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Mu Nanfei, the 1653rd generation disciple of Great Evolution Paradise, displayed extraordinary cultivation talent when he first entered the Sect and was highly regarded by the Sect’s higher ups and carefully nurtured by famous teachers.

He was also a diligent cultivator who lived up to the expectations of his elders. After entering the Sect for eight hundred years, he had reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven directly.

On the day of his breakthrough, it was supposed to be a great opportunity for a bird to soar into the sky and display its might, but on this day, a sudden change occurred in the Sect.

News came from the Ink Battlefield that Great Evolution Pass was being besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army and was in imminent danger. Great Evolution Pass quickly dispatched reinforcements.

He clearly remembered that on that day, all the Open Heaven cultivators in the Sect, regardless of their cultivation levels, whether they were men, women, old, or young, whether they were Low Rank or High Rank Open Heaven cultivators, had gathered together.

Under the leadership of many Eighth Order Divine Monarch, tens of thousands of Great Evolution Open Heaven set out from the Sect and entered the Ink Battlefield.

After arriving at Great Evolution Pass, the situation was worse than everyone had imagined.

In the distance void, a violent energy fluctuation came from the void. This was the battle between the Great Evolution Old Ancestor and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. However, in this one versus two battle, he had been severely wounded by the enemy’s sneak attack and his aura had become extremely weak.

Outside Great Evolution Pass, the Black Ink Clan’s attacks were like a tidal wave, causing heavy casualties to the soldiers.

There was simply no time to rest, so all the disciples who had come to support from Great Evolution Pass immediately rushed to the battlefield. For these newcomers who had never fought with the Black Ink Clan before, this battle was extremely cruel, many of them even having their souls scattered the moment they stepped onto the battlefield.

Mu Nanfei’s partner, the gentle woman who had accompanied him for five hundred years, had died in this battle.

His eyes were bloodshot and he had completely lost all rationality until he was completely exhausted.

He had already forgotten how that battle had ended. All he knew was that by the time he woke up, the Great Evolution Pass had been lost, and all the soldiers guarding it had been completely wiped out.

The only exception was those who had been corrupted by the Ink Force and transformed into Black Ink Disciples.

Thirty thousand years had passed since then.

The newly promoted Sixth Order back then was now an Eighth Order, but this Eighth Order was different from an ordinary Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple. Because he is a direct Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator, so he didn’t need to rely on the Ink Force to break through his shackles.

It could be said that he was a true Eighth Order Open Heaven master, not much worse than the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs of the Human Race. In a one-on-one fight, even the Territory Lord might not be his opponent.

Thirty thousand years of life as a Black Ink Disciple could be said to be extremely boring until the Human Race's army came to recover the Great Evolution Pass.

It was as if the bloody battlefield from thirty thousand years ago had appeared again, but this time it was the Black Ink Clan who showed signs of decline. The Human Race had recaptured the Great Evolution Pass, and the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties. They had no choice but to retreat to the King City, even losing a Territory Lord-level Black Nest.

The Royal Lord was very angry, and the Territory Lords felt very ashamed. They swore that no matter what, they would make the Human Race voluntarily give up the Black Ink Nest they had obtained in order to prevent them from having a better way to communicate.

In order to prevent the Human Race from occupying the Black Ink Nest, progress was quite smooth, because if the Human Race wanted to use the Black Ink Nest, they would need to connect their minds to it. In the Black Ink Nest, the Black Ink Clan had the absolute advantage.

A few Eighth Order Human Race masters had been forced to flee, and the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had returned empty-handed. The Territory Lords all felt that the Human Race was helpless.

Until a strange human suddenly appeared.

After two consecutive attacks, four Territory Lords either died or were injured, and while all the Territory Lords thought this person was dead for sure, he actually managed to kill his way in for the third time.

Two more Black Ink Disciples had died because of him.

The Territory Lords had been in a deadlock with him for three years now.

This person had the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, so even the Territory Lords couldn’t do anything to him. They could only hope that his Small Universe would be swallowed up by the Black Ink Nest and his Divine Soul would be destroyed.

However, after three years of waiting, Mu Nanfei and the other Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple couldn’t hold on any longer.

At the last moment of life, the two Black Ink Disciples opened their eyes as if they were connected by telepathy.

When their eyes met, they could see the confusion in each other’s eyes.

What had they been doing all these years? Why were they willing to become the claws of the Black Ink Clan? Why were they willing to fight the Human Race?

In this life, they had committed many sins, so how could death wash away all of them?

There was no need for words or discussion, these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had displayed the most dazzling brilliance of their lives at the last moment.

The extremely weak Divine Soul power suddenly burst into flames at this moment, supporting each other and transforming into a bolt of lightning that shot towards one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords hadn’t been on guard against them at all. All of their attention was focused on the Soul Warming Lotus, or rather, on the Seventh Order Human Race cultivator hiding inside it.

These past few days, this Seventh Order had been making noise from time to time, how annoying!

Although they were annoyed, what made the Territory Lords slightly excited was that this fellow’s tone seemed to be getting weaker, as if he was about to die.

However, he was still alive and stubbornly persisting.

