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Before dealing with the strange aura of the Black Territory, mining the Mineral Star would inevitably result in some losses. On the other hand, the amount of resources Xin Peng brought over this time was not much, but the quality was excellent.

Not to mention the two Seventh Grade resources, there were thirty or forty Sixth Grade, two Sixth Grade for Yin Element and one Sixth Grade Yang Element.

The latter was what the Void Land currently lacked!

This was good news for the current Void Land, but only a few people knew about Xin Peng’s arrival.

“What else?” Yang Kai collected himself and asked.

“The Union Young Master Lu Jing from Gathering Source League came a month ago and has been waiting for Sect Master to come out of seclusion.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, a look of surprise appearing on his face. At this moment, seventy to eighty percent of the Star City’s major merchants had left, and even those who had stayed behind were mostly just waiting to see what would happen next. In the past, the forces that had cooperated with the Void Land were all eager to cut off all contact with them, lest they attract unwanted attention.

What was Lu Jing doing here at this time? Was he representing Gathering Source Union or acting on his own?

“Is he alone, or with someone?” Yang Kai asked.

Bian Yuqing replied, “Besides a few accompanying guards, there’s no one else.”

Yang Kai nodded, somewhat understanding.

An hour later, in the guest hall, Yang Kai saw Lu Jing and greeted him before taking a seat.

“Brother Lu, what brings you here?” Yang Kai took a sip of tea and looked at him curiously.

Lu Jing said somewhat awkwardly, “I was entrusted by Senior Brother Yang and failed, so I didn’t have the face to enter this door. However, Senior Brother has given me a life-saving grace, so even if I don’t have the face, I must come.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Why do you say that?”

Lu Jing said, “Senior Brother’s proposal last time, after I went back, I told my father about it. My father was originally very interested, but… the world changes, sigh!”

He let out a heavy sigh and showed a helpless look.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “It’s just a business deal, if it doesn’t work, then there’s no need to worry about it, Brother Lu.”

The last time Lu Jing had come here, Yang Kai had used the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill as a bargaining chip, saying that he wanted to discuss a business deal with the Gathering Source League. Originally, he had thought that since the Gathering Source League's merchant ships covered all 3000 Worlds, it would not be difficult for them to collect resources. If the Gathering Source League could really help him collect the urgently needed Sixth Grade Yin and Yang Attribute resources for the Void Land and exchange them for some Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pills, the Void Land would not lose out.

At that time, Void Land and Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t completely fallen out yet, and neither of them had yet engaged in a direct confrontation.

However, although only a year had passed, the situation was no longer the same as before. The Void Land had engaged in a great battle with Zuo Quan Hui’s faction and killed Zhou Ti. Zuo Quan Hui had entered the Heavenly Sword Union and assumed the position of Union Master, even boasting about his achievements. Anyone who was well-informed would naturally have heard about the situation here.

Gathering Source League was a business establishment, so naturally, they were well-informed, which was why Lu Jing said the world is changing so much. Even if his father was interested in the Heavenly Yuan Seal Pill, he had to consider the reaction of Thousand Crane Paradise behind Zuo Quan Hui, so how could he dare cooperate with Void Land at this time?

However, Yang Kai didn’t care about that now. After going to the Black Prison, the resources he had brought back were enough to solve the Void Land’s crisis, so he naturally didn’t need to worry about the Gathering Source League.

Lu Jing was even more embarrassed and lowered his head, “Senior Brother Yang’s magnanimity is admirable.”

Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand, “Brother Lu is too kind.” If he didn’t obtain anything from the Black Territory, perhaps he would be a bit disappointed. With the Black Territory as a reserve resource, the current problem was no longer a problem.

Lu Jing raised his head and cupped his fists, “This time, I have a presumptuous request.”

Yang Kai sat up straight and stretched out his hand, “Brother Lu, please speak.”

Lu Jing said, “I want to rent a few shops in the Void Star City and open a trading company.”

Yang Kai’s expression became a bit more serious, “Is this Brother Lu’s own idea, or is it your father’s idea, or is it the Gathering Source League's idea?”

Staying in Void Star City at this time was not a good choice. It was one thing for the remaining merchants to stay, since they were already doing business in the Void Star City, whether they left or stayed, Zuo Quan Hui had no right to criticize or blame others.

However, if they were to enter now, it was very likely that outsiders would think they were showing goodwill towards the Void Land, and it was highly likely that they would be inviting trouble to themselves! The Gathering Source League is a large Trading Company, so it was unlikely that they couldn’t see through this situation.

Lu Jing said, “It has nothing to do with my father, nor does it have anything to do with Gathering Source League. It’s my own plan.”

Yang Kai stared at him deeply, obviously not believing his words. Although Lu Jing was the Union Young Master, he was still only a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. If his father didn’t agree with his decision, there were thousands of ways to keep him there, so how could he allow him to return to the Void Land?

Since Lu Jing had come, there must be someone supporting him from behind. As a whole, the Gathering Source League probably wouldn’t support his actions, which meant that his father, who was the Union Master, had tacitly approved.

As such, even if the Void Land was defeated in the end, Zuo Quan Hui’s side had no reason to make trouble for the Gathering Source League.

It was just that this matter couldn’t be said out loud, so it was fine as long as everyone knew about it, so Lu Jing wasn’t deliberately lying to Yang Kai.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “Brother Lu, you should understand the current situation of my Void Land. Coming to the Star City at this time is not a good choice.”

