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When the other Bearer recruited from the Great Ruins Shop were in the Great Ruins Boundary, although they had all refined sixth-grade resources under the command of the Holy Spirit behind them, most of them didn’t have enough aptitude to advance to the Sixth Order. In the long run, they could only settle for the next best thing and advance to the Fifth Order.

The Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits wouldn’t consider the future of the Bearer too far ahead. The only reason they helped the Bearer refine high grade resources was to allow the Bearer to possess greater strength and gain an advantage in the Seizing Spirit War. As for whether there would be any hidden dangers, why would the Holy Spirits care?

However, overall speaking, if Fang Yue and Xiang Ying were to break through to the Sixth Order, the risks they would face would definitely be far greater than the various Great Emperors.

They didn’t have the profound heritage of the Great Emperors, nor did they have the Dao Divine Water to strengthen their Dao Seals. Even if they could refine a sixth grade resource now, the dangers they would face in the future would greatly increase.

If not for this, how could they have joined the Void Land? There were so many forces in the 3000 Worlds, and with their aptitude, wanting to join any one of them wasn’t difficult at all. They had all been attracted by the name of the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill.

It was foreseeable that when they broke through to the Sixth Order, they would face a life or death crisis. If they succeeded, they would live, if they failed, they would die. There was no other choice.

“With the exception of these two, the others have not claimed any Sixth Grade resources, choosing only Fifth Grade!” Bian Yuqing replied.

“En, our Void Land doesn’t have much else, but Fifth Grade is enough,” Yang Kai nodded. With a Holy Medicine like the Gourd Vine, they could collect a set of Fifth Grade materials that contained Yin-Yang and Five Elements in a month. As long as they had enough time, the Void Land won't lack a Fifth Grade resources.

However, in the short term, before the crisis of Heavenly Sword Union was resolved, all resources in the Void Land were scarce.

As the two of them were talking, Yang Kai suddenly looked outside and saw two small figures rush in from outside. It was Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei.

Just like the original bodies of these two childs, Xiao Hong transformed into her beautiful human form while Xiao Hei remained as ugly as ever, drooling from time to time.

Yang Kai smiled and asked, “Why are you two here? Is there anything Senior wants?”

Xiao Hong hurriedly said, “Young Master, quickly go take a look. Young Madam’s condition isn’t quite right, so Grandfather asked us to call for you.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he stood up and asked, “Which Young Madam?”

Bian Yuqing’s expression also became solemn.

“That’s, it’s… the one with the red hair!” Xiao Hei added, taking a sip of his saliva.

Red hair, that's Zhu Qing!

Yang Kai didn’t know what had happened, but since Bi Xi had called someone over, it definitely wasn’t a small matter. Not daring to delay, he activated his Space Laws and instantly disappeared.

By the time he reappeared, he had already arrived at a platform on Dragon Child Peak.

A large group of people had gathered here, all of them from the Dragon Race, forming a circle. It was unknown what they were looking at, but when they noticed the commotion, Great Elder Zhu Yan, Second Elder Fu Zhun, Third Elder Fu Xuan, and Fourth Elder Zhu Kong all turned their heads to look.

“Godfather!” Yang Xiao hurriedly called out.

“Yang Kai,” Zhu Yan nodded slightly.

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai’s heart was in his throat as he pushed his way through the crowd.

Bi Xi who were standing inside, didn’t even turn his head as he stood there with his back hunched, consoling, “Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing, it should be a good thing.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was confused.

“See for yourself,” Bi Xi pointed.

Yang Kai looked forward and saw Zhu Qing sitting cross-legged, her entire body covered in a layer of blood mist. The blood mist seemed to be alive as it circulated around her body. Zhu Qing seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep, her expression serene.

Yang Kai let out a light exclamation of surprise as he carefully examined the blood mist surrounding Zhu Qing and felt the power of the Dragon Vein.

“Did you notice?” Bi Xi asked softly.

Yang Kai asked uncertainly, “Is Qing’er’s Dragon Vein’s power increasing?” He also had the Dragon Vein’s power, so he was naturally sensitive to such things.

“Yes,” Bi Xi nodded.

“How is this happening?” Yang Kai asked, puzzled.

Zhu Yan said, “We were just listening to Senior explain the method to improve one’s Bloodline, Fifth Elder must have understood something.”

“Is that a good thing?” Yang Kai asked uncertainly.

“Of course it’s a good thing!” Bi xi nodded, “The growth of the Holy Spirits requires constant changes. Every time they undergo changes, their strength will greatly increase, and so will the Dragon Clan. Miss Qing is currently undergoing changes.”

Yang Kai relaxed and grinned, “It’s all thanks to Senior's guidance.”

Waving his hand, Bi Xi said, “I only pointed out a path to them. To be able to achieve such results so quickly, this little girl’s bloodline is the purest. En, among you Young Dragon, this little girl’s bloodline is the purest.”

Young Dragon…

The Dragon Clan Elders all wore uncomfortable expressions, but since these words were spoken, no one could refute them, all of them silently accepting them.

