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Li Xing grinned, “On the battlefield, injury is inevitable.”

In his heart, he sighed. Back in the Great Evolution Army, Yang Kai was the same as him, a Seventh Order. Moreover, Yang Kai's Seventh Order had much less seniority than him. But now, he was still a Seventh Order, while Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order.

Even further back, when Yang Kai first arrived at the Ink Battlefield, he was only a Sixth Order while he was already a Seventh Order.

Not only that, but his reputation made many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords even more fearful, and what had happened over the past few years had completely toppled Li Xing’s understanding.

He finally understood that sometimes, one person could change the overall situation.

In his heart, he felt somewhat regretful. Such an expert was only able to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage directly, and had no fate to be a Ninth Order master.

If he could advance to the Ninth Order, the Human Race’s chances of winning in the future would increase by at least thirty percent!

Restraining his thoughts, Li Xing said, “Sir Xiang Shan has ordered that if Sir emerges from seclusion, immediately go to the Meeting Hall. Sirs have important matters to discuss.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Understood.”

Inside the meeting hall, Yang Kai waited for a moment before a number of Eighth Order masters appeared and greeted Yang Kai. As they chatted, Xiang Shan also arrived.

After everyone sat down, Xiang Shan raised his hand and tossed a jade slip to Yang Kai, saying, “Before the meeting, take a look at this. These past few years, you’ve been in seclusion to recuperate and the situation on the various battlefields has changed somewhat.”

Yang Kai’s heart sank, thinking that something bad had happened. He quickly immersed himself in the jade slip’s contents, but soon his expression became strange.

Looking up at Xiang Shan, he asked, “What does the Black Ink Clan mean?”

Things did not develop in a bad direction as he had expected. On the contrary, over the years, the situation in the various Great Domain Battlefields had become more peaceful.

Leaving aside the peace negotiations with the Mysterious Nether Territory for now, the number of Human Race soldiers that had surged in was increasing.

On Twin Poles Territory's side, the Black Ink Clan’s army also remained motionless. Occasionally, there would be small skirmishes between them and the Human Race, but all of them were small-scale battles.

What made Yang Kai speechless was the situation in the other great domains.

There were a total of thirteen Great Domain Battlefields between the two races, with most of them being dominated by the Black Ink Clan. There were even a few Great Domains where the Human Race’s situation was not any better than that of the Twin Poles Territory’s defensive line.

However, after Yang Kai’s appearance three years ago, all of the Black Ink Clans in the Great Domain had retreated in unison.

In the past three years, there had only been a few small-scale battles, and these battles had been initiated by the Human Race.

That's all.

Excluding Mysterious Nether Territory, there is twelve Great Domain Battlefield. The Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan had sent people over to negotiate peace with the Human race. The method of negotiation is naturally based on the Mysterioius Nether Territory. The Eighth Order and Territory Lord will not interfere in the battle.

The Human Race’s attitude towards this matter was naturally joyful, but they didn’t know whether they should agree or not, so the Human Race’s Eighth Order sent this information to the Head Office Division to decide.

When Yang Kai saw this information, he was also stunned.

Now that Yang Kai had come out of seclusion and was preparing to kill a few more Territory Lords, it was no longer appropriate for him to stay in the Twin Poles Territory. After what had happened last time, the Territory Lord of the Twin Poles Territory must have taken precautions, but Yang Kai could still go to the other Great Domains, such as the Wolf Fang Territory, which was a good choice.

Who would have thought that the situation would develop like this?

No wonder those Eighth Order Human Race masters had looked at him meaningfully just now. The changes in the situation of the various Great Domain Battlefields were related to the battle he had fought three years ago.

“On the one hand, it should be because they fear your strength, but on the other hand, the Black Ink Clan must have seen through our intentions,” Xiang Shan said, “My Human Race needs to train our troops, and the Black Ink Clan probably needs it as well, so they decided to go with the flow.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “What does the Head Office Division think?”

Instead of answering, Xiang Shan asked, “What about you?”

The current situation had been brought about by Yang Kai alone, so the Head Office Division naturally wouldn’t disrespect his opinion, otherwise they wouldn’t have waited for him to come out of seclusion to discuss this matter. The Head Office Division could have made their own decision.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “There’s nothing we can do even if they see through it. In fact, we can’t hide this matter. We can’t just abandon our previous strategy just because we don’t allow the Black Ink Clan to train their troops. We still need to negotiate peace.”

“You think we can agree to this?” Xiang Shan asked.

“Naturally, but we still need to discuss this matter. Since they want to negotiate peace, we’ll have them send out a representative from each of the Great Domain Battlefields to set a time to come to the Twin Poles Territory. We’ll set up a place to discuss this matter, and… it’s impossible for all the Great Domains to have a treaty.”

The purpose of the Human Race’s training was to allow the genius cultivators of the younger generation to gain insights between life and death, allowing them to quickly advance to higher realms.

However, if one broke through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order, they would reach the scope of the peace negotiations.

Eighth Order was not the ultimate goal of the Human Race’s army, but Ninth Order was.

Therefore, they needed a stage where they could display the power of an Eighth Order Open Heaven!

Yang Kai didn’t need to say anything about this matter, the Head Office Division would naturally take this into consideration, so the things they needed to discuss could be confirmed. There are twelve Great Domains including the Twin Poles Territory, which one should have the treaty that Eighth Order and Territory Lord could not interfere in the battle, and which one should remain the same.

