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The atmosphere of the entire Void Land was extremely solemn as everyone cultivated with all their might, hoping to play a role in the upcoming battle.

To the low-level disciples of the Void Land, this was a great battle that could decide the fate of the Void Land and could erupt at any moment. Although their cultivation wasn’t high, they were willing to throw away their hot blood for the Void Land.

Yang Kai had painstakingly brought them out of the Star Boundary, allowing them to experience the vast world in the Outer Universe, giving them a place to settle down and a stable cultivation environment.

But now, someone had come to ruin everything, and no one want to see this happen! If they wanted to do this, they had to step over their corpses!

Unexpectedly, after a month passed, everything became calm. Two months, three months, it was still the same!

However, this was exactly what the Void Land’s disciples wanted. They wanted to have more time to cultivate, even though the resources they had been given were decreasing.

The popularity of the Star City had been greatly impacted, and every day, a large number of merchants would leave. Now, Void Star City was no longer as lively as it used to be. Walking into the Star City, there were few people, and most of the shops were closed.

In just a few months, more than seventy percent of the merchants that had entered the Void Land were lost, which was slightly higher than Mo Mei had estimated.

With the loss of popularity and the departure of the merchants, Star City’s income would greatly decrease, and the speed at which they gathered cultivation resources would also slow.

Although the Star City had accumulated a lot of wealth for the Void Land over the past few years, it would not be able to support them for more than a few years. In the long run, as the Second Manager of the Void Land, Bian Yuqing, who was in charge of supplies, naturally had the intention of slightly devoting her resources.

Large amounts of resources were given to those who had a chance of breaking through to Open Heaven in a short period of time, such as the various Great Emperors and Pseudo Emperors. Now that they had arrived, the resources allocated to the lowest level disciples were naturally much less.

The tens of thousands of materials Yang Kai had brought back from the Black Territory were also stored in the Void Land’s treasury, greatly alleviating the tension of future supplies, especially the Sixth Grade Yin-Yang attribute resources that could allow ten people to break through, making Bian Yuqing pleasantly surprised.

Counting the original three portions in the Void Land, the current supplies in the Void Land were enough for thirteen people to advance to the Sixth Order directly. It was foreseeable that in the future, the Void Land would have more than a dozen Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Not to mention, the Black Prison was still continuing to mine. Yang Kai had spent a great deal of effort to bring back half of the mineral star, so he would definitely be able to harvest a lot in the next two or three years. Perhaps after the slaves in the Black Prison finished mining the half mineral star, the situation in the Void Land would improve greatly.

Zuo Quan Hui had been biding his time for several months now and had no intention of attacking the Void Land. This made Yang Kai even more certain that he wanted to fight a protracted battle with the Void Land.

This was exactly what Yang Kai wanted to see. The Void Land had only risen recently, and what it lacked the most now was time. Disciples needed time to grow, and the Great Emperors needed time to break through.

Under normal circumstances, if a force were to encounter such a situation, they would definitely fall into a great disadvantage. Star City’s popularity was low and without any resources to support it, it would sooner or later run out of resources. At that time, they would have to find a way to go out and search for cultivation resources.

It could be five years, ten years, twenty years, or even fifty years…

Zuo Quan Hui could afford to waste his time! Open Heaven Stage cultivators had a long lifespan, and even a hundred years would pass in the blink of an eye, let alone a newly rising force like Void Land. According to Zuo Quan Hui’s estimation, in at most five years, Void Land’s financial resources would be exhausted, and when that time came, without any resources to cultivate, the people in Void Land would be at his mercy.

As such, he didn’t need to seal off all of the Domain Gates that had entered the Void Territory. All he needed to do was put on a show and release some information, cutting off the Void Land’s financial resources and making it feel like he was sitting on pins and needles!

Such a plan would work for any second-class force. If Zuo Quan Hui were to use such a method to deal with Heavenly Sword Union, Heavenly Sword Union would not be able to withstand it. This was the power of a High Rank Open Heaven. [MSN: If only some bitch not too lazy to help, there is no need for this shit.]

However, Void Land was not an ordinary second-class force, something Zuo Quan Hui had not expected.

Inside the palace, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, refining the Open Heaven Pill while comprehending the mysteries of space and time forces. Behind him, the sun and the full moon could be seen.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was a Divine Ability he had only comprehended after advancing to the Open Heaven Stage. In terms of power alone, it was probably not much stronger than the Golden Crow’s Sun Casting, but the new Space and Time Force was extremely profound. Even he had only touched the surface of it.

If the Divine Ability was compared to the Divine Weapon World’s Divine Weapon, the Golden Crow Sun Casting was undoubtedly a top Divine Weapon, and if it was used to stab a person, it would definitely leave a hole.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was also a Divine Weapon, but it was different from the Golden Crow Sun Casting. The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was a Divine Weapon that was highly toxic! Not only could it pierce a hole in a person’s body, it could also seal their throat with blood, so its power was naturally much greater.

