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Although it is said a nourishment for the body, but in fact it has no effect.

It was just an ordinary piece of cattle meat. The weakest in the Dawn Squad was a Fifth Order Open Heaven master. Even if it was something bestowed by the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor, it had no spirituality and was just a food to please the mouth.

However, after all, this was a gift from the Old Ancestor himself, so it was more symbolic than practical. Taking advantage of everyone’s free time, Yang Kai took it out and soaked it in the rain and dew.

All they knew was that this was a gift from the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor. Naturally, the Dawn Squad's members was naturally filled with anticipation.

Feng Ying led a few female team members to personally tend to the meat, and boil some soup while Shen Ao and the others brought over a long table and a round stool, set up a fruit platter, and took out some fine wine to eat.

In this Ink Battlefield, it was a rare occasion for everyone to gather together for a leisure time, so everyone naturally cherished it.

Even Ning Qizhi, who was still recuperating, was helped out.

After many years of recuperation, Ning Qizhi’s injuries had greatly improved, and he should be able to fully recover in a few years.

The Dawn team members were all drinking and chatting, feeling quite uncomfortable.

The reason why the Old Ancestor had appeared here was entirely because she had smelled the fragrance. It's unknown how the Old Ancestor’s nose had grown, but when the fragrance of the meaty flavor wafted over, she quickly ran over and prepared to take a share.

Naturally, no one dared to refuse. The arrival of the Old Ancestor was a great honor for everyone in the Dawn Squad.

Only Yang Kai stood next to the Old Ancestor with a distressed look on his face as he looked up at the sun hanging in the sky, feeling the power of his Small Universe flowing out like a flood.

“Who are you trying to show this bitter face to? I’m just asking you to get some sunlight to warm myself, what’s the big deal!” Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t even lift her eyes as she muttered unhappily.

Yang Kai smacked his lips and said, “But Old Ancestor, maintaining this Divine Ability Manifestation requires a lot of energy.”

The sun hanging in the sky wasn’t a real sun, but rather Yang Kai’s Divine Ability Manifestation, Golden Crow Sun Casting.

On the big sun, the Golden Crow was playing and chirping, a stark contrast to its master’s distressed expression.

Smiles Old Ancestor liked to bask in the sun, and this was a habit she had developed over the years.

While she was living with the hunter couple, the hunter personally built a rattan chair for her. The big rattan chair completely wrapped around the little girl, allowing her to sit in the courtyard so leisurely.

As a Teacher, Yang Kai had seen Smiles Old Ancestor in her courtyard countless times.

In the end, the hunter couple was still mortals, with a lifespan of one hundred and fifty years.

For more than a hundred years, in the glorious life of Smiles Old Ancestor, it was only a snap of a finger, but Yang Kai knew that this period of time was extremely important to Smiles Old Ancestor. No matter how much time passed, she would never forget everything that had happened over a hundred years ago.

At this critical moment, Feng Ying came to save the situation. The beef soup was ready and a bowl was served.

Yang Kai took it and respectfully handed it to the Old Ancestor, “Please enjoy your meal.”

Only then did Smiles Old Ancestor open her eyes, sit up straight, take the big bowl, and drink it.

Yang Kai took this opportunity to quickly withdraw his Divine Ability Manifestation.

Smiles Old Ancestor glanced at him while drinking her soup, but Yang Kai pretended not to notice.

In just a few breaths of time, the bowl of meat soup was finished, and the Old Ancestor wiped her oily mouth with the sleeve of her robe without any care for her image, pursing his lips, “So stingy.”

Yang Kai dug out his ears.

Smiles Old Ancestor asked, “What about that old man? It wasn’t easy for you to make this trip, but he gave you this?”

Yang Kai replied, “What else can he give? I don’t dare ask for it.”

Smiles Old Ancestor pointed at him and said, “Next time you meet him, find that old ox with a broken horn on its head and cut off its meat. That meat is very nutritious, eating a bite is better than cultivating for a hundred years!”

As she spoke, she almost drooled.

Yang Kai quickly flashed to the side. If her appearance was seen by the Dawn Squad's members, her prestige would be reduced to nothing. The Old Ancestor didn’t care about her image, but he had to help maintain it.

“That ox… is there a point?”

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “It’s just that one. That old man has been raising it for many years, so it’s quite intelligent. The others are all the children and grandchildren of that old ox. The old man often gives it to the people below, but you all think it is a good thing, deeply grateful.”

Yang Kai carefully recalled that when he met the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor that day, there was indeed an old ox with a broken horn.

The 'many years' Smiles Old Ancestor was referring to would probably be calculated over thousands of years.

Even if it was a powerful Monster Ox…

Yang Kai shook his head vigorously, “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare.”

Not to mention whether or not he was the Monster Ox's opponent, if he were to cut off the Monster Ox's flesh, how could the Wind and Cloud's Old Ancestor let him off so easily?

Smiles Old Ancestor wanted to eat the beef, but she encourage him to do it. It was unreasonable.

As they were speaking, a burst of laughter suddenly came from outside, “What a strong meat fragrance. Yang Boy, did you know that a guest had come to visit, so you were prepared?”

Following this voice, Xu Linggong strode over, followed by his two disciples, Qing Kui and Su Yingxue.

Coming over boldly and looking up at the Old Ancestor, Xu Linggong’s smile immediately disappeared, and like a little wife meeting her in-laws, he respectfully greeted the Old Ancestor, “Greetings, Old Ancestor!”

