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Chasing Wind had only heard of Emperor Realm masters, but had never seen one.

A cultivation at the Emperor Realm was simply impossible to survive in the Black Ink Battlefield.

He had actually met one today.

If it was any other day, such a weak ant like this, Chasing Wind would only need a single glance to kill it.

But now that he had been seriously injured and had suffered a backlash from the Secret Technique, his Territory Lord’s might had been completely wiped out. Now that an Emperor Realm master had suddenly appeared, it was obvious that Yang Kai had released him.

The old man had obviously received Yang Kai’s warning in advance, so as soon he appeared from the Small Universe's door, he slashed his sword towards Chasing Wind without hesitation.

Chasing Wind’s expression changed drastically as he forced himself to breathe, spitting out a black aura towards the old man.

This aura was extremely faint and it was obvious that Chasing Wind couldn’t use any more of his Ink Force.

The old man didn’t care about this and instead used his own strength to protect his body, piercing through the black aura and slashing down fiercely.

This sword strike landed on Chasing Wind’s massive neck, which already had a wound on it. Under the might of this sword strike, the wound immediately enlarged until it was almost bone-deep and black blood gushed out.

The old man, on the other hand, immediately retreated after executing a sword strike, quickly changing his hand seals and quickly tapping his body a few times. Immediately after, he fell to the ground without a sound.

Before he lost consciousness, the old man looked towards Yang Kai and said with great difficulty, “Supreme Elder, I did my best…”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

But Chasing Wind couldn’t help laughing loudly, “An ant like you wants to kill me? One isn’t enough, you need a few more!”

Although the half-grown old man’s sword strike had caused him quite a serious injury, it hadn’t taken his life. Although such an injury looked terrifying, to a Territory Lord, it was at most a superficial wound.

The only regret he had was that after the ant attacked, he plant a restriction on himself, causing him to be stunned. If not for this, with his Emperor Realm cultivation, he wouldn’t have been able to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force and would only need a few breaths of time to transform into Black Ink Disciple. At that time, he would be able to use him to deal with Yang Kai and kill him instead.

However, since Yang Kai dared to release him from his Small Universe’s grasp, it was obvious he had anticipated this situation and naturally wouldn’t allow it to happen.

The old man’s self-restraint should have been a warning from Yang Kai.

As Chasing Wind smiled, he couldn’t bring himself to continue smiling because Yang Kai’s expression was filled with mockery and pity.

He gasped, “You still have helpers?”

Yang Kai sneered, “I have an army of thousands, just wait to die!”

Saying so, his Small Universe’s door suddenly opened again and a figure flew out from it. This person was the same as the half-grown old man who had appeared before, both of them only having the cultivation of the Emperor Realm and not even as strong as the half-grown old man.

Similar to the previous situation, as soon as this person appeared, he rushed towards Chasing Wind and ruthlessly slashed down at the wound on his neck, immediately enlarging the wound and even leaving a mark on his neck.

This person also succeeded in his first attack and immediately retreated, using a technique to seal himself and instantly falling unconscious.

Another figure emerged from the Small Universe’s door…

Chasing Wind screamed in terror as he struggled to crawl forward. At this moment, he truly felt the threat of death.

A single Emperor Realm master was nothing to him, and two was nothing to him, but if they appeared one after another like this, sooner or later he would be killed.

Even an ant could bite an elephant to death. In the past, Chasing Wind had scoffed at these words, but today, he had personally experienced it. Unfortunately, he was the elephant that was about to be bitten to death by an ant.

One figure after another emerged from the Small Universe’s door. Each of them had a cultivation of the Emperor Realm, and each of them only had one chance to strike, but each strike landed on the same spot.

Chasing Wind’s injuries became more severe, his neck almost breaking.

When the fifth person appeared from Yang Kai’s Small Universe, that person slashed down with his sword, instantly severing Chasing Wind’s head from his body and sending him tumbling far away.

From his neck, only a small amount of black blood was spewing out, indicating that the black blood in Chasing Wind’s body had nearly dried up.

The last person to succeed was a young man with the cultivation of a Third Order Emperor Realm master. He was slightly surprised that his first strike had succeeded, but he quickly placed a seal on his body and cupped his fists towards Yang Kai before passing out, “Fortunately, I did not fail!”

Saying so, he fell to the ground.

When Chasing Wind’s head was separated from his body, he was so dead he can't die anymore, but his eyes were still blinking slightly, filled with unwillingness.

As a dignified Territory Lord, the only one in this world who could match him was the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven. Such a character had actually been killed by several Emperor Realm masters.

The light in Chasing Wind’s eyes quickly dissipated as his eyes bulged, unable to close in death.

Panting heavily, Yang Kai flipped over and lay on the ground.

Today’s victory had been far too difficult. He and Bai Yi had never imagined that Chasing Wind would have such a speedy recovery Secret Technique. If they had been careless, they would have fallen into a desperate situation.

But now, Bai Yi was unconscious and heavily injured. His own injuries were not light, and even his Dragon Bead had cracked. The price he had paid was not small.

Chasing Wind Secret Technique could be said to be both a success and a failure. Fortunately, at the critical moment, the backlash from the Secret Technique erupted, otherwise, Yang Kai felt that he might not have been able to escape. In the end, he was completely exhausted.

