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This question stunned the many Eighth Order Supreme Elders. Before this, none of them had thought about this matter.

Six Wood Divine Monarch pondered for a moment before asking, “Perhaps the ancient great expert felt it was better to imprison them?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said something else, “This Junior’s experience in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, I’m sure all the Seniors have heard about it.”

Yang Kai had told Yu Xiangdie and the other foreign envoys about what had happened in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Yang Kai believed that these foreign envoys would definitely report this matter to their respective Sects. After all, this matter involved the Ink Clan, the Holy Spirit, and even the Giant Spiritual God!

Sure enough, the Eighth Order Supreme Elders all nodded slightly.

Yang Kai continued, “Junior possesses the Dragon Vein and was fortunate enough to inherit the Dragon Clan's Crystal Palace in the Ancestral Land’s Sealed Ink Land. Using the power of the Crystal Palace, Junior was able to travel back in time and witness the great battle of the ancient era. During that battle, the Ink Giant Spiritual God was like a divine weapon that descended from the heavens, and even the Holy Spirits were no match for it. In the end, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had no choice but to use the Sacred Artifacts of each Holy Spirits' races as the foundation, cutting off half of the Ancestral Land and using the Ancestral Land’s Spiritual Force as chains and sacrifice themselves to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God.”

“If the situation had allowed it, I think the Holy Spirits would have been more willing to kill that Giant Spiritual God than to seal him at an unimaginable price, but they didn’t do so.”

“Reality has proven that the actions of Dragon Emperor, Phoenix Empress, and the Holy Spirits were correct. Now, after countless years, the Sealed Ink Land still exists, and the Giant Spiritual God has died. Even the Ink Force in his body has been completely eroded by the Ancestral Land Spiritual Force, so there are no more hidden dangers.”

“What are you trying to say?” An Eighth Order Supreme Elder asked.

Yang Kai said, “Junior’s meaning is that based on what happened in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, the situation in the Black Territory should be similar. The ancient Great Expert who imprisoned the Ink Clan here may not have been able to kill them, but that shouldn’t be possible. The methods of the ancient Great Expert are extraordinary. Since they were able to set up such a powerful Great Array as a cage, they should have the ability to kill the Ink Clan.”

“The reason they’re doing this, I think, is because they’re doing the same thing as the Holy Spirits. They’re trying to think of a way to prevent future troubles!”

Another Eighth Order Supreme Elder with a ruddy complexion heard this and asked, “Do you mean that if we kill this Ink Clan, there will be some unpredictable consequences, such as the Ink Force left behind after their death?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Junior’s guess is that the Ink Force is extremely dangerous. Even the Ink Force left behind by an ordinary Ink Disciple after their death is extremely corrosive, not to mention the true Ink Clan, they may be existences feared by the Ancient Great Expert.”

The Eighth Order Supreme Elders looked at each other and nodded slightly.

“Then you mean you’re more inclined to seal it again?” Six Wood Divien Monarch looked at Yang Kai somewhat angrily. He was one of the masters who want to cut the root of the problem, so Yang Kai’s disagreement with him made him somewhat unhappy.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Regarding the matter of the Ink Clan, Seniors can decide. Junior’s words are too light, so it’s not appropriate to say anything.”

Luo Tinghe said, “Let’s discuss this matter when everyone is here. When the time comes, everyone should think of a way to resolve this issue. No matter how much we argue here, it won’t help.”

Although she had just broken through to the Eighth Order in Yin Yang Heaven, everyone present knew that she was likely to break through to the Ninth Order in the future, so they did not underestimate her.

The matter of how to deal with the Ink Clan was temporarily put aside until all the Eighth Order Supreme Elder in the Cave Heaven Paradise had arrived.

However, how to deal with the two thousand surviving Ink Disciples in the Black Territory was an urgent matter.

During this period of time, Luan Bai Feng had developed more than five thousand Ink Disciples, Yang Kai's Small Universe had sealed two thousand, nearly a thousand of them had died, and the remaining two thousand had been captured by the masters of Gold Antelope Paradise and imprisoned in an abandoned Spirit Province.

This question also gave the Eighth Order Supreme Elders a headache, but at this moment, all of them turned to look at Yang Kai as Six Wood Divine Monarch asked, “Little brat Yang, you said that someone could save them, so who is it?”

The Ink Force was extremely stubborn and could not be dispelled. Six Wood Divine Monarch had personally tested it before, and even with his strength, he was unable to do anything about it.

No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out who Yang Kai was talking about.

Although the people in the Cave Heaven Paradise were somewhat tyrannical, they weren’t willing to easily slaughter the innocent, let alone the nearly two thousand Ink Disciples prisoners imprisoned on the Abandoned Spirit Province.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before deciding to speak the truth, “Sun's Burning Shine, Moon's Nether Glimmer!”

The Eighth Order Supreme Elders all sucked in a breath of cold air. No matter how they racked their brains, they never imagined that the two people Yang Kai was talking about were actually these two.

Six Wood Divine Monarch blinked and probed, “I heard you followed a Giant Spiritual God into the Chaotic Dead Territory?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded. This was no secret, the higher-ups of the Cave Heaven Paradise should have all received this news.

“These two aren’t kind people,” One of the Eighth Order Supreme Elders said with a solemn expression, “But if there is anyone in this world who can dispel the Ink Force, perhaps only they can.”

