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There is no way out of the two results, the only thing waiting after the No-Return Pass is death.

Yang Kai frowned slightly. In that unknown battlefield, dying at the hands of the Ink Clan was understandable, but dying at the hands of your own Clan…

However, when he saw the situation on the battlefield, he quickly reacted.

In that place, being turned into Ink Disciple was a common occurrence. Facing Ink Disciple, their former fellow disciples would not show mercy.

However, Yang Kai still didn’t understand, “No one can survive?”

“On that battlefield, death is only a matter of time. No-Return Pass is not just a rhetoric. Since the establishment of the No-Return Pass, it has been hundreds of thousands of years, but in all these years, there has never been a precedent for anyone who has stepped out of this pass. That is why the various Cave Heaven Paradise need to cultivate a large number of talents in order to constantly invest manpower into that battlefield.”

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before asking in a low voice, “Yin Yang Heaven’s Xu Linggong went to that battlefield?”

The Eighth-Order Supreme Elder shook his head and said, “This old master has been in seclusion for many years and doesn’t know any Xu Linggong. However, several hundred years ago, there was indeed a group of disciples from Yin Yang Heaven who go through the No-Return Pass.”

He finally had an answer to his doubts.

On Yin Yang Heaven, Yang Kai had not been able to see Xu Linggong, which made him feel very strange. After all, Qu Huachang had been imprisoned for a hundred years and the time limit was about to expire, so there was no reason for Xu Linggong to suddenly disappear.

The answer given by Yin Yang Heaven was that Xu Linggong was carrying out a sect mission, but now it seemed that when they parted ways, he had left the 3000 Worlds with the people of Yin Yang Heaven.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue were also there.

“Although for some reason, no one has ever returned from the No-Return Pass, sometimes when the passage is opened, some information can still be transmitted from the other side. Information about the Ink Clan from the Cave Heaven Paradise is transmitted from there.”

“The Ink Clan Royal's strength is comparable to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage. If that was all, it would have been fine, but after being imprisoned for so many years, her strength has fallen greatly. With the foundations of all the Cave Heaven Paradise, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with her, but we would need to pay a certain price to do so. There is only one thing that people are most afraid of. The Ink Clan Royal has a Secret Technique that even an Eighth-Order like us can’t resist. Once we are hit by it, we will instantly transform into Ink Disciples and become loyal to her.”

These pieces of information had been sent back from the No-Return Pass and had been exchanged for countless years of blood and life.

This was the situation Yang Kai was currently seeing.

The Ink Clan Royal used their Ink Clan Royal Secret Technique, instantly transforming the five Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage masters into Ink Disciples, causing the remaining people to panic. No one knew if there were any other Ink Disciples besides the five exposed Ink Disciples.

However, everyone had already anticipated this situation, so when Luo Sheng Heaven’s Eighth-Order Supreme Elder wanted to harm Yang Kai, someone immediately came to rescue him.

The current situation was the result they had to endure in this battle.

“She is running out of skills!” The Eighth Order Supreme Elder standing next to Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief, as if a heavy stone had been lifted from his heart, allowing him to finally see the light of day.

According to the information they had obtained, unless they were forced to, the Royal Lord would never use this Secret Technique, because although this Secret Technique was incomparably profound, it also consumed a great deal of the Royal Lord's strength. It was the kind of Secret Technique that could determine life or death.

Now that she had used it, it meant she had been forced into a desperate situation.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and saw that the Ink Clan Royal's aura was extremely weak, and the vast will that had been filling the void was now almost gone

Yang Kai felt a deep sense of respect.

Many Eighth-Order Supreme Elder from the Cave Heaven Paradise had already anticipated this situation before participating in the battle, and all of them were mentally prepared to be turned into ink disciples. Only by forcing the Royal Lord to use that Secret Technique would they have any hope of winning.

No one knew if they would be the ones to be turned into ink disicples, but everyone was determined to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world's survival.

Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities were released, and the World Force was released, causing the Small Universe to collapse. While Yang Kai and the Eighth-Order Supreme Elder were talking, the five people who had been turned into Ink Disciple had been completely surrounded. Their originally close comrades had now become enemies who attacked with swords, ruthlessly attacking without mercy.

There was no way to show mercy, unlike those Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had been turned into ink disciple, the Eighth-Order Supreme Elders were able to subdue them and deliver them to Yang Kai, allowing him to activate the Light of Purification.

Eighth-Order Supreme Elders all had profound cultivations, so there was no way they could be captured alive. The only way to deal with them was to kill them!

They were already mentally prepared for this.

The five of them gathered together and attacked left and right, each of them displaying their own Divine Abilities to fight with the rest of the group.

As blood splattered, someone was finally injured. One of the five old men had one of his arms cut off and his figure staggered, but before he could stabilize himself, another two powerful Secret Techniques struck his body.

It was unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise this old man came from, but his cultivation was quite profound. Even though he had suffered such heavy injuries, he had not fallen, only appearing extremely miserable and covered in blood.

