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Yang Kai really didn’t care about these things. At this moment, after silently sensing for a while, he found that it was just as the old tree had said, the World Tree Subtree’s power in his Small Universe was indeed drawn from another place, and the direction in which it was drawn from was greatly related to the Universe World he had refined.

He understood immediately, “I see!”

Subtree’s feedback came from extracting the power of many Universe Worlds, not from thin air! The prosperity of the Star Boundary was also obtained by extracting the power of other Universe Worlds.

“But Old Tree, now that so many Universe Worlds have been occupied by the Black Ink Clan, why don’t I feel that the Subtree's benefits have decreased?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

If what Old Tree said was true, the only intact Universe Worlds left in the vast universe was the two thousand or so he had refined, and the rest had already been occupied by the Black Ink Clan. Most of the Universe Worlds that had been occupied by the Black Ink Clan had already been planted with Ink Nest, and the World Force had disappeared, transforming into a dead world. The total number of Universe Worlds had decreased, so it was only natural that the power of the Subtree's feedback would weaken.

However, he didn’t feel this way. The Small Universe’s Subtree's feedback was still the same, so it was likely the same for the Star Boundary.

Old Tree said, “If it’s only to feed one world, there is no need for too many Universe Worlds. One or two hundred will be enough, but the number of Universe Worlds you saved is far more than that.”

Understanding this, Yang Kai was extremely glad that he had saved many Universe Worlds over the years. If he hadn’t done so, once all of these Universe Worlds were occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the World Tree Subtree's feedback would have completely disappeared. At that time, the title of Open Heaven Stage Cradle would no longer exist, and even his Small Universe’s Subtree would have lost its effect.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit of lingering fear. Fortunately, he had been working hard to refine these Universe Worlds all these years, so this was an unexpected opportunity.

Wu Kuang quietly asked Yang Kai, “How many Universe Worlds have you saved over the years?”

Yang Kai casually replied, “About two thousand.”

Wu Kuang silently calculated for a moment before saying, “In that case, fifteen more Subtrees shouldn’t be a problem.”

According to Old Tree, it would only take one or two hundred Universe World to feed one world. With more than two thousand Universe Worlds, fifteen more would be no problem.

He quickly transmitted his voice to Yang Kai, “Boy, I want one!”

The World Tree Subtree’s power was too profound, which Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t want it? Wu Kuang was proficient in the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, and his cultivation had improved greatly over the past few years. Although his strength had increased dramatically, it was still showing signs of instability. If he could obtain a World Tree Subtree to seal his Small Universe, all hidden dangers would be ignored.

It was because of this consideration that after recognizing the World Tree, Wu Kuang was in a hurry to refine it, but unfortunately, his strength was inferior to the Old Tree’s, causing his face to be beaten black and blue.

However, Yang Kai thought of another problem and shook his head, “I’m afraid there aren’t that many.”

Old Tree wore a look of acknowledgement as he nodded, “There really aren’t that many left.”

Wu Kuang didn’t know, but Yang Kai and the Old Tree knew very well. It would only take one or two hundred worlds to feed one Universe World, but the number of Subtrees currently wandering outside, besides the one in the Star Boundary, the other one is in Yang Kai's Small Universe.

The latter’s feedback required from the Universe Worlds was not a small amount, because Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s time flow was very different from the outside world.

Yang Kai respectfully asked, “Old Tree, how many more Subtrees can you bestow?”

Old Tree pondered for a moment before lightly tapping his walking stick and sighing, “At most three! Any more and it will affect the power of the feedback.”

Wu Kuang’s face was filled with unwillingness. If there were fifteen Subtrees, he would be able to obtain one, but if there were only three, Yang Kai might not be willing to give them to him.

After all, he didn’t have much of a friendship with Yang Kai.

He still wanted to haggle, but Yang Kai no longer bothered with him and cupped his fists, “Please bestow three Subtrees to me, Old Tree!”

The survival of the 3000 worlds was related to the continuation of the World Tree. At this time, Yang Kai believed that Old Tree would not be stingy. Three Subtree was probably realy the Old Tree’s limit.

Old Tree nodded slightly, the countless roots on his lower body squirming as three of them broke, quickly transforming into three small saplings.

Wu Kuang was about to step forward and take it, but as soon as he did so, the surrounding space froze, making it impossible for him to move. Knowing that Yang Kai had used his Space Principle to tamper with it, Wu Kuang immediately became indignant and glared at him.

Yang Kai simply ignored him and carefully placed the three Subtrees into his Small Universe before respectfully thanking the Old Tree.

Old Tree waved his hand, “This old master can only do so much. The future of these 3000 worlds depends on your Human Race. If your Human Race wins, this old master can still live, but if you lose, this old master will naturally perish.”

Yang Kai said solemnly, “Old Tree, don’t worry, the Human Race won’t be defeated. On the other hand, this Junior may come to disturb again you in the future.”

Now that he had used the World Tree as a medium to travel through the various Great Domains, he would naturally come here in the future.

However, this method was not without limitations. After repeatedly using the World Tree to travel back and forth, Yang Kai had discovered that this method allowed him to connect with the World Tree at any time and reach the Great Ruins Boundary. However, if he wanted to travel from the Great Ruins Boundary to another Great Domain, he would need a corresponding Universe World to support the transmission, and this Universe World required the World Great Dao to remain intact.

