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“Young Master, Lu Jing from the Gathering Source League has come and brought back hundreds of thousands of Void Land disciples.”

As soon as Yang Kai returned to High Heaven Palace, Yue He came to greet him.

“I see it,” Yang Kai looked towards the massive fleet outside High Heaven Palace, “Where is Lu Jing?”

“Waiting in the guest hall,” Yue He replied.

“I’ll go see him,” Yang Kai said before flashing off.

In the next moment, in the guest hall, Lu Jing stood up and cupped his fists, “Senior Brother Yang!”

Yang Kai patted his shoulder and gestured, “Sit down.”

After the host and guest sat down, Yang Kai thanked him, “Brother Lu has worked hard this time!”

Lu Jing quickly waved his hand, “It’s nothing, Senior Brother is too polite.”

When Mo Mei returned to the Void Land, Yang Kai had asked her to prepare for the Void Land’s disciples’ relocation. When Yang Kai brought six hundred thousand disciples from the Star Boundary to the Void Land, he wanted to give them a better cultivation environment and space to develop.

However, he hadn’t expected that after the World Tree in the Star Boundary had grown, the energy it produced would be so powerful. In the current Star Boundary, it was easier to comprehend the Heavenly Law and Martial Dao, and condensing one’s own Dao Seal would become more stable, allowing one’s future achievements in Open Heaven to reach a higher level.

Therefore, the hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Void Land, excluding those who had already condensed their Dao Seals, Yang Kai planned to bring them back and allow them to continue cultivating in the Star Boundary to condense their Dao Seals.

The last time Yang Kai had gone to the Void Land from the Star Boundary was with the help of the Mysterious Small World, but this time, there was no Mysterious Small World to use. Yang Kai himself was too busy to leave, so he could only ask Mo Mei to find a way to send back the hundreds of thousands of disciples.

There were hundreds of thousands of people here, and just as Mo Mei was worrying about how to handle this matter, Lu Jing took the initiative to come to her, saying that the Gathering Source League could transfer a large number of flying ships to help transport them.

Mo Mei didn’t refuse and handed this matter over to Lu Jing.

The Gathering Source League is a Trading Company, and its merchant ships covered all the 3000 Worlds. Lu Jing had the identity of the Union Young Master, so he was able to transfer a hundred ships at once, but it was still not enough.

In the end, the various merchants in Star City took advantage of this opportunity, each of them sponsoring a few flying ships to safely send hundreds of thousands of people back to the Star Boundary.

At this moment, outside High Heaven Palace, there were nearly a thousand large and small flying ships floating in the air, vast and majestic.

Of course, since they had put in so much effort, the Void Land naturally wouldn’t refuse to give them some benefits. High Heaven Territoru Star City and Void Land Star City both opened some convenient doors for them in various places, so it was a happy transaction.

As such, there were only about ten thousand disciples left in the Void Land, and all of them had condensed their Dao Seals, so even if they returned to the Star Boundary, they would not be of much benefit.

In the long run, Yang Kai’s decision to bring six hundred thousand people to the Void Land was not very wise, now he had to bring back ninety-nine percent of them.

However, in that situation, Yang Kai had never thought that the World Tree would have such a miraculous effect after exerting its power, so it wasn’t too late to fix it now.

Moreover, it was precisely because he had brought these people to the Void Land that these ten thousand people had been able to condense their Dao Seals.

In another ten or twenty years, these tens of thousands of people from the Star Boundary should be able to break through to Open HEaven one after another. At that time, the problem of insufficient manpower would be greatly relieved.

Back then, when Zuo Quan Hui led Heavenly Sword Union to seal off the Domain Gate and targeted the Void Land, a large number of Star City’s merchants had fled, causing their popularity to wane. Only Lu Jing acted in the opposite direction. Whether it was because he had a discerning eye or because he was grateful for Yang Kai’s protection on Crime Star, Yang Kai wouldn’t mistreat him if he could help him during his difficult time in the Void Land.

This time, when the disciples of the Void Land returned to the Star Boundary, Lu Jing also contributed greatly.

So after some idle chatter, Yang Kai asked Yue He to bring over the Mountain Wave Map of High Heaven Territory Star City, opened it, and said to Lu Jing, “This map is marked with green color for shops that have owners, while the others have no owners. Brother Lu can choose ten of them as my thanks.”

Lu Jing was shocked by Yang Kai’s generosity.

One had to know that High Heaven Territory was a Star City that was different from any other Star City that had existed until now. The top 108 forces of the entire 3000 Worlds were gathered here, and countless eyes were focused on this Star City. It was bound to become a super Star City that had integrated countless great domains and abundant resources.

It was not easy for ordinary forces to obtain a single shop here, let alone ten.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, had immediately sent out ten of these shops. Although the value of these shops was enormous, the benefits they would receive afterwards were unimaginable.

On this trip, the Union Master of Gathering Source League, Lu Jing’s father, had told him that if he could obtain a shop in High Heaven Territory Star City, Gathering Source League's business would rise to a whole new level, and he would have to rent a shop here no matter what.

If his father knew that it wasn’t just one shops, but ten, would he laugh like a madman?

A few years ago, he had been a loyal friend, but now he had received such a huge reward. Lu Jing couldn’t help feeling a bit dizzy.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Lu Jing said, “Senior Brother’s kindness towards me is as heavy as a mountain. If it weren’t for Senior Brother’s protection on Crime Star, how could Lu Jing have come here today? This time, sending the disciples back to the Void Land was as simple as lifting a finger, it really isn’t worth Senior Brother’s generosity.”