The Territory Lords were all quite disgusted by this scene, since he knew he wouldn’t be able to survive. Couldn’t he just let it go?

The two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples burned their last bit of Divine Soul power and rushed towards the Territory Lord.

It wasn’t until the light hit the body of Hong Di that he suddenly turned around and angrily shouted, “What are you doing?”

If these two ordinary Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had joined forces, even if Hong Di was caught off guard, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand such a blow. However, they were too weak, and even if they burned all of their Divine Soul power, this collision would only be equivalent to scratching an itch for Hong Di.

He didn’t even feel anything.

The two figures supporting each other had already dispersed, but at this moment, Mu Nanfei and the other Eighth Order's Soul Avatars were both dim, almost transparent, and were rapidly fading away.

Mu Nanfei, on the other hand, was laughing, “It’s a worthy death, Great Evolution's ancestors, disciple is also going to join you!”

The other Black Ink Disciple nodded, “Let’s go together!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two Soul Avatars completely faded away, as if they had never existed.

The Territory Lords quietly watched this scene with furrowed brows. Although they felt regretful that they had lost two more Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, what made them even more curious was that the reactions of these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples before they died… they were somewhat strange.

Without giving them much time to think about it, as the powerful Divine Soul energy was released, an extremely dangerous aura suddenly appeared.

The Territory Lords all turned pale with fright as they turned to look back, only to see that the Soul Warming Lotus had unraveled at some point. The human who had caused them so much pain was now standing in the midst of this blooming flower, his aura locked onto one of the Territory Lords as a golden light shot out.

No one had expected this human to suddenly act so violently at such a time. What was even more difficult to understand was that he was not in a weak state at all. His Soul Avatar was solid and full, exuding a threatening aura, just short of shining brightly to show his strength.

How could this be? The few Territory Lords’ eyes nearly popped out.

Even if he had the Soul Warming Lotus to nourish his Divine Soul, what use would it be if his physical body couldn’t hold on? The outcome of two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples was the best example.

But looking at this human’s stance, three years of delay seemed to have no effect on his body at all.

This is impossible!

Unlike the previous attacks, Yang Kai didn’t shout or scream this time. The intense pain was still assaulting his Divine Soul, as if his entire body was being torn apart. He endured this pain just to launch this surprise attack.

The effects were extremely obvious.

The Territory Lords’ attention was drawn to the two Black Ink Disciple’s strange actions, and with their preconceived notions that he had lost his ability to fight, none of them were able to guard against him.

The first Soul Shattering Spike struck one of the Territory Lords’ Soul Avatars and ruthlessly struck it, causing the Territory Lord to scream as he flew out, distancing himself from Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t have the time to care about him as the second Soul Shattering Spike flew towards the other Territory Lord.

Originally, he wanted to attack Territory Lord Hong Di, from their previous exchange, this Territory Lord’s status was slightly higher than the other Territory Lords, so if he could kill him or severely injure him, it would naturally be more meaningful.

Unfortunately, it was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but the distance between him and Hong Di was slightly further.

Left with no other choice, Yang Kai could only choose to approach the easier targets.

When the second Soul Shattering Spike flew out, the Territory Lords’ attacks also flew towards Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai completely ignored them. Now that he had summoned the Soul Warming Lotus to protect himself, he was no longer as helpless as before, so how could he fear the attacks of these Territory Lords?

The violent Divine Soul attacks slammed into the Soul Warming Lotus, causing a series of seven colored ripples to spread out. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s second Soul Shattering Spike instantly broke through the Territory Lord’s Divine Soul defenses and pierced into his body.

However, his situation was slightly better than the first Territory Lord’s, because he had at least taken some precautions. The Soul Shattering Spike hadn’t completely penetrated his body, and a small portion of it remained outside his body. At first glance, it was as if he had been struck by an arrow.

The Territory Lord also let out a miserable howl as he staggered backwards, his Divine Soul trembling violently.

Whether it was refining or controlling the Soul Shattering Spike, Yang Kai had expended a great deal of energy, so its power was naturally extraordinary.

Its uniqueness caused its limitations. Anyone who obtained it would only be able to use it as a one-time use trump card, and after using it once, it would be impossible to use it again.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was able to use it repeatedly with the help of the Soul Warming Lotus, he just have to cultivate for a while.

So what?

Seeing that Yang Kai had already used two Soul Shattering Spike, the remaining four Territory Lords heaved a sigh of relief.

According to past experience, this human could at most unleash two of those strange artifacts, but it was impossible for him to unleash a third in such a short time.

Before they could finish their thoughts, a terrifying scene appeared.

As Yang Kai opened his mouth, the third Soul Shattering Spike transformed into a golden light and shot out.

At this moment, the Territory Lords already relaxed their minds!

The timing was perfect.

This attack was even more effective than the second one. The Soul Shattering Spike directly struck the Divine Soul of the third Territory Lord and disappeared.

Another wave of terrified screams rang out!

In the entire Black Ink Nest, the aura of a Divine Soul was rising and falling. There were three heavily injured Territory Lords, three intact Territory Lords, and even Yang Kai's. It was a chaotic scene.


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