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After coming to the Outer Universe for so many years, Yang Kai was no longer the ignorant brat he once was.

Each of the three thousand domains could be regarded as a sealed space, and between one great domain and another was an extremely thick Void Barrier that separated them.

There were loopholes in this barrier, and only by passing through these loopholes could one travel from one Great Domain to another.

This loophole was the Domain Gate!

Whether the Domain Gate was man-made or naturally formed, Yang Kai didn’t know.

Throughout the countless years since ancient times, the various known great domains had been recorded in the Universe Chart, providing great convenience to cultivators.

However, there were also some unknown Great Domains whose Void Barriers did not have any flaws, such as the new Great Domain adjacent to High Heaven Territory. If it weren’t for the many masters of the Void Land fighting Zuo Quan Hui, this new Great Domain would not have been exposed to the world.

The new Great Domain was not an exception. In fact, in the ancient records of history, almost every few thousand years, a new Great Domain would be discovered in this vast universe.

A new Great Domain meant a rich supply of resources, so as soon as news spread, it would attract the attention of countless forces.

If it weren’t for the Star Boundary World Tree, High Heaven Palace wouldn’t have been able to monopolize the new Great Domain that was adjacent to High Heaven Territory, and the Cave Heaven Paradise wouldn't be able to let it go.

At this moment, the massive Giant Spiritual God stood in front of the Domain Gate. Compared to it, the Domain Gate was as small as a mouse tunnel.

Yang Kai was very curious about how the Giant Spiritual God was going to pass through this Domain Gate. With the strength of the Giant Spiritual God, it should be able to force its way through, but if that happened, the Void Barrier would definitely shatter and the two Great Domains would be greatly affected.

This was not just the shattering of a door, but also the instability of two great domains.

Although the Giant Spiritual God was a man of few words, it obviously understood this point, so under Yang Kai’s gaze, the energy in its body suddenly surged and its giant body shrank.

It wasn’t until they were so small that they could pass through the Domain Gate that the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er stopped.

Yang Kai was suddenly enlightened! If the Giant Spiritual God had such an ability, passing through the Domain Gate was naturally not a problem.

Suddenly, he remembered that Bi Xi's main body was also massive, and the entire Void Land was sitting on his back. He had said before that if he wanted to relocate, he would need to transform into his main body and shrink it to allow him to pass through the Domain Gate.

This was exactly what the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er was doing.

However, with the entire Void Land on his back, if he were to really shrink his main body, the Void Land would definitely disappear. This was a loss Yang Kai could not accept.

Void Land was the first foundation he had built in the 3000 Worlds, and Void Star City had also reached a large scale, possessing an extremely important symbol and wealth.

After his figure shrank, the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, rushed into the Domain Gate while Yang Kai stood firmly on his shoulder.

After passing through the Domain Gate and arriving at another Great Domain, the Giant Spiritual God's shrunken body once again expanded to its original size.

To him, this was the most comfortable state.

Yang Kai didn’t know where the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er’s destination was, nor did he know whether to continue following him or turning back to the High Heaven Territory. After hesitating for a moment, he eventually chose the former.

He didn’t need to return to High Heaven Territory, Hua Qing Si would take care of everything, so he was more interested in the Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai had a deep fear of the Black Ink Clan hidden in the unknown place. He had personally experienced the power of this majestic will and knew that he was unable to resist it with his current strength.

Although the various Cave Heaven Paradise were all searching for traces of the Black Ink Clan on the Shattered Heaven and had probably sent out a large number of High Rank Open Heaven, it was still uncertain whether they would be able to find them.

Anyway, they will find it eventually. The fact that the Black Ink Clan had revealed their weakness this time meant that he could no longer suppress his loneliness and would attack sooner or later.

If he could win over the Giant Spiritual God, he wouldn’t need to worry too much about running into the Black Ink Clan in the future.

After following the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er for nearly a month, Yang Kai finally understood why no one had discovered any traces of the Giant Spiritual God.

They're too fast!

As he flew through the void, his massive figure flashed and disappeared. Even if an ordinary person brushed past him, they might not be able to detect him.

If Yang Kai wasn’t proficient in the Space Laws, even if he found him, he would never be able to catch up.

After passing through more than a dozen great domains, Yang Kai suddenly discovered something unusual.

Generally speaking, the chances of encountering a cultivator in the Void weren’t very high. After all, the Void was vast and everyone was hurrying along. Unless it was a coincidence or an agreement, no one would encounter anyone.

However, when he arrived at this great domain, Yang Kai found that there was a large group of cultivators flying on the front. There were also many different kinds of flying artifacts, all of which were filled with people.

Their speed was extremely fast, and some of them had panicked expressions as if they were fleeing.

Cultivators who could travel through the void were at least qualified to escape from the universe world's shackles, at the very least condensing their own Dao Seals.