Now, he was able to freely travel between almost every Great Domain because although the various Great Domains’ Universe World had basically been occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the World Great Dao had yet to be completely destroyed, and the World Great Dao had yet to be destroyed. This meant that the World Tree’s will still existed, allowing it to receive him.

But after a while, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to do so.

In fact, it was impossible for him to go to the Ink Battlefield right now, because the Ink Battlefield’s Universe Worlds had been dead for countless years and the World Great Dao had long since collapsed.

Old Tree nodded slightly and didn’t say anything more. With a flash, he once again transformed into the towering tree. Most of the fruits on the tree had a sickly look, making one feel worried.

“By the way, Old Tree, there are many Holy Spirits here, so this Junior would like to take them out. At the very least, they are quite powerful,” Yang Kai asked.

There were no other living beings in the Great Ruins Boundary, only many Holy Spirits. However, the strength of these Holy Spirits was also suppressed by the Great Ruins Boundary, so they weren’t too strong. Even if they left the Great Ruins Boundary, it would take them some time to familiarize themselves with the outside world before they could slowly recover.

Zhu Jiu Yin had been like this all those years ago. Originally, her strength was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, but after leaving the Great Ruins Boundary, she had only displayed the strength of a Seventh Order master. It had taken her several hundred years to slowly recover to her peak.

There were many Holy Spirits in the Great Ruins Boundary, more than a dozen of which Yang Kai remembered, and some he had never seen before. Each of them was equivalent to a potential Eighth Order Open Heaven. Now that the Human Race was weak, bringing them out would be of great help.

Moreover, these Holy Spirits were constantly trying to escape from the Great Ruins Boundary, so Yang Kai believed that they would be happy to leave this place.

Old Tree said, “Since you’re willing, this old master naturally has no objections, but the ancestors of the Holy Spirits who were imprisoned here all committed some evil deeds that would harm the 3000 worlds. Although they are innocent, you must be careful.”

Old Tree’s words made Yang Kai understand why so many Holy Spirits were gathered here.

It turned out that the ancestors of these Holy Spirits had done some kind of harmful deed to the 3000 Worlds, which was why they had been imprisoned here by Old Tree. However, Old Tree had not gone too far and had instead given these Holy Spirits a chance to escape.

Every time the Great Ruins Boundary opened, the Holy Spirits could choose a vessel that belonged to them, participate in the Seizing Spirit's War, and obtain the vessel for this opportunity, allowing them to leave the Great Ruins Boundary.

Back then, Zhu Jiu Yin had chosen Yang Kai to leave the Great Ruins Boundary, otherwise, she might still be trapped here.

To the Human Race in the outside world, the Great Ruins Boundary was a Secret Realm that people yearned for, but to the Holy Spirits here, it was a cage.

Many Holy Spirits had not been able to escape this place until they died of old age.

After all, the opening of the Great Ruins Boundary was too rare.

“Junior will naturally make them submit.”

Finished speaking, Yang Kai disappeared.

Leaving behind Wu Kuang who was frozen in place, cursing Yang Kai in his heart.

At this moment, a branch from Old Tree fell and smashed him into the ground.

Wu Kuang was about to explode!

In his entire life of cultivation, he had never suffered such a loss even when he fought with the other Great Emperors…

Inside a mountain valley, a Holy Spirit with the look of an Old Ox was sleeping soundly. This Holy Spirit’s body was massive, reaching a height of 300 zhang tall, and even when it was lying down, it was like a small hill. Its nostrils were filled with white Qi, making it look like an agile snake.

The Holy Spirits of the Great Ruins Boundary were basically idle. After all, besides them, there were no other living creatures in this place. Only when the Great Ruins Boundary opened and humans entered this place would they become more active.

This Holy Spirit was sleeping soundly when a voice rang out beside his ear, “Zhu Jian, are you willing to acknowledge me as your master, if you do I will take you out of the Great Ruins Boundary, are you willing?”

Zhu Jian immediately woke up, and when it opened its eyes, a figure appeared in its pupils. At first, it was confused for a moment, but soon after, it was overjoyed.

Someone is here!

Didn’t that mean the Great Ruins Boundary had opened?

Every time the Great Ruins Boundary opened, it was an extremely rare opportunity for these trapped Holy Spirits. The last time Zhu Jiu Yin had escaped, the remaining Holy Spirits had been envious for many years.

Now that someone had appeared in front of him, Zhu Jian suddenly felt that this was its opportunity!

Slowly rising to his feet, he intentionally released his Holy Spirit pressure and looked down at the little person in front of him. Zhu Jian chuckled, “You want me to acknowledge you as my master? Little child, are you still dreaming? Have you ever heard of a Holy Spirit recognizing its master?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before replying, “I don't think so.”

The Holy Spirit had always been arrogant, so how could it lower its pride in the face of a puny human?


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 09, 2023

"Leaving behind Wu Kuang who was frozen in place, cursing Yang Kai in his heart.

At this moment, a branch from Old Tree fell and smashed him into the ground.

Wu Kuang was about to explode!"

🤣🤣🤣 LMAO. I was waiting in a queue and this made me laugh uncontrollably. Hopefully people won't think of me as crazy. 😂 But really imagining WK just standing there and he got whacked suddenly. Damn, that's just precious.

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