“What is a Big Dragon?” Yang Kai asked.

Shaking his head, Bi Xi couldn’t help laughing, “Just a Big Dragon, nothing else!” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Transforming into the true form and reaching 1000 zhang, this is what a Big Dragon is, only a Big Dragon has the power of High Rank Open Heaven!”

“A thousand zhang!” Zhu Yan was shocked. He is the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder, so logically speaking, his strength should be the strongest. Even Zhu Qing couldn’t compare to him, but when he transformed into his true form, he was only a 100 zhang, far from being a thousand zhang.

Yang Kai was also secretly speechless. When he used the Dragon Transformation Art, he was at least 300 zhang. He had thought he was strong enough, but now he was only seven hundred zhang away from being a Big Dragon. Of course, his situation was different from a true Dragon Clan, so his strength couldn’t be judged by his size alone.

“A thousand zhang body is only the most basic requirement to become a Big Dragon. As one’s bloodline continues to change, a thousand zhang isn’t a rare thing,” Bi Xi continued.

The group of Young Dragon listened with great enthusiasm… According to their age, which of the Dragon Clan present had not lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years? However, the value of the bloodlines was always the highest standard for the Dragon Clan. Not only the Dragon Clan, but every Holy Spirit was the same.

As they spoke, the blood mist surrounding Zhu Qing’s body became thicker. Previously, they had been able to see some of Zhu Qing’s condition through the blood mist, but now they could only see a faint red glow, no longer able to see what was happening inside.

“Eh… this speed is quite fast!” Bi Xi was stunned

“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai became nervous again.

“Not at the moment,” Bi Xi shook his head, “However, this old master has already discovered a problem. Among all of you Young Dragon, this little girl’s bloodline density is the highest. Logically speaking, all of you came from the same place, so there shouldn’t be such a big gap between you. Has she eaten some kind of rare treasure that can help purify her bloodline?”

The Dragon Clan Elders all turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was confused, “What?”

Bi Xi was also puzzled.

Zhu Yan coughed lightly and with a wave of his hand, the power of the Dragon Vein surged, isolating the other Dragon Clans outside, leaving only a few Elders behind.

There weren’t many Dragon Clan to begin with, only a total of ten or twenty of them. At this moment, besides the Elders, all the other Dragon Clan were curiously looking over, but none of them could hear what the Elders were saying.

“Do you really not know or are you just pretending?” Zhu Yan looked at Yang Kai.

“What should I know?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Fu Xuan stood to the side, blushing slightly as she looked down at her toes. Zhu Kong also looked up at the sky, as if a beautiful young female dragon was flirting with him.

On the other hand, Fu Zhun seemed to have something to say as she stared at Yang Kai in amusement, “Think about it carefully, how did Zhu Qing become the Dragon Clan’s Fifth Elder?”

Yang Kai stroked his chin, “Because of me?”

Fu Zhun snapped, “Of course it’s because of you!”

Zhu Yan interrupted, “Of course, it’s not entirely because of you. If you want to become an Elder of my Dragon Clan, you must have a superior bloodline. Strictly speaking, Zhu Qing is not the most outstanding Dragon Clan on my Dragon Island, and her bloodline density isn’t particularly high, but ever since she met you, her bloodline density has increased at an extremely fast rate. This is the biggest reason why she was able to become my Dragon Clan’s Fifth Elder, and now she has even surpassed us old fogies.”

“After getting to know me…” Yang Kai thought about it for a moment, then said with some embarrassment, “Great Elder means…”

Zhu Yan coughed lightly, “You can help the Dragon Clan purify their bloodline, otherwise how could Fifth Elder have such achievements today?”

Yang Kai looked at the other Dragon Race Elders and suddenly blushed.

Zhu Yan replied, “We’ve discussed this issue before, but it’s just a guess and we don’t have any concrete evidence, so we’ve never told you about it, but judging from the changes in Fifth Elder today, this guess should be confirmed.”

Bi Xi eyes, which had been darting around, finally came to a realization after listening for a while.

Yang Kai quickly said, “Senior, please don’t listen to their nonsense. This is simply nonsense. Qing’er being able to comprehend something is thanks to Sir’s guidance.”

Waving his hand, Bi Xi smiled and said, “That’s only possible if she has a corresponding foundation. As far as I know, this kind of thing is quite common in the Dragon Clan. When one’s bloodline is higher and one’s bloodline is lower, it can indeed help one’s bloodline become purer.”

Zhu Yan’s eyes lit up as he asked, “Senior, is this true?”

Nodding his head, Bi Xi said “Naturally! Not only the Dragon Clan, but all the other Holy Spirits are the same, so the purer the bloodline of the Holy Spirit, the higher their status. However, no matter which Holy Spirit it is, the number of Holy Spirits is extremely small, and the number of Holy Spirits gathered together is even smaller. The Dragon Clan’s numbers are still quite high, so the situation is obvious.”

Zhu Yan’s eyes were almost glowing as he stared at Yang Kai with a burning gaze.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine as he asked vigilantly, “What advice does Great Elder have?”


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