After this battle, Yang Kai had deeply experienced the power of a Territory Lord. This was not something a Seventh Order Open Heaven could fight alone. If he were to encounter a Territory Lord at his peak, Yang Kai could only flee.

However, no matter how difficult the process was, the result was always gratifying. In the end, Chasing Wind had died.

On the Black Ink Battlefield, the winner was king while the loser was vilified. There was nothing to say about the dead.

After consuming the healing pill and silently refining it for half a cup of tea time, Yang Kai finally got up.

Yang Kai still felt dizzy, and a sense of emptiness filled his Small Universe. If he were to observe his Small Universe at this moment, he would discover that the entire Small Universe World was covered in a gray haze. This was because he had consumed too much of his foundation, so he could only slowly restore it in the future.

Right now, the most important thing was to rescue people.

Step by step, he walked over to the unconscious Emperor Realm masters and placed them into his Small Universe’s body.

These Emperor Realms all came from the Seven Star Workshop in his Small Universe. The first old man to appear was the Seven Star Worksho[’s Master, Shangguan Ji, while the rest were Elders of the Seven Star Workshop, such as Guan Qianxing.

Back then, Yang Kai had used his Divine Sense to enter the Seven Star Workshop and become the Supreme Elder of Seven Star Workshop. He had also accepted two of his personal disciples, Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya there.

Since sending Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya back to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai hadn’t shown himself in the Small Universe. If he hadn’t been forced to, he wouldn’t have let these Emperor Realms take such a risk.

The corrosion of the Ink Force was difficult to resist even for the Open Heaven cultivator, let alone an Emperor Realm cultivator, so before Yang Kai wanted to borrow their strength to deal with Chasing Wind, he had repeatedly warned them that they only had one chance to strike and immediately seal themselves, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

The several Emperor Realm masters from Seven Star Workshop were quite obedient. After all, Yang Kai was too profound and mysterious to them, so they naturally didn’t dare disobey the words of the Supreme Elder. After each of them appeared, they would strike out and seal themselves before falling unconscious.

As it turned out, this method was correct.

At this moment, these Emperor Realms had been corroded by the Ink Force and had been reduced to Black Ink Disciples. It was just that they were all unconscious, otherwise they would have attacked Yang Kai.

Soon, Yang Kai arrived at the last young man’s position. It was this young man who had decapitated Chasing Wind with a single blow.

The young man’s face looked somewhat familiar.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before recognizing this man as Miao Feiping.

Slightly surprised, the little boy who had entered Seven Star Workshop at the same time as Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya was now a Third Order Emperor Realm.

To be honest, Miao Feiping’s aptitude was quite good, and his Emperor Qi was extremely pure and condensed. If it weren’t for the fact that he had always lived in the Small Universe, with his aptitude, he might have been able to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven.

Thinking about it for a moment, after obtaining the help of these Emperor Realms today, perhaps in the future he could give them some pointers on how to reach a higher realm of martial arts.

After collecting Miao Feiping into the Small Universe, Yang Kai rushed over to where Bai Yi was.

Bai Yi was still unconscious and her aura was extremely weak. Her body was covered in wounds and blood, especially the wound on her left shoulder, which had nearly caused half her chest to explode.

Before this, she had been caught by Chasing Wind and had suffered a backhand blow. This injury had been left behind at that time. Afterwards, she had sacrificed herself to block Yang Kai’s path and had been seriously injured by Chasing Wind, many of her bones broken.

Such an injury was too serious even for a Seventh Order like Bai Yi. If she was not treated, it was highly likely she would die.

Moreover, she had been unconscious all this time and had long since been corroded by the Ink Force. Like the other Emperor Realms, she had also transformed into Black Ink Disciple.

Yang Kai first activated the Purification Light to disperse the Ink Force in her Small Universe before activating the Towering Evergreen Secret Technique. The phantom of the Eternal Tree immediately appeared behind Yang Kai, its branches drooping down to form a semi-circular protective barrier around Bai Yi.

Yang Kai took out a few more Spirit Pills, opened Bai Yi’s mouth, and placed them inside, using his strength to help her refine them.

Although this Secret Realm was now filled with the Ink Force, it was relatively safe. After all, it was a place where Chasing Wind was hidden, so there was no need to worry about being disturbed.

Under the combined effects of the Spirit Pill and the towering Evergreen Secret Technique, Bai Yi’s vitality slowly recovered and the wounds on her body began to heal.

It was the same for Yang Kai’s side, his recovery speed was even faster than Bai Yi’s. With his Dragon Vein Body, his recovery speed had always exceeded that of ordinary people.

The injuries on his body could be easily healed, and his Small Universe’s foundation could also be replenished. The only thing that gave Yang Kai a headache was the damage to the Dragon Bead.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 29, 2023

Author with dementia. Many times he/she forgot to mention Zhu Qing whenever MC wives were mentioned. Now 3rd disciple was forgotten. YK's last time appearance was when he admitted his 3rd disciple not when he sent the 1st 2 outside. Besides he didn't appear when he took the 2 kids, they just disappeared thus the sect had problems.


With his Dragon Vein Body, his recovery speed had always exceeded that of ordinary people




Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 18, 2023

jajaajjaja super


May 19, 2022

You died by a mere Emperor how do you feel oh wait you can’t feel anything when your dead

Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 16, 2022
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YK should have killed directly, not a low life emperor but alas

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