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Listening to Che Kong's words, Hong Di frowned slightly and said, “Don’t be careless, the Human Race has many tricks up their sleeves. Since they have come from far away, it’s impossible for them to not have any tricks.”

One of the Territory Lords sneered, “Hong Di, are you afraid of being beaten by the Human Race? The war hasn’t even begun, so why are you trying to boost the morale of the Human Race?”

Hong Di shook his head lightly and said, “I'm not trying to boost the Human Race's morale, it’s just that in the past, every time we underestimated the Human Race, it was always my Black Ink Clan who suffered.”

The Territory Lords frowned. Thinking about it carefully, this was indeed the case. In the past, they had never placed the Human Race in their eyes, but what about now? Great Evolution Pass had been taken over by the Human Race, and two hundred years ago, the King City had been beaten to the point where they couldn’t even lift their heads. If it weren’t for the Human Race’s great army retreating, it would have been difficult for the Black Ink Clan to even leave the King City.

For a moment, it was inevitable to have some contempt.

What the Black Ink Clan noticed, the Human Race naturally noticed as well, even more so than the Black Ink Clan. After all, everyone was in Great Evolution Pass, so they were extremely clear about the current situation.

After breaking through three lines of defense, Great Evolution Pass was now attacking the Black Ink Clan’s fourth line of defense, but under the blockade of hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators, Great Evolution Pass had lost his initial momentum.

It was like sinking into a swamp!

This was what the Great Evolution soldiers felt.

Shen Ao moved closer to Yang Kai and whispered, “Team Leader, I’m afraid we can’t continue like this. Great Evolution Pass’s speed is decreasing, and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords haven’t made their move yet. Once they do, I’m afraid we won’t be able to reach the King City and will be intercepted.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and looked around before saying, “The higher-ups should have made some arrangements, just wait and see.”

On the four walls of Great Evolution Pass, there were deployments.

Whether it was the Spirit Arrays or Artifacts set up on the walls, each of them was similar. Right now, the Spirit Arrays and Artifacts were all guarded by the Human Race soldiers.

Great Evolution Pass had launched a surprise attack in a straight line, and the ones currently fighting against the Black Ink Clan’s four lines of defense were the soldiers facing the King City.

In other words, the arrangements on the other three walls weren’t very useful. At most, they would only be able to kill a few of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who were following them from the side.

The current Great Evolution was only able to display twenty to thirty percent of it's strength!

The Great Evolution Pass had been arranged for more than two hundred years and had consumed countless resources. The deployment on the three walls was not just for decoration, it was bound to be useful.

While Yang Kai was lost in thought, the blockade of the Black Ink Clan’s fourth line of defense became fiercer. Great Evolution was constantly shaking, and the light curtain outside was also shaking.

Seemingly seeing the decline of Great Evolution Pass, or perhaps having received orders from the Territory Lords behind them, the attacks of the Black Ink Clan army blocking Great Evolution Pass became even fiercer.

“Change formation!” A fierce shout suddenly rang out from the depths of Great Evolution Pass. It was Xiang Shan’s voice.

In the next moment, Great Evolution Pass’s body shook and a rich energy spread out, causing the entire mountain pass to shake.

It was as if a great array had been activated!

Immediately after, the Great Evolution Pass, which was heading straight for the King City, began to slowly rotate under a mysterious force.

The starting speed wasn’t very fast, after all, the Great Evolution Pass was massive, so even with the help of the Spirit Array, it wasn’t easy to manipulate it.

However, with the passage of time, the speed was obviously increasing.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he understood what the higher-ups were planning.

This time’s assault on the Black Ink Clan’s King City naturally couldn’t rely solely on the power of the Great Evolution Pass on one wall. Only by rotating the Great Evolution Pass's Wall like this could the other three walls be used.

A short while later, the city wall that was originally facing the King City had been turned to the left, and the soldiers on the other side of the city wall, which had been accumulating their strength, were now facing the Black Ink Clan soldiers blocking their way.

After holding back for such a long time, the soldiers who had long been prepared frantically pushed their strength.

On top of the city walls, a series of Spirit Arrays lit up and resonated with one another. The Spirit Arrays activated the power of their Artifacts and shot out beams of light towards the Black Ink Clan’s army.

In that instant, half of the void was lit up!

The Black Ink Clan in front of them suffered heavy casualties.

Outside the King City, seeing this scene, many Territory Lords’ expressions changed slightly.

Hong Di sighed lightly. Although he had already guessed that the Human Race would have some kind of trump card, he hadn’t expected them to have such a trump card.

Just like how none of the Territory Lords had expected Great Evolution Pass to be able to control long distances travel, none of them had expected Great Evolution Pass to be able to kill the enemies.

If it was a small Artifact, they might not think about this, but for a colossus like the Great Evolution Pass to be able to move it was quite surprising.

As such, although the number of attacks launched towards the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t increase too much each time, the Great Evolution Pass’s Human Race was able to maintain their greatest strength.

In an instant, it's combat strength had more than doubled.

Great Evolution Pass was still spinning, and after three rounds of concentrated fire, the soldiers on the other side of the city wall continued to attack.

The fourth line of defense, which seemed to be able to wear down Great Evolution Pass’s offensive power, was now in imminent danger, and it was only a matter of time before it was broken.

