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Ji Old Third was an Ancient Dragon after all, so how could he not see that this was the critical moment for the Human Race’s breakthrough?

This was also the reason why he didn’t go any further.

He really wanted to get back some face, but if he interfered at such a critical juncture, he would be taking advantage of the other party’s weakness. If he caused the other party’s breakthrough to fail because of him, this grudge would never end.

What’s more, he even suspected that under the impact of the other party’s Dragon Prestige, he wouldn’t be able to approach.

A series of muffled sounds rang out from the blood cocoon below, as if a powerful life force was awakening. With each muffled sound, a powerful Dragon Prestige swept out.

The Big Dragons didn’t know what to do.

After a long silence, Ji Old Third said, “I don’t know when this person’s breakthrough will end, you should be careful and take a detour to the depths of the Dragon Pond.”

Waiting here was not a good idea. The opening of the Dragon Pond was an opportunity for the Dragon Clan, so wasting time here was not worth it.

“Third Brother, what about you?” A Big Dragon asked.

Ji Old Third was silent for a moment, “I will stay to take a look.”

Now that he had broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm, it could be said that he had achieved his goal of entering the Dragon Pond, so even if he didn’t cultivate, it wouldn’t matter.

More importantly, he wanted to wait for Yang Kai to break through before competing with him. The shame outside the No-Return Pass have to be repaid. This wasn’t a good time, so it wouldn’t be a problem after he break through.

The Big Dragon who had asked this question must have seen through Ji Old Third’s intentions, so he didn’t try to persuade him and simply nodded, “Then Third Brother should be careful.”

This human was a bit of a monster, and his breakthrough had caused quite a stir. If he really broke through to the Ancient Dragon realm, his strength would definitely be extremely strong. Ji Old Third might not be his opponent, and he might even lose to him. However, everyone had their own principles, so he couldn’t say anything to persuade them.

Since they had come to a decision, the Big Dragons didn’t delay any further. Protecting the three Young Dragons in the middle, they circled around the area filled with Dragon Prestige and flew deeper into the Dragon Pond, quickly disappearing.

Yang Kai was completely unaware of the movements of the Dragon Clan. At this moment, his entire dragon body was wrapped in a blood cocoon, his mind completely empty. He had never felt so relaxed before, even his thoughts were blank.

The Dragon Vein pulsed and underwent a massive transformation.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly felt an inexplicable restraint.

He stretched his muscles and bones, and with a series of crackling sounds, the shackles were torn apart like thin membranes.

Slightly startled, he quickly realized that this was not some kind of binding, but rather a blood cocoon wrapped around him.

This was a part of him that's human, but now, with the purity of his Dragon Vein, it had been removed.

The blood cocoon was torn apart and shattered into pieces, scattering along with the flow of the water.


A loud Dragon roar rang out as Yang Kai’s Dragon Prestige spread out, his entire body radiating a golden light.

Watching from afar, Ji Old Third’s heart was filled with bitterness. The golden light was so blinding that he could barely open his eyes…

When he had become an Ancient Dragon, there hadn’t been such a big commotion.

Compared to his bitterness, Yang Kai was filled with joy.

After undergoing a true rebirth, his Divine Sense surged as he examined his body. He felt that the Dragon Vein had never been as pure as it was today, and his five thousand zhang dragon body was filled with impossing aura.

What made Yang Kai even more satisfied was that the dragon scales he had shed had grwo back!

It was no longer the bald and ugly one.

Although the new dragon scales still looked somewhat fragile and weren’t as solid as before, they were still new, so as long as one cultivated for a while, they would naturally become stronger.

At that time, just his dragon scales alone would be able to withstand an attack from an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

After becoming an Ancient Dragon, Ji Old Third’s physique had increased by more than 300 zhang, but Yang Kai didn’t. The main reason was that the Dragon Pond here had completely dried up. If he had enough Dragon Pond power to supplement his strength, his Dragon Body would definitely be able to grow greatly.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy as he let out a loud laugh, the sound of a Dragon Roar filling the air.

Ji Old Third’s mouth twitched violently. Arrogant Ass!

But the next moment, Yang Kai’s huge figure appeared in front of him.

Ji Old Third cautiously retreated a few steps, “What are you doing!”

He had stayed here to wait for Yang Kai to break through to the Ancient Dragon realm before competing with him, but now, he was somewhat hesitant.

Without a doubt, the other party’s Dragon Prestige was much stronger than his own. Having just broken through, the other party didn’t know how to restrain himself. At such a close distance, Ji Old Third could already feel his Dragon Vein being suppressed.

If they really fought, he would definitely be beaten up.

Not only that, now that the other party had broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm, it meant that his bloodline had been completely tempered, becoming a pure Dragon Clan.

He could no longer look at him like he was a half-dragon and half-human.

The Golden Dragon in front of him could be said to be one of his clansmen, even if he didn’t like it…

Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at him, a hint of a smile appearing in his eyes as he replied, “Nothing, I just wanted to thank you!”

Although his mind was blank when he was wrapped in the Blood Cocoon, his perception of the outside world was still present. After breaking through, this instinctual perception would return.

