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After a short battle, both Yang Kai and the Goathead Royal Lord’s hearts sank and their expressions became solemn.

Yang Kai’s current strength was several times greater than before, but he was still no match for his opponent.

Although there was only a difference of one grade in terms of cultivation, this difference was still large.

When he was a Fifth Order, he could kill a Sixth Order, when he was a Sixth Order, he could kill Seventh Order, when he was a Seventh Order, he could kill a Territory Lord, but now that he was an Eighth Order, he couldn’t kill a Ninth Order.

The strength of a Royal Lord was equal to a Ninth Order.

He could even clearly sense that this Goathead Royal Lord’s injuries had not fully healed, in other words, his strength was not at its peak.

It was difficult! If this continued, he would be in a disadvantageous position. If he didn’t kill this Goathead Royal Lord here, how could he keep the secrets of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea?

While Yang Kai was having a headache, so was the Goathead Royal Lord.

Compared to five hundred years ago, this human was far stronger. Although they had not fought for long, the Goathead Royal Lord could sense that killing him would not be easy.

It was true that he was not his opponent, but he already had the ability to contend with him.

If it was any other Eighth Order, even if their strength was strong enough to contend with him for a period of time, the Goathead Royal Lord would be able to kill him sooner or later, but Yang Kai was different. This guy was proficient in the Space Principle, so the Goathead Royal Lord had not forgotten the predicament he was in five hundred years ago.

If this continued, the other party would probably run away!

He couldn’t give him a chance to escape, otherwise he would never know what kind of trump card Cang had given him.

The trump card Cang left behind definitely had great implications.

The two of them had different thoughts, but at this moment, they both made up their minds to use their strongest trump cards!

In the next moment, Yang Kai suddenly jumped out of the battle ring and distanced himself from the Goathead Royal Lord. He had thought that the other party would try to stop him, but to his surprise, the Goathead Royal Lord had no intention of stopping him and instead simply let him go.

Although Yang Kai didn’t understand what was happening, he didn’t think too much about it. The Azure Dragon Spear appeared in the air next to him and he quickly changed his hand seals.

As the Golden Crow cried, a great sun rose.

After the great sun, a clear and round moon rose into the sky and poured down.

The sun and moon shone together, creating a wondrous scene.

The sun and the full moon intertwined and spun, transforming into a spinning top that shook the void, deriving the mysteries of time and the power of the Time Principle.

At the same time, the Space Principle fluctuated wildly as they intertwined with the power of time, transforming into a completely new kind of mysterious power.

Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!

Up until now, Yang Kai’s most powerful trump card was the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

This was also a Divine Ability he had comprehended by himself. It wasn’t necessarily exquisite, but it was extremely compatible with his own strength, so when he used it, its power was extremely great.

Dragon Bead could not be used easily, so if he wanted to deal with the Goathead Royal Lord, he could only use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

If he couldn’t even use this move, Yang Kai could only retreat first before slowly plotting to take the life of this Goathead Royal Lord.

At the same time he summoned his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, the Goathead Royal Lord also looked up at him.

The pair of black eyes seemed to transform into a bottomless abyss that wanted to swallow Yang Kai’s body and soul. His obsidian eyes clearly reflected Yang Kai’s figure, which was suddenly enveloped by a boundless Ink Force, like a black flame burning.

Royal Lord-level Secret Technique!

In an instant, whether it was Yang Kai or the Goathead Royal Lord, both of them had used their most powerful methods in order to determine the victor in one fell swoop. The two of them had come to the same conclusion about the situation.

Yang Kai was stunned.

He had long heard of the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, if the Black Ink Clan below the Royal Lord wanted to turn the Human Race into Black Ink Disciple, they could only use their Ink Force to corrode the bodies and minds of the Human Race’s cultivators. If the Human Race couldn’t resist, they would be turned into Black Ink Disciple.

Royal Lord-level masters could also do this, but they had more convenient and effective methods.

This was a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.

There was a rumor in the Human Race’s Pass that when a Royal Lord-level master used a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, even an Eighth Order Human Race master would find it difficult to resist and would be instantly turned into a Black Ink Disciple.

This was also the reason why the Eighth Order will not intervene when the Human Race Ninth Order is fighting with the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. Ninth Order master could resist the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, but Eighth Order master might not be able to. Once the battle became tense and the Royal Lord-level Secret Techniques affected them with Ink Transformation, it was highly likely that they would suffer great losses.

In order to deal with the Royal Lord, only a Ninth Order Human Race master could do so.

The Human Race had studied the mysteries of this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique for many years, but they hadn’t been able to figure out anything because almost no Royal Lord would casually use this Secret Technique.

Without a research subject, there was naturally not much useful information.

However, the Human Race’s upper echelons had also speculated that this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique was a kind of Black Ink Clan innate Divine Ability that could only be used when one’s strength reached the Royal Lord-level. Moreover, this kind of innate Divine Ability was most likely a type of Soul Attack.

