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Yang Kai turned around and left.

Yang Xue, who had been following behind Yang Kai all this time, had an awkward look on her face. She didn’t know that her sisters-in-law would actually act in such a manner today. This was really quite strange. Her sisters-in-law were usually very gentle and virtuous, but today was a bit abnormal, and from the looks of it, it seemed like everyone had discussed this beforehand, so it was likely that the next few would be the same.

Sure enough, Yang Kai went to Xue Yue’s side again but was still unable to enter.

The same for Qu Huachang.

Even Qu Huachang had colluded with Rumeng and the others! Although Qu Huachang had already established some status with them, the two of them had never acted against the rules.

At this moment, how could Yang Kai not know what his wives were planning?

On the other hand, Yang Xue, who had been following behind Yang Kai all this time, was extremely worried. Today, six new brides had suddenly appeared, and five of them had refused Yang Kai’s entry, leaving behind only Tao Lingwan. If he were to be denied entry here, her big brother would definitely be embarrassed.

Although there was no ceremony to pay his respects three times, today was still her Big Brother’s big day, but for some reason, he did not complete the ceremony.

On such a joyous day, not even a single brides let him enter their room, so tomorrow would definitely become a laughing stock for everyone. Now that Yang Kai was representing High Heaven Palace, how could such a thing happen?

“You can go about your business,” Standing in front of the last courtyard, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and ordered.

Yang Xue was stunned for a moment before nodding, “Then Big Brother, you…”

Yang Kai smiled, “Don’t worry, there’s no problem here.”

Saying so, he waved his hand and walked inside.

Yang Xue stared at him, her heart in her throat.

Luan Bai Feng was standing guard here, and upon seeing Yang Kai appear, she immediately knelt down and greeted, “Sect Master!”

Yang Kai nodded and walked straight ahead. Luan Bai Feng didn’t say anything, only lifting the curtain and inviting him inside.

Outside, when Yang Xue saw this scene, her heart finally relaxed, her eyes flashing as she faintly realized something.

Luan Bai Feng didn’t remain inside for long and quickly walked out, closing the door behind her and giving Yang Xue a look before the two women left together.

Although the boudoir was temporarily set up, it still took a lot of effort. Tao Lingwan, who was wearing a phoenix coronet and robes, sat on the bed without moving.

When she heard Yang Kai’s voice outside the door, she began to feel nervous, and when the footsteps gradually approached, she couldn’t help feeling tense.

She had never expected Yang Kai to come here!

Today, including her, there were a total of six new brides. Besides Junior Sister Qu Huachang and herself, the other four had followed him for a long time. It seemed that some of them had accompanied him since the beginning of time and were inseparable. The feelings they had accumulated over the years were not something a few interactions could compare with.

She knew that in Yang Kai’s heart, she was far inferior to the others, so she didn’t have any extravagant thoughts.

But he had actually come.

Tao Lingwan was not prepared for this at all. In her nervousness, she even forgot to breathe!

Yang Kai also felt a headache coming on. He hadn’t had much contact with Tao Lingwan, and the only reason he had brought her out from Yin Yang Heaven was because he really couldn’t refuse her. Originally, he had wanted to slowly resolve her problem in the future, but his plans had been unable to keep up with the changes and had instead been forced into this situation.

The bridal escort was too sudden and no one had informed him beforehand. Yin Yang Heaven had even arranged for Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan to stay together, so he didn’t even have a chance to choose.

What should he do now? Yang Kai couldn’t decide.

He saw Tao Lingwan’s nervousness and secretly found it funny, but after thinking about it carefully, this woman’s personality was one that was easily embarrassed, so after encountering such a situation today, she couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

However, there were some things that had to be resolved, and a man had to take responsibility!

Sitting down, Yang Kai poured himself a glass of wine and took a sip, “Don’t worry, I’m just here to rest.”

The moment he opened his mouth, Tao Lingwan, who was lying on the bed, trembled in fear. Although it was only a momentary reaction, it was enough to show her nervousness.

Yang Kai let out a self-deprecating laugh, “They didn’t even let me in, they just chased me towards you.”

Tao Lingwan, who had a red veil covering her head, her expression couldn't be seen clearly and remained silent, but she finally understood why Yang Kai hadn’t gone elsewhere and instead appeared here.

It turned out that it was because no one else allowed him to enter, and today was a day of great joy. If Yang Kai really couldn’t even enter the bridal room, it wouldn’t be good if word got out.

“Although today is a wedding day, there is no wedding ceremony, so Wan’er, if you regret your decision, there is still time. En, I have always felt that relationships are like cultivation and need to be carefully cultivated. You don’t have much contact with me, so you don’t know what kind of person I am. If it’s only because of your cultivation technique, you can find an opportunity to slowly resolve it in the future. A lifetime is a long road, and if you don’t have someone suitable to accompany you, it will be very tiring to walk it. Moreover, I will be sealing the Void Corridor in a few days. Whether I can survive or not is something I can’t guarantee. Rumeng and the others have followed me for many years, the boat has already sailed, so they have no choice. Tonight, I will rest here for a while and leave tomorrow, you don’t need to be too nervous.”