For the Human Race, they naturally wanted to choose the Great Domain where their forces were strong, but for the Black Ink Clan, this was definitely not the case.

It was foreseeable that when the time came, there would be endless quarrels. This kind of quarrel was not only between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, but also within the two races itself.

No one wanted the situation in the Great Domain they were responsible for to remain the same…

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Xiang Shan understood and nodded slightly, “Then we’ll set it to be two months from now and have all the various great domains send representatives.”

“As long as it’s arranged by the Head Office Division, I have no objections.”

“Don’t run around for the next two months. When the time comes, we’ll need you to step in for the peace treaty,” Xiang Shan warned, afraid that if he didn’t pay attention to Yang Kai, he would disappear. This guy cultivated the Space Principle and often appeared and disappeared. If Yang Kai wasn’t present, the deterrence of the Human Race would be greatly reduced.

“Yes,” Yang Kai accepted the order. He naturally knew about this.

Next, the group of Eighth Order masters briefly discussed the general content of the peace treay. Although they did not confirm it, it was more or less the same.

For the Human Race, opening a few relatively safe battlefields was an urgent matter.

The Black Ink Clan realized the Human Race’s intentions and took the initiative to negotiate peace, not only because they had no other choice but to do so, but also because they wanted to take advantage of the situation. To them, attacking the Open Heaven Stage masters of the Human Race on the battlefield was a great supplement to their World Force. The Black Ink Clan soldiers could become stronger in battle, an advantage that the Human Race couldn’t hope to achieve.

Both sides seemed to have placed the key to victory on the growth of the younger generation from the two races. The Black Ink Clan’s foundation was massive, and as time passed, the number of Territory Lords and even Royal Lords that emerged would definitely not be small.

The Human Race’s advantage lay in their Star Boundary, Myriad Monster World, and Yang Kai’s Small Universe. During this period of time, there were also many who could advance to the Eighth or Ninth Order.

Perhaps… the Black Ink Clan was also avoiding him.

To the current Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai was the most difficult person to deal with. More than a dozen Territory Lords had died under his hands, but as time passed, once a large number of Royal Lords were born, no matter how difficult of an enemy Yang Kai was, an Eighth Order like him would not be able to play a decisive role.

If the Human Race wanted to give up their greatest trump card, it was naturally what the Black Ink Clan wanted to see.

On the surface, this peace treaty was nothing more than a secret confrontation. Both sides were planning for the distant future to determine victory and defeat in the future and determine the ownership of this vast universe.

For two months, Yang Kai did not do anything but focus on cultivating in seclusion, refining one set of cultivation resources after another, and consuming a large number of Open Heaven Pill.

For him, increasing his strength as much as possible and reaching the peak of the Eighth Order was the most important thing.

Forging iron required one’s own strength. With his foundation, if he really cultivated to the peak of the Eighth Order, even if he couldn’t break through to the Ninth Order, he would still be able to fight back against the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in the future.

Crossing realms to kill enemies had always been his forte!

Recently, many Eighth Order Human Race and Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had arrived from the other Great Domains.

The location of the peace negotiations had long since been decided, and it had been chosen to be held in the Twin Poles Territory because Yang Kai was here. To the Black Ink Clan, the one they wanted to restrict the most was Yang Kai, so naturally, the matter of peace negotiations had to be decided with him.

The agreed time for the peace negotiations was getting closer, and the two races from Twin Poles Territory began to mobilize their forces frequently. Although the higher-ups of the two races felt that there was no problem with this peace negotiations, they still had to be prepared for any contingencies.

If they really couldn’t come to an agreement, a great battle might break out, so naturally they had to plan ahead.

In the secluded room, Yang Kai didn’t enter a deep cultivation this time and could stop at any time.

Just as he was refining the resources, the restriction was suddenly activated and a graceful figure appeared.

“Uh…” Yang Kai’s eyes twitched, “I’m in seclusion.”

The visitor smiled, “I know, I just tried it out and didn’t expect to be able to come in.”

“That’s because I didn’t open all the restrictions. I was also afraid that I would miss the time for the peace negotiations, it's so that I could be notified by the outside world.

“Does Senior Sister Luo need something?” Yang Kai asked.

The one who came was Luo Tinghe, an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator from Yin Yang Heaven. She was currently in charge of the Azure Sun Territory and was the Regiment Commander of the Azure Sun Army.

Of the thirteen Great Domains, the Human Race’s Thirteen Great Armies, this was the only female Regiment Commander.

Yang Kai was quite familiar with her. When he went to Yin Yang Heaven to find Qu Huachang, Qu Huachang had fallen into the Samsara Pavilion. Yang Kai had entered the Samsara Pavilion and spent nine lifetimes with Qu Huachang before awakening her sealed memories and rescuing her from the Samsara Pavilion.

Before that, Luo Tinghe had been trapped in the Samsara Pavilion for thousands of years and had disappeared without a trace, whether she was alive or dead was unknown.

While rescuing Qu Huachang, Luo Tinghe also awakened her memories and escaped.

Luo Tinghe’s cultivation was already at the Eighth Order Open Heaven, and she had even reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven directly, so she was qualified to break through to the Ninth Order.

Although there were many Eighth Order Human Race masters now, there weren’t many who had the qualifications to break through to the Ninth Order. Among the people Yang Kai was familiar with, Xiang Shan was one, Wei Junyang was one. Mi Jinglun, Ouyang Lie, and the others had all reached their limits, unable to advance any further.


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