The fact that Ji Old Third hadn’t taken advantage of his breakthrough to find trouble with him surprised Yang Kai. Considering the arrogant and domineering attitude this guy had displayed before, it wouldn’t be strange if he really wanted to attack him.

But he didn’t.

It is less troublesome for Yang Kai like this.

“There’s no need!” Ji Old Third coldly snorted as he stared at Yang Kai with an unfriendly look in his eyes.

Yang Kai acted as if he didn’t see him and didn’t care about his attitude. He simply turned his head and looked down, “I just broke through and need to continue tempering myself in the Dragon Pond. There are no benefits here, so I’ll go down first.”

Saying so, his figure flashed towards the depths of the Dragon Pond.


The Dragon Tail swept across Ji Old Third’s body and flung him far away.

After finally stabilizing himself, Ji Old Third grit his teeth and shouted, “Bastard!”

This guy was definitely doing this on purpose. He must have realized that he wanted to fight with him, which was why he was acting so threatening.

After cursing, Ji Old Third became somewhat disappointed. He was an Ancient Dragon now, so how could he not be able to react after being struck by the other party tail? It was because the moment the other party made a move, his Dragon Prestige suppressed him, causing his reaction speed to slow.

Secretly sighing, he knew that if he had really fought with Yang Kai just now, he would definitely not have been his opponent, and that last attack had only been to force him to retreat.

It could be confirmed that this fellow had refined a portion of the Divine Dragon’s Source, otherwise it would be impossible for him to possess such a powerful Dragon Prestige.

As for the Divine Dragon Source that had been lost outside, it was only the legendary one.

Having understood this point, Ji Old Third felt slightly better. It wasn’t that he was inferior to the other party, it was just that his Source couldn’t compare to the Ancestor’s.

One day, when his Source reached the Divine Dragon realm, it would not be too late to teach him a lesson!

Thinking so, Ji Old Third also rushed deeper into the Dragon Pond.

At the same time, Yang Kai flew down and met up with the three Young Dragons and nine Big Dragons. Under the bewildered gazes of these Dragon Clan masters, he quickly flew away.

He was very hungry now.

It wasn’t an ordinary feeling of hunger, but rather from the depths of his bloodline.

Having just broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm, the Dragon Vein had also been purified, allowing it to rapidly devour energy to improve itself. Unfortunately, the Dragon Pond’s energy had already dried up.

Naturally, he could only continue down to fill the void in his bloodline.

Passing by the Big Dragons and Young Dragons, Yang Kai didn’t know how far he had gone, but with the Sun and Moon Seals, a massive amount of Dragon Vein power poured into the huge Dragon Body, transforming it into a powerful nutrients.

Yang Kai felt relieved.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard coming from the Dragon Body as it rapidly grew at an astonishing rate.

Not only that, but as his bloodline became pure, it also began to awaken.

This is the inheritance of the Dragon Clan!

The legacies of the Human Race relied on various ancient books and the careful guidance of generations of Elders, but the Holy Spirits were different.

The Holy Spirit’s inheritance was hidden in the depths of one’s bloodline. Even without the guidance of their elders or the guidance of ancient books, as long as one’s bloodline was pure enough, these inheritances would naturally awaken.

This was also related to the scarcity of the Holy Spirits.

There were Holy Spirit Clans, but there was only one of them in the entire race, so how could there be any guidance from an Elder? Without the guidance of an Elder, the inheritance could not be passed down.

Under the influence of the Heavenly Law, the Bloodline Inheritance was the foundation of the Holy Spirits’ strength.

This kind of inheritance had its own benefits. As long as one’s Holy Spirit Bloodline did not run out, they could ensure that the inheritance continued.

And now, Yang Kai, who had broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm, had benefited greatly.

As he absorbed the Dragon Pond’s power to refine his body, he began to comprehend the gift from the depths of his bloodline.

The Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent was the Time Principle!

Yang Kai’s attainments in the Time Principle weren’t low. At the very least, he had yet to meet someone who had walked further than him on this Great Dao. According to his own classification, he had already reached the Sixth Stage in the Time Principle.

Although there was still a huge gap compared to his Eighth Stage Space Principle, it was still quite extraordinary.

From ancient times until now, the only one he knew who could surpass him in the Time Principle was the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Perhaps only Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had a chance to surpass him. After all, these two children were the inheritors of the Flowing Time Great Emperor's legacy and were in control of the Flowing Time Temple, but they were still quite young.

Advancing his Time Principle was extremely difficult, and Yang Kai had long since reached the Sixth Stage, but after so many years, he had not made any progress.

Now that he had obtained the Dragon Clan’s bloodline inheritance, his Dragon Vein had become purer, allowing him to understand many of the mysteries of the Dragon Clan.

Yang Kai was overjoyed. This trip to the No-Return Pass is worth the price paid, not to mention that he had reach the Ancient Dragon realm, he also has the chance to improve his Time Principle.

In addition, he had also gained a lot from the Phoenix Clan.

While Yang Kai was eagerly comprehending the Dragon Clan’s inheritance from the depths of his bloodline, the owner of the giant eye beneath the Dragon Pond wore a look of resentment.

'What kind of bastard is this little brat?! I already avoided him before, but now he was actually chasing after me. Did he really think this old master didn’t dare teach him a lesson?'


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