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Many people weren’t interested in the first round of sparring, and the fights between the Blood Servants were quite ordinary. All of them had come from the Blood Servant Camp and were extremely familiar with their own methods.

Moreover, the difference in cultivation between the two Blood Servants who were fighting now was quite obvious.

This should have been a one-sided battle.

However, the reality of the situation shocked everyone present. A Second Order Heaven Rank cultivator was actually able to withstand the continuous attacks of a Sixth Order Heaven Rank cultivator. Even though he was covered in blood and his cultivation was insufficient, he was still able to resist tenaciously.

Many people were slightly moved.

On the Battle Method Stage, Wei Cheng’s Blood Servant moved nimbly around Yang Huai, occasionally attacking like a cat playing with a mouse, causing Yang Huai to run around in circles.

Wu Zheng Qi, who had been watching the battle all this time, gradually had a subtle look in his eyes.

At a certain moment, Yang Huai stretched out his hand and shouted, “I’ve caught you!”

With a loud bang, a shockwave burst out, and as the spiritual force surged, the scene on the Battle Method Stage shocked everyone. Just a moment ago, Yang Huai had magically grabbed one of Wei Cheng’s Blood Servants’ legs and blocked his opponent’s fierce attack.

Immediately, Yang Huai revealed a sinister smile, as if he was holding onto a little chick, ruthlessly throwing his opponent to the ground. If this attack succeeded, even if his opponent was a Sixth Order Heaven Rank master, even if he didn’t die, he would be severely injured.

Wei Cheng exclaimed.

In the blink of an eye, the Sixth Order Heaven Rank body folded up at a strange angle, wrapping around Yang Huai’s thick arms like a snake. The moment his back touched the ground, his fists transformed into a flurry of fist shadows that flew towards Yang Huai.


The Battle Method Stage shook violently as the intense battle suddenly subsided.

Everyone looked over and saw Yang Huai glaring at them, half-kneeling on the ground, maintaining his final stance while his opponent was lying on the ground, his mouth and nose covered in blood, looking extremely miserable.

At the last moment, although he had tried his best to resolve his crisis, he had still been smashed to the ground by Yang Huai. At this moment, his back was numb, making him wonder if his spine had broken.

It’s over? Below the Battle Method Stage, after a brief moment of silence, a series of whispers could be heard. From the looks of it, it was actually the Second Order Heaven Rank who had won. This was truly shocking, even Wei Cheng thought so, his face filled with shock and disbelief.

“First battle, Pill Master Wei wins!” Wu Zheng Qi took two steps forward, stretched out his hand towards Wei Cheng, and announced the final result.

Wei Cheng was stunned for a moment, but after confirming that he had not heard wrongly, his face went blank. Although he was also a Heaven Rank cultivator now, many Alchemists relied on pills and medicines to accumulate their cultivation, which was quite different from cultivators who relied on their own hard work to cultivate. So even though he had witnessed the battle just now, he still didn’t understand why he had won.

However, since Wu Zheng Qi said so, it was definitely correct.

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, he saw that his expression was indifferent, as if he had no intention of objecting, causing his heart to relax.

At this moment, a commotion came from the Battle Method Stage. The Sixth Order HEaven Rank cultivator struggled to get up from the ground. Although he looked extremely miserable, he at least had the strength to move. On the other hand, Yang Huai remained in that position, not moving at all. Only the blood from his mouth and nose dripped onto the ground, making a soft sound.

Seeing this, Wei Cheng finally realized that Yang Kai’s Blood Servant should have been knocked out…

No wonder he had won.

“Sir, this subordinate did not disappoint you!” The Sixth Order Heaven Rank master cupped his fists towards Wei Cheng.

“En, well done, come down and rest first,” Wei Cheng nodded slightly.

“Yes!” The cultivator replied. When he jumped down from the Battle Method Stage, he couldn’t help turning back to look at Yang Huai with a look of lingering fear.

He had never seen such a strong Second Order Heaven Rank master before. In today’s battle, he had won by a fluke. If his opponent could hold on for a while longer, it was hard to say who would win.

On the other side, Yang Kai also jumped onto the Battle Method Stage and checked Yang Huai’s injuries. He found that there was nothing wrong with Yang Huai’s body. This guy’s physique was abnormally strong, and although he looked miserable, it was only a superficial wound that didn’t damage his bones or organs. The only reason he had fainted was because he had consumed too much of his spiritual force.

“Sir!” Yang Huai came back to his senses and realized that he had lost, cupping his fists in shame, “This subordinate failed in his task and disappointed Sir.”

Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder and said, “It’s nothing, the difference in cultivation is obvious. Being able to reach this level is already very good, and you’ve only cultivated it for a short time…”

Yang Huai responded gloomily. In today’s battle, his greatest gain was realizing the terrifying power of the Flawless Tyrant Body Secret Art Yang Kai had imparted to him.

He naturally understood his own strength, but he was only a Second Order Heaven Rank master. If it was in the past, it would have been impossible for him to fight a Sixth Order Heaven Rank master to such an extent. It would have been difficult for him to even last a breaths of time, but after cultivating the Flawless Tyrant Body Secret Art, he had nearly defeated his opponent. This was simply too incredible, and he had only cultivated for a few days, yet he had already achieved such results. If he had cultivated for a few more days, he might have been able to defeat his opponent.

