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Bian Yuqing shook her head, “I just arrived, I don’t know what happened. When Sect Master was in seclusion, did he say anything to you?”

“No,” Yue He said anxiously, “It should just be an ordinary retreat.”

“Even Left Protector can’t see through it?” Bian Yuqing was slightly surprised. She is now an Emperor Realm, so it was normal for her to not be able to see through it. After all, her eyesight wasn’t good enough, but even Yue He, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, was unable to see through it.

Could it be Qi Deviation?

Thinking so, Bian Yuqing’s face suddenly paled.

Yue He seemed to see through her worries and consoled her, “Don’t worry too much, it’s not what you think. Young Master may be comprehending something. En, quickly go to Dragon Child Peak and ask Old Sir Bi Xi to come over. With his eyesight, he should be able to see something.”

Bian Yuqing quickly nodded, “I’ll be right there.”

The two Holy Spirits of the Void Land, the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider and Bi Xi, the former had been closed off from the outside world for many years, and apart from Yang Kai’s occasional interactions with her, even Bian Yuqing, the Second Manager, had to see how she felt if she wanted to see her. Bi Xi is different, although he is a respected Holy Spirit, he is very kind and Bian Yuqing would occasionally visit him. Knowing his temperament, it shouldn’t be difficult to invite him over.

Hurriedly rushing to Dragon Child Peak, Bian Yuqing found Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong, and Bi Xi who were teaching them, and quickly explained the situation to them. Not daring to delay, Bi Xi quickly rushed over.

Not long after, Bi Xi, Xiao Hong, and Xiao Hei rushed over.

“Senior!” Yue He bowed respectfully, showing great respect to this kind and amiable old Holy Spirit.

“En,” Bi Xi nodded and looked forward.

“Please take a look at my Young Master’s condition, Senior.”

“Don’t worry,” Waving his hand slightly, Bi Xi carefully observed the surroundings. A moment later, he let out a soft cry of surprise as he stared fixedly at a certain spot in the sky, revealing an extremely surprised look.

Yue He and Bian Yuqing stood to the side, not knowing what he was seeing, but not daring to interrupt.

After a while, Bi Xi suddenly raised his hand and reached forward.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, when Bi Xi stretched his hand into the chaotic void, his hand suddenly disappeared.

A moment later, both Yue He and Bian Yuqing couldn’t help exclaiming as they saw Bi Xi pulled his hand back. What they saw was the old man’s dull hand seemingly transforming into a layer of porcelain, sparkling and translucent, as if it contained a strange power.

Staring at his hand for a moment, he suddenly smiled, “Interesting.”

With a casual shake of his hand, the porcelain-like luster quickly disappeared.

“Senior, is there any danger on Young Master’s side?” Yue He asked nervously.

Pondering for a moment, Bi Xi replied, “It’s nothing, there’s no need to worry too much. It seems he’s comprehending some kind of Divine Ability or Secret Technique. En, it should be related to the Space and Time Laws, which is why such a strange phenomenon occurred.”

Yue He and Bian Yuqing glanced at each other before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Observe carefully, if there are any more abnormalities, let me know.” Saying so, he led Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei back.

“I’ll send Senior off!” Bian Yuqing quickly said.

After sending them off, Bian Yuqing rushed back and dispersed the surrounding disciples, ordering them to clear out a radius of several dozen kilometers around Yang Kai’s palace while she and Yue He paid close attention to what was happening.

For the next month or so, the chaotic void continued to exist, and as time passed, there were subtle changes.

On more than one occasion, Yue He and Bian Yuqing saw even more peculiar scenes in the chaotic space. From time to time, there would be people moving about, and from time to time, there would be people fighting.

However, because time and space were too chaotic, neither of them could see clearly. The two of them weren’t even sure if what they saw was real or just an illusion.

This situation continued for several months.

One day, all of these phenomena suddenly disappeared, as if they had never existed, and the void returned to normal.

Bian Yuqing and Yue He, who had been standing guard nearby, glanced at each other before rushing towards Yang Kai’s palace.

Inside the palace, Yang Kai opened his eyes and fell into deep thought.

He had gained a lot from this retreat. Since he had created the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he hadn’t had the time to properly comprehend its mysteries, but now he had some free time to perfect the system of this Divine Ability.

However, after studying it for so long, Yang Kai discovered a problem. His attainments in the Time Laws were somewhat unable to keep up with the Space Laws.

After all, the Space Laws were his foundation, and although his mastery of the Space Laws couldn’t be said to be superb, he was still able to grasp its essence.

His Dao Seal was condensed by using the Space Laws as its foundation, allowing him to break through to Open Heaven with it.

The Time Laws were different. At the beginning, he had cultivated the Divine Ability, Time Flies, and touched upon the surface. Later, in the Star Boundary’s ancient battlefield, he had personally witnessed the echoes left behind by the battle between the Great Demon God and the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

After reaching the Open Heaven Stage, Yang Kai’s body was able to open the heaven and earth, allowing the sun to rise and the moon to set, allowing him to take a huge step forward in his grasp of the Time Laws.

