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His personal disciple had been killed, and he had just fallen out with Xu Linggong. Now that he couldn’t even kill his enemy, how could he have the mood to stay?

Xu Linggong didn’t try to stop him and simply stared at his figure until Zuo Quan Hui disappeared from sight before coldly snorting, “Continue!”

Leaping back onto his chair, Lin Feng and the other two's Elders also returned to their seats after seeing the situation settle down.

On the other hand, on the square, many of the participating cultivators turned to look at Yang Kai in horror. Before, they didn’t know what had happened, but now, how could they not know that Zhao Xing from Thousand Crane Paradise had been killed?

This Yang Kai from the Void Land… was too bold.

Even the High Rank Open Heaven masters sitting on top of him looked at Yang Kai with some displeasure. Although Zhao Xing was a member of Thousand Crane Paradise, since ancient times, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had been united. If Yang Kai dared to kill Zhao Xing, it meant he also dared to kill others.

Naturally, they didn’t like such a person.

Ignoring the subtle gazes of the others, Yang Kai simply stood in place.

As Lin Feng and the other two approached, Ning Daoran sent a voice transmission, “Brother Yang must be careful in the future. Zuo Quan Hui is Zhao Xing’s Master, he will definitely not let this matter rest.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I know.”

It was precisely because of this that he had wanted to silence them at the time, but now it seemed that even if he had taken action, he might not have been able to kill all of them. These Sixth Order cultivators all had their own life-saving methods and were not easy to kill. In the end, if news of this leaked out, it would only lead to more grudges.

After the last hundred or so people returned, the Rainbow Bridge became quiet and no one returned.

Elder Zhuo Buqun from Myriad Demons Heaven, Elder Yu Huan from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, and Elder Lu Zhengyang from Azure Nether Paradise all wore solemn expressions. Among the dozen or so Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators participating in the Dao Exchange Conference, besides Zhao Xing who had been killed, almost everyone else had come out except for the disciples from these three families.

Myriad Demons Heaven was slightly better, the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage called Mo Sheng had already returned from the Crime Star and was standing quietly in the crowd.

Zhuo Buqun secretly asked Mo Sheng a few questions and his expression became even more serious.

From Mo Sheng, he learned that Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao had been ambushed by many Sixth Order cultivators on the Crime Star and their futures were uncertain. As for him, he was lucky enough to escape.

After waiting for another hour and seeing no one return from the Crime Star, Zhuo Buqun and the others could no longer sit still.

The three of them pressure Xu Linggong together, wanting to personally investigate the Crime Star to find traces of Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao.

Xu Linggong quickly consoled him while muttering in his heart, ‘Those guys on Crime Star aren’t so ignorant, they wouldn’t dare to kill a core disciple of a Cave Heaven Paradise.’

Previously, there had been an accident, but only Zhao Xing had died. Now, if even Pei Wen Xuan and the others had fallen on Crime Star, then this Dao Exchange Conference would really be a big mistake. He could still withstand the pressure from Thousand Crane Paradise, but if there were three more, how could he withstand it? He was afraid he would be punished by Yin-Yang Heaven.

In his heart, he secretly regretted that he had ruined this Dao Exchange!

After appeasing Zhuo Buqun and the others, Xu Linggong quickly sent Su Yingxue and Qing Kui to the Crime Star to inquire about the situation.

The two of them rushed into the Rainbow Bridge and soon returned together. Su Yingxue whispered a few words into Xu Linggong’s ear and Xu Linggong nodded slightly, his expression softening.

He turned around and said a few words to Zhuo Buqun and the others, causing them to quiet down.

“Good, the Dao Exchange Conference has come to an end. You’ve all worked hard for the past year, and now it’s time to test the results. Let’s see who will win first place!” Xu Ling Gong sat down on his chair and waved his hand lightly.

Immediately, a group of Yin-Yang Heaven disciples who had already made their preparations flew down to the square, each of them using their own Secret Techniques to remove the golden bracelet on their wrists and record the results.

Currently, the number of participants who had survived was less than half compared to the number of participants who had participated. Those who are missing had basically all fallen on Crime Star.

Many of the Elders who had brought their juniors to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference wore sorrowful and gloomy expressions. For second class forces like them, they had originally hoped to ride on Yin-Yang Heaven’s coattails and soar into the sky, so the ones who had been sent to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference were all elites from their respective Sects.

Now that they had died on the Crime Star, their losses were not small.

However, who could have known that the Dao Exchange Conference, which was just to select a husband for Qu Huachang, had been played out by Xu Linggong? It was too late for regrets now.

An hour later, everyone’s results were tallied up, and everyone’s golden rings had been taken back and placed on a table in front of many High Rank Open Heaven masters.

The dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven masters quickly glanced around and soon saw the golden bracelet with the most stars. The main point was that there were far more stars on this golden bracelet than the other golden bracelet, making it extremely conspicuous.

“It seems that the first place is this person!” Xu Linggong chuckled and turned his head to look around, “I wonder which family’s disciple he is!”