Lu Jing smiled and said, “I know what Senior Brother Yang said, but for the merchant family, danger also means opportunity, right?” As he said this, he winked at Yang Kai playfully.

“You can consider it yourself,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Lu Jing was not a child. As a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage and the Union Young Master of the Gathering Source League, he had his own judgment and didn’t need much persuasion.

Seeing Yang Kai agree, Lu Jing immediately became excited, “Senior Brother Yang, how many shops can Void Land offer me?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “How many does Brother Lu want?”

Lu Jing opened his mouth and said, “Naturally, the more the better. It would be best if you could give me one or two streets.”

Yang Kai was even more certain that the Union Master was behind this matter, otherwise Lu Jing would not have been so bold.

“You really know how to talk!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh, thinking for a moment before saying, “I’ll send a message to the Viceroy’s mansion about this matter, and you can go directly to the Viceroy’s mansion to discuss it. There are many empty shops in Star City now, so I’m sure they can satisfy your request.”

“Many thanks, Senior Brother Yang.” Lu Jing was overjoyed and quickly stood up and bowed, “There’s no time to lose, I’ll go to the Viceroy’s mansion now!”

Obviously, he couldn’t wait to make a name for himself, and Void Star City was his opportunity.

“I’ll have someone accompany you,” Yang Kai sent a message and asked Bian Yuqing to arrange for someone to lead him to the Star City.

Lu Jing naturally thanked Yang Kai again, and after waiting for a moment, Lu Jing said, “Right, Senior Brother Yang, the things you mentioned last time are currently unavailable to Gathering Source League, but I know of two places that are rich in Sixth Grade Yin and Yang attribute materials.”

Yang Kai asked with interest, “What two places?”

Lu Jing casually asked, “One is the Black Prison, Senior Brother Yang should have dealt with a woman named Luan Bai Feng before, right?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing in his heart, but on the surface he nodded repeatedly, “I’ve dealt with her more than once.”

“That’s good. The Black Prison is rich in something called Black Stone, and the Black Stone contains cultivation resources of various grades. If Senior Brother Yang can take down the Black Prison, he naturally won’t need to worry about cultivation resources,” Lu Jing looked at him, “It’s just that there are countless natural formations inside the Black Prison. Although Luan Bai Feng is only a Sixth Order, because she is proficient in Spirit Arrays, even a Seventh Order cultivator may not be her opponent in the Black Prison. If Senior Brother Yang really has an idea for this place, you must be careful of Luan Bai Feng.”

“I know a bit about the situation in the Black Prison,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, thinking to himself that it wasn’t just about understanding the situation. He had just returned from the Black Prison and had even broken a mineral star inside, so he paused for a moment before asking, “What about the other place?”

When Lu Jing talked about Black Prison and Luan Bai Feng, his expression became slightly solemn. Obviously, he also knew about the strangeness of the Black Prison and Luan Bai Feng’s strength. At this moment, his expression became even more solemn, “Senior Brother Yang, have you ever heard of the Sun’s Burning Shine, and Moon’s Nether Glimmer?”

Yang Kai’s expression also became solemn, “The Chaos transformed into Yin-Yang, the Yin-Yang changed into Four Symbols, Holy Spirit’s Ancestor Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer?”

According to ancient legends, at the beginning of the world, there was Chaos Qi which evolved into Yin and Yang, which transformed into Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer. This was the world’s oldest Holy Spirit.

These two beasts formed the Four Symbols, giving birth to the Dragon and Phoenix and other Holy Spirits.

It could be said that the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer were the source of all Holy Spirits, and also the ancestors of all Holy Spirits!

This was a terrifying existence that was even more powerful than the Giant Spiritual God Clan.

Yang Kai had obtained a Holy Spirit List that listed the rankings of all the known Holy Spirits in the 3000 Worlds. The Holy Spirit List recorded that dragons and phoenixes were revered, but at the beginning, there was an introduction of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. It was just that the Holy Spirit List's author felt that these two beasts no longer existed in this world, so he placed the dragon and phoenix at the first rank.

When Yang Kai saw this, he was also amazed, but he didn’t think too deeply about it.

The one who really mentioned Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to his ear was the Proprietress!

At that time, Yang Kai had intended to directly advance to the High Rank Open Heaven, so he needed to search for high rank Yin and Yang attribute resources. The Proprietress took the Universe Chart and showed it to him. Inside the Universe Chart, there were several great domains that were completely empty. There were no signs of any forces or even a Universe World.

According to the Proprietress, those several great regions were originally flourishing, but the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer were naturally incompatible, and under the constant struggle, these great domains were shattered.

Those several great domains were the forbidden zones for life, the Dead Territory. Whether it was the Seventh or Eighth Order, after entering them, no one knew what the situation was like. Even the Proprietress had only heard about them from others, so she was unable to determine whether they existed or not.

Yang Kai naturally didn’t dare to provoke such a terrifying existence. Even a Seventh or Eighth Order had entered the Death Territory withouth any news until now, so how could he dare to dream of going there with Emperor Realm cultivation?

However, he never expected to once again hear about the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer. It was actually from the mouth of Lu Jing!

Obviously, although his cultivation was a bit low, he was still quite well-informed.


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