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Over the past few years, Yang Kai had returned to Blue Sky Pass from the outpost’s main camp for various tasks, but he had always been alone, with Dawn Squad always guarding the front lines. Although he was the Team Leader, Dawn Squad was strong, so even without him, they could still carry out various tasks.

On this trip back, Dawn Squad had also not followed him, so Yang Kai didn’t understand why Feng Ying and Bai Yi were here.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai walked to the left wing and gently touched the restriction. Soon, Feng Ying appeared in front of Yang Kai.

“Team Leader, you’re back?” Feng Ying called out.

Yang Kai nodded, “Why have you come back?”

Feng Ying said, “The Pass sent out an order, so we came back.”

“Order?” Yang Kai was a bit surprised. He had thought that Feng Ying and Bai Yi had returned for some reason, but now that he knew it was an order from the pass, there was nothing to ask.

Feng Ying hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Not only has our Dawn Squad been transferred back, Junior Brother Chai’s team has also been transferred back, along with some other teams.”

“Senior Brother Chai also came back?” Yang Kai’s eyes twitched. The so-called Senior Brother Chai was none other than the Wild Boar Squad’s Team Leader Chai Fang.

Feng Ying pursed her lips and smiled, “Junior Brother Chai came to find you earlier.”

“Why is he looking for me?” Yang Kai asked cautiously.

Feng Ying said, “Junior Brother Yang took great care of this Chai on the battlefield, so this Chai should naturally treat Junior Brother Yang well and express his gratitude. En, these are Junior Brother Chai’s original words.”

This was obviously a threat! Because of the performance of the Wild Boar Battleship, the Wild Boar Squad’s movements were relatively slow, so it was easy for them to be robbed of their battle merits on the battlefield. Dawn Squad had done this the most, so Chai Fang remembered all of this.

The Cowflies Squad’s nickname was not just for show.

But then again, it wasn’t that the Dawn Squad liked to snatch other people’s merits, it was just that on the battlefield, they had seen other teams entangle themselves with the Black Ink Clan, so if they could resolve this issue in passing, it would be fine. Under such circumstances, who would even consider whether to snatch merits or not? Naturally, the priority was to kill the Black Ink Clan.

However, Chai Fang obviously didn’t think so. In the past, when they were fighting on the front lines, it wasn’t appropriate for them to get involved with the Dawn Squad. Now that they had been transferred back to the pass, they naturally had to settle accounts.

Of course, he didn’t really want to do anything to Yang Kai and Dawn Squad. He also knew that many times, Dawn Squad was trying to help them, but since they were all elite teams, there was always some competition between them. Killing enemies was not as good as the Dawn Squad, so naturally he had to find some other place to regain his face.

Yang Kai immediately spat, “Let him die!”

Feng Ying curled her lips and said, “You should tell Junior Brother Chai this yourself.”

“Forget it, just ignore him. I’ll go into seclusion and cultivate. Senior Sister should also rest.”

Saying so, Yang Kai turned around and entered his room.

However, Chai Fang was destined not to let Yang Kai get what he wanted. It was unknown where he had obtained this information, but the day after Yang Kai returned to his residence, Chai Fang had rushed over.

Although the small courtyard had a restriction, it was unable to withstand Chai Fang’s full force harassment. He also knew that Yang Kai and the others wouldn’t enter a life or death secluded cultivation, so he was completely unrestrained.

The sound of the restriction being activated rang out again. Whether it was Yang Kai, Feng Ying, or Bai Yi, none of them were able to peacefully enter seclusion.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only walk out, open the restriction, and look at Chai Fang who was making a ruckus outside the courtyard with a look of disdain, “Senior Brother Chai, why are you here instead of cultivating?”

Chai Fang grinned maliciously as he rubbed his other fist, “Didn’t Senior Sister Feng tell you? Why does Little Brother need to ask when he already knows the answer?”

Yang Kai rubbed his forehead and helplessly asked, “Does Senior Brother want to fight with me?”

Chai Fang decisively said, “No! Although we’re not from the same sect, we’ve fought side by side on this battlefield for so many years, so how can we fight? Old Chai doesn’t know how to control his strength, what if he breaks Junior Brother?”

He was just being stubborn! The main reason was because Chai Fang felt that he was definitely not Yang Kai’s opponent. This guy was someone who could even kill a Territory Lord. Although he was taking advantage of the situation, in the entire human race's Seventh Order, no one had ever killed a Territory Lord.

Chai Fang had even seen Yang Kai fight with his own eyes. In front of him, a Feudal Lord was no different from a little chick. Such terrifying strength had long surpassed the strength of a Seventh Order. In terms of combat strength, Chai Fang admitted he was inferior to Yang Kai, so how could he fight with him? It was simply asking for trouble.

“Then what does Senior Brother want?” Yang Kai asked.

Chai Fang chuckled as he reached into his Space Ring and took out a wine jar, “Since this Chai want to thank you for taking care of me, naturally he won’t lie. Look, I’ve brought everything.”

Yang Kai immediately understood. On the battlefield, Old Turtle’s team had lost to Dawn Squad, and now they wanted to regain their face in the wine drinking field.

Looking at the wine jar in Chai Fang’s hand, Yang Kai suddenly felt bitter.

Back in the Outpost, Chai Fang had also competed with him in drinking, but in the end, Yang Kai was completely outmatched and was completely drunk, causing him to be ridiculed by the other Team Leaders.