Tao Lingwan became even more nervous, her body trembling slightly.

Yang Kai smiled wryly and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. I’m just sitting here, so don’t bne nervous. Take that thing off your head and let’s talk.”

Tao Lingwan didn’t move, but the trembling of her body became more intense.

Yang Kai’s expression became slightly solemn as he suddenly stood up, rushed over to Tao Lingwan’s side, and reached out to touch her wrist.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Another Qi Deviation?”

He had encountered this situation once before. When he was in Yin Yang Heaven, Tao Lingwan had suffered a Qi Deviation. At that time, Yang Kai didn’t know how to help her, and although he had somehow managed to help her, he had also left his own aura in her Small Universe.

It was precisely because of this unintentional act that the two of them had become connected.

However, the situation this time was obviously much more serious than last time.

Yang Kai suddenly reacted, “How many times have you experienced Qi Deviation in the past hundred years?”

The reason he had brought Tao Lingwan out from Yin Yang Heaven was because her master Chen Xiu had told him that Tao Lingwan was in constant danger of suffering Qi Deviation, and once she encountered such a situation, only Yang Kai could help her.

“Five… five times!” Tao Lingwan said softly.

Yang Kai immediately felt guilty. When he had first volunteered to go to the depths of the cage, he had not expected that this matter would delay him for a hundred years. Naturally, Tao Lingwan would not be able to live in peace for the past hundred years and had experienced a total of five Qi Deviations.

Fortunately, there was a Supreme Elder of Yin Yang Heaven, Azure Feather Divine Monarch, overseeing this place. What was even rarer was that Azure Feather Divine Monarch had cultivated the Emotion Dao in the past, allowing her to personally help Tao Lingwan overcome the five Qi Deviations.

However, even though Azure Feather Divine Monarch was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator with a profound cultivation and had the same origin as Tao Lingwan’s cultivation technique, she was still unable to treat the root of the problem.

This was also the reason why she had agreed to allow Yang Kai to marry two Yin Yang Heaven Core Disciples at once. Tao Lingwan had to give herself to Yang Kai in order to resolve her current problem. There was no other choice.

Tao Lingwan’s cultivation deviation was becoming more severe, each time more dangerous than the last. One day, even if an Eighth Order Supreme Elder personally took action, it would no longer be of any help to her.

In Yin Yang Heaven, the Qi Deviation of the disciples who cultivated the Emotion Dao Cultivation Technique was, strictly speaking, nothing more than the characteristics of the technique and not the true Qi Deviation.

As the saying goes, a solitary Yin does not grow, and the solitary Yang does not last long. Before a disciple who cultivated the Emotion Dao met a suitable companion, the Yin and Yang in their body would become unstable and the higher their cultivation, the easier it would be for them to suffer from Qi Deviation.

As for the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, that was the limit of this cultivation technique! If one wanted to break through, they would need to harmonize their Yin and Yang.

Normally, if a disciple who cultivated the Emotion Dao encountered such a situation, they could resolve it with their own persistence. Before meeting Yang Kai, Tao Lingwan was like this.

When she suffer Qi Deviation that time, even if Yang Kai didn’t help her, she would still be fine. After all, she had encountered this situation more than once or twice during her long years of cultivation.

But how could Yang Kai know? Seeing that Tao Lingwan was showing signs of Qi deviation, he naturally helped her out of goodwill and fell into Chen Xiu’s trap.

Since then, there had been a hidden danger, and that time he had helped out could be said to be doing something bad out of goodwill.

But now, Tao Lingwan’s situation was far more serious than the first time Yang Kai had encountered her. He could clearly feel the Small Universe in Tao Lingwan’s body stirring restlessly. If she didn’t try to suppress this restlessness and allowed it to flow freely, it was highly likely that the Small Universe would cause some kind of impact.

Having experienced this before, Yang Kai naturally knew how to act.

Activating his Small Universe’s strength, he poured it into Tao Lingwan’s body.

They were easily accepted, as if their strengths came from the same source.

Along with Yang Kai’s actions, Tao Lingwan’s condition gradually improved. In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Tao Lingwan’s trembling body calmed down and the restlessness in her Small Universe’s body also calmed down.

Yang Kai stopped.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai opened his mouth and asked, “Senior Sister Qu told me some things about the Emotion Dao Cultivation Technique. How did you resolve it after your Qi deviation?”

Tao Lingwan softly explained how Supreme Elder had helped her.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, realizing just how much trouble his negligence had caused the other party, and couldn’t help feeling guilty.

“Supreme Elder said that at most she can help me suppress it twice more, but after that, she won’t be able to do anything,” Tao Lingwan added.

Today was already the first time Tao Lingwan encountered such a problem, and if Yang Kai wasn’t by her side, Azure Feather Divine Monarch might be able to help, but next time, even if he were to act, it would be useless.

The disciples of Yin Yang Heaven had never encountered such a situation before. They were always able to find a suitable partner at the right time, so there was nothing to worry about.


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