It hadn’t been long since he had broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and because he had consumed the World Fruit to break through, although he had obtained great benefits from the Astral Wind Divine Ability and Small Source World and had improved his foundation, making him much stronger than an ordinary Sixth Order cultivator, he was still far from breaking through to the Seventh Order.

If he didn’t break through to the Seventh Order, he wouldn’t be able to compete with Zuo Quan Hui, and the only thing in Yang Kai’s possession that could threaten Zuo Quan Hui was the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. In this regard, even the Golden Crow Sun Casting couldn’t compare.

If one day he and Zuo Quan Hui were to go to war, only he would be able to resist Zuo Quan Hui, and the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel would become extremely important.

After consuming so many Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai immersed himself in the power of Space and Time.

Currently, the cultivation resources of the entire Void Land were under strict control, so the distribution of resources was handed over to Bian Yuqing, greatly reducing the number of cultivators who were preparing to break through to Open Heaven. This was to ensure that there would be more Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the Void Land when the war began.

In the upcoming battle, only those at the Open Heaven Stage had the qualifications to participate. If an Emperor Realm master were to participate, they would definitely die!

This led to the current Open Heaven Stage cultivators only being able to use Open Heaven Pills, even Yang Kai, the Master of the Void Land is no exception.

Refining Open Heaven Pills was one of the least efficient cultivation methods in the Open Heaven Stage, but it was also the most stable. Basically, all Open Heaven Stage cultivators were unable to avoid refining a large number of Open Heaven Pills during their cultivation.

In the Second Manager's office, Bian Yuqing, who had been busy for half a month, rushed back. As the manaager of the entire Void Land, Bian Yuqing was usually extremely busy. Now, with both external and internal troubles, her situation was even more serious.

In the past, when she was in High Heaven Sect, Hua Qing Si had been in charge of the overall situation, so all she needed to do was act as an assistant. However, now that she was in the Void Land, Hua Qing Si was no longer here, so all the burden was on her.

For the sake of the Void Land, she had put in a great deal of effort. Compared to anyone else, she had put in more effort than anyone else. She couldn’t even guarantee the time she had spent cultivating, causing her cultivation to remain stagnant and her Dao Seal had yet to condense.

However, she was willing to do so.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s help that day, she would have died long ago and could only remain at the Principle Source Stage for the rest of her life. How could she have been able to see the scenery of the Emperor Realm, let alone the identity of the second-in-command who held great power?

After asking for Yang Kai’s opinion, she selected a few disciples from the bottom of the mountain and began cultivating them to share her burden.

It was just that it had only been a short time, so these disciples were not very useful.

Every time this happened, she couldn’t help thinking of a name called Kou Wu. After so many years, she almost couldn’t remember his face, but she couldn’t forget the scene of this disciple sacrificing himself to save her when she was in danger.

If Kou Wu was still alive, he would definitely become her most capable assistant!

After sitting down and resting for less than half a cup of tea time, a disciple rushed in, one of the assistants she was preparing to train.

“What is it?” Even though she was exhausted, Bian Yuqing still asked in high spirits. Now that the situation in the Void Land was tense, she couldn’t relax at all.

The disciple said in a panic, “There’s something wrong with the Sect Master’s palace!”

Bian Yuqing couldn’t care less about her fatigue and quickly got up, “What’s wrong?”

When it came to Yang Kai, her heart jumped to her throat. The current Yang Kai was the pillar of the entire Void Land. If anything happened to him, the foundation of the Void Land would be gone.

The disciple shook his head and said, “I can’t explain it clearly, I saw it when I was passing by just now. Second Manager should quickly go take a look.”

Bian Yuqing didn’t hesitate for even a moment before turning into a streak of light and rushing towards Yang Kai’s palace.

Before she even got close, Bian Yuqing saw the so-called abnormality.

From what she could see, with Yang Kai’s palace as the center, the void within a ten kilometer radius was extremely chaotic. It was as if a mirror had been shattered and then reassembled by a small child. Lights intertwined and everything inside became extremely distorted.

An extremely mysterious aura flowed out from that direction.

What’s going on!? Bian Yuqing’s heart skipped a beat as she used her divine sense to perceive the fluctuations of the energy, only to discover that they were extremely chaotic and mysterious.

After extending her Divine Sense, she couldn’t even see what was happening inside. Instead, it was as if she had lost her way, causing her to feel dizzy.

There were already many disciples who had noticed the abnormal situation here, all of them standing far away with worried looks on their faces.

Bian Yuqing didn’t dare to go too deep and instead landed ten kilometers away from Yang Kai’s palace. This was already a critical point, and the chaotic scene in front of her was filled with numerous folded spaces that seemed to have been reassembled. Her vision was completely blocked, making it impossible for her to see what was happening inside.

With a swish, a figure landed.

Bian Yuqing turned around and saw Yue He, quickly calling out, “Left Protector!”

Yue He’s expression was solemn, obviously having heard about the situation here and had rushed over to investigate.

Yue He nodded slightly and hurriedly asked, “Second Manager, what happened?”


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