Naturally, Yang Kai had heard this news before.

But now, he finally understood that a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique was not just a Soul Attack.

It was a combination of a Soul Attack and an Eye technique.

When the Goathead Royal Lord used this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, Yang Kai could clearly see his own reflection in his eyes.

The figure was enveloped by a thick Ink Force, as if it had really transformed into a Black Ink Disicple.

At the same time, in the real world, Yang Kai was enveloped by an extremely rich Ink Force. This Ink Force was extremely pure, as if it had appeared out of thin air. At the very least, Yang Kai didn’t see any signs of the enemy activating their Ink Force.

The rich and pure Ink Force quickly invaded Yang Kai’s body, and even if he tried his best, he wouldn’t be able to resist it.

This kind of corrosion didn’t have much of an impact on his physical body. The Royal Lord-level Secret Technique wasn’t a lethal one to begin with.

In the blink of an eye, the Ink Force had invaded his Small Universes and then… like a stone sinking into the sea, it had no reaction.

If an ordinary Eighth Order had encountered such a situation, he would probably have been reduced to a Black Ink Disciple, obeying the orders of the Goathead Royal Lord.

However, Yang Kai’s Small Universe had the World Tree Subtree, which was perfectly round and flawless. He had even planted a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest in his Small Universe and used it to nurture the Black Ink Clan for the Void Dojo's disciples' training.

His Small Universe also contained a large amount of Ink Force.

How could he fear the corrosion of the Ink Force?

Cang had told him that the World Tree Subtree might not be able to resist Black Ink’s power, but it was the source of all the Ink Force.

Although the Goathead Royal Lord wasn’t weak, he was still a bit weaker than Black Ink, so how could he possibly shake the Subtree's seal?

After using this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, Yang Kai suddenly noticed that the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord was rapidly weakening.

Yang Kai suddenly understood why the Royal Lords would not easily use their Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.

Because there was a price to pay.

This Secret Technique was extremely powerful and could only be used silently. Eighth Order Open Heaven was simply impossible to resist. If it could be used without any restrictions, the Black Ink Clan would only need to send out a single Royal Lord on the battlefield to turn most of the Human Race’s Eighth Order into Black Ink Disciples. At that time, the Human Race would definitely be defeated.

Because they had to pay a great price, the Royal Lords would not casually use this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique lest the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters find an opportunity to kill them.

Compared to the Ink Transformation of the Eighth Order Human Race masters, their lives were obviously more precious.

Understanding this, Yang Kai grinned, his entire body still wrapped in the thick Ink Force, making him look extremely sinister.

Originally, he had been worried that his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel wouldn’t be able to withstand the might of a Royal Lord, but now that the other party had used a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, his strength had been greatly weakened, and this weakness make it impossible for him to resist the power of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

Just as the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique affected him and caused the Ink Force around his body to surge, the power of the rotating sun and full moon also enveloped him.

Yang Kai’s eyes became even brighter as he secretly felt excited.

This wasn’t the first time he had used the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. Before this, he had used it many times, but each time he had used it, he had faced a powerful enemy he couldn’t resist.

But he had never used his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to such an extent before.

Today’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s power seemed to be quite extraordinary.

Of course, this was because his Dao Realm in the Dao of Time had increased by one layer, but the biggest reason was probably because of the balance!

All along, when it came to cultivating the Dao of Time and Dao of Space, the Space Dao was always stronger than Time Dao.

Before he had entered the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai’s Space Dao had already reached the Eighth Stage. At that time, his Time Dao had only reached the Sixth Stage.

There was a gap of two Dao Realm level.

Cultivation in the Dragon Pond had allowed his Dragon Vein’s strength to soar, and even his Dao of Time had improved, allowing it to enter the Seventh Stage of Dao Realm.

Inside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, after refining and fusing dozens of River of Time, the Dao of Time had finally reached the Eighth Stage and was barely equal to the Dao of Space!

When Yang Kai had activated the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he had discovered that the Dao of Time and Space was somewhat imbalanced, causing the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s power to be unable to fully erupt.

He had guessed that if these two Great Dao forces reached a balance, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel would have a huge room to grow.

From the looks of it, this was indeed the case!

The power of the two Great Daos merged together and formed a completely new Space and Time Force. The Space and Time Force spread out in all directions, and Goathead Royal Lord's expression changed drastically as soon as he used his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.

At this moment, his aura weakened, and facing the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of fatal danger.

He madly urged his Ink Force to resist.

However, under the grinding power of Space and Time, his movements and thoughts were severely affected, and before he could react, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had already slammed into him.

An invisible shockwave suddenly spread out.

The sun and moon exploded, transforming into a larger ball of light.

Space and Time seemed to become chaotic.

Even Yang Kai, who was using this Secret Technique, couldn’t help feeling as if Time and Space had been reversed.


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