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High Heaven Palace monopolizing a new Great Domain, the various Cave Heaven Paradise would definitely have some complaints, but considering the Star Boundary World Tree, even if they had complaints, they couldn’t say them out loud. After all, they still needed to rely on the Star Boundary World Tree’s power to nurture their disciples.

However, if the existence of the Mysterious Yin Bamboo were to be exposed, it might cause some kind of disturbance.

“What’s so special about this Small Stone World?” Yang Kai asked again, “Senior Beast Martial said that this place is similar to the Star Boundary, so why can’t I tell?”

Yue He and Zhou Ya looked at each other and smiled, “Young Master, you should try refining the World Strength of this Small Stone World.”

“Refine the World Strength?” Hearing this, Yang Kai was surprised and suddenly made a bold guess, “Could it be that this place…”

Saying so, he closed his eyes and focused, opening up his Small Universe and pushing his strength to refine the World Strength of this world.

After a while, Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock.

Because he discovered that the World Strength in this place could be directly refined and absorbed. What was amazing was that there were no hidden dangers.

It had to be known that every Universe World has its own World Strength. Because of the difference in Heavenly Laws, the World Strength also differed slightly, and this slight difference determined the compatibility between this Universe World and the Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

If Open Heaven Stage cultivator wanted to refine the Universe World's Strength to enhance their own foundation, they would have to choose the highly compatible Universe World.

If one were to refine the power of Universe World which had a low compatibility score, not only would the World Strength absorbed into one’s body not strengthen one’s foundation, it would instead become impurities that would affect one’s foundation. In the worst case scenario, one would need to spend a great deal of time to purge these impurities, wasting time and energy, only to end up empty-handed. In the worst case scenario, it was highly likely that the small universe would become unstable and its grade would drop.

However, this Small Stone World was clearly different. The amount of World Strength Yang Kai had refined just now was not much, but he could clearly feel that the energy he had refined into the Small Universe was extremely compatible with his own body.

“Why is it like this? Are you the same?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Yue He and Zhou Ya both nodded.

Yue He said, “Because the Small Stone World has such a unique cultivation environment, we come here to cultivate when we rest. As for why this world is like this, we still don’t understand.”

Yang Kai suddenly remembered the look of reluctance on Black River’s face when he left just now. Now he understood that the Small Stone World was an excellent cultivation Holy Land for any Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Refining the World Strength of the Small Stone World for one’s own use here was far faster than refining various cultivation resources and swallowing Open Heaven Pills.

Black River naturally wanted to stay here to cultivate and improve his own grade, but he needed to return to the Star Boundary to report, so he couldn’t stay here for long.

Just as Mo Huang had said, the situation of the Small Stone World was similar to that of the Star Boundary!

However, in comparison, the limitations of the Star Boundary were much greater, because only the few Great Emperors who came from the Star Boundary and were recognized by the Heavenly Law of the Star Boundary were able to refine and devour the World Strength of the Star Boundary without any scruples, strengthening their foundations.

Others would not have such benefits.

The Small Stone World, on the other hand, was a place where rivers flowed into the sea and anyone could cultivate here without worries.

However, the Small Stone World had its advantages and disadvantages. Compared to the two Universe Worlds, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the World Strength of the Small Stone World was not as rich as the Star Boundary.

This was also quite normal. The World Tree in the Star Boundary was constantly feeding them, so the Small Stone World naturally couldn’t compare.

Both worlds had their own strengths and weaknesses.

Yang Kai was overjoyed but also somewhat worried, “How long have you been cultivating here? Has there been any changes in the World Strength?”

Generally speaking, the World Strength of a Universe World was not inexhaustible. The Star Boundary was an exception. The World Strength of the Small Stone World was profound, but if one cultivated here for a long time, it was very likely that the World’s foundation would be drained and the Universe World would dry up.

At that time, this place would become a land of death.

Yang Kai naturally had to take precautions against killing a chicken to take its eggs.

“This place was discovered 40 years ago,” Yue He replied, “At that time, we discovered that this place was somewhat different from the rest. At the very most, we had eight Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators cultivating together here. In fact, compared to 40 years ago, the World Strength of the Small Stone World was indeed a bit weaker, so since twenty years ago, we only had two people cultivating here every time. During these twenty years, the situation in the Small Stone World has never changed.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded, “If that’s the case, then the World Strength produced by this World is enough to sustain at least two Sixth Order Open Heaven without decreasing. What about three people? Have you tried?”