Yang Kai found many such cultivators.

This situation was quite intriguing. In ordinary times, even if a cultivator condensed their own Dao Seal, they wouldn’t be able to freely travel through the void. After all, Void Beasts were everywhere, and this method was extremely dangerous. No one could say for sure when they would fly over and die.

However, the people Yang Kai encountered seemed to have some kind of reason to leave their homes and go somewhere else.

This made him even more curious. If it weren’t for the fact that he was afraid of losing track of the Giant Spiritual God, he would definitely have gone down to ask someone.

Half a day later, A’ Er brought Yang Kai to the Domain Gate.

In front of the Domain Gate, a dozen or so people were staring fixedly at the Domain Gate, each of them wearing an expression as if they were facing a great enemy, each of them exuding a powerful aura that was as deep as the sea. The old man in the middle was even more imposing.

Yang Kai’s eyelids twitched.

These dozen or so people all exuded the powerful aura of High Rank Open Heaven. In other words, they were all masters from Cave Heaven Paradise.

The old man in the middle was an Eighth Order Supreme Elder!

It was unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from.

More than a dozen Seventh Order and an Eighth Order gathered, it was obvious something big had happened.

Yang Kai’s first reaction was that the Black Ink Clan had been found, otherwise, why were there so many masters gathered here? In this world, only the Black Ink Clan was worthy of being treated so seriously by the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

For a time, Yang Kai was unable to calm down…

It was no wonder that all the cultivators in this Great Domain were fleeing for their lives. The power of the Black Ink Clan was extremely strange, and the various Cave Heaven Paradise obviously didn’t want to harm the innocent, nor did they want the Black Ink Clan to have the opportunity to transform them into ink disicples, which was why they had allowed all the cultivators in the Great Domain to migrate.

“Giant Spiritual God!” The sudden arrival of the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, also attracted the attention of many High Rank masters, causing one of them to turn around and shout.

Only then did the others see the massive figure rushing towards them.

As soon as A’ Er arrived in front of the Domain Gate, his figure suddenly shrank and shot forward.

“Get Away!”

The Eighth Order Supreme Elder’s expression changed slightly as he let out a low shout and waved his hand, sending out a gentle wave of energy that caused the many High Rank masters blocking the Domain Gate to open up a path. In the next instant, A' Er’s figure rushed into the Domain Gate.

The Eighth Order Supreme Elder frowned as he stared in the direction of the Domain Gate. At that moment, he seemed to have seen something.

“Someone is standing on the shoulder of the Giant Spiritual God?” A woman in a palace dress asked suspiciously.

At that moment, she vaguely saw a figure standing on the shoulder of the Giant Spiritual God, but before she could take a closer look, the Giant Spiritual God had disappeared.

Someone nodded, indicating that he had also seen it, “Who is that? How daring.”

“No matter who it is, once they enter that place, they will definitely die.”

“What a pity, what a pity!”

After a few words, everyone stopped talking and remained vigilant under the leadership of the Eighth Order Supreme Elder.

Yang Kai wanted to curse!

When he saw the High Rank Open Heaven just now, he had already planned to jump down and ask about the situation, but who would have thought that A' Er would rush in without giving him any time to react.

As soon as he stepped into this great domain, Yang Kai felt something was wrong.

Killing intent was everywhere and every step was dangerous! Even standing on the shoulders of the Giant Spiritual God, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of dread.

Looking around, the surrounding void was filled with two colors.

One was yellow while the other was blue!

The entire vast void seemed to be dyed by the yellow and blue colors, and these two colors continued to intertwine and collide, causing violent energy to sweep out in all directions and shred the void.

Without even needing to investigate, Yang Kai could clearly sense the terrifying power contained within the yellow and blue colors, the power to destroy everything.

Looking carefully again, Yang Kai could clearly see that the yellow and blue colors had taken on a strange appearance: dragon head, phoenix tail, Qilin horn, Kun feather, Xuan Wu foot…

The characteristics of all the Holy Spirits could be found on them, but their appearance was more domineering than any other Holy Spirit.

Their appearances were the same, but their colors were different.

The void was densely packed with all kinds of strange existences of all shapes and sizes. Every time they clashed, the void would tremble, and the universe's instability would cause even a High Rank Openn Heaven to be unable to withstand it.

On the surface of the Giant Spiritual God's body, a faint milky white light suddenly appeared, transforming into a protective barrier to resist the aftershock.

The aftershock spread out and caused the milky white halo to ripple.

Yang Kai instantly found himself riding a tiger.

At this time, Yang Kai absolutely could not escape from the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er. Once he left his protection, Yang Kai estimated that he would not be able to last for more than three breaths in this place before his soul was destroyed.

The energy generated by the collision between the two yellow and blue thing was far too terrifying and was definitely not something he could withstand. He had never seen such pure and destructive power before.

What was this?


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