Yang Kai smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “This time, these ten shops aren’t just a gift to your Gathering Source League, they can be considered a gift for a cooperation between the High Heaven Palace and Gathering Source League. In the future, High Heaven Palace and Void Land may need the help of the Gathering Source League.”

The development of a new Great Domain required a large amount of resources. These resources might not necessarily be useful to the Void Land, so some of them would naturally be taken out to exchange with others or be sold.

This meant that he would have to rely on the trade routes of the Gathering Source League.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Lu Jing no longer tried to refuse, but there were indeed too many with ten shops, the Gathering Source League might not be able to take a single bite. After a moment of silence, Lu Jing said, “Senior Brother, don’t worry about that. Junior Brother will take these ten shops on behalf of the Gathering Source League and gift Senior Brother a 30% share. If there is any profit to be made, it will be calculated based on this, if senior brother do not agree, this Junior Brother will not dare accept them.”

A big tree attracts the wind, and now countless forces wanted to occupy a place in the Star City. The Viceroy’s Mansion was bustling with people every day, and Bustling World Great Emperor was always busy. Apart from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, which one of them could occupy ten shops at once?

Although the Gathering Source League’s size wasn’t small, in all of the 3000 Worlds, it wasn’t the best under the Cave Heaven Paradise. With ten shops in one go, it was hard to say if anyone would have any malicious intentions.

Without Yang Kai as a backer, the Gathering Source League might not be able to withstand the pressure. A thirty percent share in exchange for a comfortable life, the Gathering Source league could be considered to have made a profit. After all, to the Merchant Family, harmony was the only way to make money. If they were constantly scheming against others, how could they continue to do business?

Obviously, Yang Kai had also thought of this possibility, so he didn’t refuse, “As you wish!”

Lu Jing was overjoyed and cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Senior Brother.”

Wiping his mouth again, he stared at the spread of Mountain Wave Map and asked, “Senior Brother, can this shop without any green markings be chosen?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Anything is fine!”

Lu Jing waved his hand and said, “Then I want this half a street!”

Yang Kai took a sip of tea, glanced around, and chuckled, “Your vision is quite good. In the future, this half street will definitely be a place where people gather. My High Heaven Palace is also preparing to build an auction house here.”

Lu Jing was overjoyed, “With an auction house under Senior Brother Yang’s name, it would be difficult for this place to not be lively.”

Wasn’t the reason why Void Land Star City was able to gather so many people in such a short time because of an auction house?

Other auction houses might not have this ability, but an auction house that could auction the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill could.

Yang Kai had wanted to welcome him back, but Lu Jing couldn’t wait to go to Star City to confirm his ownership. Yang Kai couldn’t refuse, so he just let him be and wrote a jade slip for him to bring to Star City’s Viceroy’s mansion before handing it over to Bustling World Great Emperor.

In Star City, there were many merchants moving in one after another, and their popularity was also rapidly rising. Although it had not been long, they had already seen the embryonic form of a super Star City.

In High Heaven Territory, there were three Space Arrays that Yang Kai had personally set up, making it extremely easy for anyone to come and go. It was even more time-saving than using a Universe Temple.

Inside the Star Boundary, the hundreds of thousands of disciples who had returned to High Heaven Palace had kept Hua Qing Si busy for quite some time. Many of the various Cave Heaven Paradise had also migrated from the Great Domain they controlled to their respective Training Hall branch.

These people were all excellent seedlings from the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Most of them were children who had never cultivated before, and many of them were even newborn babies who had been brought here along with their parents. After hundreds or thousands of years, no one knew what kind of brilliance these people would display, but everyone was looking forward to it.

Day after day, year after year, after the initial turbulence, the entire High Heaven Territory was in order.

Good news kept coming from the Void Land. Li Wuyi, Jiu Feng, Yang Yan, Bing Yun, and many other Pseudo Emperors who were cultivating in seclusion, along with Su Yan, Xia Ningchang, Xue Yue, Ji Yao, and several other madams had all broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, causing the overall strength of the Void Land to soar!

In addition, over the past few years, the number of Open Heaven Stage masters had increased by more than a hundred. The first group who follow Yang Kai in the Great Ruins Boundary, such as Lang Qingshan and the others, had also reached the Open Heaven Stage. Lang Qingshan did not disappoint Yang Kai’s expectations and directly broke through to the Fifth Order while the others were basically all Fourth Order.

Inside High Heaven Palace’s secret room, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and let out a breath of turbid air. After several years of secluded cultivation, his cultivation had improved again.

When he had fought Zuo Quan Hui, he had borrowed the World Force to temporarily break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. Although he had returned the power he had borrowed to the Star Boundary after that, this process had inadvertently increased Yang Kai’s foundation and saved him many years of bitter cultivation.

Unfortunately, in the final battle in the new Great Domain, Yang Kai’s Small Universe's foundation had been greatly damaged by Zuo Quan Hui’s desperate counterattack, causing him to return to his original state.

In order to block the joint attack of Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan, Yang Kai once again borrowed the world force.

However, the benefits obtained from this second attempt were not as great as the first, allowing his Small Universe's foundation to increase by less than half.

Yang Kai estimated that if he were to borrow the World Force for the third time, he wouldn’t be able to obtain any benefits. Borrowing World Force was the same as taking those pills. The first time, the effects would always be the best, and after that, it would slowly decrease until there was nothing left.


[MSN: I wonder if he can take the World Force permanently? Hmm]

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