“Who will Pill Master Yang send out for the second match?” Wu Zheng Qi asked.

Yang Kai had only brought a single Blood Servant with him, and he had been beaten half to death. There was no way he could fight in this second battle, and he had never encountered such a situation before, so Wu Zheng Qi didn’t know what to do and could only ask Yang Kai first.

Yang Huai struggled to his feet and cupped his fists, “Sir, this subordinate requests to fight!”

Yang Kai smiled, “What fight? With your current state, whether you can stand or not is already a problem. If you fight again, you’ll really be beaten to death.”

“I am willing to die for Sir!” Yang Huai said solemnly.

“I didn’t bring you out of the Blood Servant Camp just so you could court death. Go down, this battle… I’ll do it myself!” Saying so, he gently pushed Yang Huai and a gentle force wrapped around him, sending him off the Battle Method Stage.

Wu Zheng Qi and Wei Cheng were stunned.

Wu Zheng Qi frowned as he looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Pill Master Yang, are you sure you want to fight the second battle yourself?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Is there a problem? Could it be that Alchemists can’t participate in the battle round?”

“That's not true, but…” Wu Zheng Qi’s face was filled with worry, “There has never been an Alchemist who participated in the battle round before. Pill Master Yang, what is your current cultivation?”

“Third Order Heaven Rank!” Yang Kai replied honestly.

Wu Zheng Qi didn’t know what to do for a moment as he turned his head to look at Yang Huai, thinking that this Blood Servant probably had no more strength to fight. If he really asked him to fight, he would definitely lose. Yang Kai had no one to rely on, so it was understandable he has to fight himself.

Thinking so, he nodded, “In that case, Pill Master Yang must be careful.”

Raising his eyes to look towards Wei Cheng, he said, “Pill Master Wei, please send someone to fight!”

Wei Cheng nodded and ordered his other Blood Servant to take the stage while whispering, “Don’t kill him, just throw him out of the Battle Method Stage's platform. He’s a Heaven Pill Master after all, if anything happens to him, I won’t be able to protect you.”

The Blood Servant nodded, “Rest assured, Sir, I know what to do!”

Saying so, he leapt onto the Battle Method Stage and cupped his fists towards Yang Kai, “Pill Master Yang, please enlighten me!”

Wu Zheng Qi kindly reminded Yang Kai, “Pill Master Yang, this guard is a Seventh Order Heaven Rank master. If you think you’re no match for him, you should surrender.”

“Many thanks, Vice Hall Master Wu!” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “However… the one to admit defeat shouldn’t be me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he floated in front of the guard like a ghost and gently pushed out his palm, his spiritual force surging.

The guard’s face was originally calm, but when Yang Kai’s palm came towards him, his expression suddenly changed and he instinctively felt a great sense of crisis. Quickly circulating all of his spiritual force, he raised his palm to meet it!

At this critical moment, he remembered that his opponent wasn’t a guard, but a distinguished Heaven Pill Master, so he quickly restrained his strength to avoid injuring Yang Kai!

With a loud bang, spiritual force swept out in all directions and a figure flew out like a ragdoll, smashing into the crowd and sending them flying.

Wu Zheng Qi, who was secretly circulating his spiritual force and preparing to intervene at any moment, stood in place.

Wei Cheng, who was preparing to watch a good show, was also somewhat dumbfounded.

The spectating cultivators and Alchemists also couldn’t believe their eyes.

For a moment, the entire place fell silent!

After a long time, everyone finally reacted and turned to look towards the source of the disturbance, only to see a person crawling up from the ground, his face alternating between red and blue, his eyes filled with disbelief. It was Wei Cheng’s Seventh Order Heaven Rank guard.

A Seventh Order Heaven Rank had been knocked out of the Battle Method Stage?

Was he defeated by a Heaven Pill Master with only Third Order Heaven Rank cultivation?

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed such a situation.

Wei Cheng glared angrily at his guard, “What are you doing?”

The Seventh Order Heaven Rank master’s expression became even more unsightly as he cupped his fists and said, “Sir, please calm your anger. This subordinate was caught off guard and failed.” However, his heart was filled with confusion. Although he had restrained his strength at the last moment in fear of injuring Yang Kai, the strength he had used was not something a Third Order Heaven Rank master could easily resist.

Initially, he was confident he could push Yang Kai off the Battle Method Stage's platform, but in reality, he was the one being pushed down!

Thinking back to that moment of confrontation, he felt as if he was facing a peak Heaven Rank master instead of a Third Order Heaven Rank master… However, he simply couldn’t tell anyone about this, so he simply thought it was just his imagination.

Wei Cheng’s anger soared. He had thought he could easily win a Spirit Weapon to make up for his losses in the Holy Fire Cave, but he hadn’t expected there to be so many twists and turns.

Now that the outcome had been decided, there was no point in saying anything. He could only glare hatefully at the guard, “Trash!”

The guard remained silent, his face completely red.

“Vice Hall Master Wu, did I win this battle?” Yang Kai turned to look at the dumbfounded Wu Zheng Qi.

Wu Zheng Qi came back to his senses and nodded with a strange expression, “The second battle, Pill Master Yang wins!”


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