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However, on the battlefield, the situation was constantly changing, and even the Royal Lord did not dare to use his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique lightly. The Goathead Royal Lord who had chased after Yang Kai in the past had used his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique on him, causing his body to become weak and he had to face Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel head on before being killed by Yang Kai with his Eighth Order cultivation.

So unless he had no other choice, or if he could guarantee his own safety, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would not easily use their secret technique to transform the Eighth Order master.

Before finding the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, Yang Kai was unable to determine their origins.

While he was thinking about these things, the woman from the Heavenly Net Palace on the other side took the Expelling Black Ink Pill and soon had an effect. Under the effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pill, the Ink Force that had invaded her body was forced out of her body, causing the man surnamed Wu to be both surprised and happy, finally believing what Yang Kai had just said.

But at the same time, it was a bit strange. Just now, Yang Kai’s entire body was covered in a black aura and he clearly looked like an experienced Black Ink Disciple, so how could he not be affected by the Ink Force?

He didn’t know much about the Ink Force, after listening to a few words from his Master, he couldn’t figure it out.

A short while later, the woman’s life was no longer in danger. Letting out a long sigh, she opened her eyes, still feeling some lingering fear, but she quickly stepped forward and bowed to Yang Kai.

The man surnamed Wu also shed tears of gratitude.

After asking the two of them a few questions, Yang Kai learned that the Cave Heaven Paradise had sent an Eighth Order Open Heaven master to Heavenly Net Palace and had reached an agreement with Heavenly Net Divine Monarch.

It wasn’t just Heavenly Net Divine Monarch, according to the two people in front of him, the three Divine Monarchs of the Shattered Heaven were currently working for the Cave Heaven Paradise.

After all, this was a war that involved the survival of the Human Race, so no one could stay out of it. The three Divine Monarchs had been free and unfettered in the Shattered Heaven for many years, but they also understood the concept of mutual destruction.

Now, the three Divine Monarchs who controlled the Shattered Heaven had stepped forward and ordered all of the Fifth Order and above on the various Spirit Province to rush to the rendezvous point.

In a place like Shattered Heaven, the orders of the three Divine Monarchs were much more effective than those of the Cave Heaven Paradise. Under their orders, no cultivator who wanted to live in the Shattered Heaven would dare disobey.

For example, if Heavenly Net Divine Monarch wanted Qin Chuan to order more than two hundred Fifth Order Open Heaven, he would definitely take care of it.

As such, Shattered Heaven’s battle power could also be used.

As for the three Divine Monarchs themselves, they had long since led a number of Seventh Order Open Heaven masters to the battlefield. The Cave Heaven Paradise had promised that after this battle, no matter what the result was, they would be free to appear in any of the 3000 Worlds’ Great Domain. As long as they stopped committing crimes, they would not pursue the past.

To the three Divine Monarchs, this was a condition that was difficult to refuse.

They were all Eighth Order Open Heaven masters and were extremely powerful existences across the entire 3000 Worlds. Because of their fear of the Cave Heaven Paradise, they had been hiding in the Shattered Heaven for many years, living a boring life. If they could survive this battle, they would no longer have to stay on the Shattered Heaven and could go wherever they wanted.

It was precisely because of this consideration that the three Divine Monarchs were willing to obey the orders of the people from the Cave Heaven Paradise. Otherwise, who would do something without benefits?

However, no one had expected Black Ink Disciple to appear in the Shattered Heaven.

“I want you to quickly spread the news about the Black Ink Disciple as soon as possible so that everyone will be on guard against suspicious people. Is that possible?” Yang Kai asked the two of them.

The man surnamed Wu thought for a moment before replying, “Using Heavenly Net Palace’s intelligence network to transmit this information to the other two forces is possible, but Shattered Heaven isn’t small and will take some time.”

“Act as soon as possible,” Yang Kai nodded. There was nothing he could do about it, transmitting information wasn’t something one could accomplish overnight.

“Senior, rest assured, the two of us will do our best!” The man surnamed Wu cupped his fists.

Yang Kai nodded and was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something and said, “Right, I want to ask you about someone.”

The man surnamed Wu asked, “May I ask who Senior wants to inquire about?”

“Have you heard of Wu Kuang’s name in the Shattered Heaven?”

As soon as these words came out, the Senior Brother and Junior Sister’s expressions became strange. The man surnamed Wu carefully asked, “Does Senior have an old friendship with Wu Kuang?”

“Sort of.”

The man surnamed Wu smiled bitterly, “If Senior is inquiring about Wu Kuang, then this person is extremely famous in the Shattered Heaven.”

After listening to the Senior Brother and Junior Sister explain, Yang Kai learned that Wu Kuang had made a name for himself in the Shattered Heaven over the past thousand years.

It couldn’t be helped. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was too sinister, and anyone who made an enemy of this fellow would die a miserable death, their strength completely devoured.

Initially, Wu Kuang was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator, so he wasn’t too much of a threat to the Shattered Heaven’s people. However, this guy’s growth was too fast, and after advancing to the Seventh Order five hundred years ago, his actions became more unrestrained. Many Shattered Heaven's cultivators were killed by him, and even Heavenly Net, Withering Flame Divine Palace, and Bright Sun's people were not spared.

Because of this, the three Divine Monarchs were enraged. Withered Flame Divine Monarch had even personally chased after him, but he had hidden himself in the Shattered Ruins.