As he spoke, he gave Yang Kai a meaningful look, asking why the Old Ancestor was here.

Yang Kai glanced back, meaning that the Old Ancestor had come to ask for food.

Xu Linggong understood and expressed that he understood.

Smiles Old Ancestor's greeds, the entire Great Evolution Army knows, no one does not know.

Actually, he had come here today for no reason. He had suffered heavy injuries during the battle against the Black Ink Clan in the King City. After they had taken back Great Evolution Pass, he had been healing himself for the past few years while Yang Kai had been dealing with the matter of the Black Ink Nest.

Today, after hearing that Yang Kai had returned to Great Evolution Pass, he had come to see him, but who would have thought he would run into Smiles Old Ancestor?

This made him somewhat uncomfortable.

Although Smiles Old Ancestor was amiable and didn’t put on any airs, she was still an Old Ancestor. In the entire Great Evolution Pass, only Yang Kai would dare act so impudently in front of her.

Not wanting to catch up with Yang Kai any longer, after greeting Shen Ao and the others, he quickly led his two disciples to their seats and began drinking with the Dawn Squad's members.

On this side, Smiles Old Ancestor drank another bowl of meat soup and smacked her lips, seemingly wanting more. When Yang Kai went to fill the third bowl, Old Ancestor stopped him.

“Two bowls of this thing is enough, drinking a third bowl will be meaningless.”

Yang Kai really wanted to say, 'why didn’t you say that when you were eating candied fruits and meat buns?'

Smiles Old Ancestor seemed to notice something and frowned, “What are you thinking?”

Yang Kai decisively replied, “Nothing.”

The Old Ancestor snorted lightly and said, “In the Black Ink Nest Space, you fought against the Black Ink Clan’s masters alone, killing or injuring eleven of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples with your Seventh Order strength. Your contributions are great. Tell me, what do you want? If it’s not too much, I’ll satisfy you.”

Mi Jinglun had mentioned this to Yang Kai before, but Yang Kai didn’t have anything he wanted.

There was no shortage of battle merits. After fighting with the Black Ink Clan for so many years and killing countless enemies, the battle merits he had accumulated could be said to be extremely rich.

He also didn’t want to cultivate the secrets of other Cave Heaven Paradise. The two Great Eye Techniques of the Myriad Demons Heaven were enough for him to slowly digest. Secret Techniques were more important in quality than quantity.

There was no shortage of cultivation resources, and currently, no one in the Human Race lacked cultivation resources.

“Don’t say that you don’t want anything,” Smiles Old Ancestor directly cut off Yang Kai’s words, “Big Head Mi is right, such a great contributions have to be rewarded. The Great Evolution Army also needs to show some appreciation, otherwise, the rewards and punishments won’t be clear and the system won’t be good. Today, I happen to be here to settle this matter.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How could there be such a thing as a forced reward?

However, what the hell was Big Head Mi? Ouyang Lie called him that, and even the Old Ancestor called him that.

Yang Kai couldn’t help asking, “Why do you call Senior Mi that?”

The Old Ancestor slowly said, “This man’s thoughts are as vast as the sea, how could his head not be big? So is Big Head Xiang.”

Yang Kai held his forehead…

Now, not only did Great Evolution Pass have Big Head Mi, but there was also Big Head Xiang. Yang Kai seriously suspected that this title had begun with the Old Ancestor.

“You haven't said it yet, what kind of reward do you want? I came here personally, you can’t expect me to return empty-handed,” The Old Ancestor urged.

Just as Yang Kai was about to say that he didn’t really want anything, he suddenly looked up and saw a graceful figure holding a bowl of meat soup in front of Miao Feiping. Blushing and said in a soft voice, “Senior Brother Miao, drink this soup.”

Miao Feiping politely replied, “Many thanks, Junior Sister.”

The graceful figure waved her hand, “Senior Brother is too polite.”

Yang Kai immediately pointed, “Ah Cai was born in my Small Universe, and she cultivates the Space Dao, so I intend to train her well. In the future, if I am unable to other things, she can help me handle some matters related to the Space Dao. Please allow Ah Cai to join Dawn and become a member of my Dawn.”

The voice wasn’t loud, but how could Ah Cai not hear it? For a moment, she was stunned and stared at Yang Kai in surprise.

Ever since she had broken through to Open Heaven, she and other martial artist who are also from Yang Kai's Small Universe have been assigned to various teams, but she often came to the Dawn Squad to help out.

With such a good day, Feng Ying naturally wouldn’t forget to invite her.

However, she had never expected to encounter such a situation.

Joining the Dawn Squad was something she had always dreamed of, but after taking in Blood Crow and the other two, the Dawn Squad had been filled to the brim. The army had its own system, so it was impossible to make an exception, so Ah Cai also knew that unless she had a chance to integrate with the Dawn Squad in the future, she would never be able to join it.

However, once this opportunity came, it meant that both Dawn and her team suffered heavy casualties.

This was something she did not want to see.

When Yang Kai suddenly said this, she was both surprised and helpless, not knowing what to do.

Smiles Old Ancestor was also surprised, “Oh? Are you planning on accepting a disciple? That’s fine, most of these little brats from your Small Universe have traces of your Dao, so it’s best if you teach them personally.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no need to take her as a disciple, just give her some pointers when i'm free.”


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