of them arrived at a secret place behind High Heaven Palace. In front of them, three palaces stood side by side. Fang Tian Ci focused his attention and vaguely felt that there was some kind of mysterious power fluctuating within these three palaces.

Hua Qing Si explained, “This is the Secret Realms that the Palace Master specifically left for you disciples who came from the Void Dojo. This Secret Realms corresponds to the Space Principle, Time Principle, and Spear Principle respectively. If someone inherits his comprehension of these three Great Daos, they will be able to enter the Secret Realm and also test their accomplishment in thse Great Daos.”

Fang Tian Ci's eyes lit up when he heard this. This was obviously an extremely good thing left behind for the Star Boundary by the Dao Master. If one enter to cultivate, they would gain something.

“Testing the Great Daos accomplishments?”

Hua Qing Si nodded, “In the past, there were no specific rules or standards for the Great Dao accomplishments, but now, the Palace Master has created a set of rules for dividing the levels, which is recognized by most people.”

Fang Tian Ci became interested, “What is this rule?”

Qing Si explained, “This rules is based on the 9 Ranks of Open Heaven Stage. There are nine layers, the first layer is the beginning and ninth layer is the end. In Order; superficial knowledge, get a glimpse of the door, entering the door, familiar with it, mastered, outstanding, technical champion, peaked, superb, and shaking the ancient and dazzling the present. Generally speaking, those who are able to condense their Dao Seals with their own Great Dao are all at the level of getting a glimpse at the door, which is the second layer. If they are successfully promoted to Open Heaven Stage, then they had entered the door, which is the third layer.”

Fang Tian Ci silently calculated for a moment and was secretly shocked. By condensing one Dao Seal, they will be able to reach the Second Layer, and when breaking through to the Open Heaven Stage, one would be able to reach the Third Layer. He couldn’t help wondering how far the Dao Master had walked on these three Great Daos, and what level was he at?

Moreover, the further one progressed, the more profound and difficult it would be to comprehend.

“The three Secret Realms correspond to the three Great Daos. Entering the space inside, passing one level represents a level. When you reach your limit, it will determine how high your Great Dao achievements is,” Hua Qing Si explained.

Fang Tian Ci nodded, “Disciple understands.”

“Which Secret Realm do you want to enter first?” Hua Qing Si looked at him.

Fang Tian Ci replied, “Space Secret Realm.”

Hua Qing Si pointed to the hall on the far left and said, “This is the Space Secret Realm. You may enter, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Fang Tian Ci bowed and walked into the hall, Hua Qing Si quietly waiting outside.

In the past, Yang Kai had left behind three Secret Realms here, and this hall had been built later by High Heaven Palace. Over the years, many disciples from the Void Dojo had come here to gain experience, all thanks to Yang Kai’s blessings and achievements in the three Great Dao.

Even some of the Dragon and Phoenix Clan members were interested in the Time and Space Secret Realms.

This Secret Realm was not just a place to test one’s attainments in the Great Dao, it was also an extremely good place to train. Hua Qing Si had never entered it before, so she didn’t know how profound it was. However, she was certain that the Palace Master must have left behind many of his own insights in it, allowing others to pass through the various stages and obtain great benefits for those who cultivated these three Great Daos.

After waiting for half a month, Fang Tian Ci walked out of the hall in high spirits.

Without stopping, he entered the hall where the Time Secret Realm was located.

Half a month later, Fang Tian Ci entered the Spear Secret Realm.

After he walked out of the third hall, Hua Qing Si could clearly feel that his aura had become much more stable. Although his cultivation hadn’t increased much, his true strength had probably increased significantly.

“Head Manager, I’ve made you wait for a long time,” Fang Tian Ci bowed, a look of joy appearing on his face. This time, he had obtained a great harvest from the three Secret Realms, but this time he had already reached his limit. After cultivating for a few more years and gaining a deeper understanding of the Great Daos, he was confident he could pass even more trials.

Hua Qing Si shook her head, “How many stages did you pass in the Space Secret Realm?”

Fang Tian Ci replied, “Disciple is incompetent and is stuck at the sixth level.”

Hua Qing Si was slightly surprised. Passing through five level just after breaking through to Open Heaven? This had never happened before. Over the years, there had been many disciples who had walked out of the Void Dojo and cultivated the Space Principle, but the best result these disciples had achieved in their first attempt was only the fourth level. In other words, they were quite familiar with it.