Many of the High Rank masters wore reserved smiles as one of them said, “Just take a look and you’ll know.”

To them, even if their Sect’s disciples were to win this Dao Exchange, it would be impossible for them to marry into Yin-Yang Heaven. They had been forced to allow their Core Disciples to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference to save face, not to marry into someone else’s family.

A Core Disciple who had reached the Sixth Order directly, a future Eighth Order, who would be willing to give them up? As for how to clean up this mess after obtaining first place, that would depend on Yin-Yang Heaven.

In any case, everyone’s lifespans were long, so it didn’t matter if they bickered for a few hundred or a thousand years, just treating it as relieving their boredom.

Xu Linggong wore a faint smile on his face. How could he not know what these guys were thinking? However, since they were participating in the Dao Exchange Conference and the one who took first place was Yin-Yang Heaven’s son-in-law, how could he allow them to resist? Even if he had to use force, he had to make them stay.

Grabbing the golden bracelet, Xu Linggong lowered his head to look at it, and the moment he saw the two words on it, his smile froze.

Why… was it him? Xu Linggong was stunned.

When this golden bracelet was retrieved, it had already been engraved with the names of the participants by the Yin-Yang Heaven, so there was no way it was fake.

In other words, the names and results recorded on this golden bracelet matched perfectly.

“Brother Xu seems to be very surprised?” The High Rank Open Heaven who had spoken earlier saw Xu Linggong’s strange expression and couldn’t help teasing him. At the same time, he looked at the golden bracelet in his hand and was stunned.

The two words on the golden ring shone brilliantly, almost blinding him.

“Who is it? Who took first place?” Someone asked curiously.

Everyone who saw this result remained silent, their brows furrowed.

The reason why they had sent their Core Disciples to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference was because they didn’t want such a situation to occur, but even with more than a dozen Sixth Order participants, they had still failed.

Su Yingxue and Qing Kui, who had been standing behind Xu Linggong, immediately saw the two words on the golden bracelet.

Yang Kai!

Both of them were extremely surprised!

The number of stars on this Golden Bracelet was almost twice as many as the number of stars in the second place. There was simply no comparison, this was an overwhelming advantage!

He actually obtained first place? Su Yingxue and Qing Kui looked at each other in disbelief. Although Yang Kai was also a Sixth Order, his background wasn’t high and he didn’t have any master teachers to guide him, so he was still somewhat lacking compared to those Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

But in reality, the disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise were far inferior…

When they had allowed Yang Kai to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, neither Xu Linggong nor Su Yingxue and Qing Kui had held much hope for him. Xu Linggong’s original intention was to use Yang Kai, a Sixth Order, to stir up the Dao Exchange Conference.

Unexpectedly, this unexpected turn of events had come!

Su Yingxue came back to her senses and immediately sent a message to Qu Huachang, who had been waiting for this news. From this, one could imagine how happy Qu Huachang must have been after hearing the results.

However, the current atmosphere was a bit strange.

Many of the participants and the Elders of the various great forces were eagerly waiting for Xu Linggong to announce the results, while Xu Linggong and the dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven masters were strangely silent.

However, Xu Linggong soon came to his senses. Although this was an accident, since the results were out, he would not refuse.

Raising the golden bracelet in his hand, Xu Linggong pointed the two words towards the crowd and declared, “The first place of this Dao Exchange Conference is Void Land's Yang Kai!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s eyes turned towards Yang Kai.

Lin Feng cupped his fists and said, “Congratulations.”

Ning Daoran and Gu Pan also congratulated him, but Yang Kai didn’t know how to respond.

Although he knew that it was not a problem for him to win first place with his achievements, since he had won first place, he is now the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven and needed to marry into their family.

He didn’t want to marry into their family!

Moreover… how should he explain this to Su Yan and the others?

For a moment, he felt a headache coming on.

“Many thanks to all of you for coming from afar to participate in my Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Exchange Conference. This time’s Conference can be considered to have come to an end. Three days from now, this King will be hosting a banquet. I hope everyone will give me some face!” Xu Linggong stood up and said.

A group of Second Class forces quickly responded.

An Elder from the Cave Heaven Paradise stood up and said, “Brother Xu, I still have some matters to attend to in the Sect, so I won’t be participating in this banquet. We can meet again in the future.”

Saying so, he called out to his disciples and flew off.

Xu Linggong didn’t try to persuade him to stay, and the High Rank Open Heaven sitting next to him stood up one after another and left with their disciples. Soon, only Myriad Demons Heaven, Xuanyuan Cavev Heaven, and Azure Nether Paradise’s Elders remained.

They also wanted to leave, but unfortunately, their disciples were still on the Crime Star and couldn’t get away.

They looked at each other helplessly. The result of this Dao Exchange Conference could be said to have caused the prestige of their dozens of Cave Heaven Paradise to drop drastically. If the results of this Dao Exchange were to spread out. All they will know is that Yang Kai from the Void Land had suppressed more than a dozen Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage from the Cave Heaven Paradise and won the First Place.


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