The Territory Lords didn’t move. The place they were stationed at was the last line of defense, and behind them was the King City. Before the situation became clear, they didn’t dare act rashly, lest the Human Race break through their defenses.

In the void, as Great Evolution Pass spun, the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts on the city walls began to release their full power, each of them attacking fiercely.

The surviving members of the Black Ink Clan continued to wither away, their auras disappearing.

Four lines of defense, the first line of a million Black Ink Clan soldiers had been completely wiped out, and the second line of defense with less than three hundred thousand Low Rank Black Ink Clan soldiers as the main force had been destroyed.

The Third and Fourth line of defense were all led by the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord, each of them had a defensive line with over a hundred thousand soldiers.

These were the main forces of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Now that they had suffered heavy casualties and at least half of the Black Ink Clan had been wiped out, it was still difficult for them to resist the Great Evolution Pass’s assault.

However, the price the Human Race had to pay for such a massive victory was only a few Spirit Arrays and Artifacts, and only a few Human Race cultivators had exhaust their strength.

The Spirit Arrays and Artifacts couldn’t bear the weight, so there were naturally Array Masters and Artifact Refiners waiting nearby to repair them.

The consumption of a cultivator’s strength was too great, so there were also some people who came forward to replace them.

Great Evolution Pass was constantly maintaining the strength to launch a surprise attack.

An hour later, the Black Ink Clan’s fourth line of defense was completely useless.

There was only one last line of defense left, but it was the most difficult one to break through, because that was where the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were stationed. There were still hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers there!

Could Great Evolution Pass break through this defensive line and destroy the Black Ink Clan’s King City?

No one knew.

Everyone only knew that they had to do their best!

Five million kilometers away, a powerful aura burst out from outside the King City, followed by a series of black attacks.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had taken action!

They also knew that they couldn’t allow the Human Race’s Pass to get too close, so they began to intercept it from afar.

The moment the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords attacked, the rotating Great Evolution Pass suddenly shook. The protective light curtain had already dimmed after enduring such a long time of attacks, as if it would collapse at any moment. However, at this moment, the dim light curtain suddenly burst out with a dazzling light and became extremely solid.

Yang Kai could clearly feel the auras of the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters erupting from the depths of the Great Evolution Pass, mixed with the aura of Smiles Old Ancestor.

The Eighth Order and Old Ancestor had joined forces!

Right now, there were at least thirty Eighth Order masters stationed at the Great Evolution’s core, and with the addition of the Old Ancestor, how strong would the protection formed by the Spirit Array be?

Although these devastating attacks had weakened after crossing five million kilometres, they were still shockingly accurate as they struck the Great Evolution Pass light curtain.

The thick curtain of light continued to cave in and out, but it remained firm and steady, showing no signs of shattering or even dimming.

Seeing this scene from afar, the Territory Lords all wore solemn expressions, but their hands didn’t stop moving as they continuously sent out their Secret Techniques towards Great Evolution Pass.

For a time, between the rotating Great Evolution, and the Blacn Ink Clan's last line of defense, the energy was violent and chaotic, the void was unstable, and the universe was overturned.

However, the Human Race’s soldiers didn’t cheer too much. The Old Ancestor and the other Eighth Order Joint Forces, with the help of the Spirit Arrays, couldn’t even block this attack.

It could be said that if these Territory Lords were the only ones taking actions, even if they exhausted all their strength, they would not be able to break through Great Evolution Pass’s defenses.

The true difficulty lay within a million kilometers.

In a million kilometer range, the Black Ink Clan’s hundreds of thousands of soldiers would be able to take action. Their strength might not be comparable to the Territory Lord’s, but how many people did the Territory Lord have? How many troops did the Black Ink Clan have?

When the number reached a certain point, it would trigger a qualitative change.

From a distance, the last line of defense around the King City was guarded by hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers, all of whom had gathered their strength and were ready to attack at any moment.

Four million kilometer in a blink of an eye..

Great Evolution is only a million kilometer away from the Black Ink Clan's last line of defense!

Unsurprisingly, the Black Ink Clan’s army attacked in unison, countless energy fluctuations converging into a tidal wave that spread out in all directions.

Streams of Ink Force blotted out the sky and rushed towards Great Evolution Pass.

Many of the Human Race’s soldiers subconsciously clenched their fists. If Great Evolution Pass was unable to defend against this barrage of attacks, more than half of the Human Race’s soldiers would die.

As for Great Evolution Pass itself, it was an extremely powerful palace Artifact, so it should be fine.

In this moment of life and death, no one moved.

Everyone was extremely confident in their Old Ancestor and Eighth Order masters.

At the same time that the one million kilometer away Black Ink Clan made their move, the protective light barrier surrounding Great Evolution Pass seemed to have undergone some kind of change. Brilliant lights suddenly began flowing across the light barrier, causing the interior of Great Evolution Pass to be shrouded in a colorful atmosphere.

The first wave of attacks arrived and slammed into the light curtain like raindrops, creating countless ripples.

More and more attacks arrived, and more ripples appeared.

Great Evolution Pass’s rotation speed suddenly increased, obviously wanting to use this method to avoid more attacks landing on the same spot.


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