However, Fang Tian Ci had mastered the Space Great Dao.

One shouldn’t look down on the one level differences. With one level more, the limit of one’s achievements in the future would be vastly different. This was the same principle as cultivating in the Open Heaven Stage.

'The First Disciple of the Palace Master, Zhao Yebai, was only at the sixth level when he first came here, right?'

Hua Qing Si secretly felt that it was a pity. This Fang Tian Ci was definitely a promising talent, but it was a pity that he had broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. If he had broken through to the Seventh Order on that day, his achievements in the future wouldn’t have been any worse than the Palace Master’s three disciples.

Great Dao attainments were different from cultivation. As long as one’s cultivation was not at their limit, they could slowly accumulate it with time and resources.

However, Great Dao attainments required comprehension. If one’s comprehension was insufficient, no matter how high their cultivation was, they would not be able to walk far on their own Great Dao.

Hua Qing Si was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so how could she not understand this principle?

Originally, she only wanted to ask about Fang Tian Ci’s attainments in the Space Great Dao, but Hua Qing Si couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked, “What about the Time Secret Realm and Spear Secret Realm?”

Fang Tian Ci said nervously, “The Time Secret Realm is only at the fifth level, and the Spear Secret Realm is even worse, only at the fourth level.”

He had a look of shame on his face.

Hua Qing Si didn’t know what to say.

When she heard from Fang Tian Ci that he had cultivated the three Great Daos, she had thought that he mainly cultivated one, while the other two were only superficial knowledge.

But now it seemed that this was not the case.

This person’s attainments in the three Great Daos were not low!

One had to know that Fang Tian Ci had just broken through to the Sixth Order not long ago, yet he was already so accomplished. How could his achievements be low in the future?

His worst level, which is the Spear Principle, a fourth level was also a height that many disciples of the Void Dojo could not reach.

This fellow’s comprehension was so strong that Hua Qing Si almost suspected he was the Palace Master’s illegitimate son. Otherwise, even if he came from the Void World, there was no reason for him to have such a unique talent.

After taking a closer look, Hua Qing Si secretly shook her head. It seemed that Fang Tian Ci had no similarities to the Palace Master.

She couldn’t help laughing in surprise. What was she thinking? The Palace Master had so many wives, if he really wanted to continue his bloodline, why did he have to act so sneakily? After all these years, the Palace Master still had no descendants, so it was obvious he had no intention of being distract by a heir.

What she didn’t know was that this seemingly absurd idea was the closest to the truth.

Fang Tian Ci wasn’t an illegitimate child, but rather had a closer relationship than an illegitimate child. He is Yang Kai.

“Head Manager?” Fang Tian Ci called out. For some reason, the way the Head Manager looked at him was somewhat strange.

Hua Qing Si came back to her senses and put away the distracting thoughts in her mind before asking, “Don’t you have any particular Great Domain Battlefield that you want to go?”

Fang Tian Ci laughed and shook his head, “No, it doesn’t matter where Disciple go.”

“So it’s like that…” Hua Qing Si thought for a moment before saying, “Then you should go to the Mysterious Nether Territory. The Mysterious Nether Territory is under the Palace Master’s command in name, but because of some previous agreements, the Palace Master can’t act freely now, so he might as well not stay there.”

Fang Tian Ci didn’t hear about the agreement and only heard that Yang Kai was in charge of the Mysterious Nether Territory, so he immediately nodded happily, “Then I will go to the Mysterious Nether Territory.”

The Great Domain Battlefield that the Dao Master presided over had to be visited no matter what.

“En, if you’re willing, you can go to the Mysterious Nether Territory and find a little brat named Yang Xiao. His team is currently recruiting members who are proficient in Space Principle. Of course, you can consider this matter yourself, it’s not an order. In fact, no one on the Mysterious Nether Battlefield will specifically order you to do anything. Everything is up to you,” Hua Qing Si explained with a smile, thinking to herself; 'Little brat, I’ve already tried my best to help you. Whether or not you can stay alive will depend on your own ability.'


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I'm puzzled as to why Yang Xiao is recruiting people with Space talents? He himself is proficient in Time... I don't get it...

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Well she was born way before him also fang tianci is only old because he came from yang Kai's small universe where time flows 8x faster compared to the outside

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