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“Please help me check how many battle merits I have left,” Yang Kai said.

“Senior Brother, please wait a moment,” The woman replied.

All of the information on the Merit Palace's side was available to the War Preparation Palace. Merit Palace recorded the acquisition and consumption of all Human Race soldiers’ battle merits in detail. After all, in this Ink Battlefield, every Human Race soldier’s battle merits were obtained painstakingly, so there was no room for carelessness.

After a while, the woman reported a number.

Hearing this, Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “Wait, why is it so little?”

The woman was even more surprised, “Is this still small?”

With the amount of battle merits she had counted, Yang Kai’s total wealth could be considered extremely high. Many people didn’t even have a fraction of his wealth.

However, Yang Kai was well aware of how much credit he had made over the past few days. The last time he had requested to go to the Fourth Base, he and the Dawn Squad members had killed many Black Ink Clan, rescued Bai Yi, and he even joined forces with Bai Yi to kill Chasing Wind. In the final battle, he and Bai Yi even helf Zha Hu kill another Territory Lord.

After occupying the resource production area on the Fourth Base, Yang Kai offered the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, allowing Blue Sky Pass to move the four resource production areas’ Universe World back and open the doors to the eleven Secret Realms.

Not to mention anything else, just by cooperating with Bai Yi to kill the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, the amount of battle merits he had obtained was enormous.

According to his own calculations, the amount of battle merits he currently possessed far exceeded this, at least three times more.

“Does Senior Brother want me to investigate the consumption of battle merits?” The woman asked.

“Is it convenient?” Yang Kai looked at her.

The woman pursed her lips into a smile and said, “We can inquire about the information from the Merit Palace here, there’s nothing inconvenient about it.” Saying so, she began to investigate.

A moment later, the woman revealed a suspicious look and said, “Senior Brother, from the information we’ve gathered here, you obtained a large amount of battle merits a month ago, but this piece of information is classified and cannot be investigated with my authority. I don’t know what you exchanged for, but Senior Brother should know.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned. A month ago, he should have just refined the World Tree, where did he exchange anything.

Suddenly, he realized that the battle merits he had used up should be because of the World Tree. Zha Hu had said before that the World Tree’s Subtree could be handed over to Yang Kai, and there shouldn’t be any objections, but he needed to use his own battle merits to exchange for it.

No one could say for sure how valuable a World Tree’s Subtree was. It could be said to be an existence comparable to a world treasure.

The amount of battle merits Yang Kai had spent should have been deducted by the order of the Regiment Commander to the Merit Palace. Although the amount was not small, compared to a World Tree Subtree, it was nothing.

Realizing this, Yang Kai felt relieved.

On the other hand, the woman behind the window looked at Yang Kai curiously. She didn’t know what Yang Kai had exchanged for, but it was actually classified information. This was something that had never happened before.

“Does Senior Brother want to exchange for anything else? Recently, there have been a lot of good things in War Preparation Palace,” The woman asked.

Yang Kai had originally wanted to exchange for some Spirit Pills for his cultivation to speed up his cultivation, but after hearing these words, his interest was piqued. Recently, the soldiers in the pass had been mining the Universe World, so it was normal for them to discover some kind of new treasure.

“Let’s take a look first,” Yang Kai replied.

“The exchangeable materials are all here, please take a look, Senior Brother,” The woman said as she handed over a jade slip.

Yang Kai took it and immersed his Divine Sense into it.

Just like what he had seen last time, this jade slip recorded an exchangeable item. The first in line was the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, but now there was also a shortage of the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, so it was obvious this item was not available.

Exploring the Secret Realm left behind by the previous Alchemy Master had allowed him to obtain quite a number of Profound Female Spirit Fruits, but the demand for these fruits in Blue Sky Pass was simply too great. As soon as these Spirit Fruits appeared in the War Preparation Palace, they were quickly exchanged for.

For the Human Race, the number of Profound Female Spirit Fruits they had wasn’t much. One day, the Open Heaven cultivators who had cut off their own Small Universe territory would repair their Small Universe, and this Spirit Fruit would lose its value.

Yang Kai looked down again and was shocked to see the second-ranked material. He couldn’t help looking up at the woman and asking, “Is there World Fruit here?”

The second line of the jade slip was written with the words ‘World Fruit’. There was a label at the back stating the World Tree Subtree's Mid Rank fruit!

As for the third line, it was also label as the World Fruit, which was marked as a World Tree Subtree's Low Rank Fuit.

Yang Kai naturally knew about the origins of the World Fruit. He and Zha Hu had picked it from the World Tree Subtree together, but he had not expected it to be placed in the War Preparation Palace to be exchanged for.

The woman nodded, “Yes, but there aren’t many Mid Rank ones left, there are still many Low Rank ones.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “There’s still a Mid Rank?”

Logically speaking, this thing would definitely be snatched by the soldiers in the pass. After all, the World Fruit’s effects were extraordinary. When Yang Kai consumed this World Fruit in the past, he had directly advanced from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order. Not only had he saved many years of bitter cultivation, but he had also expanded his limits.

