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The various Arrays arranged on Breaking Dawn were all the best that Blue Sky Pass could do, and could be said to be of the highest quality.

Normally, when the Defensive Array was activated by several team members, it could display seventy percent of the Array’s power, but now that Yang Kai was personally taking action, it was able to display a hundred percent of its power.

In terms of defensive strength, it was naturally different from before. This thirty percent difference was almost double in strength.

Feng Ying was originally worried that Breaking Dawn Battleship wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, but after seeing that the numerous attacks had only caused ripples on the protective light barrier and had no effect, she immediately shouted, “Charge!”

Hearing this, the team members who were in charge of controlling the direction didn’t hesitate in the slightest, controlling Breaking Dawn to charge into the Black Ink Clan’s army, almost hitting wherever there were more people.

In the blink of an eye, wherever Breaking Dawn passed, the Black Ink Clan members who couldn’t dodge in time would be smashed to pieces by this Battleship. Even the Black Ink Clan members who were quick to dodge were smashed to pieces by Breaking Dawn’s attack.

More than a dozen Battleships followed closely behind Dawn, each of them unleashing powerful attacks in all directions.

A long vacuum quickly appeared in this Black Ink Clan defensive line.

When Breaking Dawn reached the end of its charge, it quickly turned around and charged forward again. With it as the vanguard, the dozen or so Battleships lined up on both sides and once again began a clean sweep.

After three or four times, the Black Ink Clan army on this front line had suffered countless casualties and completely collapsed, unable to form an effective line.

On the Battleship where the bearded man was, the Vice Team Leader's beautiful face was filled with shock, “This Dawn Squad is actually so powerful!”

The bearded man licked his lips and chuckled, “What you don’t know is that the various Arrays on Breaking Dawn are all of the highest quality. The various Artifacts arranged in the Formation Eye, whether it is offensive or defensive artifacts, it can be said to be of the highest grade. If not for that, how could it have such power? Heh, Breaking Dawn seems to have set up the Universe Formation and even sealed the Purification Light inside.”

The beautiful woman immediately became angry, “The Regiment Commanders are too biased. What’s going on? Dawn was birthed and raised by their mother?”

The bearded man raised his hand and knocked her head, “Don’t spout nonsense!”

The beautiful woman immediately covered her head, feeling extremely wronged.

The bearded man said, “The several Regiment Commanders are in charge of the four great army, and all of the soldiers under them are their lifebloods. They won’t do anything to favor some of them. All of the arrangements on Dawn Squad's Batteship were made by the people from the Dawn Squad who spent battle merits to modify them.”

The beautiful woman couldn’t help exclaiming, “How many battle merits would that cost?”

The bearded man suddenly became somewhat melancholic, “Last time, I secretly asked the Junior Brother on the Merit Palace about the number of battle merit that Team Leader Yang of the Dawn Squad obtained in the last great battle…” He casually stated a number before continuing, “After the modification of the Battleship, all of his battle merits were consumed, and this was only his own, not including Feng Ying’s.”

The beautiful woman’s expression became even more shocked, “They really are willing to spend such a large amount of battle merits on Breaking Dawn.”

The bearded man grinned, “I can’t help but admire his boldness. Breaking Dawn’s current combat strength is indeed extraordinary. After this battle, not to mention replenishing all of his previous consumption, earning thirty to forty percent of it is not a problem. If he fights a few more battles, he can definitely earn back what he lost.”

The beautiful woman pouted, “If we had so many battle merits, we could do the same.”

“We don’t have any!” The bearded man laughed, “But, if we follow Breaking Dawn, they’ll eat meat, and we’ll drink some soup, it’s not bad!”

As he spoke, the bearded man’s expression suddenly became solemn and he said, “The Black Ink Clan’s defensive line has been broken, it’s time for us to fight. Remember, if you are contaminated by the Ink Force, go to Breaking Dawn’s side, they will have the Purification Light!”

The beautiful woman nodded heavily, “I understand!”

“Open the formation!” The bearded man shouted, raising his hand and summoning a huge mace. This mace was covered in spikes and looked extremely terrifying.

A gap appeared in the Defensive Array of the flying Battleship, and the bearded man and beautiful woman immediately rushed out, attacking the Black Ink Clan in front of them. A mace smashed down, and several Black Ink Clan masters who were unable to avoid it exploded into a bloody mist.

The bearded man laughed loudly, “Wonderful, wonderful! Little bastards of the Black Ink Clan, quickly come and taste your grandfather’s stick!”

The beautiful woman glared at him angrily, a long sword in her hand flying towards a fleeing Black Ink Clan member. As the sword flower withered, the Black Ink Clan was torn apart.

The flying Battleship that the two of them were on followed closely behind them, and the offensive array on the flying Battleship continued to display their might. This team had obviously been through many battles, and now that the two Seventh Order and the flying Battleship were cooperating so intimately, they complemented each other.

It wasn’t just this flying Battleship, but all of the dozen or so other flying Battleships were doing the same. The Seventh Order Open Heaven masters on each of these flying Battleships had personally taken action to surround their own Battleships in battle. This way of fighting was undoubtedly safer, and even if they encountered any powerful enemies, they would have a chance to escape back to their Battleships to recuperate.

