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After a long time, Huang Xiong slowly said, “Two Ink Giant Spiritual God attacked from both sides, and even several of our Human Race’s mountain passes were destroyed on the spot. The Old Ancestors were unable to fight back, so they could only order their forces to retreat from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and preserve their strength. The Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t let this matter rest, and their army was led by the Royal Lords to pursue…”

The two races fought in the void, each of them suffering heavy casualties.

The two Ink Giant Spiritual God continued to pursue them, their auras surging.

Under such circumstances, not even the Old Ancestors could control the situation.

On the way back, the Human Race’s Pass had been destroyed by the two Ink Giant Spiritual God, and although many soldiers had managed to escape, there were still many casualties.

The situation was not looking good. If the Human Race’s army and the various great passes were to gather together, they would be able to display greater strength, but it was also highly likely that they would be completely wiped out.

As such, after a brief discussion, the Old Ancestor decided to split up the rest of the mountain passes and retreat.

The Azure Void Pass was not very lucky and was targeted by the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had killed its way back from the Ancient Battlefield. In addition to the Ink Giant Spiritual God, there were also nearly twenty Royal Lords and many Territory Lords.

If they didn’t find a way to escape from this Ink Giant Spiritual God, there was no way the Azure Void Pass could escape.

At this critical moment, Azure Void Pass, led by their Old Ancestor, separated from the group and lured the Ink Giant Spiritual God away. The Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t let this matter rest, and under the leadership of the Ink Giant Spiritual God and the Royal Lords, they split up and chased after it.

This entanglement lasted for a full three hundred years, until two hundred years ago, when the Eighth Order from the Azure Void Pass suffered heavy losses and was no longer able to escape, it could only stop here and fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan.

The final result was obvious.

Azure Void Pass had been broken, and with the combined efforts of several Royal Lords, the Old Ancestor of Azure Void Pass had been unable to withstand it and eventually died from exhaustion.

Today, the giant craters on the city walls were created by the Ink Giant Spiritual God's bone club.

Azure Void Pass, the pass that had guarded the Ink Battlefield for hundreds of thousands of years, had finally fallen.

More than twenty thousand soldiers had fought for nearly three hundred years, but in the end only less than a thousand of them remained. Azure Void Pass could be said to have been completely wiped out!

Even these thousand broken soldiers had suffered from the corrosion of the Ink Force due to the loss of their supplies. Many of them had died in order to avoid becoming Black Ink Disciples and bringing unnecessary trouble to their companions, just like when Yang Kai had first arrived at the Ink Battlefield, he had encountered the Sixth Order Open Heaven named Meng Qi. [MSN: He was a seventh order, but for some reason, the author make him a sixth order now. Because of his Seventh Order cultivation, YK was unable to put him on his Small Universe, which is why he had no choice but to die.]

This was the first Open Heaven cultivator he had seen who had the courage to die to protect the secret!

At that time, Yang Kai was greatly moved.

In the 3000 Worlds, a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator could be considered a powerful force, and if the Cave Heaven Paradise's High Rank Open Heaven cultivator didn’t appear, they would basically be invincible. [MSN: Because of this paragraph, i can't fix it to 'Seventh Order']

However, in this Ink Battlefield, a powerful Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator was willing to sacrifice his life to protect the Void Tunnel’s secrets without the slightest hesitation.

It could be said that the Human Race had been able to achieve what they had today because of the lives and blood of thousands of cultivators like Meng Qi.

This kind of martyrs was worthy of respect.

The remnants of Azure Void Pass did not leave this place, but instead found a dead Universe World nearby to hide. Firstly, they knew that if they left this place, they might not be able to survive, and secondly, the Azure Void Pass had been lost to them, so they wanted to find an opportunity to seize it back, even if the chances were slim.

This wait lasted nearly two hundred years until Yang Kai arrived here yesterday.

During this time, they had wanted to solve the problem of the Ink Force erosion and seize the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, but after the Eight Order master surnamed Hai disappeared, they didn’t dare act rashly.

If Yang Kai had come half a year later, the group from Azure Void Pass would have been led by Huang Xiong to launch a final attack.

If they couldn’t take back Azure Void Pass, they would rather die with it than live a disgraceful life!

As he spoke, Huang Xiong’s body suddenly exuded a rich Ink Force, it was the effect of the Expelling Black Ink Pill.

As long as he didn’t completely transform into a Black Ink Disciple, the Expelling Black Ink Pill would always have a certain effect. The milder the corrosion of the Ink Force, the better the effect. As such, this pill was usually consumed before the battle with the Black Ink Clan.

After a while, the Ink Force dispersed and Huang Xiong let out a long sigh, his expression becoming much more relaxed.

Being able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force for so many years was a difficult task for him, and now this hidden danger had finally been eliminated.

Yang Kai glanced at him and asked, “Did Garrison Chief Huang give up his Small Universe's territory?”

He hadn’t noticed it before, but now he noticed that Huang Xiong’s aura was somewhat unstable, as if it could fall at any moment.

This was obviously because the Small Universe's territory being incomplete.

There was only one possibility for such a situation, and that was that he had once been forced to part with his Small Universe’s territory.

Huang Xiong nodded, “Counting it, this is the second time I’ve been corroded by the Ink Force. The first time, I was able to part with my Small Universe's territory to protect myself, but this time… I won’t do it again.”

His aura was unstable to begin with, so if he were to cut off his Small Universe's territory, his grade would definitely fall back to the seventh Order.