No one knew how strong the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer is, none of the Eighth Order Supreme Elder guarding the Chaotic Dead Territory's entrance could enter. Even if they just walked around the periphery, they would still be in danger.

“It’s not just a possibility, it’s definitely possible,” Yang Kai said solemnly, “I’m sure all the Seniors here have heard that this Junior once absorbed the Ink Force left behind by Lang Ya's Shi Zheng after his death into my Small Universe and used it to deceive Lang Ya’s Ink Disciples.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch nodded and said, “I have indeed heard of it, but your luck is really good. You actually managed to obtain a world treasure like the Universe Four Pillars.”

He had a look of envy on his face. If he had the Universe Four Pillars, he wouldn’t need to fear any Ink Force.

Yang Kai smiled at him and continued, “In the Chaotic Dead Territory, Senior Burning Shine and Senior Nether Glimmer discovered the Ink Force in Junior's Small Universe, so they took action to disperse it.”

Hearing this, the Eighth Order Supreme Elders all raised their eyebrows.

The one who spoke first asked, “Are you confident you can convince those two to help again?”

“I’ll try my best!” Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee anything, but this was related to thousands of Open Heaven Stage cultivators, so he had to try no matter what.

“Good!” The Eighth Order Supreme Elder nodded, “Then I’ll leave this matter to you. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask.”

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, “Junior needs a flying ship that can carry four or five thousand people.”

“Anything else?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “No.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch continued, “That’s easy, I’ll immediately get someone to transfer a large ship over.” Gold Antelope Paradise was the closest to this place, so such a large ship that could carry four or five thousand people must be an extremely large artifact that had to be transferred from the Sect.

The matter of Ink Disciples was settled.

Yang Kai, Luo Tinghe, and Six Wood Divine Monarch headed to the abandoned Spirit Province where the Ink Disciples were imprisoned. Looking around, all of the Ink Disciples had traces of Secret Techniques on their bodies. These Secret Techniques transformed into chains that sealed all of the Ink Disciples’ strength, preventing them from even dying.

Yang Kai saw Luan Bai Feng’s angry gaze and ignored her.

Seeing the arrival of the two Supreme Elders, the High Rank Open Heaven guarding this place, quickly stepped forward and bowed. There was not just one High Rank guard here, but several dozen of them, surrounding the entire Abandoned Spirit Province.

Six Wood Divine Monarch waved his hand, indicating that the High Rank Open Heaven cultivator should go about his business before turning to Yang Kai.

“Are you two ready?” Yang Kai asked.

Six Wood Divine Monarch and Luo Tinghe both nodded.

“Then let’s begin.” As soon as he finished speaking, the phantom of a Small Universe behind Yang Kai suddenly expanded and the entire world fell down.

The expanding Small Universe also enveloped Six Wood Divine Monarch and Luo Tinghe, and the place where the three of them appeared was the place where the Ink Disciples was imprisoned.

Six Wood Divine Monarch was startled, “So many?”

Yang Kai had previously said that he had sealed some Ink Disciples in his Small Universe and wanted to ask him and Luo Tinghe to help him move them. Six Wood Divine Monarch had thought that there would only be a few dozen or a hundred of them at most, but now it seemed there were more than a hundred.

Only now did he understand why Yang Kai wanted a ship that could carry four or five thousand people.

Luo Tinghe was also extremely surprised, “You took so many Ink Disciples into your Small Universe and still have the strength to fight with others?”

Not to mention Yang Kai, who was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven, even an Eighth Order like her and Six Wood Divine Monarch will reach their limit taking in two thousand Open Heaven Stage masters. Forget about fighting with others, even moving would be difficult.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, seemed to be completely unaffected.

Yang Kai casually explained, “Junior possesses the World Spring, so the Small Universe is extremely stable, perhaps it has something to do with this.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch nodded, “Indeed, the World Spring is truly wondrous.”

Yang Kai summoned Xu Yi, who had been watching over the Ink Disciples, and pointed at him, “This is my Third Disciple, Xu Yi. Xu Yi, greet these two seniors.”

Xu Yi quickly bowed.

Six Wood Divine Monarch looked at Xu Yi with interest before turning his attention away. For an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like him, what kind of genius had he not seen before? Xu Yi was not worthy of his attention.

Luo Tinghe, on the other hand, was somewhat interested, “This is the Third Disciple, does that mean you have the First and Second Disciples?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Those two are in the Star Boundary, Senior will naturally be able to see them when you go there.”

Xu Yi’s heart trembled. Just who were these two? Even his Master had to address them as Senior, so his expression became even more respectful.

Luo Tinghe nodded. She definitely had to make a trip to the Star Boundary. Since she had broken through to the Eighth Order, she didn't have the time to consolidate her cultivation. Now that there were many people from the various Cave Heaven Paradise in the Black Territory, it would not matter if she was there or not, so she was prepared to depart for the Star Boundary in a few days.

“Please!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Two thousand Ink Disciples being sealed in his Small Universe was not a problem. During this period of time, Yang Kai had always felt like he was being held up, but if he wanted to transfer them out, he had to first imprison their strength.

This kind of matter was too slow for him to handle alone, so he needed the help of Six Wood Divine Monarch and Luo Tinghe.

Six Wood Divine Monarch and Luo Tinghe both nodded before taking action.


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