However, each of these teams only had two Seventh Order Open Heaven masters.

On the other hand, the Dawn Battleship at the forefront suddenly sent out five Seventh Order. Whether it was Yang Kai or Feng Ying, once they attacked, even the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord would find it difficult to resist.

On the deck of Breaking Dawn, a petite figure stood tall. In front of her, there was a gap in the Defensive Array. The figure held a tight bow with a golden light at its tip.

Amidst the clanging sounds, golden light flashed, each of these golden lights signifying the death of a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

Bai Yi, who came from Divine Feather Paradise and cultivated the Chasing Sun Arrow Heart, was a master of archery. Once she made a move, her arrows would not miss.

With Breaking Dawn as the center, within a ten kilometer radius, no matter which Feudal Lord was struck by her, they would either be seriously injured or die.

An outstanding sharpshooter could display too much power on such a battlefield.

Moreover, she had never looked at any of the Black Ink Clans below the Feudal Lords, her eyes only focused on the Feudal Lords.

Originally, this line of defense had given the Black Ink Clan a great advantage, forcing more than a dozen teams to retreat. However, after the Dawn Squad arrived, the situation had changed. Not only did the Human Race’s soldiers have the ability to fight back, but they had also managed to defeat the Black Ink Clan.

In the midst of this fierce battle, a blood-soaked Seventh Order Open Heaven suddenly flew towards Breaking Dawn, his pale face flashing with an unusual Black Qi.

This Seventh Order master had obviously been corrupted by the Ink Force.

Bai Yi’s longbow immediately pointed towards him and the Seventh Order Open Heaven instantly froze in midair, not daring to move.

Fortunately, Bai Yi quickly understood the situation and stepped aside, calling out, “Quickly enter.”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven cupped his fists and said, “I cannot thank you enough.”

With a flash of his figure, he rushed through the gap in the Defensive Array and was immediately led to a Space Array on the deck.

With a flash of light, the Seventh Order Open Heaven silhouette disappeared.

After a moment, another ray of light appeared and the man suddenly appeared on the Space Array. Although his expression was still somewhat tired, the Black Qi that shrouded his face had disappeared.

The bearded man wasn’t the only one who knew that Breaking Dawn had the Purification Light sealed within it. Previously, when Breaking Dawn was being repair in the base, all the Seventh Order Team Leader had gone to watch, all of them envious of Breaking Dawn’s performance.

However, this was a Battleship that Yang Kai and Feng Ying had spent a massive amount of battle merits to modify, so even if others were envious, they couldn’t copy it.

It wasn’t that the people inside the pass weren’t willing to modify it, it was just that the cost of doing so was quite high. Blue Sky Pass couldn’t support the needs of every team and it could only be exchanged for battle merits. What’s more, the average team’s configuration was much worse than Dawn’s, so there was no need for such modifications. To put it bluntly, even if Breaking Dawn was given to them, they wouldn’t be able to display its full power.

After visiting Breaking Dawn, everyone naturally knew that there was a Purification Light on Breaking Dawn.

Now that he had been corroded by the Ink Force on the battlefield, going to the Breaking Dawn to seek help was the best choice, otherwise he would need to use the Universe Escape Law to return to the base.

The Seventh Order cupped his fists in thanks and rushed out of Breaking Dawn to continue killing the enemy.

On the battlefield, even the slightest accident could trigger a series of unforeseen events.

Due to the invasion of the Dawn Squad, the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had collapsed, and this collapse was rapidly spreading across the entire battlefield.

Since Dawn broke into the battlefield, in less than two hours, the entire Black Ink Clan’s defensive line had been wiped out, and those who hadn’t died had already fled elsewhere.

Without stopping to rest, Yang Kai led the few Seventh Order and Dawn Battleships under his command towards the closest Black Ink Clan army.

The dozen or so teams behind him followed like shadows.

The dozen or so Palace Artifacts also followed, with Breaking Dawn leading the way. Soon, like a sharp blade, they stabbed into the heart of the Black Ink Clan army.

Immediately, a commotion broke out.

In the sky above the battlefield, powerful wills were confronting each other.

The defeat of the Black Ink Clan army caused the several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords to be furious. Although they were confronting the Human Race’s Eighth Order, they were also paying attention to the situation below.

At this moment, the performance of the Black Ink Clan’s army had undoubtedly disappointed them.

One of the Territory Lords stared fixedly at Breaking Dawn with a murderous intent, seemingly wanting to destroy the Battleship at all costs.

He could clearly see that the Black Ink Clan’s side originally had some advantage, but after this Battleship arrived on the battlefield, the situation was no longer under control.

This Battleship was definitely one of the Human Race’s elites. If they could kill all of its members, it would be a great loss to the Human Race.

However, just as this thought appeared in his mind, the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had concealed himself in the void across from him seemed to sense something and warned, “Why don’t you try?”

Hearing this voice, the Territory Lord finally confirmed which Eighth Order Human Race master was staring at him and couldn’t help snorting coldly, “Zha Hu!”


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