It was difficult to understand why it was still available, unless this World Fruit was different from the one he had consumed in the past.

Sure enough, the woman said, “That’s right, Senior Brother doesn’t know, but these World Fruits are said to have been plucked from a World Tree Subtree. Their effects aren’t as powerful as the legends say. Even if one were to consume a Mid Rank World Fruit, it would only increase their Small Universe’s foundation and not allow one to directly advance to the next rank. In addition, exchanging for this fruit requires a lot of battle merits, so many people would rather exchange for more resources to slowly cultivate.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai understood that the World Fruits produced by the World Tree Subtree were indeed less effective than those produced by the Main Tree, which was normal.

The lowest cultivation of the soldiers in the pass was at least a Fifth Order. Mid Rank World Fruits should have been very attractive to them, but battle merits were hard to come by, so no one was willing to waste them.

“What about this Low Rank? What use does it have?”

Even the Low Rank World Fruits produced by the Main Tree weren’t worth much, let alone the Subtree’s. In the War Preparation Palace, the amount of battle merits required to exchange the two World Fruits was worlds apart.

The woman replied, “A Low Rank World Fruit can quickly restore the Small Universe’s strength, equivalent to a Spirit Pill.”

This was no different from what Yang Kai knew.

“Senior Brother is now a Seventh Order, so these two fruits aren’t very useful to Senior Brother. Even if you accept them, they will only restore your strength. Does Senior Brother want to exchange them?”

Yang Kai waved his hand, “No, I’m just curious.”

The effects of the Mid Rank World Fruits and Low Rank World Fruits had been greatly reduced, so to him, they really didn’t have much meaning, so he didn’t need to waste his battle merit on this.

Looking further down, he saw that there were indeed many good things in the War Preparation Palace that he had never seen before. They should all have been mined from those Universe Worlds.

However, Yang Kai himself did not lack cultivation resources. When he left the 3000 Worlds and set out for the Ink Battlefield, he had already prepared a massive amount of resources for himself to advance to the Eighth Order.

In the end, he casually exchanged for some Spirit Pills for his cultivation before leaving War Preparation Palace.

Blue Sky Pass had never arranged a place for him to live, so he had always lived with Feng Ying. Fortunately, Feng Ying had been the Commander of one of the Guards and had a high status, so she had her own courtyard and many rooms.

Returning to his residence, Yang Kai had just walked into the courtyard when Feng Ying, who had heard the commotion, came out to investigate. Seeing Yang Kai, she couldn’t help being surprised, “Have you finished your work?”

Yang Kai sighed, “It’s not that simple. I’ll leave it to the Pill Hall, someone else will worry about it.”

Feng Ying nodded, “Good, you need to consolidate your cultivation right now, so don’t be too distracted.”

Yang Kai said, “Now that I’ve returned, I’ll be going into seclusion to cultivate. You should pay attention to what’s happening inside, if there’s anything, remember to call me.”

“Good.” Feng Ying nodded before suddenly taking out a square wooden box and handing it over, “This is for you.”

“What is it?” Yang Kai took it and asked curiously.

Feng Ying said, “A few days ago, Regiment Commander Zhong Liang sent someone to deliver it. He said it was a small reward for you, but I don’t know what it is.”

Yang Kai weighed the wooden box in his hand and found that it wasn’t too heavy. Opening it, he saw a red spirit fruit the size of a baby’s fist and a sweet fragrance.

“World Fruit?” Feng Ying raised her brow when she saw this.

“High Rank World Fruit!” Yang Kai called out.

The World Tree’s fruits were harvested by him and Zha Hu together. Although there were a lot of them, most of them were Low Rank, with very few of them being Mid Rank. As for High Rank, Yang Kai had only harvested five or six of them.

Even if Zha Hu had harvested some High Rank World Fruits, there were probably only a dozen or so.

The Mid Rank and Low Rank World Fruits were placed in the War Preparation Palace for the soldiers to exchange. Yang Kai had been curious about where the High Rank World Fruits went, but he hadn’t expected to see one here.

Right now, he was a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Mid Rank and Low Rank weren’t of much use to him, but High Rank was.

“So it’s this thing.” Feng Ying hadn’t opened the wooden box before, so she didn’t know what was inside. Now that she saw it, she understood. Afraid that Yang Kai’s expectations would be too high, she said, “The Regiment Commander and the others have sent people to study the effects of these World Fruits and discovered that the fruits produced by the Subtree aren’t as powerful as the legends say. However, if you take this thing, it can indeed strengthen your Small Universe’s foundation and save you some time of bitter cultivation. It’s suitable for your current condition, but it’s impossible for you to advance to the Eighth Order.”

“The Regiment Commanders has kind intention,” Yang Kai nodded and sealed the wooden box again, “Then I’ll go into seclusion now. I’ll have to trouble Senior Sister to take care of things outside. If there’s anything you need, feel free to call me.”

“Go,” Feng Ying waved her hand.

Yang Kai nodded, walked into his room, opened the restriction, and sat down cross-legged.


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