After searching for more than a hundred years, Withered Flame Divine Monarch had found nothing and could only return bitterly.

Currently, Wu Kuang had not appeared for a long time, and it was unknown whether he was dead or alive. It had been two hundred years since he had been chased by Withered Flame Divine Monarch.

After hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression became strange. Although he knew that Wu Kuang wouldn’t be able to live in peace, bringing him to the Shattered Heaven all those years ago would definitely stir up a storm here, he didn’t expect Wu Kuang to be so bold as to dare provoke the three Divine Monarchs.

But then again, most of the cultivators on the Shattered Heaven’s side were criminals. Wu Kuang’s personality was evil, and he also had the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to enhance his cultivation, so how could he show mercy?

He was also quite smart. Shattered Heaven often had a few disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise who came here to exterminate evil, which was also a form of training. If he encountered one, he would not act.

He knew very well that dealing with Shattered Heaven’s native cultivators wasn’t a big deal, but if he provoked the Cave Heaven Paradise, he would suffer greatly.

More than a thousand years ago, Yang Kai had been chased by Bright Sun Divine Monarch from the Shattered Heaven to the Shattered Ruins.

Three hundred years ago, Wu Kuang had been chased by Withered Flame Divine Monarch into the Shattered Ruins.

Their experiences were extremely similar.

As for the fact that he had not appeared for two hundred years, the man surnamed Wu speculated that this man had died, but Yang Kai would never believe it. As the saying goes, a good man cannot live long, but a scourge can live for a thousand years. With Wu Kuang’s level of wickedness, he could probably live forever.

However, Shattered Ruins was not a good place. The outer layer of the Divine Ability Sea was extremely turbulent, so Wu Kuang was most likely trapped there.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking this, in the Spatial Territory Battlefield, a river of blood swept through the void and wrapped around a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord. This river of blood was extremely corrosive, and even the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord would find it difficult to endure being enveloped by this river of blood. In a moment, his flesh and blood melted and his Ink Force dissipated.

The blood river, on the other hand, was not afraid at all and instead completely devoured the Feudal Lord's flesh and blood. With the nourishment of the Feudal Lord’s flesh and blood, the blood river grew even stronger.

In the entire battlefield, only Blood Crow could create such a scene.

When he had fought alongside Yang Kai all those years ago, Blood Crow had used the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture to refine the Black Ink Clan and had obtained many benefits. Over the years, Blood Crow had been using this method to fight. Although every time he refined the Black Ink Clan, there would be some side effects, as long as he consumed a large number of Expelling Black Ink Pills or entered the Expelling Black Ink Battleship for the Light of Purification, he would be safe.

Over half of the purifying light from the Expelling Black Ink Battleships in Yin Yang Pass had been consumed by Blood Crows.

However, his growth was also extremely obvious. Looking at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, his strength was also one of the best, even surpassing Feng Ying’s back then.

On top of that, the way he fought with the Black Ink Clan was extremely brutal, so even his fellow Human Race comrades were somewhat vigilant towards him.

Just as he was about to successfully refine the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord, a figure suddenly appeared from the side and stretched out his hand to grab ahold of it. A mysterious force surged out and forcibly snatched away most of the energy from the blood river.

Blood Crow flew into a rage as he turned around and shouted, “Wu Kuang, do you have any shame?”

Wu Kuang sneered, “You’ve eaten too much on your own, be careful not to burst your belly. This King will help you solve your problems, no need to thank me!”

Blood Crow’s nose was crooked from anger.

He had originally thought that the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture was the world’s most evil cultivation technique until he encountered this Wu Kuang on the Spatial Territory battlefield.

It was said that this person cultivated a Cultivation Technique called Heaven Devouring Battle Law, and its effects were similar to the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, both of which could refine external objects for their own use to increase their strength.

However, the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture could only refine one’s Blood Essence, but this Heaven Devouring Battle Law was something that could refine anything. Not to mention the Black Ink Clan’s Blood Essence, even the Ink Force could be refined!

When Blood Crow saw him refine the Ink Force that day, he was shocked by Wu Kuang.

The Ink Force was extremely treacherous, and as long as one was contaminated by it, they would never be able to escape it. If it weren’t for the Light of Purification and Expelling Black Ink Pills, how could the Human Race have gone on an expedition? The battle outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would have long been lost in the Black Ink Clan hands.

Even an Eighth Order Open Heaven master wouldn’t easily allow the Ink Force to corrode his body, but this Wu Kuang was actually able to directly rush into the thick black ink cloud and refine it.

What shocked Blood Crow even more was that this Heaven Devouring Battle Law was said to be a self-created technique by Wu Kuang.

What a shocking talent!

If this was all there was to it, Blood Crow would be more than happy to introduce Wu Kuang as his lifelong friend and exchange some insights about refining and devouring energy. Perhaps they could even become lifelong friends, but on the battlefield, this fellow had repeatedly stolen the benefits he was about to obtain, causing Blood Crow to hate Wu Kuang greatly.

Unfortunately, his cultivation technique was inferior to Wu Kuang’s and it had been snatched away, so Blood Crow could only resign himself to his fate, or he could only shout out a few words, unable to do anything to Wu Kuang.

Currently, the two of them, with the help of their respective powerful cultivation techniques, were both top Seventh Order masters and had made a name for themselves in the entire Spatial Territory Battlefield. Amongst the Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, these two were so famous that even a Seventh Order cultivators from the Cave Heaven Paradise could not compare to them.


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