He wasn’t afraid of weakening his own strength, nor was he afraid of death. What he was afraid of was that without his protection as an Eighth Order master, once the remnants of Azure Void Pass soldiers encountered a powerful enemy, they would become lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

He was not the only one in such a situation. Among the thousand or so soldier remnants, all of them had been affected by the erosion of the Ink Force. It wasn’t that they couldn’t bear to part with their Small Universe, they just wanted to preserve their current combat strength and find an opportunity to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan!

He didn’t explain anything, but Yang Kai understood his concerns.

Nodding slightly, he took out a Profound Female Spirit Fruit and handed it over, “Garrison Chief Huang, please take this, it can repair your Small Universe.”

Just as Huang Xiong was about to wave his hand, Yang Kai took out a number of Profound Female Spirit Fruits and called out to Sun Mao, who was not far away, “Senior Brother Sun, may I trouble you to distribute these Spirit Fruits to the fellow disciples with damaged Small Universe?”

Sun Mao nodded and happily accepted it.

Seeing this, Huang Xiong didn’t waste any more time and quickly took a pill and swallowed it. Although he was no longer plagued by the Ink Force, the strength he could display was only comparable to a newly promoted Eighth Order. If he could repair his Small Universe’s foundation, he would naturally be stronger.

He was also a veteran Eighth Order.

Less than a thousand people, after enduring hundreds of years of suffering and torture, were finally able to welcome a trace of peace, disperse the Ink Force, and restore their Small Universe's foundation.

Sun Mao stepped forward and whispered to Yang Kai, “Senior Brother, I would like to collect some of the corpses of my fellow disciples who died here. I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother to stand guard here.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, you can go.”

Even if Sun Mao didn’t say anything, Yang Kai had originally planned to spend some time collecting the corpses inside and outside of Azure Void Pass. The soldiers had died in battle, and they need to guard against enemy ambush.

Sun Mao quickly led his people away and got busy.

After a month or so, the inside and outside of Azure Void Pass had basically been cleaned up. All the skeletons that could be collected were placed in the cemetery, while the Black Ink Clan’s corpses and Ink Force were left behind by Sun Mao and the others.

At the core of Azure Void Pass, Huang Xiong was leading Yang Kai to investigate the situation.

He had consumed the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to repair his damaged foundation, so there was no longer any risk of his cultivation falling. However, if he wanted to restore his peak strength, he would need some time to cultivate.

Now that there were no external worries on Azure Void Pass’ side, the two of them had to consider what to do next.

The two of them only had one thought now, and that was to kill their way to the No-Return Pass!

When the Human Race’s army had retreated, they had retreated in the direction of the No-Return Pass. Azure Void Pass had fallen halfway, but the other passes weren’t necessarily the same. The No-Return Pass must have gathered most of the Human Race’s forces, as well as the Dragon and Phoenix Clan, as well as many other Holy Spirits.

There would definitely be a shocking decisive battle!

Although it had been several hundred years since then and the two of them weren’t sure whether or not the Black Ink Clan had managed to breach the No-Return Pass, they would naturally be able to find out after seeing it for themselves.

The two Ink Giant Spiritual God, as well as the many Royal Lords of the Black Ink Clan, if they were to attack the No-Return Pass, even the Holy Spirits led by the Dragon and Phoenix Clan might not be able to resist.

Perhaps the No-Return Pass had been broken.

However, the 3000 Worlds were still everyone’s homeland, so they would eventually return to their roots.

The Great Evolution Pass had a Core, and so did the Azure Void Pass. Each mountain pass had its own Core, and the Core was the most important location in the entire mountain pass. The reason why the massive mountain pass was able to carry out an expedition was because of its Core.

This was the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient masters.

However, after the two of them investigated, Huang Xiong discovered that the Core of Azure Void Pass had been shattered by a force. From the remnant aura of this force, it was obvious that it was the work of the Old Ancestor!

With Azure Void Pass broken, the Old Ancestor had shattered the Core at the last moment to prevent Azure Void Pass from falling into the hands of the Black Ink Clan and turning the tables on the Human Race.

Yang Kai now had some attainments in Artifact Refining and Array Dao, but it was impossible for him to reforge such a Core.

What’s more, even if he managed to create a Core, he didn’t have enough manpower to control Azure Void Pass.

The Great Evolution Pass's Expedition was personally led by Smiles Old Ancestor and twenty Eighth Order cultivators.

Right now, he and Huang Xiong were the only two Eighth Order masters here, so it would be difficult for them to use their full strength to activate the Azure Void Pass.

Huang Xiong was also aware of this situation. He had not come here to investigate the Azure Void Pass, but to take back the Core and use it later.

However, since the Core had already been shattered by the Old Ancestor, it was only natural for him to give up.

“Right now, we have 935 people, and an Expelling Black Ink Battleship is more than enough to support us. I need some people who understand Artifact Refining and Array Dao to assist me, so I would like to ask Garrison Chief Huang to make some arrangements.”

Huang Xiong nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble Garrison Chief Yang.”

On the Ink Battlefield’s side, once a cultivator reached the Eighth Order realm, they would naturally have the qualifications to assume the position of Garrison Chief. Although Yang Kai had not yet been appointed by an Old Ancestor or a certain Regiment Commander, given the current situation, it was normal for Huang Xiong to call him Garrison Chief.

If they want to kill their way to the No-Return Pass, they couldn’t just rely on this less than a thousand strong lineup to rush forward. A Battleship was essential, and this way, they could maximize the strength of the Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven master and reduce their consumption while fighting with the enemies.


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