But in the end, it was still inferior to the Space Laws.

If one were to classify one’s mastery of the Laws into different levels, then from the lowest to the highest, it is touching the superficial knowledge, first glimpsing into the gate, entering the gate, driving with ease, mastering, outstanding, technical champion, reaching the peak, superb, peerles master!

In comparison, Yang Kai had already reached the seventh stage of the Space Laws, a technical champion, perhaps even the eighth stage.

On the other hand, in terms of the Time Laws, Yang Kai was at most in the fourth stage. This was all thanks to his small universe's blessing, otherwise he would only have reached the second stage.

On the other hand, the power of space and time was a fusion of two different Laws. The difference in control between the Space and Time Laws caused Yang Kai to only be able to use the Space and Time Laws as the basis for his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

This was the same principle as breaking through to the Open Heaven Stage. How much water a wooden barrel could hold was always dependent on the shortest piece of wood.

If he could improve his control and understanding of the Time Laws, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s power would definitely become stronger.

After several months of comprehension, Yang Kai finally saw a bright path, his eyes shining brightly!

Originally, he didn’t plan on spending too much time and effort on the Time Laws. The value of the Time Laws lay in their quality, not quantity. The Space Laws were enough for him to benefit for the rest of his life, so if he spent more time comprehending the Time Laws, it wouldn’t necessarily have any good effects. But now, it seemed that he had no choice but to spend some effort on the Time Laws.

This was the only way he could improve his strength in a short time.

On the other hand, cultivating the Time Laws wasn’t difficult. The Flowing Time Great Emperor used the Time Laws to prove his Dao and become a Great Emperor.

Right now, there were still two of his personal disciples in the Void Land, and even the Flowing Time Divine Palace he had left behind!

In fact, he could be considered half a disciple of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

There is also is own understanding stage. Although this understanding stage didn’t have much of an effect on the disciples’ cultivation, it allowed them to clearly understand their own level and deficiencies, allowing them to develop a better path of cultivation.

In the past, there should have been no one who had such a detailed understanding of the Laws, otherwise Yang Kai would have heard about it long ago.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai stood up and slowly walked out.

The door to the palace was pushed open and the first thing he saw was Yue He and Bian Yuqing looking over nervously.

Yang Kai had long since sensed the presence of these two, so he wasn’t surprised to see them waiting here. Nodding lightly, he said, “I’ve comprehended some things, I’ve made you worry.”

“Young Master seems to have gained a lot,” Yue He pursed her lips and smiled. After not seeing him for several months, Yang Kai’s aura seemed to have undergone some subtle changes, making it difficult to explain.

“En!” Yang Kai nodded lightly before asking, “How is the situation in the Void Land recently?”

Bian Yuqing quickly went up to report that everything was normal and that Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t made any unusual movements, causing Yang Kai to feel relieved.

It had been more than ten months since Zuo Quan Hui had sealed the Domain Gate, but he had not moved at all, only showing his existence in the Flying Smoke Territory and exerting an invisible pressure on the Void Land.

Yang Kai knew that this guy was afraid of Zhu Jiu Yin’s existence and didn’t dare act rashly, so he was happy to do so.

“There are two more things I need to inform Sect Master.”

“En, go ahead,” Yang Kai nodded as he walked out.

Bian Yuqing followed closely behind and reported, “One of them is someone from the Black Territory, called Xin Peng. He said that the Sect Master had ordered him to deliver supplies once every half a year.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “How did he get here? Where is he now?”

When he had returned from the Black Territory, he had been stopped in the Flying Smoke Territory. If Xin Peng had come to the Void Territory, he probably wouldn’t have taken that route.

Bian Yuqing replied, “He’s already gone back. He seems to have come from another Great Domain and brought many good things with him.”

Yang Kai glanced at her and smiled, “Since Second Manager says it’s good things, it must be good.”

“There are two Yin Element resources and one Yang Element resource. Other than that, there are 34 Sixth Grade resource in other Elements, 262 pieces of Fifth Order, and nearly a thousand below Fifth Order.”

“So many!” Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly.

Although he knew that the mineral star he had brought back from the depths of the Black Territory were definitely rich in resources, he hadn’t expected them to be so rich. It had only been half a year, if he could mine all of the mineral star, how much could he obtain?

This was only half a mineral star, what if the entire Black Territory's mineral star was mined?

“There are also two seventh grade resources!” Bian Yuqing added.

Yang Kai’s brow twitched as his heart suddenly ached.

He had only brought back half a Mineral Star from the depths of the Black Territory. When he pushed the Mineral Star into the Killing Array, because of the Spirit Array, the entire Mineral Star had been destroyed and many resources had been wasted, some of them might even be a Sixth or Seventh Grade.

However, if he wanted to mine them, he could only do so. Those mine slaves simply couldn’t stay in the depths of the Black Territory for too long.


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