As if he couldn’t feel any pain, Yang Kai’s expression became stiff and his figure flickered as an extremely dangerous aura suddenly spread out.

This was an act of self-destruction.

Seeing this, everyone quickly dispersed.

A simple self-destruction of the Small Universe might not be able to deter many Eighth-Order Supreme Elder, but Ink Disciple’s self-destruction could not be ignored. Once he self-destructed, the dissipation of the Ink Force in their Small Universe’s would pose a great threat.

At this moment, the void suddenly trembled and as a Small Universe collapsed, Spirit Province, which was filled with a thick ink-like force, spread out like a tsunami, chasing after the fleeing crowd in an attempt to wrap them up.

Fortunately, no one was affected by the Ink Force.

But when they turned around to look, the other four Eighth-Order Ink Disciple masters had all appeared beside the Ink Clan Royal.

The fierce battle just now had left them covered in wounds, but their expressions were firm and their eyes were filled with determination, as if they were the most devoted of believers, protecting their God. Even if the world were to collapse, they would never allow outsiders to harm the Royal Lord.

The many Eighth-Order cultivators who had maintained their clarity of mind were filled with grief. Although they had been mentally prepared, when they were forced to kill their fellow cultivators, even their calm and tranquil state of mind would be affected.

The Ink Clan Royal's weakness was clearly visible, and it was as if she didn’t even have the strength to straighten her body. Her giant spider-like body lay motionless on the ground, her pair of eyes staring at everyone with incomparable hatred.

Shua Shua Shua…

Numerous figures rushed over from the periphery. There were Eighth-Order, Seventh-Order, and hundreds of people forming a giant encirclement around the Ink Clan.

This time, it was impossible for her to escape.

Yang Kai turned around and saw Lan Youruo in the crowd.

Her face was slightly pale, and her clothes were stained with blood, but it seemed she was fine, which made him feel relieved.

In the face of such a desperate situation, the Ink Clan Royal gently smiled, her voice still as pleasant as ever, “Do you think you’ve won?”

No one answered her. Hundreds of pairs of eyes stared at her coldly, each one filled with a burning hatred.

Although the battle that surrounded her didn’t take much time, every Cave Heaven Paradise had suffered great losses. In this battle, even Eighth-Order Supreme Elder had fallen, something that had never happened in countless years.

However, compared to the price they had to pay, it was still worth it to destroy the Ink Clan Royal.

After all, this was an existence equivalent to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage master. If it weren’t for the fact that she had been imprisoned for countless years, causing her strength to fall drastically, no matter how many people there were, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

“If you want to kill me, then hurry up and do it!” The Ink Clan suddenly roared, “Let’s see if you can still laugh after I die!”

Although she said so, she obviously didn’t intend to sit back and do nothing.

The Ink Disciple who was guarding her suddenly moved and stood in front of her, raising an arm.

The Ink Clan opened her mouth and bit down, her cherry lips transforming into a fierce giant kiss as she bit off the Eighth-Order Supreme Elder’s arm. Blood dripped from her mouth as she chewed a few times before swallowing.

Her weakened aura quickly recovered.

She opened her mouth again and bit down on the Eighth-Order chest.

“Martial Uncle!” Among the crowd, there was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven with bloodshot eyes. The Eighth-Order who was being eaten by the Ink Clan was an Ancestor from his Sect.

“Kill!” An angry shout rang out from the crowd. It was unknown which Ancestor had given the order.

The consumption of the Royal Lord's Secret Technique was enormous, and now that they had paid such a heavy price to force her to use it, they could not give her any chance to recover.

The Ink Clan’s speed was extremely fast, and in just a few bites, she had eaten the entire Eighth Order master, allowing her to greatly restore her weak aura.

Numerous Secret Technique and Divine Abilities transformed into streaks of light that covered the sky and earth as they rushed towards the Ink Clan’s territory, instantly submerging it.

The remaining three Eighth-Order Ink Disciples activated their Divine Abilities to protect the Ink Clan, but after only three breaths of time, their Divine Abilities shattered and their bodies were injured.

The first wave of attacks had yet to subside, but the second wave continued.

A moment later, the aura of Small Universe’s collapse spread out three times.

The three Eighth-Order Ink Disciples had fallen. Facing such overwhelming attacks, they had no intention of escaping, only death awaited them.

Everyone’s attacks became more ruthless, as if they wanted to vent all their anger.

A miserable scream rang out from the Ink Clan. Although she had eaten the flesh and blood of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to restore some of her strength, it was far from enough for her to use her Royal Lord Secret Technique again.

The only fate awaiting her was death.

The dazzling light gradually faded as the energy fluctuations spread out. Everyone looked over and saw that the entire body of the Ink Clan was covered in wounds. Her pretty face was covered in wounds and even a few of her long legs were broken.

However, she was still alive, her massive body lying on the ground, her cloudy eyes still filled with hatred.


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