Yue He said, “Three people, four people, we have tried everything. If it’s three people, we won’t be able to feel anything, but if it’s four, we’ll be able to sense that the foundation of the Small Stone World has decreased. So to be safe, we’ve always been in pairs, taking turns to rest and cultivate.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin thoughtfully, “The World Strength in the Universe World grows mainly because of the reproduction of living creatures. The more prosperous a race is, the richer the World Strength is. The Small Stone World is so special, so it must have something to do with the living creatures here.” Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and asked, “What kind of strange creatures exist in this world?”

Yue He nodded, “Yes, Young Master, please follow me.”

Saying so, she led the way.

Yang Kai followed behind her and floated down the Spirit Peak.

At the foot of the mountain, Yue He pointed in a certain direction and said, “Young Master, look over there.”

Yang Kai looked over and saw that there was a cave at the foot of the mountain that was as tall as a man. There were obvious signs of excavation in the cave, but what surprised Yang Kai wasn’t this cave, but rather that there was a group of extremely strange creatures moving about like ants.

At first glance, this creature looked somewhat similar to the Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao. Its entire body seemed to be made of stone, but it was slightly smaller than Xiao Xiao, each of them only half a foot tall.

Forget about seeing this race, Yang Kai had never even heard of them. It was certain that there were no such creatures in the 3000 Worlds, but they had actually appeared in front of him.

Using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was able to determine that these little guys were all living creatures, each of them possessing their own life aura.

“We call these little guys the Small Stone Race, which is how the name Small Stone World came to be,” Yue He explained.

“What are they doing?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

In his field of vision, the half-foot-tall Small Stone Race members were all standing in a neat line with large and small stones on their heads. It was unknown which direction they had come from to transport these stones into the cave.

There were also a few Small Stone Race members who walked out from the cave and headed in the opposite direction, obviously to carry the stones.

As for these stones, they were all ordinary ores and had no value for cultivation, nor were they cultivation resources.

These stones varied in size, some as big as a large basket, but the Small Stone Race man easily lifted them up.

“They seem to be feeding on these ores,” Yue He called out to Yang Kai before walking towards the cave.

“You won’t disturb them?” Yang Kai asked worriedly.

Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “No. Don’t be fooled by these little guys' small stature, they’re quite bold.”

As they spoke, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the cave. Perhaps it was because the two of them were blocking the way in and out of the cave, but the one closest to Yang Kai held up a stone and looked up at Yang Kai as he let out a strange shout.

Yang Kai’s expression became strange, “Is this guy… angry?”

Yue He covered her mouth and giggled, “I’m afraid it’s more than that…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the Small Stone Race member let out a cry and smashed the stone in his hand down onto Yang Kai’s toes.

Yang Kai quickly stepped aside.

Only then did the Small Stone Race pick up the stone again and strut into the cave as if he had just won a battle.

“It's temper is quite bad!” Yang Kai nodded, suddenly feeling a movement on his calf. Looking down, he saw a Small Stone Race member trying to walk out of the cave and push him away.

Yang Kai quickly moved to the other side and tried his best to stick close to the cave wall, finally allowing them to pass through.

The little guys didn’t pay much attention to the two tall and big living people in front of them as long as they didn’t block their path.

“Has Young Master ever seen an ant nest before?” Yue He leaned against the other cave wall and asked.

“I haven’t, but I know.”

Yue He nodded and said, “These Small Stone Race nests are very similar to ant nests. There are ant queens, soldier ants, and worker ants in the ant nests. These Small Stone Race nests also have such a clear arrangement.”

“Let’s go in and take a look,” Yang Kai said.

However, before the two of them could continue onwards, Yang Kai suddenly noticed something unusual. The ground trembled slightly as if something was rushing towards them from a certain direction.

The Small Stone Race members who had been moving the stones in and out of the cave had obviously noticed something, so they quickly retreated back into the cave in an orderly manner.

A moment later, from the direction of the strange sound, a large group of aggressive Small Stone Race members appeared in Yang Kai’s vision!

What surprised Yang Kai was that the Small Stone Race that appeared this time was clearly different from the ones he had seen before. The Small Stone Race just now was only half a foot tall, and the color of their bodies was quite dim.

However, the ones that had appeared now were all about a foot tall, and the surface of the stone was clearly much brighter, its edges even more distinct!

More importantly, each of these Small Stone Race members had an extremely sharp tooth, like a shark’s saw, flashing with a cold light.

“The ones that Young Master saw just now are equivalent to worker ants, and the ones that appear now are equivalent to soldier ants!” Yue He explained.

“Are they… going to war?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

As he spoke, an unusual noise came from the cave.

The Small Stone Race responsible for battle in the cave, which was equivalent to the Soldier Ants are also dispatched.


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