Men were very strange. In the eyes of almost all men, the size of one’s alcohol capacity was also a standard measure of a man’s temperament. If one’s alcohol capacity was as high as the sea, they would naturally be able to drink to their heart’s content. To be able to drink three cups was simply not a man.

Yang Kai was now a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator with a deep foundation. Not to mention a single jug of wine, even a hundred or a thousand jugs wouldn’t be enough to make him drunk. With the World Force, no amount of wine would be able to make him drunk.

However, since this was a drinking competition, he naturally wouldn’t use any of his strength. If he really wanted to use the World Force, it would be meaningless.

When it came to drinking, everyone would seal their strength and compete with their innate capacity for alcohol.

In this aspect, Chai Fang was much stronger than Yang Kai.

“Senior Brother, I still need to cultivate in seclusion, how about this, I’ll accept this wine…”

Before Yang Kai could finish speaking, Chai Fang pushed him into the courtyard, “Enough nonsense, since this Chai has come today, I don’t plan on leaving.”

Yang Kai staggered as he watched Chai Fang take out a chair from his Space Ring and arrange it. After sitting down, Chai Fang stretched out his hand and gestured for Yang Kai to sit down, then stared at him fiercely, as if he was ready to die today.

Yang Kai estimated that he would most likely die here!

“Sit! Why doesn’t Junior Brother sit? If you don’t, you’re looking down on this Chai!” Chai Fang glared angrily.

Yang Kai laughed dryly, “Senior Brother, there’s no need for this.”

Helpless, he sat down opposite Chai Fang.

As soon as he sat down, Chai Fang couldn’t wait to stuff a jar of wine into his mouth, then he took out another jar, opened the lid, and poured it down his throat.

The corner of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he stared at this scene. In less than a dozen breaths, Chai Fang had completely emptied the jar of wine. He wiped his mouth and said, “Good! Junior Brother, please help yourself. This Chai will first drink a few jars to moisten my throat.”

Saying so, with a wave of his hand, a small mountain of wine jugs appeared beside him and he drank them as if they were water.

Not good! Yang Kai’s heart was filled with anxiety. If this continued, he would definitely not be a match, so he could only ask for help!

Taking advantage of the alcohol, Yang Kai quietly sent out a message.

A short while later, Yang Kai finished his jar, while Chai Fang had already finished four or five jars. They were on completely different levels.

Fortunately, at this moment, a figure flashed in from outside the door. Seeing the scene in the courtyard, before anyone could understand what was happening, Yang Kai called out enthusiastically, “Feiping, you’re here? Come, let me introduce you, this is Old Turtle’s Team Leader Chai Fang!”

Chai Fang shot him an annoyed look, “Why are you introducing people? Do i not know anyone in your team?”

After so many years of competing with each other, who wouldn’t know who is who?

Yang Kai smiled, “Feiping has admired Brother Chai for a long time and has mentioned Brother Chai’s name many times in front of me, saying that Brother Chai’s team always took the lead and fought bravely, making him admire them greatly. Feiping, now that Team Leader Chai is here, quickly offer him a few toasts.”

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Miao Feiping didn’t dare act disrespectfully and could only pick up a wine jar and respectfully say, “Team Leader Chai, Disciple offers you a toast.”

Chai Fang didn’t refuse and simply glanced at Yang Kai, “Very treacherous!”

Bang bang bang... He quickly gulped down the entire jar of wine.

Just as he finished drinking, someone else came in.

Yang Kai called out enthusiastically, “Senior Brother Qi is here? What a coincidence, Team Leader Chai is here as a guest. He is worried about wine tolerance, but Senior Brother Qi’s alcohol tolerance is like the sea, come here and drink with Team Leader Chai.”

Qi Taichu chuckled, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

A moment later, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Shen is here…”

One by one, the members of Dawn Squad arrived, and after seven or eight of them arrived, Chai Fang couldn’t stand it any longer and slammed his hand on the table, angrily shouting, “You’re bullying me with numbers! Your Cowflies team is too much! As expected, if the upper beam isn’t straight, the lower beam will be crooked! Surnamed Yang, you have reinforcements, but this old master doesn’t?”

Saying so, he took out the communication artifact and sent out his Divine Sense.

Not long after, several figures flew over from all directions from Blue Sky Pass. Yang Kai didn’t remain idle and quickly summoned the remaining Dawn Squad members.

A moment later, the tenth number of people had gathered in the small courtyard, and for a time it was quite lively, causing Feng Ying and Bai Yi to be unable to enter closed door cultivation.

Yang Kai and Chai Fang sat across from each other at the table, each of them surrounded by members of the other team.

Chai Fang glared fiercely at Yang Kai and slapped the table, “Little ones, we have received a lot of care from Team Leader Yang on the battlefield. How many times have we been unable to repay him for saving our lives? Today, give him a proper respect!”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Team Leader Chai is too polite, it’s impolite not to reciprocate. Since Team Leader Chai is a good drinker, let’s let him drink to his heart’s content today!”

At first, whether it was Yang Kai or Chai Fang, both of them were conscious and could act on their own, but as time passed, both of them began to roll their eyes and saw stars.

The members of their respective teams were unwilling to let them go, so they opened their mouths and poured wine into them.



Feng Ying and Bai Yi stood together and watched from afar, the former sighing, “Killing a thousand enemies, but sacrificing eight hundred!”

Bai Yi nodded vigorously.

At one point, Yang Kai’s body went limp and he slid under the table.

The drunken Chai Fang on the opposite side laughed loudly, “This old master won!”

Saying so, he also collapsed onto the table.


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